Washington County hatchet and Forest Grove times. (Forest Grove, Or.) 1896-1897, June 04, 1896, Image 6

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"Yen, flit* m ajor'» daughter, as like
hint in* two jic'ts unit tin- very apple of
hi* cy a Folk that knew him wall »aid
In thuee days that hi» Peggy— his ‘ Pretty
P eggy’ he called her— was the one tiling
In tho w orld ho put before the claim.
How he ever agreed she should stay a
w hole winter away from him is one of
the mysteries, bat toe d id agree to trait
her in care of her mother’s sister, who
was a matchmaker and a fo o l When
Peyton Fanntleroy came, she thought
.here was her chance to make an end of
the feud. She let Margaret believe he
Was a widower until the girl was mad
w ith love for him and In; more than
lunatic over her. Then my lady wrote to
her brother in-law circumstantially the
state of affaire; also that it was Ids Chris
tian duty to sis; that Peyton divorced
h is w ife anil married Margaret. When
the letter was past recall, she got fright
ened and told Peyton what she hail
done. He did wiiat anybody who knew
him would surely have expected— told
Margaret o f his love, his despair, and
persuaded her to run away with him
Hu would take her to New Orleans, to
Fram e, where nothing, nobody, coaid
separate them, anil make her life all one
long happy dream.
“ So at least tho aunt told as when we
got there, your uncle anil 1. 1 was his
clerk at 15. Major Overton had let us
know what was in the wind. 1 remem­
ber now how he looked stepping into the
office with that woman's letter iu his
hand. Thougli we set off at once, some­
how he got ahead o f as and luid been
t im e hours on the trail of tho elopers
before wo got to their starting point.
W o pushed after at our best si>ooil, but
that was mighty slow. It was February,
hail been raining a week, mid all the
w orld was a quagmire. Your Uncle A l­
len was ahunchback. Peyton threw him
in one o f their boyish scuttles ami hurt
his spine, hilt he was a tine man, a tine
rider for all that
We got ahead at a
sort o f snail’s gallop, anil 1 remember
thinking that lie looked as hurt anil mis
•ruble us did Major Overton.
"Presently wo began hearing of our
couple. Peytou had a team that even
those mails could not stall, but in one
place the trap upset; in another a broken
■trap delayed th em They were heading
far the railway station, 50 mih-s off as
tho road ran, but less Ilian 50 if onee
you got annas the river, up whose hank
w e were riding. But crossing for a sane
man was out o f the question.
Stream was hutikful and running like a
m ill race. Higher np tho waters hail run
out a trifle; liesiiles a considerable uf
fluent must bo reckoned with half way
“ Yet wo did uot think even Peyton
Would tempt fate in such fashion, oven
though he knew who was hard on his
track. We hail ridden 20 miles or more
When wo caught, sight of the major anil
heard him givo next minute a wild,
strangling shout.
“ Tho road rail straight and level for
a m ile in front o f h im Half way a track
ran down from it to a ford, passable at
low water, mid into this Peytou Fnnnt-
leroy was madly urging his tired horses.
He must have known the water was
your uncle saw to it tliat things should
bo as he saiiL They hail great respect
for each other after that, those two men,
though they never spoke again Iu fact,
if your uneie had lived, I think the claim
would have been settled years ago, but
he died in six months, leaving every-
thing to you. ”
•Tin- claim. Oil, it is sett led now aud
forever, ” young Fanntleroy said, siuking
back with a long, shivering sigh.
. , ,!»• feet aud at nut m ! tiia r,,Mstance which such -l.sws.
soon. When you do, my regards to him,
*e*“ 1 “
. Nothing (hurt of the most to tbe wind. Why women to«hoiTT
and tell him I ’ ll be pleased to wait ou
tuches a ..
,1,1» skirt from arB grossly
v, „ y;1,| J
u iim w u u u tl,e
,— me
him with the ugeut o f those foreign cap­
: r , « m g t J « h e ankles m a very un- joiity— »ubmit to the tyranny (
italists. Not that I'm trying to worm A BOSTON WOWAN WHO HAS SUC­
sleeves, ! know not. Who would 1 , 3
you out, sir. Not at all. Only I kuow
KrTh1UlÄ n
5 lA.min*»iuu. the themselves must iimi the scim.
their ways and might give you and the
mr C I u s .1 t posesas simplea.nl makers w on ’ t. Friends * ih s « s ^ l
major a hint or two worth having. ”
ll oes. tisi, and comfort are , In......cut of women should rullagli
Souir Alluring ia » p b « * * - Wo-#D **
deliratile. I «
The perfectly tins topic, which offers signOHahS
"N o t a doubt of it, " s a i d Mr. H il­
PhArma,-i.t> t'hiliw ao ‘ 1 ltc»«l* ls»hl«u- us delusive as its i
dreth. bowing his visitor away. As the
to take a the adversary.— Andrew Laug n, 1.^1
. b l . - P a r l i a m e n t '. T y p e w r it e r .
door cloned Vance thing a curse after I
i / ii van l - of silk w idth material and „jau s Magazine.
Sblv Uuiun All ll UlfNI lllblA-
him ami said, shaking himself as if to
lining aud
a corresponding
UJIUIUK amount
be riil o f something unpleasant:
Conservative Boston has become a
Mr*. I.lvririnor«,
"T hat fellow walks straight enough, veritable "in'itlied
M b -ti'!"t""k
. K . to . ,i.„
it lie for the advancement of , Inure
l ire„
f , i | nminis,
A r»vt piion wan giv* u
hot 1 never sis- him that I d on 't feel as women in business enterprises. There
A Livermore by the Ma.s«acliu«etts^9
though he were craw ling and I wanted »re proRre.wsiv« Boston women who ruu heaviness "f gmils. Thie V '.^ isilV im
nurses on Marcii is at the licittli),gafl
to tread on him. ”
conduct u I ujokc any desired line of bub­ ....
„ „ . „ „ i , ,,f the w. I l i a n ' s B elief corps iu
" I t would scarcely be safe. In the oes», design an artistic dwelling < r wearing It betau.-e
1 1 1 -! ]ii«inslied guests Wen ; rcutm Ì J
* r,. we ever to be "advanced *n. ng
' main he’s a good enough fellow , bnt
municipal building, take an excellent i he superior to the dictates of fashion MassachuselIs Arm y Nurses'
there is something o f the reptile about photograph, print a novel in the latent
when her commands iieoessitate such ex­ timi, auxiliary tu lie- naiii.ual in m l
h im .” Mr. Hildreth said, puffing a big style, and, if the novel in uot a Huceess,
aggerated and comfortless garments.
ta ui, was formed, with Mrs.
blue cloud all above his head.
arrange for the author's funeral in a
Hull II i f I 'ainliridge as prendi*«; fcjfl
“ You mean tho fangs, I suppose,” fashion ouly possible to a tender hearted New York Times.
Julie M. Wornili of Boston and
j Vance said, banging down the lid of his
feminine undertaker familiar with busi­
W o m e n » s t'li A im m l * !i-
Klli'ti W Dow ling of Melruse, TiWfJ
desk with extra force- and putting his ness reverses in the Huh.
Todav the pharmacist is a trained sci- dents; Mrs. Marguerite Humillag
heels upon it.
Mrs. Alice K (.’ram, who has made enlist, and pharmacy has I... .. elevated
j Mr. Hildreth eyed him approvingly.
such an enviable reputation for herself to a profession, lu Its pre-eut form it Wakefield, secretary; Mt.-s M.irrJ J
j “ That’ s right, ” ho said. “ O ldm an,
mini, treasurer. Mrs. Liv-nuoi, J
as a contractor, is also a Boston woman. ha> no unclean aud unpleasant features
eleet e d an honorary member,
I never before knew you to givo yourself Mrs. Cram says tliat she hud no special
unit is therefore liked by women. -Never priv i legt- of voting on all i| „ , i , ^ M
a holiday at 11 o'clock ill the morning, business training beyond a good public
the less it 1» only of late years that they was deenletl to send greeting, t0| B
but what wo have just heard requires to 6cbool education and the fact that she
have overcome the form, r prejudices and Clara Hartón, with UH invitatila « 9
be celebrated in some most uncommon was the sister of six brothers.
crossed the threshold of the calling-
li. I i * ■nine an le in ruiy lu-uilier.—
fashion. It is so unheard o f 1 can hard­
She started iu business as a contractor
Tliev have a natural aptitude for the
ly believe it even yet. ”
with her husband nine years ago. Her trade ou account of their constitutional Woman’s Journal.
"C ould anything surprise you more?” business ability was manifest from the
caution, deftness and delicacy of touch.
W o n H r r D e g re e .
asked Vance, lighting a cigar.
start. Together
and Mrs. Cram con­ The first womau to enter the profession
I "1 hardly think so.”
Miss Ida H. Hyde of Chicago,
tracted for the fumm.it ion work of some in our country was Mrs. Jane Luring of
j “ Not even if the major should n-fxse
large recent prtbth- buildings, among Boston, iu 1800. -'he was a grandaunt ]y f e l l o w in biology at Bryn Mavr,^
to give up the fight?”
others the new public library, tho court- of Congressman Lortiig. Under the old j u s t taken the degr...... . dis'iiiru(|fl
“ Good God, Vance! You don’ t dream hou>e, the boulevard bridge and the A1
losophy magna earn laude ut t b e u B
system there was no Htate supervision o
he w ill do that?"
bauy railroad, which is said to be one the profession, uud any oue could take sity of Heidelberg. Miss llyila« « ■
“ It is what 1 expect o f him. "
of the finest pieces of masoury in the it up wito desired without any legal iui m utt'l to tho lectures at H eiM fl
“ Vance!”
iqioti the presentation of her th a h ^ l
pediments. Under this system over
“ H ildreth!”
Tho entire work on these contracts 1.2UU women became pharmacist?
Of preparatimi of whieli was
"A re you sane and sober?”
was superintended by Mrs. Cram, whose late years, however, tiler- Inis been u Hi. Thomas Hunt M> rg.in, profnjH
“ I’ ll make affidavit to lioth. ”
judgiueut in such matters is considered profound change in the industry. Partly luulugv.it Bryn Mawr— and hat n i l
“ What gives you such an idea?"
something unique.
to prevent competition, or rather to re­ there tor two years, holding t b e it Ä
"M ajor Overton, if I at all compre­
About a year and a half ago Mrs. strict it. partly to raise the professional Hi.lit fellow ship of tile AsMehl^H
hend him. has fought all these years not Cram decided to paddle her own bnsi*
,ii .a.ile Alumine for part.>f IkhljH
standard, and’ partly tu protect the pub­
for fortune, bnt to clear his father’s
Mie ul-o belli tie' Korop, an f-lknnN|H
name. W inning by default w ill never
started ill various places in the country the a s s o c i a t i m i for ivi;; I. ihirmgdiH
do that. ”
and laws passed requiring all candidates she siudied ut the Uni
“ N a 1 remember now, he has put
for the profession to pass examinations burg.
away every compromise. But, hello!
almost as strict aud difficult as those
W hat’s this? Letters from Ridgeley?”
Ikiuncr Flow«>nt.
laid dowu for physicians and lawyers.
Jubilee, iu Sunday best, came through
The fashion which prevaiM m
The new system has cut down the num­
the office door and laid a packet on the
ber of candidates, both male and female. tim«! ntfii <>f presentiiiK »‘XiuiiKivtlJ
desk before Mr. Hildreth, saying, with
at a daJ
In Massachusetts not more than a score quetri to on e'» lady
his best school bow:
has entirely gone out. Now afewflj
uf women have passed the examinations
"M y employer. Major Overton, be-
ern nrran^ed in u loose hunch ureal
iu the past 15 years, lu Now York the
quested me to survey those letters into
number is said to be nearly 50, aud in times given, hut anything laureila
your hand and soak W ill you have the
the various states of the Union the en­ Hidered in bad taste. A t a recent £■
given by a prominent society w l
tire total is below 500.
Many marry aud leave the calling, a vases tilled with pink roses w ere«
few have retired, and a few have con­ here and there around the tail «
tinued their studies uud have become labra, which occupied the centeríí^^
physicians or chemists. At the present round table, and two loose, lungi^H
time the total number of women who med roses, laid carelessly • ver omì ^ H
practice pharmacy either as proprietors, er, were at each lady’ s place.
Three days later Hawkins walked into
Mr. Hildreth's ottieo with much the air
of a man going to have all his teeth
pnlleil The older lawyer g rid e d him
cheerily enough, bnt to Hawkins’ car
there was an under note o f triumph. Iu
truth, Hawkins hail in the last two days
suffered a moral shock that hail left him
a prey to emotional neuralgia. What he
misread as elation was really but a sort
of w histling to keep the courage up.
Mr. Hildreth knew w ell whose bnsi
ness alone could bring Hawkins to hi,s
office and hail got some hint o f thesyu-
ilicate’sovertun*. Ho it was plain to bis
mind that Major Overton's antagonists
meant to force the fighting, with what
result he had no manner o f ilonbt. W ell
as he loved a legal battle, Mr. Hildreth
j had never Iss-n able to quite sink the
man in the lawyer. Next to Major Over-
toil himself he would feel the sting of
the claim ’s oversetting, which, as he
had all along felt, ouly a mirncle could
After a glam “ good day” Hawkius
ilmpis-d heavily into a choir, put his
elbow on the table ami said, affectedly:
“ 1 toll yon, you don’ t know what may
hapis-ii. If anylssly had said to me a
wis-k ago things with going to turn out
thus anil so. I'd a’ told them to their
teeth they liisi I would— sore as I sit
here. "
“ W hat’s the matter? Syndicate busted
or gone back on yon?’ ’ Mr. Hildreth ask­
ed, with a nymimthy tliat had tho live­
liness o f relief. Hawkins snorted with
rage. Ik: was Is-iug luuckisl as well as
'See here, ” he grow list, “ let a man
down easy, can’ t you? 1 couldn't feel
more cut up if tho claim had boon all
my ow n .' ’
Mr. Hildreth looked pu/./.bs 1.
" I s this one of yonr jokes?” he asked.
"F o r the life of uio I can 't tell what you
are driving at. ’ ’
“ Don’ t you really kuow?”
“ What?”
“ On your honor, now, haven't you
“ About what?"
“ Why, this infernal foolishness o f A1
Ion Fauntleroy’ a ”
"W h a t’s the size o f it?”
“ Oh, northing much! Only he gives np
clerks or apprentices is estimated at
She 1 m a i'amliiiate.
the tight. V* ill let tho ease go by default
about 1,500.— New York Mail and F,x-
next time it conies u p .fast now, too,
Mrs. Margaret L. Wutson, Mia
ness canoe. She now has her own offices,
when the thing means a cool million in
of the Texas Equal Rights lanal
manages all her business dealings and is
C'haluH au<l lle a tU F a s h io n a b l e .
hand anil more to follow. A ll lost for
is a candidate for city secretary uflj
lack of a little hit of samL ”
moot, Tex.
Mrs. Mariana T. M
Mr. Hildreth gave a long whistle.
year, aud the jewelers iu Paris are show­ writes from Edna, T ex .: "Thellffl
Iu addition to her regular work Mrs. ing them in great variety, but the tiue
A minute later he passed it to Vance.
"T h e lw y’ sn ofool. He must Is- drunk
have decided that there is liolawid
Cram conducts a commission business, gold chain, with a single pearl every
or crazy, ” he said, half to himself. amiability
to give _
me a reacknowledg-
a woman’s holding the oflica. Ml
j® f,,ar or live inches, ban the preference, tiai men. both white and colonfl
Then l p Hawkins: "A re yon sure? May­ in* nr t.f it to take back to him enduring ■•Htog m achineryind
be he is only joking to frighten y o u "
working for her eleefiou. Hurdt^^^
“ Y’ e s w ait ontside,” said Vance, see-|
superintends all her own work, .g composed of pearls set alternately mil t "i nlurity ore meli ns to
“ Wish I could think so, ” Hawkins re­
torted ruefully, "b u t 1 can ’ t. Hu put it
canvass very interesting for
SlII1<. rhal!w aro uia(le of Mnun ueuts. The impetus given lo t i» «
ill black and w hite I read the letter tho note, whoao seal lie had immediate- factory ^ » l r s o b t a in ^ ^ When shei baa gold
myself. W hat’ s more, 1 saw it dispatch­ iy broke,L A minute later ho passed it
black agate heads, also separated at in-
^ ,h „ woman question iaT«
ed last night by spivial messenger to to Vance, w ho read: _
? » Z I *^
h “ i
There "! “ dp' marvelous.”
Major Overton. That was why I thought
aided fancy for these black agate beads,
yon knew. 1 made sure be would be ran, a full withdrawal of their side of the case, aged with the skill o f an expert whip.
Mr». Lewe’« I’ l®
which are deemed— not without reason
Let him know at once that the >*uit must go on i fpg jVfru. Cram was confided the entire
here before me this morning. ’ *
— extremely becoming to the complex­
“ W e have seen nothing o f him yet.
ion. Necklaces .are made of them, their call to the pastorate of IU W
Oh, 1 say, V an ce"— to his partner, who
simplicity relieved by the addition of a Christian churi'li o f Wichita,
obedient servant, , pany building of Boston. Her most re-
was just com ing in— “ here are the story MeanUme believe me, your
F rakci » O vki ^ o n . j cent achievement was securing the con­ diamond clasp. A row of black beads, will take mo a year, ’ she said tbtffl
Issiks outdone, the miracle come to pass
Vance laid it down, w ith a hard ; tract from the Chase Granite company divided on either side by a long 8 in day, " t o fill my engagements
and Major Overton a millionaire if he
breath, bnt next miuut« laughed aloud, j of New York to team 40,000 tons of diamonds, makes a beautiful ornament American lecture field, and tlsM
chooses to be. "
for the throat.
pent to take a trip around tbej
stone to be used in elevating the tracks
Vance looked sharply at Hawkins. He
In the gold chains pink coral heads K -ir Hardie, the w ell known Srf
‘ Poor Hawk in»! He’ ll be madder j I of the New York, New Haven and Hart­
dill uot trust tho man. After he had
Socialist, has invited me lolilMM
than a wet hen. ”
ford railroad. For this contract she com ­
heard tho story ho tam ed to the uews-
Chains are also made of black or blue have accepted anti likely will nxT
peted with contractors all over tho coun­
bearer, saying:
steel— a metal in as high favor as ever first speech o f my foreign
“ For such an effect there must be a
— the pearls introduced as in those of city I hope to remain abroad
Mrs. Cram is of tho “ newest woman"
cause. Can yon enliglttcu as as to that?”
the more precious metal. They are uot Than i may Battle dowu to
Hawkins shifted bis foot uneasily and
only used for watches ami eyeglasses,
VT tm . f t l l l l n g t o n .
answered, with dropp'd eyes: “ Oh. he
M aitN iU on W om en.
Students of the musical history of the on the other thoroughly businesslike. but chain purse» and other kmckkuucki,
saw the nit major and heard— well,
jit*«' of tho eighteenth century are fa ­ energetic, joet to a degree, f.wighted
pencil oa»e^ tmy powder boxe«,
Ac the Republican printarjill
dome tilings that have happened. So the
miliar with the name of Mrs. Billing- and generona without being rentimentab “ ,rrors “ ” d '
are,u* ^ nd« 1 fruD1 last mouth in Massillon. O.,
notion takes him to play Don (Quixote,
ioti. For some 80 years, at a rime when She employs women entirely for her of- ,bem-
voted. Their efforts were re»*
tho.wev- t-
not tight any longer w ith iui old man
he art o f singing was perhaps at its firew ork. “ I find that they can always
. I* «considered a breach the election o f Mrs. Ella 0. Sb*
aud a— a -—child. "
cenith, she reigned as one of the bright be relied upon,” she said recently. Mrs. " **ou< ,r,-c lnK to have a bunch of val- on the school hoard by a tnajn
"H -m -m , ” Vance said, setting his
particular stars of the musical world,
Cram is a member of the Professional nable ,rlnlie," dan« llu« abuot *»*e P**’ ::s. This is the lurg. -t v o t e « «
•1 tint >i« brought Margaret to u< guilt lips close. " ’The ch ild ’ is pretty well riir Joshua immortalized her as St. (Je- Woman’s league of New Y’ ork, uii execn- Fon. to N'T nothing of the danger of
by women in Massillon. Mr*-s
grown. I saw her only last month, and
cilia, and in the fulsome fashion of the tive officer o f the Boston Business leugne snch a proceeding— and it must be bid­ er is vice president of tbe Eq**«
1 think ho reckoned that a handsomer, high stepping, np headc d lay it w as said that instead o f represent­
und treasnrer of the Boston Playgoers' den either in the breast pocket of the association. Mrs. I\ B
young filly you seldom crons. P ity sho
the team would tuko him half way over,
coat or beneath the folds of the dress.__ dent of the association and
ing her us listening to the angels he olub.— New York Journal.
and from there ho could carry Margaret and A lleq can’ t make a match of it. I'inuld have painted the angels as silent
Manufacturing Jeweler.
Folger recording secretary.
safe to the other bank. It was jnst a That would bo ail ideal settlement of before her. Michael Kelly, the pupil of
Home Alluring Deception.,
P a rlia m e n t'« T y p e w r ite r «.
bare chance, bnt 1 am sure he chose it this 50-year-old lawsuit.”
In one o f Marlitt'a German romances
.Mozart, said o f her, “ l thought her an
The Women Voted.
Hawkins and Mr. Hildreth cxchnngod
— tho risk, I mean— with full knowl­
Miss May H. Ashworth is at the bead
angel iu beauty and the tit. Cecilia of there is u clever yonng widow who fools
At an election held in Ac
edge in preference to tho certainty of looks. Clearly Vance did not know all lon g,” and Haydn naively recorded in her men admirers in the mutter of her of a typewriting department introduced
that might be known regarding Over-
March 2, the women of the city'
losing her forever.
bis diary, “ She is a great genius, and “ simple dressipg.’ ’ Bbe wears white in May, 1895, for the henetitof the mem­
“ Ho sent the horses so slow ly down to ton’s claim. Finding the others silent, all the women hate her because she is muslin gowns that are vastly becoming bers of the English honse uf commons. heavy vote. In the second ’
tho water tliat wo, all hjs pursuers, were ho went ou:
beantiful. ” Her history is very curious, and seem ullnringly modest and inex­ She has a stuff of five yonng women, they cast over 60 votes. W '
“ Good thing for y o u Hawkins, to
lu hailing distance as they struck tho
tml the bri*.iancy of her career as an pensive. Only her seamstress, who hems who are proficient typewriters and ste' on the proposition to bond
have it settled anyway. I was talking
stream. W e shunted to him to stop. We
6 per
'" 'r rent
cent of
of its
ita vai
valuation t o «
irtist is in strange contrast to the scan­ the yards and yards of tiny lace trim­ nographers. Some of them are also export ; 5
Th. nature
(... - work^re-
. 1
hail as Well called to tho wind. I saw yesterday with one o f those syndicate dals which surrounded her from her med ruffles, and her tire woman, who linoni«««
linguists. The
of » tho
’waterworks system
system and
and in
in « 8!
fellows. From what ho said, no matter
The <bf»*‘M
what the slow ing np meant. He wanted
■pends hoars at the ironing table "doing qnired is tbns described by Miss Ash­
very childhood.
whom they buy from, yonr commission is
the horses to Ui well hrcathisl when they
The Georgian era was uot a period n p " the billows of flimsy fabric, that worth: “ There are many occusions public improvements is
safe. I always tlionght you were a sham
lost their footing iu the water. They
remarkable for morality, ou or oil tho must be fresh and nnrnmpled twice a when a member of parliament wants factory.
fellow. Now 1 know you for tho prince
____ women—
some letters, or a speech, or a note to
had long ago thrown out their little lug­
stage, but makiug every allowance for day, only these— and other
Arkansas lias decided tW_-
gage— everything, in fact, that was mov­ of double action bargain makers. ’ ’
the exaggeration o f newipuper gossip, it kuow no wardrobe conld be devised his constitneuts typewritten, and when
Hawkins smiled all over his face at
able— to lighten tho load. I tell yon it
is impossible to come to the conclusion more expensive and more difficult to be does wo are at bis service. He may women are personally
tho equivocal com plim ent Yet in the
was a sight to sis' that tall, hauilsomo
that the life of ____________„
Mrs. Billiugton
was re
___ _______
keep in order than one which demands ®'so have a foreign letter, written in a loans negotiated by tb-in««l’ *
.... "
«men ho
ii- is
is not
cut i ..nver- tbl1 'u ,|fits!lion o f
11 ,r
fellow , w ith such a flower face beside same breath ho sighed.
markable for its virtue, even if tbe | perennial, presentable and dainty mns- language
with 1 which
“ O new ay I am safe, ” he said. “ Still if
sant. Again we are at •
. ],,. this one also. Contracts
darker aoensatious which were freely
! liu gowns.
him ,drive down so quickly and carefully
Allen hail held out— but never rniinl As brought against her are nntrne. It says j
same list
of anuriiix
alluring decept
hurry and
• . ■»!»*• are binding np“ ti t b e « ^
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