Washington County news. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1903-1911, July 24, 1903, Page Page Two, Image 2

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Pag« Two.
Country C orresp o n d en ce^
Dilley, July 23.— Mr. Tupper ha*
had a aertoua spell of sickness, but
is better.— Hon. A. Briggs and fam­
ily have gone to Seaside for an out­
ing.----- Revi Mr. Rambo spent most
o f last week at Reedville on business.
----- Rev. I. Putnam has been a Port'
land visitor this week.
Banks, July 23.— Dr. H. H. Hartley
has returned to his home in Oolden
dale, Wash.----- Mrs. J. C. Hartley
who has been very sick with pneumo­
nia, is slowly recovering.— Lloyd and
L. G. Soehren wefe Forest Grove visit­
ors Sunday.------Mr. J. A. Thornburgh
o f Forest Grove, passed through
Banks Sunday on a trip to his farm at
Manning.----- Lyndon Phillips had the
misfortune to cut one of his toes otT
last week and is now enjoying an en­
forced rest.----- Francis Beneflel re­
turned to his home in Portland Mon
day.----- Miss Edna Staley, o f Hillside,
Is visiting her sister, Elma, at Man­
ning, this week.----- Saturday, July 25
is the regular meeting day o f Lewis
and Clark Grange, at Banks.----- The
young folks will give a dance In the
hall in the evening, to which all are
Invited.----- The Misses Millie and Myr­
tle Thornburgh, who have been visit­
ing here, have returned to their home
in Forest Grove.----- Montgomery Tur­
ner and family, of Kentucky, arrived
last week and contemplate making
Banks their home.
Farmington, July 22.— The South
Tualatin and Farmington teams cross­
ed bats on the Farmington field last
Sunday. Quite a spirited game was
had in the presence of a large crowd
o f spectators, the fair sex being espe­
cially well represented. The home
team carried off the honors o f the.
day; score, 25 to 24. Next Sunday the
same teams will play on the South
Tualatin grounds.----- For away-down
low prices in anything you need or
want go to the Farmington Store.*-----
The low stage o f water In the Tualatin
has forced the Tualatin M i'I Co. to
abandon their logging camp here for
the present.----- The little, loving, ro>-
ing, mischievous Cupid has Informed
Dame Rumor, who in turn has tattled
it to your correspondent, that there
are two weddings on the social pro­
gram of this neighborhood, but owing
to the fact that theer are so many slips
’twixt the cup and the lips, names will
be withheld f o i the present.— t-BInd-
ing twine In any quantity for less than
you can buy It elsewhere at the Farm­
ington Store. Highest cash prices paid
for your product at our store.*-----
Haying Is about over around here and
cutting grain has commenced.
hay crop Is Immense In volume and
can’t be beat In quality.
Cornelius, Oregon, July 22.— A. A.
Phillips and wife returned from Long
Beach Monday evening. They reported
having a nice trip.----- L. Geriger had
the misfortune to be thrown off a hay
wagon one day this week and was bad­
ly bruised about the face and head,
but thinks he will be out in a few Jays.
----- Amos McCurdy made a flying trip
to Portland Tuesday on business.-----
Frank McGinnis has made some good
Improvements in front of his barber
shop, a brand-new sidewalk.----- A. A.
Phillips, the real estate rustler, has
made the following sales this week:
W. T. Schol field bought two lots hi
block 11, $60; R. Armstrong bought
lots 6, 7, 8, In block 46, for $90; Mag­
gie Neep bought lots 1, 2, S, 4, 5. in
block 42, $150; Maggie Hendricks
bought lota 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, in same block,
$150. Any one wanting property in
Cornelius would do well to call on him.
H e will always treat you right.----- Har­
vest has commenced In this part of
the county. Some winter grain has
already been cut. It la expected that
oats will turn out well, but fall wheat
is not good.----- Street Commissioner
8choen Is fixing up the streets In good
shape.----- J. B. Merrill got pretty bad­
ly scared one day this week. A man
came along and offered him a thou­
sand dollars for hla property consist­
ing o f a whole block, grad house and
barn In Cornelius.----- Henry Jackson,
o f Portland, came ou to Cornelius this
week to visit O. Vickers, whom he has
not seen for years. He Is an excellent
violin player and had a fine violin with
him. He returned to Portland today.
----- Mr. and Mr*. Thomas Talbot took
In the carnival Wednesday.— Mrs.
Etta Mathles made a flying trip to
Portland Wednesday.----- Mr. Delano
and son have the contract for shingling
Bailey’« warehouse.----- Thos. Talbot
la rapairing him water tower today
24, 1903.
from a two weeks’ trip to Umatilla.
His daughter, Mrs. Stella Pomeroy, re­
turned with him.----- Mr. J. Sammons,
who has been Indisposed for several
weeks, is reported much better.----- At
a special meeting held at Union school
house. July 6, 1903, It was decided to
charge a small fee for all lots sold
or occupied In the cemetery, the money
to be used In keeping the cemetery in
repair. This is a step in the right di­
rection and the people are to be com­
mended for the action taken.----- Mr.
Bowers, of MountaidaJe, has taken up
his residence on the Jacob Brugger
place.----- Mrs. Young, of Portland,
spent several days of last week visit­
ing with her mother, Mrs. Reeves.-----
Miss Marie Wilhelm has been retained
as teacher in district No. 62, and Mr.
R. L. Wann in district No. 6.
They Make Neither Tooli Nor Bright
Men—They Develop Them
From “ Letters From a Self Made Mer-
ch€)iMo HU So«.’* by Ueurye
Harare Larimer
Middleton, July 22.— C. True is build­
ing a finely equipped fruit dryer. It
is provided with brick furnaces, and
has a capacity of 400 bushels a day.
It will begin operation on September 1
and impartiality and good treatment
will be shown toward all patrons. The
fruit crop is especially good this sea­
son. and the dryer anticipates a large
amount of business.----- Fred Elwartt
is erecting a large hop house.----- J. A.
I-arger is doing the carpenter work on
Elwartt's new hop house.
Hughes sells
paints, glass, doors, windows, stoves,
and a general line o f hardware, try
him and be convinced.
Beaverton, July 23.— The Portland
deputy* sheriff w ho came out ‘to see if
the three men held at Beaverton were
wanted in the metropolis, and found
they were not the ones, commended
Marshal Desinger for his actions, as
they were men that by their looks
would bear watching. Such characters
are getting numerous lately.----- John
Chilton Monday received a gasoline
engine and a large pump, with which
he will Bupply the water for the South
ern Pacific railroad company at this
station.----- Mr. W ill French, proprietor
o f the News, was in town Wednesday.
----- The farmers are pretty well along
with their hay and are beginning to
cut their grain.----- Several from here
have gone to the coast to spend a short
vacation.----- Harry Alexander is put
ting in a telephone from his place to
his mother's.
varnish aad enamel o f J. H W eatcott
.S aed a— Timothy and Clover, at
R. Hicks.
Dear Pierrepont—Your inn got back
safe this morning, and she wauts mo
to be sure to tell you not to overstudy,
and I want to tell you to be sure not
to understudy. What we’ re really
sending you to Harvard for is to get
little o f the education that’s so good!
and plenty there. When it’s passed
around, you don’t want to be bashful,
but reach right out and take a big
helping ever}- time, for I want you to
get your share. You'll find that edu­
cation's about the only thing lying
urouml loose in this world and that it’s
nbout the only thing a fellow can have
as much of ns he’s willing to haul
away. Everything else is screwed
down tight and the screwdriver lost.
I'm anxious that you should be a
good scholar, but I ’m more nnxious
that you should be a good, clean man.
And if you graduate with a sound con­
science I shan't care so much if there
are a few boles in your Latin. There
are two parts of a college education—
the part that you got in the schoolroom
from the professors nnd the part that
you get outside of it from the boys.
Thut’s the really important part, for
the first can only make you a scholar,
while the second can make you a man.
Education is a good deal like eating
—a fellow can't always tell which par­
ticular thing did him good, but he can
usually tell which one did him barm.
A fter n square meal o f roast beef and
vegetables and mince pie nnd water­
melon you can’t say just which ingre­
dient is going into muscle, but you
don’t have to be very bright to figure
out which one started the demand for
pain killer in your insides or to guess
next morning which one made you be­
lieve in a personal devil the night be­
fore. And so while a fellow can’t fig­
ure out to an ounce whether It’s Latin
or algebra or history or what among
the solids that is building him up in
tills place or that be can go right
along feeding them in and betting
that they’re not the tilings that turn
his tongue fuzzy.
Does a college education pay? Does
it pay to feed in pork trimmings at 5
cents a pound at the hopper and draw
out nice, cunning little “ country” sau­
sages at 20 cents a pound at the other
end? Does it pay to take a steer that’*
been running loose on the range ai
living on cactus and petrified wo*
till he’s Just a bunch o f barbed wi.
and sote leather and feed him corn til
he’s just a solid bunk o f porterhouse,
steak and oleo oil?
You bet It pays. Anything extra than
trains n boy to think and to thl>-’
quick pays. Anything that teach*
boy to get the answer before the ol
fellow gets through biting the pe
College doesn’t make fools. It
velops them. It doesn’t make bri;
men. It develops them. A fool v
turn out a fool whether he goes
college or not, though he'll probab
turn out a different sort of a fool.
■ fc ’
Tigardville July 23.— C. F. Tigard,
the merchant, went to Wilhoit after
Acy Wiliams, who has been critically
ill for some time with throat trouble.
Mr. Williams will stay in town, where
he will be given careful treatment.-----
A. G. Goodwin is in Portland attending
the big Woodmen
carnival.— C. F.
Barrett, the Middleton hop buyer, was
in town this week, looking over th*
prospective crop.----- The News is on
sale at the Tigardville postofflee. Sub­
scriptions taken.----- The Independent
Telephone Company is giving entire
satisfaction. It is operated and owned
by 75 o f the farmers of neighboring
towns. Connections are made with
Beaverton and Hughes’ line at Forest
Grove.----- The hop fields are looking
very fine and bid fair of yiel.ITng the
biggest crop In the history of the
Sherwood, July 23.— Farmers of this
vicinity are busy harvesting one of
the largest crops of 1 « ) ever pro­
duced, and will be wept on the move
to get it out of the way of the grain
now ripening.----- A great amount of
wood Is now being delivered at this
place for shipment to the Portland
market, for which they receive a high
price, owing to the small amount cut
country.----- Onion
growers a» well as hop growers are
expecting a good crop and a good price
this season. Should their hopes be
reallxed it will surely place a greav
many of our farmers fn good circum­
stances.----- Mr. Wm. Slater, of Mor­
row, Or., has purchased property in
town and wll soon open up a full line
of boots ami shoes. W e understand he
Intends to make and repair shoes alio.
----- From the amount of cream shipped
daily to the various creameries, we be­
lieve this would prove a first-class
place for building a creamery and
cheese factory. The business is fast
and steadily growing.----- Mr, Davlo
Alexander of Rosaland, B. C., former­
ly o f this place, made a short visit
to our town thia week.
W e were very
much pleased to see him among us
once more, but regret that the visit
should be so brief. Come again.___ .
Mr Martin and Joseph Oardner, pro­
prietors o f the cigar factory, left a tew
days ago for a brief outing and busi­
ness trip to the CfYtH ’Bay (‘dtttftrf.__ —’
Quite a number from here have attend-
4 ed the 1
--tgii« ritrrrlnt* at Oiewm
Cadar Mill, July 3 2 .- Having Is prac- CltJ. an(1 report , very , pjoyabte time
tleally over In this vicinity.----- John
_____________ J^, ii . ' j
Mark* has opened a blacksmith shop i
Palnt up ^
A np.t<wlaUk
hare, which Is a great convenience to
the farmer*.----- Mr. William v !rker*. means getting your pateta, oils. lead,
from Cornelina, spent several days o f
last week visiting with his sister. Mrs.
Wann.----- Mr. Pomeroy has returned
• \
. /A*.', '
t V
• •
í'jáu& iam .
)• * .:•
• « + S * “ à*
i i-M
Tw o railway lines and six wag£n roads make all Washington county, from four to thirty-two miles distant, an
accessible suburb o f the great city whose dairy, market garden and firewood wants It In the main supplies,
besides finding there ready sale for Its other products.
Scholls, July 22.— Mrs.
Tlchenor, from Colorado, is visiting
her relations at Scholls.----- Mr. W ill
Curby left last Wednesday for The
Dalles, Oregon.----- Mrs. J. Tw ig re­
turned to her home at Ballaril, Wash.
She has been visiting her
here.----- Mrs. Miller Is having la
grippe, and Is quite feeble.-----T a y ­
lor Bros, have finished their porch and
bath room.----- Scholls’ people are very
busy getting out telephone poles for
the Hillsboro line, which will connect
t . lth the Scholls line.
Remember that Hughes, the hard­
ware man, sells the McCormick bind­
ers, mowers and rakes. He is tha
only man in the city who gets his
machinery in carload lots. This sav­
You cannot afford to neglect your
ing in freight makes it possible to get
Better have them tested (It as much profit as others, and still sell
below what they can afford.
costs nothing) by Mayr.e Abbott, the
F. S. Barnes, the old reliable
expert optician at Abbott & Son’s
Washington Co* Denial Parlors
V. L. DIMMICK, Manager
“ I ’ M A DOCTOB,” D ltri.AR X O
H io o u e
Verboort, July 21.— The farmer*,
young and old, are all busy In reaping
the golden harvest of their hard labor.
Their crops promise well, chiefly their
oats and potatoes.----- The Catholic
Church continues still to be Improv­
ed. as well as the other buildings on
the ground.----- The Sisters’ house has
just received a double coat of paint,
and now the school house U ¡Jelng
painted. New walks are being laid
around the buildings. There in no
doubt that when all the work Is done
Verboort will have the nicest ground*
and niceat church building of any In
the county.
A nirr»*l S to ry
Little P o lk a
Prosperous Bugs
"Good morning. Hlggy.’’ said the
hngglebng to the higglebng as they
met on flie street the other day. ” How
are you?"
"Vary duo, 1 thank you. Haggy.’’ re-
.plled the hlgglehug "H ow are yon?”
” Oh. Cam always well.” answered
the hngiriebng. "except now. you know.
my business la brisk and 1 am just a
w ee bit overworked."
“ Ah!” exclaimed the hlgglehug. “ Lote
o f work? That's good. Let me con­
gratulate yon. I know just how It 1*.
for, you see. my business is brisk, too.
and I am afraid sometimes 1 w lli not
be able to attend to it all. By the way.
Haggy, what business are you In now?"
••I’m a barber.” answered the haggls-
••A >arber!” exclaimed the hlgglebug.
“ And what do you do as a barber?”
“ Why, mercy, man. haven't y o u
heard?” cried the hagglebug In sur­
“ No,” «aid the hlgglebug. “ W hat is
"W ell, the caterpillars have adopted
the new style o f having their head*
bald, and my business is to shave tha
caterpillar«. There are Iota o f them,
and it keeps me busy day and night
doing the work."
“ You must be making n great deal
o f money.” said the hlgglebug.
“ Yea. indeed.” -replied the hagglebug.
"B y the way, what business are yoo
•■I’m a doctor.” declared the higgie-
“ A doctor!" exclaimed the hagglebug.
“ And what do you do as a doctor?"
"M y, my. my! Don't yon know?”
cried the hlgglebug In surprise.
“ No,” «aid the hagglebug. “ What is
“ Well, the grasshopper* have adopt­
ed the new style o f wearing long whisk­
er*. and 1 furnish them with a face
powder to bring out their beard*. They
uae a great deal of the powder, and I
am kept busy night and day mlxlmg It
for them.”
" I suppose you w ill soon be rich.”
•aid the hagglebur
( P
••| hope ao.” responded the hlgglebug.
’*^>11. good by. H lggy." said the hag-
glehug as he passed on down the street
"Goodby. Haggy.” answered the hlg­
glebug —8L Louis Post-Dispatch.
Full set t e e t h ........................................ |6.50
Gold filling ...........................
$2.00 and up.
Platonized filling ............................. . .$1.00
Silver filling ........................
Gold crown and bridge work, per tooth 5.00
No charge* for extracting when teeth are ordered.
Over Dr, Hines' Drug Store.
Crescent Mills
Opposite Railway Station
Forest Grove
Bovflh and Dressed Lumber. BricK
Bvildinfl BlocKs and Drain Tile $ * * •
All Kinds o f Lumber on Hand. Good Stock at all Times to Select From
Write for Price*.