Broad-axe. (Eugene, Lane County, Or.) 189?-19??, May 07, 1896, Image 1

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t THE bno,AET
Haws la iba Mm Sver- Tlas. X
NO. 8.
I.. U. Mi KINDLY " .
I'hysk'i in .uul Suri'on
M III l iihm Ul U IHI..II In all hr la ill.
aaaa ant tiiLta i.Milly lo hi. ruiiilll Manila
onitT iirr, I'll)- ilriig.ln a
Ml.kLNhAI I , M. 1).
I'liyK i in aiul Survn
.IJ ll.'iillwii iu H,n,rr tail .urfli Hi ilia
in women.
A l 111 I llllllll.ll I.I'M
I. Kline .. . J I V.H no
3 1 1 MM & YUUVi
Urn. ui.i fir.t S.IIiii.I hails
t aTuaM", It.cgo
1 I .' nun! lm if Uf Mi fcl! Ilir rour t
f tiim, (rfaarit,
klhilT S tlif
JINnI V & M AI'Kl .1: Yy
AttMU'VN .it LlW
I tunu-rcM u. iyi..: ly .
, ffijr I i htiini, .,U k
t It.-MHU'OX
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It I 4J.-I ; i.rf .f.t NtltiliI .Ulik
Attorney nt Liv...Ni.iry
m in Mi itiutf tnitiiiif . n)ttttt
'ii x nim r ir iK
1-a.U-BlT riolw i . iif the fnf tiirfc
P-.-.i kitatutH-hnvm ii i , (.'!"'. HifhMt 1Mb Htr I'-ud tor
iitir ri imtr ,
Your Attention is Called to
Ife are also pronared to )take vour meeaare lor a "nit mada In order. A perfect
tit guaranteed. HK'K Ul'R LARGE LINE OK 8AMP1.K.I.
Snecial Call for a Farmers
There havt been minora reetntly tet afloat that certain traaaar
llont have taken pla-e, which vary morh effects the whole farming
community o( lna eountv, and aa a re nit a hatty investigation of
the aama waa ma la hv a Committee o( One Hundred Farmeri on laat
hatniday, and so atariling aa the effect nf their work, that they deem
it but proner that a public mewling of all the farmers of ln county
should he ralle-l to aaaeruhle at W. BANDERS' More la Eocene at
the earliest pnealhle date, to ion firm the fart, that he ia tailing hit
entire stork of Clothing, Boot. Shoes and Dry Goodi chtaper than
any merchant in Kngena, and the Karmera of I -ana county should
lake al van tag of tha aama while the opportunity it oflered. 11 1M.
uThc : Committe
.' Doort Hortk Man Bnsi, I lllir
WllliDille SI , 7ll tod 8th. Bu(n, Or.
All Kindt of Bread. Cakea, Plat. tic.
Always on Hand.
Meal Iniiii 15 to 26 rente. caul
nun Ii riiiin tr la runnm-tion.
OnUta rwua pminpt atinlinD.
Tlia alroiia of ttia ulltc fanpirl
fully a-iln lUid.
Willamette Met.
A full ui'fly if lht.1 l kvpi In
Html MfaUlUhmvul kLl hmr, M
Miitfim, fur u4 1. wt.U-ti b will -!
Mt tur f' rati'. H..f atil Hh p fr wl.l
In b roi.tuUlug u tfor Mlilli.
Nhnf. tii Wiuti. ttUtM, VvuDg Vloek,
f itrrtif, 1 rrtit
VJri .Ullvfa1 lo may wrt of lb
rllj 7ft V
. ...EUGENE. ...
Loan and Sayings Bank
Hf.l l.til
I lc rrr.lijrul
l aaal.r .
I I. K N K
m r inmiK
r w iittriiM
l. A. l ain. . J. II Mama.
J. K. Iau.y B. I. I'tiw,
W. K. Ilrurn J. K. KobiDa.
K.W.abarn. '
PAID UP CAPITAL, $40,000.00
A'f.tnrral Hankint Hutinean Trana-
arUvl. Inlrml allol on lima da-
ujr mmi katouxj rrni.
Chairs and Rugs
Undertakers and
Upholstery Goods....
Oar Large and Complete Line
of One Hundred
W. 8ANp-.R0 ,.
v Iim, Ortf.i
I Tho ataodarl coin of lu lu In tlio ill
I ti r ropoe, ejoialiil. t Die ! k1 ra-
Our Cotton Mu.t Compete In t'"v,Ztu ?,,u"Bf jS'TI' ""I"
the Liverpool Market. : i his. let ua a mi w;uii bur
I throe iioonda uf oottuo Ttm ytu-M I
; uatt it uulj matter of illmiiratiou and
Aaicrhma C'artWN l'lr4 In f umiimIIIIwm
Will, t'olluu Mold at tha l.ulil
frlra r Mullluu.
The diimonctixatioii of ailver baa bud
more iuflueuue upon the price of cjttou
in reapnit Ut IU (lix:linu aluce than
all other cauaxa put t'lgether. Tina ia
a fairt rapable of deuionatration. 'ot
ton ia univfraallj an article of eipirt
from the couutry which prxlaop it.
The price of cotton, therefore, muat be
Died at eoui veutral .point where all
the e i port cotton of Ujat world meta fi
Hud a marknt All pnraona in any way
(overaant with the eubjnct know that
Una oentral market ia the , Li verpoul
'market, and that the priw 'which ob
taint for oottou in Liverpool ia the
price whi'ih reprewnta all the cottou
ralaHd in Ibn world. The price of oot
tou, therefore, in tne Hoothxru auut
of America it the Liverpool prionala
the coat of transportation fnin the
plantation to Liverpool. Hinoe we have
bad cable communication witb Ureal
jlriuiu the cloainar rrioe at Llvrrpool.
reoeived here Uiree bourt earlier (ow-
lug to difference in timt-i, coutrola hba.1
price of all the oottou that day in tha 1
Uuiled HUlee Supply and demand !
alone flint that price, and if all couou
producing oounuiea bad the taint '
atandard of value, the prioe would be
eipreaaed lu tbe aame terma It it a
fact, however, which ought alwayt to 1 pound in gold, aelllng for 8 oenta a Mr. La bouiaae gave all tbt autistic
be kept iu tutud, that vip irturaof ooin-. pound iu g ld, while the Kaat Indian be could gather on tbia point, and tbt
muditiee moat be, and always are, paid cotton grower got tbe very imt price figure! of the New Orleans eotton ex
in the mouey of their oountry. Tb v silver in IH'Ji that he receixed in change are aa reliable at one can ob.
local currency of any country it thtj Leaving every ot ler pertiLent Uiu. Tbey thow that the prioe of
onlv kiud of monev which auv man in i fact out of tbe qa-wtion, tht Ameri- : cotton d pends at well noon the auoolv
any particular counti'ym:eivra fjr i
what be sella, and ia the only ' kind of
money which be payt out for what be
buys. Tbia fact playt no part, provid.
al tha miinn u( linn nionirt ia trana- ;
ferable into tbe-money of the other
oountry upon terma of exact equality;
lu other words, that there ia a par of
eichange between the two countrie in
lha miliar nl mimar. Thia Bar uf el.
Thia par of ex-
change existed between gold-ataudaxd -At once the bullion prii of ailver tbe
oountrte and silver standard jppntriet ' wt rid over w uld rise to the coining
alwaya before and up to l7Sbut was price iu the I'uited r-lat that ia,
dlalooMld that year by tbe demonetita : f I an oonoe. No better tviilence
tion of silver and ia now more disturb of this certain bappeningcan be offered
ed than it aver waa Speaking of this than a reference to the prioe of silver
matter In hie aunoal report uf I KM. , juat after the paaaegr of the bullion
Hon Dsn lei Manning, secretary of the ; purchaee act of July" 14, 16.0, of tea
treasury, taid: nailed the Sherman act Tb director
It la a direct ooiieniuenoe of the mou
etary dialocatioii that wheat of ludit,
which there fetched 8 rupee per quin
tal fourteen years ago and there futchet
8 rupee per quintal today, can be told
111 London fur aa little aa the gold
price of 8 rupee today a fall of 85
per oriit. Tbia lowered price of wheat
in London haa bad to be met by a
lower price of tbe American wheat in
London. Tbe price of our turplut
wheat determine the prioe of the
whole wheat crop in tbe United State
So that the mouelary dialocatioii hat
already coat our farming population of
the United State, an almoat inootnpat
ible turn a loat of miliont upou mil
lions of dollars every year.
Secretary Manning tpoke of thit dil
turbanoe in exchange in it relation 1 1
wheat, but it appllea tt well to all
other article ot export which have to
find A market abroad, and to .110 com-
modity more thau to oottou.
Thia country export more cotton, in
proportion to lb quantity it produce.
than of any other crop la tbe years
1872 to 18tt4, inclusive, according to
the bureau of statistics, the amalleet
percentage of export wat 64.68 in 1886
tnd the largeat 71.88 in 1878. In 18. 1
it waa 71.80 per oent, to that more
than two-thirds of tht orop it annosllv
told abroad tome times nearly three
fourth a - In thit latter year wt n-H
ported 6,807.609 bale, weighing 8..
688,888,886 pounds, of which 8,628..
820.888 want to Europe and 1,485,.
461,486 to Ureal Dritain. In thit
great Liverpool market oar cotton
earn in direct competition with the
oolton of tha world, grown ia Eaat
India, Weat India, Egypt, Smyrna,
Braxil and elsewhere. When all thit
cotton met ia thit open market the
lowest prica at whioh any consider
ible part of it oould be told, due al
lowance being made fa grade and
olaaa, fixed the prioe faj the whole. '
Thit prioe wtt paid 16 the bom
money of the ahipper ia gold, if be
raited hit cotton la a gold tuodird
oountry, and ia tilver, If he tent hit
ootton from tilver-ttandard oountry.
Tha monetary dlaloactioa referred to
by Secretary Manning occurred because
tha demonetisation of tilver in Europe
and Ameri oa bad no influence what
ever upon tilver-naing oonntriet of tha
East. It wat ex pec tod that tbe effect
of demonetisation would be to uni
versal that price would adjutt them
telvet to the gold itandard all over the
world; In "other word a, that price in
tllver-nalog oonntriet wonld rite to at
to conform themselves to tha gold priot
of tilver bullion. Instead ot thit re
sult of European and Amerioan leg illa
tion, tha demonetisation of tilver had
do effect upon prior in tbe tilver-niing
conntlret of the East The tilver
money of India, China. Japan, aud
Tha Strait will buy at much at home
now at It did la and before 1871
Consequent?, the oonntriet can
afford to tell, and actually do tell, all
com moo me lor virtaally the tame
price la tilver they got ia and before
1871. Tht Kngliah buyer payt for oot
ton ia gold, jutt at ht did before 1878.
He used bit gold ia 1871 and 1804 in
tha aama way; tbat It, ht purchased
txohangt with it ailver asobtng in
remitting to tilvar-uslng countries and
gold )iuhaDKin remitting u, k'M
oiIhk ouootriM. K" a piac-
tHl tlloatratlou.
MiuarlaiD, and it o-a u't uiatu-r
' wbutuer or nut I am err. t, althnunb
J it avj happeoa that tht aHra(K prion of
i oU"U in Liverpool In 1 H 7 -i wai orr It
t peooe ' pouDd. Tbia cottou mi ajld
! iu Liverpool fur the RoM j rn of the
ailvcr rup. HllvrrbeiDK at lht time
I a fall mon7 metal, opoo Utuii of p. r
' font njaalHT with goM, thx Kiitflish
1 burir bad to pay iH oeuta iu k,1 for
, every rupee be pld to Ioduiu bill of
'eiobMOge. Tb Amrrioau Uuu r a od
lug coto.n to Uvefpool foon 1 hiaiatlf
iu oomptitlon-witn Eaat luduu cotton
atlOotnta a pond in gild. At tbia
I oompettng oottou vu of lufarlor grade '
: to hia own, of oourae the prioe wuiub
' be gut eooM not fall below Ui 14 oeuu.
i In Ihtfl the Et Indian cotton grow
' er bad the aamtr grade of ootton to k!1
at the very tame print for it uiuit be
alwayt burne in mind tint pricea in
India bave out changed the amine
amount of ailver rope'. lie thippod
hla oottiin ti Liverpool, ju.t at be did
mort than twenty year before, and tht then, compare tbe two poaiiiont. We
Eogliabinan paid for it in gold, juat at find that aa between 1847-48 and 186
be did more than twenty yeart before. 60, a period of twelve ycart, tht tupply
but when tha Engliaboian waul to buy increased nearly hi per cent and tht
Kaat Indian eiobange, payable at L'al. average price tdvanoed over 60 per
cutU in rupeea, be found that be oould ' oeutwwblle between 1859-C0 and 18WS-
buy a rupx for the gold price of the
ailver bullion in the rupee. which made
hia Eaat bidijin exchange owt bim 2
oanU. iuttead of W cut, a rupee,
The American ei porter it cottnu then
eutered tbe Liverpool market and found
the aame grade of Eaat Indian 0'tton,
: whlcn told in I818 for. sy. 16 oenta a
on planter bad to take one-half for hit
collun tolely on eoooant of competition
with tilver-naing oounuiea which bave
nevtr felt ailver dernnnetixation and
maintain me tame surer prioe at
they did in and before ISIS.
Huppoae we ahoold harg 4he free
coinage of ailver upon terms of
' equality witb gold, tt wat the fact be-'
fore 17S. What WOUld be the effect?
fore.l73, what would be the effect
or tb mint tella ut that on July 14
ute London prioe of silver wit4ul.
peuoe an ounce (eqaal to f 1. 0726) and
the New York price waa 11.08 per fine
ounoa. Cm AuguM IV ailver bullion
waa worth II 31 per fine ounce in New
York, and on September 8 it waa
worth 64 5-8 pence per flue ouuoe in
London (equivalent to I1.1U75I. At
tbe coining ' price of ailver bullion it
II. 8924 per ouuoe. it It teen that tht
prioe of bullion went up to within 8
centa of coinage price aim ply because it
waa supposed that tbe Harrison ad
ministration was friendly to ailver
an 1 tbat the Sherman act waa to result
eventually in freeooinage At toon at
it waa learned that the administration
wai opposed to ailver coinage, tbe gold
.prioe of tilver bullion went down, ai it
naturaally would If the bop, and
' perhaps expectation, of independent
free coinage by the United State wat
sufficient to raiae the prioe of tilver
bulliou to f 1.81. is it not an aba Mute
certainty that independent frte ooin
age of ailver by the United Statea on
equal terms with gold would fetch tbe
price up to f 1 ay.y an ounce?
Now, what would be the effect on
ootton? Our East Indian competitor
would go into the Liverpool market
witb the aauie old grade of ootton at
I Ibe tame old
prioe indifferent, aa b
tore, to tlMH gold prioe of ailver. All
he wants it a rupee for three pounds of
ootton. He gets it, jutt aa be haa got-
ten it since and before 1878. But the
Englishman, when ht goet to bit bank
to buy hit exchange, flndt that tilver
bullion la worth tbe ooinlng prioe and
that be hat to pay 48 oenta in gold tor
every rupee a worth 01 exchange he
sends to India. Right her oomet tbe
Amerioan planter be, too, with the J
tame old grade of ootton and finds
that Eaat Indian cotton ia fetching 10
oent a pound in gold, inrtead of 8
oenta, thai being the lowest prioe
against which be hat to ooropeta. At
onoe bt it able to obtain abont twioe
1 much ai be otherwise would, and
thit independently of all other fao -
tort affectiug tb cotton trade,
How oan an actual faot ia commerce
Be demonstrated any better than 1 have
ahown the absolute connection between
the prioe of cotton and the bullion
prioe of ailver? If the ailver oonntriet
of the Orient had felt the demonetisa
tion of tilver end responded thereto by
a rite in price as eipreaaed la tb til
ver money they use, oar planter would
not nave bad to meet to long at tilver
prior bold in the Eait and there ia
no probability of their rising wt have
got to sell every pound of Amerioanv
cotton in cloae competition with ootton
old at the gold prio of bullion tilver.
There it no escape from thia ooaolunion.
But It ia said that tb low prioe ot
ootton it in a large measure dst (to
heavy crops, or what it called over
production. In looking over a reoord
ot more than fifty year I find tha low
cat avtragt Liverpool qooUtiona for
anyone year to be ia 1847-48, when
the prioe ranged from 1.68 to 6.75
pence a pound sn averaga of 4 88
pen oe a pound. This waa just bfeort
tha diacoverie of gold ia California
and Australia, and may bt aooonnted
for by the aoarcity of primary money.
Tha itaplt never want to low again
until. I'lVa-wi, when tbe price ran from
8. 71 to 4.75 pence a pound in Liver,
pool an averaga of 4 35 pence a
pound. The crop of 18611 SO, tbe larg
eat, by nearly WM,000 balee, fetched on
MU average 8.01 peooe in Liverpool
Let ua oompare IHiV with IfcoO, and
IHM with lHii and aea what conclo
ioni are to be forced upon 01 tt to tbt
iiiatUT of overproduction. Bo far aa
we have any at all reliable autiatict,
tbe cotton aopply of tht world waa in
1H47-4H. 8,CU7.000 balee; in HI59-60,
S,7l,bJ00 balet; in l8-4, 11,00V,.
000 be lea.
, In making tbia compariton I quote
from an article wbicb Mr. J W. La
bouiaae, lately preaident of tbt New
Orleana cotton ezcbanie. waa kind
enough to furniah tl the Atlanta Coo
ttitution Hayt Mr. La bouiaae: !
"We bave teen that the total tupply 1
it IHff9 60 waa 0,710.000 balea. at
againat 8,e'J7,O000 balet In 1647-8, i
while the average prioe bad riaen from I
4 S H pence to 0.0 1 pence. In I898-94 I
tbe tupply bad riann to 1100W,000
bale, at againat 6,718,000 In 1868 00. I
that tbowing an increaeed tupply of ',
nearly 73 per cent Meanwhile, hw- j
ever, tbe average price bad declined ,
from 6 01 peooe in.18511-00 to 4 ?6
pence in 18US-B4, wbile at between
1847-48 tnd I85U-00 the prioe bad rites !
from 4.24 penc4to 6 61 pence. Let nt.
14, t period of thirtj.four yean, dor I
ing wnicn u world bat
prtinmmblj !
been growing aa much aa in tbe former
period, the increase in the tupply bat
only been about 78 per cent. But tbe
prioe instead of advtncing 60 per cent,
it it did in tbt earlier period, bat de-
clined orer W5 per cent,"
of mocey at upon tbe tupply of oottou.
. Something may happen o raise tern- !
poraiily the price oLoottou. A failure :
of the crop else here would most as-
Surudlv Work to tha idiiniiM nf tha
'American planter, but, do matter
whether the price be high or low 00m
parativelv. be will have to eell hianron
in tbe Liverpool market for aa little at
the irold nrice of the aiWar rmllinn I
the gold price of the ailver bullion nee-!
easary to pay
v.. auuiau WJlrJU
at tbe time silver priot it told for
more than twenty year ago, when til
ver wat recognised at a money metal
tbe world over.
There can never be any
advance in tha prica of cotton-any
la-ting benefit to tbe Amerioan cotton
planter nntil silver it fully rettored
to itt old position at a money menl of
full legal-tender power.
Tbia can be done and ought to be
doue, by tbe United Statea, . in tbe ex
eroiae of tbat to ve reign power granted
by the oonttitntion, acting at a free,
independent. and telf-reapeoting nation,
mindful, abort all other things, of tbe
best tnd highest interest of itt own
citiiena. .
Pro'vaaor Lowell aail His Party
Hrgla Work la Mea'leo la Jalj.
Chicago, May 5 Sixty thousand
dollar baa beeu expenled in the con
struction and equipment ot a great ob-
tervttory, tud a number of years of
the valuable time of two noted aatron- j
omen tnd their astiitauti will be de-1
voted to what it expected to prove t'u ;
moat important astronomical expedi-.
tii n of the century. Pecival Lowell, 1
of Boatou, bit built tbe observatory '
and great telescope, and will be one of 1
the priucipal scent 1st ou the expedi. !
tion. Dr. T. J. See, of tbe university ;
ot Chicago, will be the other. Both
are scientist of renown. j
Their operations will begin in July ,
from the movable observatory to be
erected on the lofty Mexican plateau
near the City of Mexico, and will p rob-
1 ably be continued in 1898,
some w here
, down in Peru.
1 The object of the expedition are
twofold. Mr. Lowell will ttudy tbe
' planet Mart in a ayttematic way, that
' hat seldom been-pursued and Dr. See
j will search the southern heavens for
double ttart in the hop of doing there
wbat Burnhim, of Chicago, haa dont
for tht northern akie.
Tht observatory will have one of the
most powerful telescope in the world,
second only to the Lick,' and the yet
tnmounted Yerke instrument, the
moat powerful in the oounrr . The
' twenty -four inch lent bat jutt been
finished by A Win Clarke, the teletoop
; maker of Cambric1 geport. Matt., an
' ia the teat it wat tbown to be tuperior
to the twenty-tit inch glial al the na
val obtcrvatory in Waabington.
j Tlot l at MllwaakM.
I Milwaukee, May 6 The ttrikt of
i tht 900 employe of tbe Milwtuke
j Electrio Railway ft Light Company
, waa Inauguarted tonight, and at each
I ear wat run into the barn, motormen
j and oond uc tors left them, not to return
1 until the demanda of tht onion for in
created pay, recognition ot the em
ploye' organlaalton, and severs I minor
ooaoeaaioca a fa granted.
Bill Tavler Maai.
Carrollton, May 4. William Taylor
who, with hia brother, Ueorge, mur
dered the Meeka family, waa hanged a
few minute before 1 1 A. M. today.
Taylor walked firmly to the scaffold.
oarrying orooiflx. H wat ttolid to
tha last. At he appeared before 800
spectators admitted to the stockade, an
audible expression of gralifloation arose
from tht avenged Carrolltonite. Bher
Iff Stanley pulled the trap at 10:47,
tnd Taylor ahot through to death
Not a muscle quivered. la eleven
minute he wat pronounced dead. Old
Mr. Meekt, who stood near tht teat
fold, almost fainted.
- -4 r . , . i
Epitome of the Telegraphic!
News ot the World.
a a Iataraatleg Cellaatloa t Itaaaa Fraaa
tha T fraaaataal'
la a C4..m4 reraa.
A caae of leproty bat been diaoover
ed in California. Tbe afflicted peraon
it a girl of 15.
Henry liottbarde von Treitachke,
the Herman historian, died lu Berlin.
He waa born in 1844.
Lord Dunraven deniee tbe report
that Mr. H. MoCalmont it nowtheaole
owner of Valkyrie III.
Rev. C. O. Brown bat given up tbe
flgbt and reaigned bit paatoratt of tha
Yirat Congregational church of Han
A (Jennan force) defeated a large
body of Hottentot re be la in Oamarand.
on April 6, killing forty til of them.
Tbe Uertnan lott wat small.
Daring a fete at tbe town of Let
Sanier, France, an anarcbial stab bad
tnd killed tbe mayor. Tbe motive for
tbe on me wat political hatred.
'.A general ttrike on the line of the
. , . ,
7r w
, .
John Helneta,
" .u. ,3 auu
m tmmmM aa knt. a Ofi J
Jamea Davit, aged about 71,
ora. mimna? near lielta i a I w...
riro.n.4 .hi), n.a.i.. .1.- .
A A i atvwaa lrW wrn A tkaina a. a. ....L..
nnn a in. kaa i i. ,i' u
Vasileon district of Crete. It la alleged
twenty Turks were killed and thirty
Allot Rieuflt blew out tbe brains of
bit wife, Julia, while the slept at hit
aide, in their room at the Peaae lodg
Ug-bouae, Seattle, and then killed bim
telf. Jealousy wtt tbe oauae.
! Sir William Robinton, governor of
! Hong Kong, telegraphs that there bat
.. 1
. " "vearr-nvs tew can 01, Wia.. and all the lowlandt
u T- veniy-nve aeaut irom
" """II
tbe d
the past
. r .v T i .a .w-
lAiiuuiauucf uwuiaiu(;icr, Ul vne
Salvation Army, while out tlumming in
! New York, wat arrested and taken to
' the Elizabeth -street police ttation.
Bail wit fixed at $1,000, which wtt
. s.. w o ' a '
, '
' A Pretoria. Sonth Africa, eiapath
T,: Tbe Mota of death imposed
' nDon John flr Hammond, the
Rnodea, brotner of tbe former premier
of Cape Colony; Lionel Philips, presi
dent of the chamber of mines, Johan
nesburg, and tieorge Farrar, proprietor
of Conn try Life, ot Johannesburg, havt
been aommnted.
Tbe announcement it made that M.
Meline bad tuajeeded in forming hit
cabinet at follows: M. Meline, pre
mier and minister of tgricnlture; M.
Barthou, minister ot foreign affairs,
M. Cochery, finance; M. Lebon, colo
nies; M. Valle, commerce; General
Billet, war; M. Darlan, juatioe; Ad
miral Bernard, marine; M. Laoombe;
public worki; M. Rambau, public in-
The Old Dominion teamen Wyanoke, ' tte disease. Japan 1 taking elaborate
when miking for New Port Newt pier P"ntiont to prevent the In trod uo
near Norfolk, Va., struck the prow of tioa ot he plague.
.L. , - ; J a jvi l : ' A n .ttamiit araa maita .ii Snrn An.
lying it anchor, and had a bole cut in
the forward part ot the starboard tide.
She sank in aixty feet of water. AH
the Wyanoke'i passenger and crew
were tared, but their baggage, and
probably the cargo, wat loat. Two fire
men were badly scalded.
Cripple Creek, Colo., wat again
visited by fire, and now from 8,000 to
4,000 peopla aro bomeleaa in
a city of
.a,l..i. ..k I. . . j
inaviaHvii, " aw auuna a, vun
no food to tupply the daily wants.
One life wat loat The bn tinea por
tion of the city left standing ia lea
than would cover a block. The resi
dence section ia confined to what were
formerly the tuburba. Relief parties
are being organlaed in Denver and
Colorado Springs.
Tbe battleship Oregon, wbioh waa
Maantla Mnii.l.lnil a . Y.a ITaiaa HH
wlrkt ia a lncisoo. bat
placed in the drydock to be craped, in
preparation for tht final teat ot speed
required by the navy department. The
Oregon will bt the moat formidable
battle-ship in tha American navy wood
turned over to tha government.
A tpeoial to the Denver Time from
El Paso, Tex , tayt tha governor of
Chihnahua hat tent a regimen of
troops to MinaViejo to compel the peoot
to open tbe mint and rescue tha min-
era. Ht bad the polio gather all tbe
anemnloved men ia the citritreet and
march them to tha mine to work. Of
the sixty -one entombed miners fifty
were tsken out dead. Tb disaster wit
caused by tht encnaohing for ore on
tha pillar tupporting tha roof.
Tht Spanish gunboat Menaagerj hat
captured and brought into Havana the
Amerioan schooner Competitor, of Key
Weat, loaded with anna and ammuni
tion. In command of her were Alfredo
Larode, Dr. Bedia and three newspaper
oorretpondente, who era held aa piraon
era. Some of tb filibuster are said to
havt auooeeded in jumping overboard
and awimmtng a ah or. Other who
jumped into tha tea were drowned.
Tht insurgent general M on son, wat a
member of tbt expedition.
Inatractiont oame from tha treasury
department ordering the commanders of
tb revenue cutters of tht Bearing ta
patrol fleet, equipping la tha 8oBd
not to take any tpirltuoua lln-- -fleet
waa ready to aallw,-
were leaned and tbt offlosra were eom.
pelled to land their prlvaU and meat
liquor tupply. Tbt oaptaint them
telvet. while ia tbt North, muat livt
like probibltioniau. aa thav will an
a vM.u...uutM, mm tutj wilt BOl
be allowed to barton board tbt mild-
eat of tntojlcating beveragea.
The following unique challenge baa
been aent to Colonel Hubert (J. Inger
oil, by Tbomaa Kanyon, reaidanl of
frovidenoe, K. L: "I, tbt andertign.
ed. challenge Robert M. Ingeraoll to a
joint debate .before three judge and
two timekeeper!, tan minntea each, for
potntaon hit (Ingertoll't) Blblt leo.
toree. in any ball in New York or any
large city, but New York preferred.
The one gaining the moat poinU mnat
receive 05 per cent of tbe net reoeipta
after paying ezpensea. Thomat Ken.
yon." Colonel Ingeraoll will probably
ecoept the challenge
Hpaniah authoritiet ia New York
and Waabington have recently diaoov
ered a oonapiracy, which waa formed
by Cabana, to blow op a Hpaniah war-
'P a0(1 a ,ba aama tim intercept a
P00'00!' mail ateamer and rob her of
a large quantity of gold intended for
tbe government troops on tbt island.
Tht plot further included tha capture
of the seaport town of Naovitaa, and
contemplated certain demonstrations
along tha toast of the eaatern Cuban
provinces. n order to precipitate a
rnab of troop from tbe weat and effect
a weakening of tbt military trocba
croaa Pinar del Rio .
J. 2- Sommert, a mlllionalrt banker
Of Krtrntr la killi I . .
1 - " .inn ut a mm
in iLt union depot at Darlington. "
The tiz-Btorr baildln of the Junior
. . ....
u, KtlllaVlelDhia. Waa antiral natroaat
DT nra. Iaiaa ahnnt BIIA AAA
Columbia university will- tend
band of naturalist to explore tbe Paget
bound region.- Tht txpeditioa will
? om hvw York Jane 10.
Tht Pari Dewrpanert confirm tha
rumor that M. Hebete, French ambas
sador to (iermany, will at ono return
to Berlin, to preaenl bit lettert of re
call. Mary. wife of William Shore, leaped
from a bridge into Elkborn river, near
Waabington, W. Va.. fifty feet, to ea
cape a paaaing engine. She wtt res
cued bnt will die.
Rain fell for 84 - hour in Ocon-
flooded. IThe city it neatly inundated
and the river reached the highest mark
to 1 it nt lor years.
Wtrren Fisher, who cam into '
prominence in 1870 through bit con
nection with the investigation of
charge directed s gainst Jamea U.
Blaine, died at bit home la Roxbory,
N. Y.
Pnnoeaa Beatrice, tha youngest
daughter of (Jueen Victoria, and widow
of Prince Henry of Batten burg,-haa
been appointed governor of tbe Isle of
Wight, the office prerioualy held by
her husband.
I Word bat been received in Waabing
ton by telegraph tbat the Canadian
government haa adopted an order in
council exempting American veaaela
from entry and clearance charge at
Canadian porta.
A ditpaotb from Madrid aayt: The
Spanish government ha declined the
pope's mediation in -Cuban affairs, on
the ground tbat acceptance would be
tantamount to roeogniiing America's
right to interfere.
The black plague ia still prevalent
, at Hong Kong and Canton. Two En
j ropean children have been attacked by
derson. Cat, by saturating a number
of buildings with coal oiL The plot,
wat frustrated by the discovery of the
fire five minutes after it wat itarted,
when it wat toon extinguished. I
.An explosion, by which 100 persona
are believed to have perished, hat oc
curred tt Micklefleld. Yorkshire, Eng
land. Tbe exploaioa took plioe in a
rvil 1 ir v ant tw.ntv tninrwi raaraona
ue-jn ui mo auait.
An !'X" ray will kill the bacteria ot
diphtheria- The electrical department
of the university of Missouri, at Co
lumbia, announce! thit, after exten
sive experiments, diphtheria germt had
been killed by the Roentgen light.
Seven hundred men were thrown out
of work by a ttrikt of tht employe in
Sherman A Company't iron mine in
Port Henry, N. Y., whose demand for
1 ino" ' f W"
m""" wel "ul OOWB-
j In WWdltnd. Cal . two armed men
atood "P Jailer Labrie in the Jailyard
ana ueTea nim 01 ie in oasu ana a
i wtch cna- The official had occasion
IK Into tht jailyard for a moment,
I ana leu u is pissoiana mis in sue omor.
; . .
M. Coubertin, preaident 01 to inter-
Ba"on- committee 01 tne uiympio
! mes. writes to tht lxmnoa Timet
Ku"m 1900 wiU he,d ln
1 "DU l" w"
betweea New -ork. Berlin and
! 8lorEnolm
The little 8-year-old ton of Mr. Ford,
a tralnmtn on th Sampler Valley
railroad, Baker City, Or., walked on
the track aa the engine and two oar
came along. Ht waa unobserved and
the trsin passed over him. Hit skull
was badly fractured, and the child will
William A. Holoomb, one of tha beet
known boiinett men of tht Paaiflo
coast, president of tha Saa Frsocisoo
Prodast and Merehantt' Exchange,
died at hit residence la Oakland. Mr.
Holoomb had been ill for torn til
moo tha with aa affection of tha kid
neve. - v
Jamea Bealt, a ttovt dealer, of I ron
ton, u., ahot and fatally woaadod hia
wife. Th eowple had been oat walk
ing, and i " "oi their retain
- 1