Broad-axe. (Eugene, Lane County, Or.) 189?-19??, June 25, 1896, Image 1

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    i. - T -
' IT
tHe broad-axe, . I
(luas In Ilia Ijulik .very I Irk. J
t ruinici rtrnit,
I Mew. to tba LIm fcvery Tim... f
VOL. ...
I:. l. Mi klNNI:Y
Physician and Sur'on
III Sbaeial Irii'lon In sllrli'Milt- ill.
lid aiiireirp. ally to bl. Pupill!.! Ii leod.
mts over rity .
I' and SuiYt'on
kpeetal .tirntluu la kuigeiv .ad .sCglral ll.
Ill W1JUI.J1.
i. IlllVgl'.
J I. Y,M
gll.YI.U & young
citric oi.i ru.i s.iiku.i n.ut
kweMe. HI.IU.
Attoiik'y-at-Lnv .
I'l l'i . .riier.l 1. a pi.rtire lit .11 iberoarr.
ef lb.
Kaira., Ili..
I ft Kimu
k. r n.iilii
jlNsl.Y i. MA I'M l:Y
Attorneys at Liw
Cunt turrets' .ad Ltulu.u .
l.fll.e 1 , rMt.ra.ti Vlo k.
I. NoitlnN '
Attorney at Liw. Notary
Ifee. In atiVlung hul.dliig, ap .lair.
9. -t.., Itieg..,
laa aryc
ii. I in I
Hi., I.r li. I
fcj a 1 1
Your Attention is Called to
- OF
W ir ktto Dropkrl to 'Uli your mr.nure tor a Suit mJa to onlar,- A pwlWt
01 urnU.I. 8LK OI K
Sjecial Call r a Frasrs' Mee
Thr hr Wen rnmori rrntl anot tht crtln trn
tlon Iit Ukrn r'"-. whicb morh t-lfert. the wliol ftrminc
ramnmnlty oi I.n. pointr, and kit r. olt lnvatiirktion ol
til. .kin. wn ma ! by a Committr nl Ona Hnclrd Kkrmrr. on Lit
Hkto flT, and to itr lin m th. tffwt ol thrlr work, that th drm
It bnt proir that a pnhlio m.rtin ol all tho Karm.rt ol count
ahoold ha callnl to wwrnbU at W. 8ANDK.RS' Sloratn K.iicrna at
th. rllMl fxw.Hile Uto. to r on firm th. fart, that h ill telling hit
ntirattork ol Clothing, BkU, Sho and Dry tloodt rhapr than
an m.rrh.nt in Kmruna. and Ui. Farmer, ol Lan. county thould .
t.kt advantaga ol Hit tame whila
1 1
"The Committe
7kra Pwn lartk of Hoffuw Iiait, Wllluitti JtrMt -
Wlllimitli St , bet. 7th tad Sib. Eu.tai, Or.
All Kindt Of Breed, Cek.e, Hi.t. Etc ,
x Always on Hand
Meals (ruin 1ft In if rant. I cent
nun h lounlr-r in miinn ll'in.
iir.let. m4 prom id attention.- '
Tlin patrntisye ol Hi. pui.lic te.pect
fully toliciloil. '
flior III ETON.
A firtl u'It ut wrnlMtitf Itiau fc- In
flfi p m m lblUti-riil kyi brir, h--f,
li ft l atl lar 0 .Ili4 1U tli Vml f.
It.. On fa- ( .in.. If.... .ml Sheer, fiic nla a I I
d 1 b roi .ill In. 11. leinte .e'
a .op in Mir.m.t.a atr a', lounge Block., oie.uli
fW Meet, il. lrna.) la .uy lrt ol Ui.
....EUGENE. ...
Loan and Sayings Bank
V lc ... .
r..hi. r . ... .
h n nisi
K. ft . I.UHL HN
I'. A. I'.inr, .1. R ll.rrn.
J. K. Ivi. - H. I. I'in.,
W, K. Ilroavn. J. K. Kohinao.,
. W. Ocburn.
PAID UP CAPITAL, $50,000.00
A (ienrrat llaiikins Ptitinr.. Tr.nn-
ai'l.l Inl. MmI .II.i...I.iii lim. .1.
I I lu m.i.I I .aiMlai la.ABkAAa tab . . I
Willamette Market.
Chairs and Rugs
Undertakers and
Upholstery Goods....
Our Large and Complete Line
the opportanitr it ofltrcd. 11 1W-
of One Hundred"
Nllr Man.
Hi. lmli, Mu, At reaull of a ter
l. of miulricuoca ln t.utu a ouu'iinlt
tea .iiiuui hf tlia wx.-lliiK ller
imili irf llm imtioual convent loll aud a
iMiiiiiutt.e oouipow-d of rouiln.Dt 1'op
ulirni. u ulilint lia. bxiU lavul fruui
Ilia lii-Mluartrr. of tlio Heoplu't Fart
Ualimial tuuiulllv in Ihl. oil, advla
UK I'upuli.t. throuuhoul tba country
to luvka llonry M. '1'cllrr. of Colorado,
Ihflr ualloii.l atandard U.rer.
luiujnliatwly after tb. .liver men
walkrd out of tba oouvrution, thi-y p
pulutud a ouuiuilllra, of which C'barl
H., of Ulunl.oa, Hcuator U.
K. I'.tilKrow, of Houtb 1'akuta. Kna
tnr I '.unou of I.' tab, and Houatur Kred
T. Duboia, of Idaho, wnre UBmbt-ra, to
ooufrr with a oomuiltuj of Populi.ta.
Tbat rvruliiK. at the 1'lautert' hotel,
they tuai II. If. Taubeueck, of Illiuola;
Howard H. Taylor, of Chicago, aud T.
hi. 1'atlrr.on, of lteovtr, of the na
tional I'npuli.t otiiumltte, aud at a re
mit of that and lularijoeatoouftrrnotr.,
tae addreaa wat laaatrd.
t'hairiuau Taabvncck, in an Intrr
view, taid:
"lho atordinx .liver men of the Ke
pubhc.d party and Aie I' have,
a. the rr.ult of our oonfrrcuoe, come
to a perfect agreniuent at to tht future,
aud we will work aluug the aaue
He predicted victory for a ticket
with letter at lta leader. The addrea.
it a. follow.: ' .
"Kxpreaoly diwl.iintng any purpose
or ri(,'ht to bind any party or peraon by
itt viewt here ae forth, we but yield
to an overpowering teuee of duly, in
taying what we do to the member of
the I'uople'a 1'arty, and to all other
good cluieni, who, apprehending the
approach of a momentoo. in our
oouutry't life, are willing to avert it !
by tcU of eialted patriotlno. '
"We came to Kt Louit at cttisent,
m.mbrt of the 1'eople't Party, to be-,
preaeut at the meeting of the natii nal ,
Kepoblican convention, thai we might I
determine more tfefluitely for our- j
eel vet the true aim of tbat organisation j
In the pre nt itruggle. We have aeen ;
the "bmi" in pulltlot more aecurely ,
enthroned, more tervilely obeyed and :
more dictatorial at to candidatea and :
policy than bat ever been witneeaed lu ;
the Held of national politic. t
' "(Jne mto, the perfuctionof hit typo,
repreeaniing the mlUionairv. the)
bai ka, the cororttiona, the and
every other teiuurteleat and plutocratic !
element in our oounlry't life, hat.
through the power of money, dictated '
the nomination of Mr. McKlnley, and '
tbapad lb platform of bit party.
1 "Thin ounventlon, ilaviahly re.pund-
tug 1 1 the will of the money power.:
baa forced an I'tue which meat be met.
It It a challenge to tbe yeomen of the
land; If it aball rucoeed, tbe fetter, of '
a tyranny more grinding than that of i
the cttrt and emperon, will be riveted
upon the plain people of the country,
fettera which moat be indefinitely
worn with" the contemptible tpirit in
tepartble from wilhug aerft, or in tbe
end be broken with irreaittiule power
of a mighty revolution. '
"That Utue it formulated in the de- J
maud that 'the eiiating gold lUmlard .
mutt be preaerved,' and fur the enact- j
ment of 'all meaiure deaigued to :
maintain. Inviolably the obligationi of j
the United 8utet and all our money i
either coin or paper at tbe preaeut
"Thit meant tbat tilver tball be per
manently degraded Uiti mere money of
ohange, aud that it be deprived of itt
legal-tender quality, except for tome
paltry mm; that the national baukt
thall be twollen into a power of triple
their preaent ability to oontr.act the
volume of money, to absorb th earn
ing, of industry, and to grip the throat
of all induttrial and commercial life,
while from time to time it terrorize
the votert into choice of itt tool, for
all legitlative, judicial and admiuit
trative pomtioue.
"The money power hat forced tblt
tatue now, becauae, in itt judgment,
tbot whom itt policy would entlave
are divided into boelile political lam
iliet, which canuot be united in time
to retitt ita ouaet It rrgardi it at im
potatble thtt barmonlout action can be
aecured between the different organisa
tion! that favor money reform and re
aittanoe to ita Intatlato greed. With
Pnpuliat.. tilver .DcmocraU and inde
pendent blmelalitta tupportiug differ
ent nominee for president and the na
tional eongreaa, it feelt aatured of vio
tory, and it tat determined to prett
without abatement, the advantage
whloh thla apparently lamentable con
dition raiaet up before yon.
"In thit, tbe Dint threatening criait
that hit tnenaoed the country ainoe
the civil war, though aim ply citisen
member of the People'a Party, we ven
ture to make momentona tnggeatlon.
to yon, our brethern. In doing thla we
have neither deal re nor thought to im
pair, In tbe leaat degre. tbe efficiency
of onr noble organisation, charged at
It it with tba liberties of preaent and
future generation, and wboae integ
rity and growth it ettentlal to tbe per j
petuation of onr free inetitntlone. !
Onr couitaat aim will be to defend it
from foot within and without, and to
preserve It aa power eontecrated for
ever to tbe defene of bnmanity'a dear- 1
eat rigbta npontha America oontinent -"In
view of thla aubmiatinn by tbe '
Republican convention of tbe moat ei-'
treme demand ever made upon Ameri
cana by the money power.every thought
of American mauhood thould, from
thit hour, tend toward creating and
cementing a anion between tboee who
would retitt the oontplreoy of whole-'
ea'.e robbery and grinding oppreaiiun.
"Meaturet matt be gained or defeat
ed through men. After all, the chief
problem In thla erttU la to find a man
anon whom patriot oaa anite, wboae
life la a wltneaa that, if in ti sated with
authority Over nalloi,l action tod iti
euforoement, be will '1-1 every allure
ueut of wtelth and very im-uao of
pjwer, ataudiog anflin UwkIj by the
cauM of the people in the b.ine ttrug
gle tuarperably eonnacioi with the.
euactment of oor prOKid financial re
form. "We aee In tba prival aud official
life of Henry W. Teller a Uac.n, bum-,
lug brightly, warning thr tropin from
the threatening abor'a f 4i.aeii.iou.
He hat now publicly ahau loned the
Kepoblican party, wuu which he hat
been aitociated ainoe it. ftr.; rrgamza
tiou VS'ben to bit otfi'-iMl record are
united an untullled private life, a char
acter without a blot or .lain, a grate-
i ful, generout nature, a rutrioium tbat
tiinwf neither itate nor t.!;tioa.wa letl
that we are but performing a duty to
ot beloved eouulry in thu. railing at
ten i ion to Mr. Teller' un-rile and
availability at a oandi'lati- for preai
deut; aa one upon houall I'opaliata
may conal.tcntly unite, while they
ttrenuuutly preatrve and atrri:gibei
the organization. '
"The neceeaity of a diipaatiouatc
conaidetation of bit claim up n the
.upport of the American people hat
been more tpparrnt nooe the patriotic
Kepublirau leadeit. who abandoned
their party under thu in.pirntion, have
anuouuoed him at lh-ir nuiiini.e fiar
pre.ideiit f the L'niu-d Htaiit.
'(!iigi)i-'ii U. E. Taubeniv-k, lllinoi.;
M. C Hauikn, Indiana; Hukh U Iow
ell, Tel nMe; Tboma. Kletrher, Ar Homer Priure, Arki.n;- M.
It. C fliu, Arkaitaaa; It. A. eiankey,; p. 1) Pager. N.l r.-k. J 11
Davia. Teian; T. M. Patter-on, l olora
do; John P. Steele, Jl.iu"!; .lolra W.
D.inui lw n, Arktueaa; J. W. Ki"' ",
Nebraska; C'halrrt E l'alunr, lllinoia;
J U. Hcaa. llllnoit; A. Maiwtll. Illiu
oia; 8 J. Wright, Tvxit.; Kugene
Hmith, llllnoit; Calvin K Keifanidt,
Mi.tonri; W. J. - Ftatt. Tenneatee;
(leorge 11. Jackai n. Arkna; r. P.
V. Arnold. Ulinoii; W. J yiuk. Mit
aouri; Horace (i. Clark, Colorado;
Prank E. Hichey."
Kilraala Vraaa lb.'
'"Tli public baa no time to inquire
in'o tbeae wrong that are gnawing at,
tbe baae of aocierr. They hare got
troublea enough of th. ir own in thla
age of eharp oompetiuon. Tbey know
nothing about 'the condition of the
great mataee of the people They only
know there ia aomeihiug wrong when
thair pockeibook or tneir bnauoea are
touched, and then their vtrtlcta ate
almoat invariably againit the tinker.
Tbeae are unfortunate coiiliti6na A
great many people t ay, "1 have no ftt
order.' But for tbe orarjirufn. but
tor the ttrikje, Amerirau workiuginen
would be infinit'i'orae off than they
re 4
"Jefferaon once aaid: 't.od have j
mercy on u if we ever reach a point i
when tbe American ba no longer that
apirit uf reaiaunce to tyranny;' and.)
Patrick Henry Mid thai reauunoe it
obedience to tlod.
"A century aco there were Torie,
and we have theuf among c atill
those who wanted peace at any price,
who were willing to accept degrading
coudition, willing to be humiliated,
willing to eacntU'f the colouial honor,
their integrity, tl.'W manhood. And j
they taid to to Washington and Frank- i
lin and Jefferaon and Paine and tbe
rett ot tboee anarobitteanddemagoguea
aud agitator ' Vahiugton wa. called
a demagogue in his day; ha wa villi
fled a no other pretident of tbe United
State ever wat He it a demi god to
dav. Tbe diffen-nce between a dema-
o.itfna .nit a Aami-fforl ia ahnnt a nn.
P r,
t lurj. auere were uiuav . nu apaieu
i to them and taid, 'It we have got to
have war to. achit-re oor independence,
i let ut have It now, tbat onr childreu
j and our children' children may enjoy
the bletainga of peace. They were
not merely atrikeia and law-breaker,
but tbey reeoited to violenoeand to riot
and the deatructi. n of property. Han
cock and bia compatriot did not hew
tate to drea up aa Indian and go
down to Boiton harbor and dump th
tea into the harbor. It it a good tbiug
that Judge Woo l didn't preside in
tbat day."
Here, yon. Mr. Silver Democrat and
Mr. Silver Kepoblioan, we'll tell yon
bow to "fli it." You, 'Mr. 8ilver
Democrat, don't want to voti the Pop
uliat ticket for ft ar it will help your
old political enemy the Republican
party. .And you, Mr. Silver Republi
can, don't want to vote the Populiat
ticket, tor fear it will kelp your old
politloal enemy, the Democratic party.
Pair off. Pool your iaanee, and put in
two vote for frvo coinage, IS to I,
without taking for or waiting the con
tent ot any other nation on earth.
It i. not alwne tbe arrongrat peraona
who arromplirh moat, and here it a
atory to prove it, which IhcBa v. Anna
haw, a woman i rear Iter, told in a arr
mon the other Site aaid that one
day in a prairie town where the wa
preaching, the church doors being open,
a big Nrwonndlund dog walked in and
tat himarlf down in tbe aisle. Two or
three nu n got up one after the othi-r
and took hold of his paw. and tried to
pull him toward the door, but the big
doggie ditl not undtrstand what waa
wanted of him. and he was o atmng
and heavy tlmt all the pulling did not
budge him an in. h. Then aoroe more
rnen tink hold ot hia collar and pnllod.
Tlr collar came iff over hia head, but
the d. g ant gravely atilL So be w aa It ft
in tla aialc, and Ihe men went back to
their ar-nt.a. When everything waa quiet,
a fnvkl fl boy, not more than 7
year old, reached ore and patted tin
dog'a heed. The dog looked up aa If lie
liked It and wagged hi tail The little
boy came out of hia pew, anil atill pat
ting the big. ah itcgy head, aaid, "Come,
doggie!" and moved toward the door
The dog went w ith him willingly, and
in a moment both were out of the
oh arch. The boy's coaxing bad doue
what the men' fofos aooid not
McKlnley fur president, Ho
. tart for Vice-President.
Tbrltllag aeaaa. la tb. Hall Wkn fa
Ka.all. Ware 4 aoaaa.adi-Mlv.r Maa
ballad tba Oald aiaa4ar riaUaraa.
FL Louia, Mo. Tbe Kepubl lean" na
tional tonveutlon bat nailed it. prin
cipal Ui the. maathaad aud plaeed tat
somman' of the ahip, which la to bear
It to fortune o diaaater in November,
it popular idol, William McKinley, of
Ohio, aud (.arret A. liobart, of New
but there wtt mutiny aboard, aad,
before the- liuea were catt off, toot of
the tnembert of tbe crew who bad
ablpped on many a voyage rt-fuaed to
auhecTibe to the new khipping artiole
and walked down tbe gang plank.
Tola by Blatea for I'ra.Uaat.
? 1 5;
r. ! I:
-y I-':
AI.?Nma ; a: ia
.rn.h.iii i v 1
"li(orn.a ..' It If I
Colura'lo ; h
j t'u.-U,, Htut : H 7 j
Plor..! , 1
iorui 1 n 3
! Iiah ; ( !
lil-no,. ' 4 4.;
I"!ina at i
J iVa ; :
Kaniu ii ii ,
Ki-ntutky . jii
l'iil.iat.a 11
Ma lie :
Marvlanl 1; li
M xruchu&clla 21 I .
Vi'ii n .i ,
Mlr.n'-jti 1- is
.!;.-l.. (.;,! ,, 17
Ml-HO'in n 34 i
. Al-m.-n . 1 !
j N-lirn'ka : li
N.-va I II 1
S-w li.nii.l,lre... t.. ..
; J':itr !
.V. w York 7.- 17 '
I N'"-'! .i-..4.ll X tS'
r'h I ikula H ii
! ''Mu 4-i 4 '
. iriio.i i. ' . ..
! Ii:iii-v:vin! " w 4
I SI.,).! lljr.1 r...' '
I S .-ith ,r..,.n....: L 1
:S?Hb Dakota
! Tr:Ti.. l 24
i v 3" 21
' t;t i
I Vi-rm.ipt.. k .
I 'lfi:iv,a . 4 It
WMhii;. ..... k i
i i Truiiii. . .. l: i;
I w i..-or-in . st Jl
t W ..ilr " t
I Ar.l jii II H
IN' Mi'r.-u
I rll..OI(, t 4
! liu! n T. rrlrory.. t
: li:xt. uf CuluniL.a.. I .
i -i-...
2 ...
..: a
I s, s
, Au.-.i ..
j To,,,
, Vata by aiair. for Tlr P..MruU
t's MS,' , aV, ;
? : ? I f
; r . s i
! ...f
' 11 i 1
5 21
41 t ......
v: i '
5 lu
. a IT
W 11
II , li !
5 k i;
n s
1 23
1 '
i -
4 1
it ,.
n u '
s . l
u 1
j ,
i ;
i i ::::::
AJaiim.t ..
' i ' olforn:. .
l'i..ir4.lo .'.
C nt;ei-!u-ut
I ;.l .ira
till. ana
K ll f .ll . . .
K-ii:i..-kv .
Ma re
M lsal'h!l.',.
M..-h:tftn ..
Milltu-eiitl . .
Mi.mrt ...
t M-tntiina .. .
Nebraka ..
( War ..
New Jrrv j
Near Yo- k ...
Nurth Tai.-JIna ...
N-:;h liko:.i
Khole I!.ir 1 .
tS-uiih Cirol.nv ....
B-uiih l.iko:a
V.rc n;a
West YTfcMllA
New Mexico
In.lian Ternary ..
liiatrict of Columti ,
Total. ..
The last day of the convention was
held in eeaaion for ten hour to aocoav
pliah tbe w?Tk cut out for it, and the
acenei at diJcrent time were tr.ic,
dramatio and inspiring. Fully 1 5,000
people were in the vast auditorium to
hiae or cheer by turns.
The bolt of the silver men from tbe
Weal furnished the most dramatic in
cident of the dty. Led by Senator
Teller, they had previously declared
their Intention ot refusing to (ubscribe
to Ufe gold plank in the platform, but,
after Senator Teller had made hi
appeal to the convention not to tuie
tha atep which would drive him and
hia oolleague out of the ranks of the
party which in the past honored them,
and tbey bad delighted to serve, the
convention bad voted, 8l8, to 105S
to stand by tbe gold declaration in the
platform. When Senator Teller made
hia declaration, aaying: "I must sever
my conuection with the political party
which make the gold plank one of the
, , , . , a 1 . a -.i. ,i 1.
principal artiolea of its faith, he
paused ana swpei nit aye acrue. inr
halL The galleries rose with a yell,
and mingled with the yell was a tuai
lade of blase. There wa a patbot tn
tha aenator' voice, and those nearest
oould detect a glimmer of tear while
he aaid theie would be heartburnings
and grief In the sacrifice he and hi
oolleague were to make for their oon
aolenoe. Cheer then came from the silver
delegate and the gold men were on
their feet from the admiration of the
man, not of hi cause. Tbe biases
were few tbl time
No on who witneeard tbe scene, will
target them to hi dying day, th pio-
tore of Senator Prank Cannon, of '
Utah, faotng from the platform 10.000
irate, hieaing, jeering people, aa bt
lead tbe valedictory of the ailver men. I
The very eoaraga ditplayed by him
wf bl the .dniiration which !
ootapelled ailenoa. 1 When be bad Do. '
iabed be turned and .hook band, with
. . . , ... .1
tut cnalrmaa and other frianda on the i
Be than locked a nut with Henator
Teller, and tbe two rueq l.ft th. tland
and moved down between tbe wall of
yelling delegate to where tbe ttandard
of tbe Idaho delegation nood. . There
tb7 were joined' by tbe bandtome,
atalwart Duboia, and tbe three on
tin oed their march to the main, door,
their fuUowara falling in behind them
aa they W the bniMiiig. 1
Carter and Mantle of Montane, kept
their aeatt, tignifying their wlllingnett
to abide by the plartfom. I
Tbe ailver-, men who bolted imme
diately perfected plant to plaoe Senator
Teller La nomination at aa lalependent
tilver candidate for pretidenl
After thit aenaational incident tbe
convention tamed to the work of
aeletning tb ttandard-bearer. It wat
a foregona oonaloaioo that McKinley
would be tKimlnaeed.'
Baldwia. of Council Blaffa, nomi
nated Alliaon, Senator Lodge nominal
ed Reed. Batting noaciavated jaay,
Depaw aoaiioated Morton, and .For
aker, in a ma.terly effort which turned
tbe convention Into bedlam, nominated
Rave for the tumult that followed
j Wolontt'a tpeecb placing Blaine In
I nomination four year ago, tba detaoa
' atration bad no parallel in the nation,
at leatt in ltngth. The 'applaoee
lakted twenty-aevea minute;
J art at the cloee of toe ' ahouting
thOutaada were ready to tiak from
beer exhaoition. Altogether tbe aoene
waa a remarkable one, and testified to
; the popularity of tbe candidate who
had been plicvd in tbe field.
Tbe ballot wat then taken anTMo
, Kinley'a vote exoeeded tbe expectation
I of hit friend, a be received 81.
1 within a vote and a bait of iOO more
j than a majority, and almuat three
1 tiiue a many aa hit opp-wente.
Xteji.r Wllllaaa Xfctt-Blay.
The nomination wa made unanim
? on. with enthuaiaatic apeeche from tbe
representative jf th other candidates.
After the decision of the Piatt force
not to-present tbe name of (forernor
Morton, the nominati n ot Hubert, of
I New Jersey, for vice president, became i
: a certainty. The McKinley force wa j
; thrown for bim, which waa too potent i
j to overcome, besides, it watthe general
; sense oi tbe delegate that tbe situa
tion required the nomination ot an
Eastern man for vice-president. Tbe
nominating tpeechet were brief,
Bulkley, of Connecticut; Lippitt, of
Rhode Island, and iener.l Walker, of
... ... . ,
v irgiuia, were aiao piacea in nomini-
tion, but it only required one ballot to
! determine the result. H ibart received
; 530 vote. 90 more than a majority,
i Evsna, hit nearest competitor, received
.-). mere were ca tie ring voie. ior
, rteea, .nursion, ur.ini, uepew, Aiorton
: and Brown.
rraSa.tlva T.rlir, Krclprorlty aad tba
Hold Standard.
. The platform adopted by the national
Republican convention is at follows:
"The republicans 'of the t'n!te-l 8:atet.
a.e;ulleu by their re(.retH,nlal.-a in na
tional convention. apiKalmit for the i.ipu
Ur atul h.tonc Jua.lnc it:on of their ciaitna
to i:ie mj'.chie. achievernent ct Jt) ears
ol ri' rule, earnestly and conn
.tetilly a t.lrea. them.clve. to the aaak
er.1 Inl llisen-. eMrirnce ant con
'leiice their country men, in ihe folium -.UK
.lev-Iar.ition of fao:a an.l r-r.nctplea.
"For ih.- tlmt time .nice me civil war.
Ihe American people have a,tnee. the
calamitou. i-ontiiuent-es of full anl onrc
.tnclevl iemivratic control of the govern
ment. It h ben a n-ord 01 uniral
;e'.el In -a'.i. ity, dishonor atvt d'a.ter.
'In a ' management, it
ruth;.iwi' aacrincel ln.l;cnab revenue,
er.ta.Ieil an dertctt. eke-i out or
iiliuir currtai ex.pei-aia a alt lwrro.e4
money, l':..-t up tha tHihlic rlebl by t2..
H,i....i ln':me of force.1 an a lvere
1 u..r
of tra.l"
aept a perpetual ro.-nace
I hjr.;!na over Ihe re.lemption lutvi. paane-J
Aiu-rc.n cre-iil to alien .vn.cati'.. ati
rrl an lha measure.
and te.ults o(
u.-ciifui ret.ulillcan rule.
"In the b10.1l effect of lt pnllcy. It has
prrc:i-;t.vel panic, bliaht-1 tnlii.try ani
:ra ic a ith proloti.e.1 depremnin. clo.ed
fa. lor!, a. re.iu.-e. work an.l waa-.. halted
enlel-ri-e ar. I crippled .Vnii ruaa pn-luc-tion
hle timulatinc fotcn p-eiuciUin
for the Am-ri.-an market. tvery i.n.i.ler
ation of public Mfety ant ittd'Vi.lual In-tere- tht tha rovi rninent .hall
! he reul from the han.1. of thoee who
have themselves tncaivtble to con
.luct it aitheut iliu.ter al home anl dt.
honor ahroa I. and .hall be r.aiored to the
lr y ahi.-h for i year, a lmini.lere.1 It
a th itnciiiale l .uive.. .vn 1 proiierily, an l
111 th.. conn-, lion w. heartily in.ora the
via.loin. patriot i-m an.l iiic.aa of lha
a.tmln.Mtai.nti of H.trr.An.
'We rep.- an.l emphaaiae our alle.ian.-
lo the p-,,!,'y t pr.t. vtion a. the bulwark
of tn.fii.lrial in.lein.len.a and
the lounlation of American
n.l pr.i(ierity this true American kiih-
I m' pr,iu
' aivl put. Ihi
1 (orrIKI1 . ,U: it e.-u
uct., enconraae. home
e buriltn of revenue on u eoure. the American mar
ket for the American rrc-iucer; it upho..
the .Inn. lard of a..ea for the
Amem tri; It pma the factory
; pt i-.e i ... inr i.i.n aim i,. n r- ine
I American farmer left, .lepen.lent on forei.n
.lenia-i I an.l pr..-e; It diffusa eneral thrift
an.l founl. ihe of all on Ihe
trena h of eiich In It. reasonable appli
cation It 1 Ju-t. fair at.. I Impartial: equal
ly c.pi"."l lo for.i.n oontrot and domeatle
motiop..i : in .--cnoiial diiH-nniinatioa end
Iti.l t i.lual
"U e denounce the present demoeratle
tarijr a. sectional, injurtou. to the puhlio
cr. Hit n. de.truclifte to h.r-.e. enler-pr-.e
We demand .u.-h an equiinl.le tar
.fT on .uch larei.n Imtiort. .. coma Into
competition a Ith American product., at
will not only furnl.h ale)ii.ta revenua foi
the nece.aary eapenaaa of the oernnient.
but protect American labor from degrada
tion th. w.a level of other Unda.
"Wa .r not plejged 10 tny particular
chedul.a. Tha ajuaatlon f rata, la e
praatldal uaatl.a, I aa govainei by Us
::::;-:::-:::::: ' ' j
V. , 1 them: he N f
v1 I oarH. andf
x j and by th I
.5. 4 w ho-nlr'
. .1.1 -S.M ! r. I a
o'lntiuon. of rha lima ant of .roduniloai
!nJlJZSti UMr aa-1 iri iu.iry. Tn ruunti-r
,a"u,''dr - "
" b.u.v in. rra! of ih. reciprocity
Xti&nXKX?, and . iirm.n.1 ivir i.n.a.i
faV iJeTrVE 'mufi!?".' .V
our lr wlla afnr nation., i-.ui,,, a
r-.inct.una anion now o .vm i ilia
aale of Am-nraa pctiucla la Hi. port, ol
ulnr aountrlaa. :.a i.'jr . niar.r I m.r.
kri. tar ina iirad uc i. ut our Urinj, turaat. i
an. fa.-:or...
"froier.ioii and reciprocity r th. Iwla
m'l.urr. of tei'Utiilran ili., an a.
.and in h.nat, t.iriKTailf. r.. ha. r.-a-lm.y
airu.-k dawn hum. ana &.-ITN mu.i b. i
r.-e.iat,lMhi-.L, lor vaat via; lira .tmwiioai Vur ti
of life arnloh ao nut proVc; rrclu
rooal aarramnu of inuiuai inlvraai.
a-nu h ...a u-n mark!, in mm f ir our
orm maraia to oihna. i'ro..a.ou buil.i.
duraraiK! Indu.irv an.l i,, aa.
ttaa- ... ai iiwu-t tTT oiir.rtv.a' re-
cipro-ntr btirf., .v tr tu iral. and finJa
an o.iiiat (or an.- lujiplua.
" ono.. .n in. nnt
lion for a. krrpina fjim wliu in. ol tn.. couiir. Tti. JtpuLl, an
party favor, aucn j.rofwllon a. mil .a
io ilia tiroiliieiiun on Am.r.' an of ail
' aoaar van Ina Aintri. an u...
am i,tr hi-i iney omrr cwuninaa
mor. ihn lu...j...j annua. Jy.
' To ail of our prodnvia-io ihs.. of Ih.
mina .iki fl., .a wll at lh... of tlu,
ft-p mvA Ilia farinry-io h. mp, to wool,
tfta jro-JiH-j of ln arat in luan. of mai-ti
hu.iMn'lry. aa , to th iln..hl waoi.
p:"l"'l'lSn i'rom'"' m"" araot
tyar reafnrlna: the arr Am -Tic. a
polkr of Ot.crlmli,al,r,ir liutl.a f,,r lh uiv
lHii..m of our incri haiK inailn. nn l tlia
prrrtai lion of our hi.,li. rni.r-.i to ifce
rora.rn-earryin trade, .u Ani..ii ,:,
lha pronuet of American laiK.r, ampiayej
in Aiwrii.n .h:prar.!a. .a lm ui il-r tn.
Bi.ra an.l nirlp... am manna.l, oilicer.L
ai.. ownct by Amrrkam, may reala in.
Th rapubllraa vunr t
tnr aoun-i momy. li cauant in.
in. ia
Iirovl.liria f.ip 11. . .
aumrnioa ol aecia pavmm. in r: .inc.
l-n ry dollar c, b,. M eood M -ol.l;
ara ara unalurah'y oi.piaoi io rvarr
m...ira caltulair.J o JKI aaa our cuirncr
or impair tho crcln of ... . '
eolraaa of ailver cent l,y lni.roati.imI
, natlona oi tn. morM. thk-h w r.l. i.2
IWI1ICIII. WIIB ina U-l. n. .
ouracive. ia
"...w. ., unui auik
t ilYSl in mtvUr etripfoyemenr. an4
V "": ' Ihe of au-h
. . . e i-t calculat.-ii. to acora th.
i"rhTaVrkVh' pie,,t;' "" V.
f "k 6ty' ,ne country- peril.
Wa the practice In the pefaion
""-"'""y f Carrie?
on by the r.-ot aJmlnletiailon. of ra
duem pen.lon. an-1 , rupplra
name, from th. ,.n. ' ll "yyim a
jetereat condenMation of ih. Amerigo
ty d.
:an rniTV
fe afaoiulely prote.'
a 1 nr. y cost
Mwrt the Morfr?-,,
'r"1; w rearTtrTTne-
. i1 nl,, s''e lo alva ih. dor
n-t. nv-rvapnn.tllia to the apn.-.!. of ana
. ....... 1,1, ina 1 11 w : r ri ,
?J2l , v1" ,ur ""ert'tlv IniervenUoi
iae of Kur,.an encroachment
.1. hae mil in',rt. ,ui n n 1 . . t. ... . the ixl.tine .....
inip-an nower In
lh..i.e p,w5vlor. mu.t not, n any pratexC
. exienL We hopef.wiy look forwTr.J to
- - ... tn..-. uru ,nn.r
r. . u r ... iki. .
I I-
he evrti .1,11 wn.l lria al rf the Kiirouean
,-r. from this bemiaphere anl to th.
. uhiniate union of all the Knijl :n.i-apcakinat
LL"Zli,fJ1' nnnt by ha frea coiiaaul
' "i-'rom tha hour of achieving- their own
j Jlv""'"-''. 'M'i'K' ,h l'n-J
: . , n4ie revar led with nymiwihy tha
iiiiita Lama.
Olir Alii,' e..f .
ine.ii.nvee. rrotn Kuropean domination. W.
aat.h deep and abi.iinn lniereat tk.
nennc batila of the Cuban pitrioto aaalnat and owreaion. an.l our b-t hope,
" f" ' full HUOM of u,tir deY-r.
mil.eil con wl for liberty.
I ne f.vernment of Spain. h,vl.a I...
.i.,eni nt 1-1,1
and belmi unnble to pro-
' property or lives of
A:,";r!l?,,c, or to compiy
ment of the fnited State, ahould actively
11. II. Inrtuenco and ...xl oltlce. to re-
ore tirac and five Independence
to Ui
Tho peace ami security of the repuMIe
anl the of .ia rliehtful inau.
. nee amon the nation, of the earth de
man I -a nival power commetuutrute w,th
.t oaitlon and reainn.tbility. We. there
fore, favor in continued enl.injemeut of
the navy and a complete aa,m of harbor
an.l eo.con.0 defenses.
"Fur the )r.u Hon of the quality of sue
American citnen.hiri and the , .... .
I our woramitmen aaalnsi tne fatal co.nitl-
turn of kw-pnce.l labor, we demand .hat
I ImmiKratmn law. be thoroughly an
, forcf d and .0 extended a. to exclude froro
, .n-rance to the I oited st.tea those who
can neither read nor write.
"The civil service law waa placed on Ita.
.tstute books by the republican party.
I allien ha. always sustained it. and we re
. new ottr repeated declarations that It shall
1 be thoroughly ard hon.-oly enforced and
I extended wherever prao Icalile.
"We demand that every citlien of th.
tinted Stat., ah.ii: be allowed to raat
' on. rrpe anl utit.lricted ballot, and that
.uch ballot be ceunied and relumed as
I cat.
"Wa procl.vlm our unriiilifted conlemna
tlon of ihe iiiicivihsed an.l barbarous prao.
tier well known aa lynching;, or killing
of human being, aimiiected or charged
with crime., without process of law.
"W. favor the creation of a national
hoard of arbitration to settle and adjust
differences which may arise between em
plovers ant empisyc. engaged tn Interstate
"We believe In ah Immediate return la
the free homestead policy of Ihe repubil
can party, and urge the piasaa. by eon
of the sanefaciory free-homestead
measure, which has already passed tb
home and I. now pen i n. in the aeuata.
"We favor tha .lmi.sion of Ih remain
ing territories at Ihe earliest
date, having due regard to th. of
th. terrltortea and in. I'nited dtatea. A Li
Ihe federal olTlcers appointed for th. lerrl
torlc ahould be selected fnim bona flie
re.idents thereof, and th. right of ir
government should b. acoorded aa far aa
pract ic.ble.
We believe tb. eltlaen. of Alaska
.houl-1 hava re.te.entation In the eia
gre. of tha I'nited mates, to Ih. end that
needful lelaiallo may be InleUigenty
"W e svmpatMg. with .TI wl. ard leglit
mate efforts to lessen .n.l prevent the .vlls
of 'nl-m per! nee .nd promote mm-alltv.
"Tha republican party t mln Uul of the
rirbi. of women. Troteetion of America
Inilu. tries Ire-liele. avtual opportunitiea,
equal pay for equal work anil rrotactJaa
to tha asV
"W. favor Ike s.lmis.ton of women ra
wider sphere, of tiirfiilnesa, .nd welcom.
their ei-operallon in reai-uin. lha eountry
from dmocratH.' .nd popull.l rui.nia oa.
ment an.1 misrule.
Hiifh ara lha principle, anl poitctaa of
the republic. n party.
"Ily thea principle, wa will ablla. .nd
these pollclea we will put Into eseeutioa.
We ... for them the con.l'teral. I.l.lar-nv-nl
of ih. American pe,,i. CofirVtent
Ilka la lha his. 011 of our great party
.nd In the justice of our eauae, ara present
our platform and our late, in lha
full suurance that th. .lectio, will brinaj
vlc'orr to the republican paity and pesa
parlt t. U. saool. ot lbs I'aitea taWt."
- . . 1 . 4
ff'"' oa oota.nal the exl.tlna
l"U rtaodarj mu-l ba i,r.r
"All our tilv.r a.'l paprr i-urrcn'cr rrmai "
Intlo.abl). tbe obllaallona of lha tnilel
Hiat.a. and all our money, ahethar c la
or p-per. i th. preaent atai.dird th"
of'tha'aart' m" '""K"""1 aallou.
-.'r?'.."!"",.0' ,h rnlon armle. del
rrrt and .houl.l re.eiv. kind trea ment
!! ., r-roert.on. Whenever
prartlcable they a..ouLl . . V - --
9. " i . . "r rore!a p..i.r yriri'T l,.-..-.ii t
V In . iorou and dlmrn-M. anl -
i'. V ' ;il-.0.u!..,n"rV"'. '". w.aiarn kemiiph r. ' -
- i I !KlV'if,nw,li.nJ houl'1 eontrvHe-1 . ,
V anwifl oe D"-aa a J ' -e-y