Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, September 28, 1905, Image 7

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    R e v e r s i n g T h in g « .
Tom— Fred tells me he is going to
ftnarry that rich young widow next week.
[Jack— He isn't going to wait 50 years,
[Tom — Wait 50 years for what?
Jack— Ilia golden wedding.
Mow’« ThU?
e offer One Hundred Dollar» Reward for
oa*e of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
Catarrh l ure.
fail a F.
J. CHENEY A CO., Prop«., Toledo, O.
' We, the under»igned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 year», and believe hiua
perfectly honorable in all business transac­
tions and financially able to carry out any ob­
ligations made by their firm.
MV cst A T r u a x , Wholesale Druggists,Toledo, O.
K va ld in g , K in n a n & M a r v in , Wholesale Drug­
gists. Toledo, O.
H a ir « Catarrh Cure is taken internally, aet-
,ng directly upon the blood and mucous sur-
aces of the system. Price 75c. per botua.
k>ld by all Druggists. Test!
Testimonials free,
H all’s Family Pills are the best.
P o ssib le E x p 'a n a tio n .
W ife (at the theater)— I wonder
vhy those impudent people across the
falsie look over here so often?
Husband— 1 suppose they are trying
to ascertain why you look over there
•o often, my dear.
Your H air
Twice as Good
One Third the Cost
Don’t have a falling out with
your hair. It might leave you I
Then what? Better please it
by giving it a good hair-food—
A y e r’s Hair Vigor. The hair
stops coming out, becomes
soft and smooth, and all the
d eep, rich c o l o r o f youth
comes back to gray hair.
same time. From two aud a half to
three minutes are required for the trip.
The speed is a trifle less than two
miles an hour.
** I w as tro u b le d g r i s t l y w ith d a n d ru ff until
I used A y e r ’s ila ir V ig o r . I t c om pi e te ly cu red
th e d a u u ru ff and a lso stopped m y h a ir fr o m
fa llin g out. I t s e rv e s m e v e r v n ic e ly a lso in
a rra n g in g m y h a ir in a n y s ty le I wish.” —
Miss M a g g i e C o o k . D iv id e , W . V a .
S by J. C. Ayer Co., Lowell, Mass.
A ls o manufacturera o f
Mothers w ill find Mrs. Winslow's Soothing
Byrup the best remedy to use for their children
during the teething period.
A n O ld
9 _
T im e r .
sarsaparilla .
Gray— That was a pretty good story
Parker told last night, wasn’t it?
In s u lt to W a s h in g t o n .
Smith— Yes; but it has shattered my
The principal o f a high school in Jer­
belief in an old axiom.
sey suddenly ordered all classes to as­
Gray—To what one do you refer?
semble iu the auditorium, and when
^£mith— To the one in which we are led
teachers and pupils, in amazement,
i *to believe that the good die young.
were gathered together before him, ad­
dressed them on "George Washington,
the Father of Our Country,” says the
New York Press. In finishing his en­
f o r Infants and Children.
comiums on the immortal George he
said: "Th e bust o f George Washing­
ton which stood upon the pedestal in
the reception room has been removed
Bears the
and placed upon the floor with its face
Signature o f I
in the corner. Until the culprit, who­
ever he or she may be, comes to the
T h o se D e a r G irls .
front and makes a public confession of
• Grace— So Tom is engaged to Ethel, the misdemeanor, not a soul will be
la he?
permitted to leave this building! Re­
Dora— Yes, poor fallow! I suppose
member— there will be no other pun­
he’ll never know It now.
ishment imposed than the open and
Grace— Never know what?
Dora— That he could have had you for public confession!”
the asking.
Teachers glanced nt
r i T Q Perm anently Cured. N o fits or nervousness teachers, pupils fidgeted around in a f­
$ I I d after firstd a y’s use o f Dr. K lin e’ s Great N erve
fright, the principal looked solemn and
Restorer. Send for Free S ’* trial lw>ttie and treatise.
funereal. I f that old pin had dropped,
J>r. R. H . K lin e, Ltd., S « 1 A rch St.. Philadelphia, Pi
every one would have heard it. Then
K e to rt C o u rte o u s.
the janitor arose and stopped forward,
Miss Elderlelgh— What! Your baby to break the awful silence. “ I ’m afraid
10 months old aud can’t walk yet! Why.
1 could go it alone at the age of 7 it's up to me, sir,” he said. “ The roof
was leakin’ mighty bad, an’ the boost
Mrs. Youngwife— Yes. and I notice of Mister Washin'ton were In the drip,
you have been going it alone ever since. an’ I thought proper to move it to keep
the rain from spilin' it, an’ I meant no
PORTLAND insoolt by turnin' his face to the wall,
sir.” The principal, a man of talent
and some brains', tapped the bell aud
T f ' A A GIRL’S
dismissed the school without further
CLASS corps of teachers, location, build­
ing equipment—the best. Send for cat­
The Kind You Have Alvr-iys Bought
To enable heavy wagons to climb a
a steep bill in Cleveland, Ohio, without
any effort on the part o f the teams
which draw thefn, an escalator, or
moving roadway has been provided.
Its length is 420 feet, and is nearly
equal to that of two short blocks. The
rise effected amounts to sixty-five feet.
This rolling road, therefore, delivers its
load at a height equivalent to that
of the roof of a five-story building;
and in order to do s(<*lt is arranged so
that its grade or slope is one foot verti­
cally to every six and a half feet hori­
zontally. The roadway itself is eight
feet wide. As the motion is always in
one direction, it is not intended Unit
this device shall assist teams to get
down hill again. It is taken for
granted that descent will be accom­
plished by another route.
What the limit Is to the capacity of
the escalator has not been announced,
but it is known that nt least seven or
eight tennis can make use o f it nt the
C r o w d e d O ut.
O p e n s S e p t e m b e r IN * 1 9 0 4
There is a contractor who most
strenuously objects to the teamsters
in hia employ leaving their wagons
Fastest, lightest and strongest stum p Puller
unattended outside eating houses. So
on the market. 11» Horse power on the sweep
w ith tw o horses. W rite lor descriptive catalog
when he came across a flagrant breach
and prices.
-------- —
---- „ 1 .
---- —
o f this regulation the other day hia
Foot of Morrison Street
Portland, Oregon angry passions rose.
With fire in his eye he rushed into
the eating bouse, and found his em­
ploye placidly investigating the in­
C O U C M ~ r/ O AJ
terior mysteries of a chicken pie.
"W hat do you mean by it?” he
Qfp this out, rstsm to us with the names •
• and addresses of yourself and two of your • cried. ‘‘How dare you leave my horses
• friends, and tho date when you wHl probably * in the street! IIo w came you to do
0 enter a business college, and we will credit . it?’
• you with $5.00 on our $65.00 scholarship. •
The startled teamster looked up, his
• Our school offers exceptional advantages to •
• students of Business, Shorthand, English, etc. * mouth full of pie crust.
B est I nstruction —L owest T uition
‘Well, sir,” he stammered, “ there
wasn't no room for them in here!”
jJ. BUSINESS i n s t i t u t e :
v r
M. A. A L B IN , P R IS .
sixth s t .
PO R T LA N D , O R E . *
k jjgsii ' §
J&S« '
Not A ir P u m p in g Engine
Pump« water for
honee and irrigation.
Displaces wind mills
and gasoline engines.
Burns gasoline, wood
or coal.
Has auto­
matic stop. Shipped
on approval. Write
for catalogues aud
Portland, Ore.
321 Hawthorne Ave.
The lower surface of the floor rests
on n large number of "idle” pulleys,
whose duty is merely to support the
burden with little friction. Movement
is effected by a small number of
other pulleys driven by electric mo­
tors. The latter together develop more
than twice ns much power as is needed
to keep the road lu operation. In or­
der to give durability to the roadway
the planks which compose it are tipped
with metal.
Girierst Usp
lY js fe w r S v rrv rj
— ■ ■ At rt/dfiem to
Cam! in J Ocee/t»
Formerly located at
2ft3 Alder 8 L for the
past 5 years
To the Large Brick Building at the S. E.
Corner of First and Morrison streets. En­
trance No.
First Street.
Successful Home Treatment
DR. C. GEE WO Is known throughout the
t’ nlted States, and is called the Great Chi­
nee® Doctor on account of his wonderful
cures, witr out the aid of a knife, without
using poisons or drugs of any kind. He
treats any and all diseases with powerful
Oriental Roots, Herbs, Buds, Bark and
\ age tables that are unknown to medical
this country, and through the
1 harmless remedies. He guar-
< atarrh. Asthma, Lung
timatism. Nervousness, 8 tom-
Kidney. Female Weakness
r and All Chronic Diseases.
Call or write,
enclosing 4 2-c. stamps for mailing Book
and Circular. Address
The C Gee Wo Chinese Medicine Co.
No. 162'% First St., S. F. Cer. Morrison
i PW* *
this paper.
Portland. Oregon.
V. K U
Ns. 35-1*05
I W a x K wrltTit i te sH T
v -
s r t is s r *
m s n t ls * th is p s p s r.
p is
Mira Clementina Gonzalei, Hotel
' Provincia, Guatemala, C. i . , in a re­
cent letter from 247 Cleveland Ave.,
i Chicago, III , writes:
“ I took Peruna for a worn-out condition.
I was so run down that I could not sleep at
night, had no appetite and felt tired in the
“ I tried many tonics, but Peruna was the
only thing which helped me in the least.
After I had taken but half a bottle I le t
much better. I continued its use for three
weeks and I ««as completely restored to
health, and was able to take up my studies
which I had been lorced to drop. There is
nothing better than Prruna to huMd up the
system.” —Clementina Gonzales.
Address The Peruna Medicine Co.,
of Columbus, Ohio, for instructive free
literature on catarrh.
at one-third what you’ve been paying
for anywhere near K C quality. A 2 }
ounce can costs 2 5 c. Think of the savingl
Can you make money any easier ? Get
it to-day.
The grocer returns the
price of can if you are not satisfied.
J ill Grocers
Svnd postal for the beautiful
"B oo k of Preaeots."
J A Q U E S M F C . CO.
C h ica g o .
T h e G r e a t J e rse y R eso rt.
Not a W illin g V io tim .
Speak to the man from "w ay dow n
East,” or the cowboy from the plains,
about Atlautic City, and the chuuce*
are lie will tell you as much about It
as any Jerseyman who rung dow n to
“ the beach” in an hour from his home
town. This little sandy Island off the
Jersey coast has become one o f the
nation’s greatest pleasure grounds; a
city created solely to help people kill
There are bathing, yachting, boating
and fishing for those who are fond o f
water sports; there are golf links, a
race-track, and baseball grounds; ev­
ery form of diversion from the ma­
chine which tells your fortune, given
your weight, and plays a merry Jingle
while doing so— all for a ^nickel— to
the band concert, merry-go-round and
“ trip 10 the moon.”
Nightly the large hotels are scenes
of balls and card parties. Every hour
of the day, from the time one rises
from the breakfast table until even
S trange, Indeed,
tho dawn of the next morning, some­
Belle— Do you believe in second thing diverting can be found by tho
sight, my dear?
pleasure-seeker. In the forenoon, be­
Eva— Sometimes.
fore the evening dinner, and from
Belle— Speaking from experience?
nightfall to midnight, It is "the thing”
Eva— Yes, I have often told Jack to be on the promenade.
that he needed a shave when it was
too dark to see his face.
The neat, middle-aged matron gazed
suspiciously at the disreputable-look­
ing tramp who had knocked at her
kitchen door. "W hat do you want?”
she asked.
“ Would ye mind givin’ me a piece o’
pie, ma’am?” he said.
" I don’t know nbout that. I can't
say I like the looks of you.”
“ I know I ain't very prepossessin',
ma’am, blit it ain't my fault. I can’t
afford to dress any better.”
“ I ’m not speaking o f your clothes
altogether. You don't look clean.”
“ I ’m willin’ to confess it, ma'am. I
guess I don’t.”
“ And you don’t look ns If you ever
combed your hair, or took any sort of
care of yourself.”
“ W ell, I reckon that's ’cause I live
close to nature.”
“ I f you do,” she snid, ns she went
after tile pie, “ I ’ll guarantee it Isn’t
nature's fault!”
She W a s P re p a re d .
A n E a sy Task.
One o f the g r e a t
problems of canal con­
struction never satis­
factorily solved by the
engineers of the French
Canal C o m p a n y in­
volves the disposal of
the flood waters of tho
Chagres river. Whether the final de­
cision be for a tide level or for a lock
canal, a method must be devised to
control the Chagres when it becomes
a raging torrent, to store water in the
rainy season for use in the dry season
and to send the surplus through some
other channel to the sea.
Under plans of French engineers,
made on a basis of controlling the flood
waters on an eighty-five foot level, the
cost’ wns estimated at $3ii,000,000, and
many Americans have doubted whether
even this enormous expenditure would
protect the canal. As n result o f sur­
veys made by Americans within tile
last year it Is announced here that the
wnter can absolutely be controlled by
means of a dam at an elevation of
185 feet and at an approximate sav­
ing of $27.1X13,000 from the French esti­
In the dry seasons the flow of the
river becomes almost Insignificant for
control; the discharge becomes two
hundred times smnller than In periods
of the greatest floods.
Near where
the Chagres crosses the can.-l location
Itr tributary, the Ras Obispo river, en­
ters with the water from the drainage
np to the continental divide. Below
Obispo the Chagres flows to Ran
Pablo through a somewhat restricted
valley with tortuous windings in a
narrow alluvial plain, requiring con­
siderable rectification.
High, steep,
densely wooded hills narrow In and a f­
ford the dam sites of the various canal
Actual conditions do not show any
Outwardly the escalator resembles a
treadmill, or old-fashioned horse power.
The floor consists-of an endless chain
o f planks running crosswise. However,
there is one great difference between
the Cleveland escalator aud a tread­
mill. The surface o f the former moves
upward and not downward, and when
once a horse or pair of horses have
stepped on to It they remain motion­
less until they get to the top. They
are not obliged to keep traveling lu
consequence of the receding movement
of the surface on which they stand.
T e rm
^ o u n c e s fp g
Every day is bargain day in the
W ave Circle.
Come in and get ac­
K C w ill help you cut
down the living expenses and make
doctor’s bills a thing of the past. Do
you realize that you can get the best
and purest baking powder in the world
Husband— I made $100 on a lucky
Nextdoor—That new conk of yours Is turn iu stocks to-day, and you can now
certainly a handsome woman.
get that new gown you have wanted for
Neighbors— You bet she is. Why, all so long.
she has to do is smile at the potatoes
Wife— Oh, I ’m so glad. Here is tha
aud they are mashed.
bill for it, my dear.
A D I A A Poison Breathed
/ 1 l M L m M l y i M into the System
foundation for the evil repute o f tha
Chagres. The river flows over sand
and' gravel between steep clay banks,
often not exceeding two hundred f?et
in width, and the water is rarely tur­
bid. As the drainage area is free from
pollution, the water should be o f the
purest, as it is well aerated, flowing
with a sw ift current over many small
rapids. In times o f rain there is n
noticeable amount o f sediment, which
is largely deposited in the lower
The floods are very flashy; they come
suddenly and are sustained a very
short period, declining quickly almost
to low wnter conditions.
The air arising from low, marshy places, damp cellars, stagnant ponds
and pools and from decaying vegetable matter, as well as the gases from
sewers, is loaded with germs of malarial poison. The water we drink, that
has not been properly filtered and purified, is also full of these germs and
microbes, and as we daily
breathe and drink millions of
M A L A R I A I N H i a S Y S T E M EOR Y E A R S ,
these into the system, to be
For several years I suffered with Chills and
absorbed by the blood, the Fever, caused by Malaria in my System, and each
entire body begins to feel the summer for several years I would have a relapse.;
effects of the poison. The I''inall>’ my physician prescribed S. S. S. It en-
niost common form of Ma-
¿ " f t ! h?v' " 'o V 't ? “ trIou’,lf<1 "‘ " “ M
laria is “ chills and fever,” 913 W ’ Market St” Loulavllle’ K ?’ L S hapofe . >
but when the blood is thoroughly saturated with the poison it becomes so
weak and polluted that abscesses, carbuncles, boils, sores, ulcers aud other
skin diseases result. Malaria also affects the liver, kidneys, bowels and
stomach, producing a chronic state of biliousness that often results in jaun­
dice or some malignant fever. . In cases of Malaria the blood must be purl-
.. ...... . „
, fied before the body can regain its natural health. S. S. S. contains purify-
country along the upper rri er Is m g and tonic properties possessed by no other blood medicine, and is tha
places | ------
thickly wooded, and In many
many placet
ideal remedy for the treatment of Malaria. It des­
with a tangled and matted Jungle un­
troys the germs of the disease and builds up the
dergrowth, through which the Ameri­
weakened, polluted circulation. It enters into the
can parties had to out roads, often
blood and forces out every particle of poison and
nlong hills with slopes of forty de­
waste matter and adds strength and activity to it.
grees. From Gamboa to Albajuela, a S. S. S. improves the appetite and digestion, tones up the entire system by
distance o f about eleven miles, tho its alterative and purifying action, and Malaria, with all its bad effects, is
river rises forty-six feet; In the next permanently driven from the system,
Book ou the blood and any medical
eleven and a half miles to a point near advice, without charge.
Santa Barbara, there is a rise o f eighty
feet. Outside o f the villages along the
railroad there Is only one tiny hamlet,
called Cruces, on the -banks o f the
Navigation on the Upper Chagres
is limited to small dugout
pushed np stream by men with Iron
shod poles, but In the dry season there
Is scarcely sufficient wnter for this in
places, and. except for deep pools st
the eddies. It Is possible to walk up the
river bed for considerable distance.
K IL L E R kills
kill tlie lice. Never fails. Sold by dealers, 50 c end $i.oc per urn.
Albert-B locker o f < Imtihas-on, Mum., hoiitflit u ran o f Prututiftn Lice K ille r and
used It th o ro u g h ly th ree tim e « unci cleaned his poultry hoimr en tire ly free fro m
lice an d mites, b efo re union, the fioultry house was a liv e with red lino and mites.
J. FT. Mnlone, trf Adel. Mo., nayn the I’russian L ie « K ille r is just the th in g fo r lice
on boifs, and Is worth llv « tim es its cost.
PORTLAND SEED CO., Portland, Oregon, Coast Agents
will seldom disagree with a tourist,
but likes to give an answer which he
thinks will be agreeable to the ques- \
tioner. Last summer a gentleman from
Liverpool, while out for a sail on Car- !
llngford Lough, was caught In a gale,
Knowing the danger, Pat made for the
shore. ’ Why are you going In,’ said
the visitor; ’there's not much wind?’ !
‘No,’ replied the boatman, ‘but, sure,
what there is av it Is mighty power­
ful.’ An angler tells how, when In
quest o f fish, he asked a small bare­
legged boy If there were any fish In a
certain river. ‘There la, yer honor.’
•What sort o f fish?’ ’There do be trouts
and eels, yer honor.’ ’Any salmon?’
’Them do be an odd one.’ ’Any ther­
mometers V ’Them does be there, too,
yer honor; but they comes up lather In
the season.’ ” — R. B. Marston, in Fish
lag Gazette.
The cut shows a feat in engraving
recently performed by one of the ex­
perts in the United States bureau of
e n gr a v i n g and
printing at Wash­
ington. The limit
o f the engraver’s
skill was believed
when the Lord's
,X Y Z .
scribed on a gold
About a
year ago a Phila-
(lelplila hank note expert succeeded in
engraving the entire English alphabet
on the head o f a pin. Now Clarence E.
Young, a skilled government employe
o f Uncle Sam. has put two alphabets,
a date and a name on the head o f n
N ot Hts F a u lt .
j pin only sixty-five one thousandths of
an Inch in diameter. As shown in tli*
" I t seems to me that Bilggins
cut it is magnified more than 5,000 doesn't know his own mind." “ Well,
times. The second alphabet is on the you can’t blame the man. He has
underside o f the pin head.
been on the Jury and baa listened to
arguments o f opposing lawyers
P o lite n e s s o f Iris h P e a s a n t r y .
ntnch that he doesn’t feel sure o f any­
A friend sends me the following de­ thing.”
lightful bit. cut from some paper: " It
Is well known that the Irish peasant
A woman gossip is bad enough, but
(no doubt from a sens« of poUteneiai. a mao gossip is th* lim it
_ ?G H IJI
LICE on P o u ltry .
Hoosier Drills \ Perfect Sowers
A P erfect Drill is impossible without a feeding device that will sow
the grain evenly under ell conditions. The ordinary gravity feed sows by
weight. The greeter pressure on the feed opening when going up hill
melees it sow more then when coming down, when this pressure is re«
moved; the seme on side hills.
P erfect Force Feed; sows by meesure, consequently elweys sows the
seme; end pressure does not effect it.
Enlargement in the Feed Cup
just where the Feed Roll takes hold of the seed prevents cracking.
W rite for “ The Feeding o f the Seed in Hoosier Drills.** That tells ell
about it.
M IT C H E L L , L E W IS & S T A V E R C O .
first and Taylor Streets