Washington County hatchet. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1897-1???, December 30, 1897, Image 7

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W a s h in g t o n
h a t c h it .
ont hit
r luerrj,
ir “ toy,
i life' u^ot
pnwl bit
at when
hoy had
with all
«•oat and
in to bit
ie- »e’n
i borne-'
■ay dai
•t move
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iw, a lo^
irbed ttx
them a risk should dry weather occur.
At the W est Virginia experiment sta­
tion it has been found that beaus
grown in drills produced twice as much
as those grown in hills. As the hush
Limas may he planted with a seed drill,
in rows, and require no poles, they can
he grown more profitably than hereto­
fore. There are also varieties o f hush
, Limas that are as large as the pole
kinds, and they tiring good prices in
market. These facts should be kept in
Weed F la v o r» In Milk.
ITio milk 1« carefully examined when view for next year.
leeeived, aud all that la the least affect-
A p p l e » in P a p e r .
«1 with the onion or weed flavor. Is set
A friend recently sent us a basket, of
Hide by Itself, and then run through a ^handsome apples, each specimen of
tepurator, and its cream kept separate.
which was wrapped in strong manilla
To tills cream Is added twice its own
paper. A fte r tasting these apples, we
bulk o f hot water, in which saltpetre,
unwrapped a number to admire their
hi the proportion o f one ounce to three beautiful color, after which they were
gallons o f water, has been dissolved.
forgotten for several weeks. Happen­
This raises the temperature o f the mix­
ing to discover them later, we found
ed cream and water to about 100 de-
that those which had been Unwrapped
and it is Immediately put
were partially decayed, while those
through the separator again. The re­
that were wrapped were in prime con-
sult Is a line, thick cream, with no trace
dltion. having scarcely ripened at a I,
•f weed flavor In It, and withal thor­
and no decay appearing. W hy do not
oughly pasteurized, and the Babcock fruitgrowers wrap their apples and
test shows no loss of fat in the opera­
pears in paper more frequently, to pre­
tion. In ord er to ripen such cream for serve them, not only for a few weeks
churning, a starter is needed.
In the fall, hut through the entire win­
teurizing has been tried for the purpose
ter? Orange growers have found it
at eliminating had flavors from cream profitable to wrap every orange sent
with partial, though not perfect, suc­ out to the markets. It Is not expensive
cess. The same may he said In refer­ to wrap and pack away a barrel of ap­
ence to heating the milk and running It ples. It might cost 50 cents, but think
through tlie separator at n temperature of the delight of opening such a barrel
of 155 degrees or 160 degrees. Washing next April, and finding them in splen-
cream lias also been tried, with the wat­ «11(1 condition.—Col man’s Rural World.
er at the ordinary temperature o f sep­
M a r k e t i n g H eu vy Ont».
arating, and this has very materially
ThetV Is sometimes difficulty in Hnd-
reduced bad flavors.—Hoard’s Dairy­
1 ing a profitable market for grades of
oats that weigh much above the stand­
S u b s t i t u t e f o r a Smokehouse,
ard. which is thirty-two pounds per
Tlie illustration, which is from the
bushel. In fact, most hostelries which
American Agriculturist, shows a simple
deliver oats by measure would prefer
plan for smoking a small quantity of
to have tlie grain rather under than
meat, without au.v
above the standard.
W e ouee grew
expense whatever
i some oats which weighed thirty-eight
for a smokehouse.
IMiunds per measured bushel. But they
The lower barrel
were o f a uew variety, anil worth much
lias u small door
more for seed than they could lie >o
through which to
feed. In fact, there Is not much ail-
r e p l e n i s h the
> vantage for fettling to have oats above
the standard weight, l ’art o f the ad­
in the Iron kettle
vantage of the oats as feed Is its safety.
on the inside. The
Ils greater amount o f clialT preventing
. bottom o f the box
It from heating in the stomach as corn
has holes in it
or other heavier grain is sure to do.
similar to those in
the top. tlie upper
L i m e , F l u s t e r an d Iron .
A Paris Journal says that tlie disas­
to show trous effects exerted by lime and plaster
these. The front on iron should I k - kept in mind when
o f the box is hing­ building. I f Iron Is plunged Into fresh­
ed to admit the ly prepared lime rapid oxidation takes
W .
meat. The upper place. This soon reaches tlie heart of
barrel has neither the iron, which in a short time under­
top nor bottom goes a profound alteration in its resist­
ami serves merely ing qualities. To this result must lie
as a chimney to added the expansion caused by Increase
[ provide some little draft ami to' carry in volume of the mass. On the other
»IT the smoke. T w o small holes In the hand, cement seems to lie an excellent
»w er barrel admit air to feed the preservative against rust. Snell a cov­
nioulderimg tire.
ering Is preferable to painting with red
W i n t e r S qu ash es .
HK new United States buttle ship Kentucky will be the most powerful
war boat in the navy. The Kentucky is one of four sister ships, all of
which will soon be finished. The Kentucky hears on her forward and after
deck a double turret. Bach of these turrets carries two thirteen-inch guns. No
Kuropeiin power lias placed on the deek of a war ship any gun more than twelve
inches.. Thus can the Kentucky strike a b'ow with which the power of no’ other
ship can compare. A single blow of this kind would disable, if not sink, the
strongest ship of battle afloat. From bow,and stern tile Kentucky can fire sim­
ultaneously a thirteen-inch gun. Tlie Kentucky will draw only twenty-five feet
of water, tliroe feet less than the lightest boats now on tlie sen. She will he
aide to sail into all the haibors. and can he docked with less difficulty than the
three other boats now building. The “ waist-tire" consists of fourteen five-inch
quick-firing guns anti tin* second batteries will he composed of twenty six-pounder
rapid-firing, six one-pounder aud four machine guns. Two military tops, mount­
ing guns, complete the ship's armament, which is fur heavier than that of any
ship of the Kentucky's displacement in the world. No war ship can deliver more
metal at a broadside than can the Kentucky, ami none will have the ready con­
centration of fire. The feature of the Kentucky is the form of her turrets, which
is quite new. There is a large saving in weight, which gives the bout more room
for heavy armament and more powerful machinery for propulsion. She will
carry 1,210 tons of coal, which will enable her to steam ti.iMkl miles at the rate
of ten knots an hour.
that the wizards of the scalpel may
Three drop? of a black cat*a blood in
save their lives. Joseph Davenne. a
Frenchman, was in such a •condition a sovereign cure for croup in the folk
when In- allowed the doctors to clean ; lore of some people.
Because tlie mein tiers o f Ills church his heart. H e had long been a sufferer
being swindled by nil others, semi us stamp
were negligent in attending Sunday from fatty degeneration o f that organ. ' for After
particulars o f Kina Solomon’s Treasure, the
service and still more so in contrlbut- H e knew he could not live much longer I O N L Y renewer o f manly streiiKlb.
C H E M IC A L CO., P. u. Box 747, Philadelphia, Pa.
ing to tlie support of himself and the when lie took the chance tlie scientists
I ’ is o ’s C u re fo r C o n s u m p tio n is th e best
church, ltev. Maurice I'enlield Kikes, proposed. They cut Joseph's ribs apart,
pastor o f tlie First Baptist Church at showing the lungs, with all their fine, ' o f a ll c o u g h cu res -<(g o r g e \V. L o ta , F ab u -
1 clie r. L a ., A u g u s t 26, 1863.
Trenton, N. .1.. decided to try an inno­ shining membranes. These were thrust
vation to attract people to hear him aside and four sw iftly moving hands Try Schilling s Debt tea and baking powder.
preach and their nickels and dimes were busily engaged in scraping tlie
The oldest married couple in the
from their unwilling pockets. He In­ fat from tlie sides o f the heart. The
United State« are Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
troduced pretty girls as ushers and is entire process covered only a few mo­
Manuel of Cape Porpoise, Mass. She
more than pleased with the results of ments. Hut It was enough. , The man is US and he is 101 years of age, aiftl
the first experiment. Mr. Kikes Imd was dead. The surgeons engaged sent i they have been married 77 years.
tlie sagacity to make announcement of a full account of the affair to a medical ------------------------------- m----------------------------- —
the fact that the young women would Journal. The law did not hold them to
show young folks to their seats and account because Davenne bad left a
take up the collection. He was careful, paper stating that the experiment was
too. to (lick out six o f the prettiest girls tried nt his own request.
» j
In his flock, so the church had more
young men in its pews than had ever
P a p er M a ltin « in Corea.
liefdre been seen there. Every seat In
The best quality o f paper used in
the church was tilled long before ser­ China and Japan is made in Corea. The
vices were begun, ami It was necessary Coreana gather the hark o f the brous-
to get chairs iu’ tlie aisles. As ushers sonetia padli.vrifera tree in the spring.
the girls were a grand success, but They soak the hark in lye made from
their best services was given when the wood ashes and water, heating the
time came to take up the collection. bark until it becomes a soft pulp. They
The innovation doesn't meet with the then remove tin* pulp to large bn minio
approval of the other preachers, who frames, spreading It very thin, and let
say that when people are drawn to a it dry in the sun. When dry they cut
e * I
r. ill
K e e p i n g M i lk f r o m Odo r».
,/ y
A R K A t* SSO W Pl.OW .
to reach back to the rear. Flanks form
the runners and top. The light frame
above the top is for the driver to sit
upon. His feet he rests upon the bars
b f which the plow U drawn. The front
edge, the Incline ami the top are
Mnned to make the snow move up more
easily. The edge Is o f the same width
aa the rear end, so ttnve is . k > binding
to the snow.— Fanu and Fireside.
L a rg e P otato.Y ield .
The largest potato ,
on record
was produced In Northern W yoming in
tRBO. According to sworn testimony.
K amounted to 117* bushels and forty
pounds per arte, of which KW bushels
w ere marketable. The expense o f pm
dnettau was stated to have been $74.1*0.
Ructa a crop anywhere la the country
this year would have bees pretty prof­
itable. The average yield of potatoes
to the Halted States la In ordinary
year« about ona hundred bushels to the
ef the hush varte-
I «ras aa important
is make a specialty
ha M a r o f cutting
f r
Money back if
you don t like
S ch illin g s B est.
Tea and monev
Squashes, unless ripened, will not
U n iq u e S c r a t c h i n g Shed.
keep well. Sometimes they are left out
Where snow lies thtekly upon the
too long. A fte r the frost has killed the ground for months it is almost imiMissi-
wines the squashes are exposed to the tile to get the hens out o f doors, though
■cold and to freezing and thawing. Such fres.li air and sunshine are specially
¡squashes cannot keep well. Squashes
must also be carefully handled. I f the
shell Is bruised in getting them under
cover, they are sure to rot early. They
should tie well ripened, gathered before
heavy frosts, well dried, kept in an
even temperature, and careiully han­
dled. A warm, damp cellar Is a bail
place for storage. They should be kept
hi a dry room, where temperature Is
fairly even and not piled in a heap, hut
placed on open shelves. I f there are
snly a few they may lie spread on the
floor. Sort them over and pick out the
soft-shelled and unripe ones to I h * used needed to promote winter laying. The
Illustration shows a simple addition to
the southern side of the poultry house
A R e al Snow Plow .
that will give tlie fow ls the advantage
This Is not a wedge to push the snow of some hours each sunny day out o f
to one side, but a plow .that raises and doors without being upon tlie snow.
delivers It above and uinin the undis­ Put leaves, sand and a little grain into
turbed snow at the side. Such a plow t.he bottom of the.-«' outside pens, and
must have a strong frame, the liars the fowls will work busily in them for
reaching out In front being not less hours. Such scratching sheds need not
than Jlx3, and they must be 6 ft long. be large. They cost but a trifle and so
can be afforded by everyone.—Orange
Judd F a r m e r . ______
i the same that has borne and does now hear the
| fac simile signature o f C1IAS. II. F L E T C H E R on
l every wrapper. This is the original " P IT C H E R ’ S
CASTOR IA " which has been used in the homes
o f the mothers o f America for over thirty years.
Look Carefully at the wrapper and see that it is
the kind you have always bought, and has the
signature o f CHAS. H. F L E T C H E R on the
wrapper. N o one haf authority from me to^ise
my name except T h e Centaur Company o f which
Chas. H. Fletcher is President.
M a rch 8 % 189 ?.
S A M U E L P IT C H E R , M.D.
Trenton, N . J.t P a s t o r I n t rnd nce » Them
in l l i » C h u r c h .
Some people are never content with any­
thing. They will not liml exactly what
H ow often wonnjn
they ivilnt even in Heaven, if they know !
*ome one is there ahead of them. For in­ morning1 clieerfiil anil happy,
stance, some are great sufferers from neu- I luineil to do so much before
i ralgia. Friends have told them what is | ends, and y e t :—
Before the morning
best and certain t6c’»rc them. Not content
i with what is said, they suffer on. Fain j is very old, the
ravages and devastates the system, and j dreadful BACK­
leaves it a barren waste. St. Jacobs Oil has |
ACHE appeurs,
' cured thousands. Just try it.
the brave spirit
John E. Redmond, M. P., the well- sinks back in
¡known Irish leader, w ill sail for this a ffr ig h t; no
I country on December 30. He is com- ' m atter how
1 ing to America at the invitation of j him! she strug­
prominent workers in the Irish cause j gles, tho
to speak on the rebellion of 1793, to “ clutch " is
arouse the enthusiasm of Irish-Aiueri- upon her, she
cans in the pilgrimage to Ireland next : falls upon tho
l July to celebrate the rising.
couch, cry­
ing:— “ Why
W H A L I N G P L K K T IN U A N O E K .
should I sufferl
so ? W hat
It is predicted that the vessels o f the w haling
| fleet, most o f whose underw riters are in Han can I do V ”
' Francisco, have been cau ght in the ice and j
Lydia E.
' some may not last through the siege.
Danger !
also threatens those who n eglvet what a r e ! Finkhain's “ Vegetable Compound"
called “ tr iflin g " atlm er ts, for they may not last 1 w ill stop tho torture and restore cour­
1 through the crisis, hesort to H oatctter's Stom- 1
A ll such pains oome from a de­
; ach Bitters at ouc.e lor in cip ien t rheum atism . ; age.
! m alaria, constipation, i orvousness ui.d kid ney j ranged uterus.
Trouble in the womb
com plaint.
blots out the lig h t o f the sun at mid­
In Japanese saw*, the teeth |»oiNt day to a vast cumber c ‘ women.
toward the handle, and both saw* and should procure Mrs. Plnkham'a Com­
pound ut once and obtain relief.
planes out toward the workman.
Jlrs. F. M. Knapp, RfiS Wentworth.
A re., Milwaukee, Win., says: “ I Buf­
W e are asserting in the courts our right to the
fered w ith congestion o f the ovurlea
exclusive use o f toe word " C A S T O R lA ,” and
and inflammation o f the womb. Lydia
: ** P IT C H E R SC A S T O R IA ," ua our Trade Mark.
K. Pinkham's Vegetable compound
: I, Dr. Samuel Pitcher, o f Ilyatinis, Massachusetts,
cured me us it w ill others."
was the originator o f “ PITCH U R ’S CAS L O R IA ,"
at your grocers.
A Schilling & Co
San Francisco
Travelers in Sweden report that the
street ear* in that country seldom stop
for passengers.
Both men anil women
jump on and off while they are moving,
and accidents are sc-aroelv ever heard
n R A F N K S S CANNOT B E C I ' R l i l »
Bv liH-sl applit-niion* ss they cannot reach i h »
ill,eased portion o f th e c a r . T h o r » .a only o n *
w ay to enro deafness, and lh a t I h try con stitu ­
tional rcim-iiu-.. OeafuoHH la oaus-if By an tn-
t!r.m»-d con dition o f tlie mucous llnintt o f the
Kustacltian la n e . W lie n th U tu b a Is intlainod
von have a rtrmlrlititi round or im p erfect Hear
inti, sm l when it la en tire ly closed, dcafrteaa ia
tlie result, anti unless tin- m Saiiiim u ion can be
taken nut ami tins tni»c restored to its norm al
co n d ition , hearing w tlt t>e destroyed fo rever;
nine cases out of toll arc caused by Catarrh,
which is mulilnts hut an inflam ed ooudttlon o f
th# mnroua sunset*«.
We w ill e lv c One Hundred Dollars for any
ca.-c o f deafness, (caused by catarrh) liia tc a n n o t
la- cured by M ail's < atari'll Cure. Scud tor c ir ­
culars; free.
K. J. C H U N K Y W CO., Toledo. O.
Bold by driiKKln*. ” •«’••
H a ll's Family P ills are the ia'at.
Authorities o f tlie Kansas university
dismissed a ll the natural Iristory el a «sea
on circus day recently tu enable the
students to si tidy the animals.
m itlM IC T H
I'D U K r t l l l D .
, A ll Eastern S trop , so-railed, usually r e e f
Halit eolorctl and oi heavy lusty, is made from
’ irluimar. " T in u .in ln i l in n » ” ta made from
| s.;pnr Cane ami is strictly pure. It la for s a l»
bv h r,i
.-rover-. >u vans only.
M anu fac­
tured by Hie P lia n t Hlissr SYEVS ( ’ll. A ll »a n -
tunc ' Trn i.n n iin h r in*” have the mauuh
H irer'« name tithograpbod on e v ery aao,
C. K. Green of Effingham, Kane.,
has the Continental currency his great-
grand-father received for liia aerviooa
in the Kevolution.
Men Who Have Wasted the Vital
Power of Youth— Who Lack
Vigor— Can Be Cured by
g B u e ll**
® Lamberson
Is it Wrong?
Let it Right.
Keep it Right.
H 1 nti|rp'H !»•> v c h I«’ «I It » a h i **<l y w ill do it. T h ro «
do*«** w ill make you feel better. (Jet it from
>our druggist or any wholesale drug house, or
front Stew art «& Holmen Drug Co , Seattle.
made esttoM'laUy
est**« is H y to ro*t«>re vita l xtreiigtb
It is mad«*
in • men.
vkt «>f life «-oine from it to the
w eakened pm t*.
2ft3 Wetat U au liti» ir ton S t.. Ih ir tlA U d , O « .
l*Lt.tiar tHr nt io n th in P tlp eT
A Cart-Load of Gold
“ I f you dum ped a
cart-load of » o ld at m y
fe et it w ou ld not bring
such jo y and gladness
into m y life .” So w rites
a prom inent man a fter
using the m ethod o f
self-trea tm en t that has
restored so many mt-n
w h o had been w reck ed
b y excesses, o v e r work
or ev il habits o f youth.
A l i t t l e b o o k that
m akes it all plain n w v be had w ith o u t charge
by w ritin g
6? N ia g a ra St., Buffalo, N. Y .
the pulp In nqunribi anil pres* It with
their feet. The |»!i|*er 1» very tough,
aa the fibre* of the wootl are not broken
but lieaten »oft. All thin work 1» don«
by hand. Poorer qualities o f paper are
made In the name way from the acra|m
of wood.—Hart 1> and Man.
T h e M f n i a t e r ’» H sla r y .
Deacon Skinflint—W e've failed again
thin year. Mr. Itotulnle. Can't ruble half
your »alary.
trood m inuter—So matter. 1 have
had myself appointed a missionary to
the heathen, ¡uul will hood I s - in the
pay o f the Board o f Mission».
Lteacon Wklnflint — A ir ye goln' to
A frica?
<«ood minister—No; I shall stay right
here.—New York Weekly.
Wanted a n H eirloom .
Clerk—I wouldn't like ;o cut this
piece o f lace Just for one yard, madam:
and. beshlea, that Un't enough to trim
Shopper—Oh. I dldn t s-ant It for
trimming; but It’s so nice to have a
piece o f lace a Unit the bouse aa aa
heirloom, yon In ow . -Puck.
Any girl who n e w orar
player would prey* to be I
t of the beat and de
t aeedato
be had. T h e bear ia n lw e y a the
eh eapeaU I ’ey a trifle more for
and nlwaye get your money’s worth.
F ive eems per paper everywhere. ,
Always the bent. Heed Annual free. A
. D .lffr f RRY A CO.’. OetreW. Mkh...
N o C. O. T>. schem e : no patent tnedicioes-
just the book under plain letter seal.
One reason why much |ioor butter is
made in the winter season is because church simply for the privilege o f look
the milk is set in some room adjoining Ing upon a beT.v o f pretty girls there
the kitchen, where It Is subjected to all Is no- lasting good to be expected from
the odors o f the kitchen stove used in It. But Mr. Fikes says that he be­
cooking meat.: and vegetables. These lieves in getting people into his church
odors, with the beat from the stove, are and he doesn't care how he does It. so
! absorbed by the milk, and a the cream long as the means are legitimate and
j has to be warmed so as to ripen, the ; honest. It took a long time to take up
germs thus admitted have the best pos-
i the collection, but when It was over
sible chance to increase.
and the money counted there was near­
T i c k » in H h c e p .
ly $300 to add to the treasury of the
Look out at this time of the year for e n u r e h. I ’revlotls to the boxes going
slieep that are nibbling their sides. It around Mr. Fikes announced that the
is a sure indication of ticks, which l*ord loves a cheerful giver. "G ive
should he got rid o f at once. A gener­ \ freely and cheerfully,” he said, "and
al dipping this month would relieve the the Lord, as well as these good girls,
flock, both lambs and sheep, o f this i will appreciate i t " Then the pretty
troublesome pest.
has ushers started out for the money. And
shown that a fall dipping repays twice i tht y got It. Men who bad alw ays been
over for the cost o f It, In the better con­ ! very careful to select pennies for the
dition o f the fleece at the next shear ' contribution box recklessly tossed In
Ing time.—American Cultivator. -
| quarters ami half dollars that day. tfbd
not one went away from the cbnrch
There Is no better way to break a I without the cheering sssnranoe that
horse of shying than to stop him and ♦li,.- smile he got from the girl who took
gently lead or d rlre hlin up to the ob­ hla money waa the sweetest of them
ject o f hla fear each time, talking to ail.
him pleasantly meanwhile. Whipping
Clean la g a M ao's Heart.
and harshness only Increase the difficul­
■very day we hear of some wonder
ty. If persistent kindneaa be employ
ful doing by the doctors, (to strange
ed the horse will soon control blmueif arc the aehlerenwwu at Msecs that
trying d r e w
to by
In buying s
(X tr R V R fR l r r , M,hec*Li
‘ cultivation wi anted on li
always largely exceeda the original
P R IN TER ....
We lead and originate
tasbions in....
Cor. Second and Stark Sts.
$4 U P ...
P o
Cukase a Co.
Catalogne Fra*
u tlako
fbr traring and lonuln« Hold or Silver
. Ore. lost or S trin i irraaurr. I . I«.
1 r t l W t l k . Baa 3»T, MoûtbIncnm.Conn
M*k« money bv i
•l**cnlation in Chicago.
M f H r f l I
le t » a n d «a ll I
■ V 11 b f a V
»in s
F o rtu n e s b a v »
n tsde o n a «n a il b e g in n in g b y t r a d in g la
iu re « . W rite fn r l u l l n a r t lc u ls r s Rest o l r
e r v n r e g iv e n
S e re rs l r e a r » ’ em j
( h t r « * n Heart’ o f T ra d e , a n d a th
le t )» » o f flte b 't .li t -s s
S and f
» n » » bo ok .
D O W X IX fl,
r h fe a g n B oard of T r a d e
P o rtla n d . O re g o n a n d f