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Clackamas County Jacios
In Its Fifty-fourth Year of Publication
Volume No. 54
10c Per Copy
Estacada, Oregon, Friday, Dec. 26, 1958
Number 55
Attend the Church of Your Choice for Christmas!
Producers who arc marketing
lambs this fall should obtain and
save adequate records of their
By Anne Justice
I ner u'hen Oregon City and Esta
sales in order that they can make
During the morning session of cada Kiwanis members were hosts
proper application for payment
the last meeting of the Spring- to farmers of the grange and the
under wool incentive program.
The weather smiled a moment
Everett Shibley, neighborhood.
The baked food
Mr. Lloyd Ewalt of
Estacada, Saturday and over 600 people at­ water Grange
Elwin sale at Hogg Bros, store in Oreg­
Chairman, Clackamas County Ag­ tended the Christmas Award dr­ Grace Henderson
ricultural Stabilization and Con­ awing in Estacada put on by your Shibley told of attending meet­ on City was a success anl the pro­
Home Ec.
servation Committee, said today. , Clackamas Oounty News with the ings of the Oregon Seed League prietors invited the
Sales records of lamb produc­ appreciated help of Estacada Elec­ held in Portland when speakers group to use their store for fut-
ers selling lambs this fall must tric, Bert Clough and our advert­ told of two new grasses develop­ I ure sales.
ed at Penn State College; also
j The health and safety reports
include the name of the buyer,his isers.
experiments in conservation us­ were based on the article “Eating
signature, and the number of live-
weight lambs sold, with the
Miss Donna Marie Bresko drew ing grass to replant land over- j for a Healthy Heart.” Foods are
scription ‘unshorn’ showing. Pay­ the lucky ticket which enabled grazed and eroded. Very interest­ being so refined and so many fats
ments are made only on lamte Vern Sutton with the help of our ing reports were given by men are being used that some
that have never been shorn.
dear friend Santa, to present Bob who had recently been in Japan, | products may actually be harm­
a ful. Another article on German
Mr. Ewalt says. “Get these fall Moody of the U. S. Forest Ser­ Korea and South America as
seed dealer, a seed grower and a experiments in the use of novo­
sales records together now and vice with the $100 bill.
professor. Their viewpoints were cain for arthritis was described
keep them at home in a safe place
The afternoon was pleasant. The according to their occupations. and more will be given at a later
or file them with the county ASC
In date.
The final date to apply Lowrey electronic organ music There is a potential market
The Chaplain Vemita Gant re­
or payments on 1958-59 market­ added greatly. Bert Clough was Africa; especially
ings is April 30, 1959. Produc­ assisted by Mrs. John Englund, French are in charge. However if ported Jack Akins and Mike New­
ers may submit payment applica­ Mrs. Earl Ramsay and Mrs. Cecil this changes, it was the opinion ell recovering after surgery and
that agriculture would be given a that several children had been ill,
tions to our county ASC
office Taylor.
severe set back.In South America some with chicken pox.
anytime between now and then.”
Near catastrophe occurred when
which had
The lecturer’s hour featured
The chairman
warned again the lid slipped off the can the they visited farms
years Christmas songs by
the entire
that lamb feeders, particularly, tickets were being mixed in. The been cultivated for 3000
grass group, recitations by Delbert Gen-
should keep accurate records of drawing was made right from the and badly needed some
temann and
Margaret Shibley
the length of time they have ow­ ticket pile on the bottom of the seed..
It was urged that
large and a gift exchange with Ray Mil­
ned a specific lot of lambs.Lamb truck bed where the tickets so
group from this area attend the ler acting as Santa Claus
payments ae made only to produ­ very fortunately fell.
next convention and work to elect by Martin and
Delbert Gentc
cers who have owned lambs
A good time was had by all - a member as a representative.
mann and Scott and Kevin Just­
I days.These factors are important at least so says Moody.
A. T. Varitz gave the legislat­ ice.
I because under the Wool Act pay-
ive report using an article from
The usual monthly social will
I ment is based on the weight gain
the Wall Street Journal on sub­ be omitted for December and the
| of the lambs during ownership of
sidies and described crops seen annual New Year s Day
the seller.
on a recent trip to Calif.
gether will be held at the grange
Recent figures show that pay­ AT CHURCH OF GOD
Vemita Gant of the Home Ec. hall. Pot luck dinner will be serv­
Jerriene Wihate and Bill Brink
ment on 1957-58 unshorn lambs
in Clackamas County came to will play the leading roles in a Club thanked those who helped ed at 1 o’clcok a id all friends and
$5,620 .09. Shorn wool payments play to be presented by the Esta- with the Town and Country din- neighbors invited to attend.
amounted to $46,159.00. National ada Church of God Sunday eve
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bartholo­
figures as of September 30 show­ at 7:30. The play entitled T h e mew will have all of their child­ LUMBER PRICES TOOK
humorous i
ed shorn wool incentive payments Highest Gift’ is both
ren and grandchildren home for JUMP LAST WEEK
of more than $13
million and and yet expresses the real signif­ a diner on Christmas eve.
Mr. Crow’s Lumber » Price Index rose
lamb payments of over $3 million icance o the meaning of Christ­ and Mrs. Bob Bartholomew
of 29 cents the past week. It reflect­
mas. Playing supporting roles in
Eugene and Mr. and Mrs.
Bud ed somewhat greater strength in
the cast are Karen Califf,
Califf, Larry Kniskern,
LeRoy Bartholomew and two boys, and green Douglas fir and
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Godsey and Pine region dimension. Studs are
Smith, Wm. Rinehart. Everyone
Anne will complete the family up several dollars in price, lead­
is cordially invited to attend.
circfle. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Doo­ ing the parade.
ley will also be guests.
Prices on green Fir and Hem­
lock have risen about two dollars
1 The local
American Legion
Wanted White
Elephants or
Mr. and Mrs. Carol Bond of Au­ for February loading. White Fir
! and Auxiliary held their annual what have you for OES
Social burn, Calif, arrived Monday
to board prices have not risen, de­
i Xmas dinner and children’s par- Club Sale Jan. 9-10.
Call for spend the holidays
with Mrs. mand is somewhat better.
| ty Sunday with 110 in
attend- pick up CR9-3959 or CR 9-6417. Bond’s father, Chris Myers.
! ance.
This was the largest
crowd ever to attend this event.
| Mrs. Don Showerman assisted I
by the Junior Chairman Bonnie I
! Jones and Ann Snowley passed
| out gifts and candy to thirty-nine
j youngsters. The Post served the
1 turkey and everyone
pot luck with the holiday spirit.
The hall was decorated or the
holiday by the Auxiliary Juniors
on Saturday.
I The next regular meeting
the Post and Unit will be Jan.5th
at 6:30 P.M. Potluck supper.Vet-
| erans and their families ase cor­
dially invited to attend.
Also a
reminder the Juniors meet
3rd Saturday at 1 P.M.
in the
hall. The next meeting of the
Juniors will start the program
of Pan American and the dressing
of dolls in customs of El Salva-1
Christmas Award Springwater Grange Planning Local
Party Attendance Activities of Interest for New Year
Pushes 600
these gifts be
$3.;00 Per Year
110 People at
Christmas Party
Estacada Veneer Head Outlines Improvements
Garfield CHURCH of the NAZARENE
Rev. Stephen R. Beals
Rev. Earnest Bontrager
CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints
Rev. Woodrow Clay
Barton Community BAPTIST CHURCH
Rev. Glen Frye
Estacada St. Aloysius CATHOLIC CHURCH, Fr. Ernest Jackson
Springwater PRESBYERIAN CHURCH, Rev. Harry B. Hampton
Rev. Charles Helms
Estacada CHURCH of GOD
Rev. James O. Moore
Estacada Community METHODIST CHURCH Rev Milton Nelson
Rev. Vernon O. Ross
Rev. David Worden
The American Legion Auxil­
iary Past Presidents Parley held
their annual Xmas dinner
party Saturday night with 25 in
¡attendance. The husbands of the
! Past Presidents were
Proposed tariff revisions filed There was a gift exchange and
by Estacada Telephone & Tele­ the evening was spent in visiting
graph Company, now under sus­ and playing cards.
pension, will be studied by the
Public Utility Commissioner of
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Rickey,
Oregon at a hearing set for Le­
gion Hall, Estacada,
Tuesday, Je ff and Brad, came out from
ner and helped Joe Rickey, Sr.
January 6 at 10:00 a.m.
Originally filed to become ef­ Portland Friday evening for din-
May 9, Commissoner celebrate his birthday.
Morgan twice issued a suspen­
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Harbert and
sion order, pending
investiga­ family left early Tuesday morn­
tion and hearing.
Included in ing for San Lorenzo,
Calif, to
the revisions aie certain
local spend several days at the home
exchange service rates.
of Mrs. Harbert’s sister, Mr. and
Mrs. F. H. Easterling and family.
Mr. and
Mrs. Tomlinson went
down to the
John Lee of Estacada has been Thursday and will stay in Calif,
initiated into Scabbard and Blade, for most o f the winter.
national military ROTC honor so­
ciety at Oregon State College.
Mrs. Marie Lebold and boys of
Thirty outstanding ROTC
stu­ Salem visited at the home of her
dents. drawn from the arm yjtaw parents, Mr. and
and air force
ROTC programs Hayden last Saturday.
were selected for • membership
this year. ScfhoLanhip and leader­
ship are considered in selections.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Lee is a senior in the school of visited at the home of their son.
business and technology.
His Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hayden in
home address is RL 2, box 76.Es- Portland last Friday.
Herb had
recently had surgery and was re­
covering satisfactorily. They will
spend Christmas eve at the Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Stewart Hayden home.
of San Diego. Calif , are visiting
at the home of Mrs. Stewart's pa­
rents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Harbert. Mrs. Ethel Gardner of Hayward,
They will also ^pend sometime Calif, is spending the
with Mr. Stewart's parents in Eu­ with her daughter and family, the
Gene Bavarts
Hearing on Local
Phone Rate Hike
Set for January
The Bible School Classes of the
Christian Church held their an­
nual Christmas program Sunday
morning at 11:30.
The C. E.
Society and members of the Bib­
Paul W. Eaton, late of Route le class had the Christmas pro­
‘Christmas Candles’ on
1, Estacada, died Dec. 23
in a gram
Portland hospital. He was born Sunday eve. combining it with a
Feb. 1, 1889 in Belle Forouche.S. , candle light rommunion Service.
He was a member of Soloists were Mrs. Bob
the Estacada Lodge A . F . 4 A . M. and Mr. Glenn Hartwig.
After the program the
C. E.
No. 14«, I. O. O. F. Lodge No.175
and the Eagle Creek Grange No. Society accompanied by the min­
197. He had lived here 32 years ister David Wodren went carol­
He is survived bf his wifejdaye; ing and ended up at the Under­
two daughters. Mrs. Rollo Jones wood home for refreshments.
Dave Prentiss, head of Estacada Veneer gave an
of Portland and Mrs. Mary E. Ma­ Mr. and Mrs. Ray Keith present­
outline for the future plans of the plant
ed the church with a pair of can­
honey of Cheyenne. Wyoming;one
improvements alone will mean
brother, James Eaton of
Forouche, S-D.
more jobs. The plant payroll will jump from 30 to
Mr. Eaton was a retired emplo­
35 when the plant reopens after Jan. 1. The impi ov-
yee of Consolidated Freight He
June L. Hood of Estacada, R t
was an automotive engineeer and CANBY COUGARS TAKE
ments underway have necessitated a short shutdown
a shop foreman.
and this was a good time. The picture above shows
The Canby Cougars pulled
Funeral services will bt held
the Club of America.” She is one of the 80 ft. addition to the plant beng rushed for use.
Friday, Dec. 26 at 2 PM at the j head in the 3rd quarter of
Canby on only five members in the entire
Clayville Chapel with committ­ basketball game at
Besides the increase in the plant size the log
Tuesday and beat Estacada Ran­ state of Oregon of this 550 mem­
ment at Portland Memorial.
has been increased 13 acres to 18 £ acres.
gers 64 to 57..
The Estacada J . Wa got their in 1895 the “DachsOhund Club of
Three trays for handling veneer off the lathe plus
the third oldest
first victory of the season aa they America” is
the world another clipper are in the process of installation.
Miss El ta Schock, late of Esta- beat Canby in the 1st game by 4 i dachschund club in
and has as its purpose the nation­
cada, died Dec. 23 in a Portland score of 48 to 47.
Other improvements -will include a side log haul
No funeral arrange­
Next home game or the Rang­ al support of the breed and the
dach­ and a lathe charger. A sawdust recovery unit and
ments have yet been made.
ers will be against Banks on Jan coordination of efforts of
6th. Seaside will be here the 9th. shund fanciers from coast to dragsaw are also being added.
She was sponsored by
Bill Carson, who was acting superintendent has
Mrs. William Burr
Hill Jr . of
Richard Keeth and Claude Par-
New York secretary of the D. C. returned to Vancouver Ply.
His duties have been
vin returned home last
Mrs. Geo. Bavart and her sis­ I A.
from Ft. Ord, Calif., where they ter Mrs. Bill Williams of
assumed by Mr. Jack Clark, formerly of Oregon
have been training with the U. S. land returned Sunday from a trip
June L Hood is
Army Reserve.
They will
be to S t Louis Mo , where they were for bringing to Oregon several 1 Veneer of Tillamook. Mr. and Mrs. Clark are now
borne for about two weeks Hugh called borne for the funeral
of outstanding dogs frrwn New York residents of Estacada.
Reynolds, who has also been at another sister s husband.
Mrs. ; and California, including the on­
Mr. Prentiss stated if the log supply and market
Fort Ord, will arrive on Wednes­ Sprock was visiting
here last ly “de Sagpur1' strain stud dog in
day to visit his parents. Mr. and February with two other sisters 1 the state and one of the very few holds, the plant will be expanded into a complete
Mrs. Ira Reynolds.
producing unit in the Spring.
from S t Louis.
on the west coast. I
Local People
Called by Death
National Dascbund
Club Taps Hoods