Clackamas County news. (Estacada, Or.) 1928-1957, February 21, 1941, Image 6

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Mrs. L. H. Rice and Mr. and Mrs.
Darrow Rice and baby o f Stayton
were guests at the Floyd Day home
over the week end. Sirs. I* H. Rice
is Mr. Day’s sister. On Monday the
Days and their quests drove to Tim­
berline lodge.
Mrs. E. E. Hannah scent a few
days at the home o f her daughter
Mrs. Homer Sarver in Portland re­
One of the twelve students getting
grade A in the semester examinations
at Willamette university at Salem
was Glen Olds o f Estacada.
The members o f the Independent
Order of Odd Fellows and the Re-
bekahs will be the guests o f honor
at the Methodist church next Sunday
Mrs. J—C. fcflching-'fia^ teen ¡1Í fo.>"
Mr. and Mrs. William Gilgan en-
several days.
teitained at a large family dinner
Sunday to honor their daughter ami
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Sager visited
her husbund Mr. and Mrs. C. Strahm Hillsboro and the Masonic home near
o f Milwaukie on their eleventh wed­ Forest Grove Sunday.
ding anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Hen­
Miss Phyllis Cury who is attending
ry Collum, their son and daughter
with the honor guests and their chil­ school in Portland came out to Esta-
dren comprised the company to com cada Saturday night to see her gran<y
mother Mrs. N. B. Ecker who was ill
memorate the happy event.
and her mother Mrs. W. F. Cary who
The W. S. C. S. o f the Methodist is staying here.
church met at the home o f Mrs. Will
Mr. and Mrs. George Peters of
Hayden Wednesday afternoon. A ft-r
the devotionals and business meeting Portland former lesidents o f Estar
cada were calling on friends here on
the members sewed on a quilt.
Dr. J. L. Hewitt, Dr. and Mrs. L.
The Past Matrons had pot luck at
L. Hewitt and Kenenth Pomeroy all
were Sunday dinner guests at the S. the home o f Miss Maude Sturgeon
Friday and sewed for the Red Cross
E. Wooster home.
in the afternoon.
The illness oi Mrs. Bina Bell is
Miss Constance Laughlin o f thi
high school faculty sang a solo at the
Miss Phyllis Woodworth was a vis­ Methodist church Sunday morning
which was very much appreciated.
itor in Salem and Valsetz Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Wade and chil­
dren went to the coast Sunday by
way of Corvallis returning home by
the northern route. The Sunday be.
fore they visited Rev. and Mrs. H. S.
Shcllhait at Corvallis.
Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Johnston amt
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Carlin spent
Sunday at Ocean Lake.
Mrs. F. G. Robley attended an as­
sociate matron’s luncheon at thi
Roosevelt Hotel in Portland Saturday
Mrs. Walter Sagner and Miss Betty
Hughes were shopping in Portland
Jack Langley o f Tacoma was vis,
iting his aunt Mrs. J. Moss this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tinner o f St»
Johns were callers at the Moss home
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Reed attend­
U n d e r w o o d ’ s Butter, grade A, lb.
ed the wedding of her brother Jerry.
35c; Gem Nut oleo, lb. 12c; Spry
Richardson to Miss Hazel Shaffer at
Pie sale by Women’s society ol
3-lbs. 49c; Garden Seeds pkg. 4c.
the home o f the bride in Forest Grove
Methodist church at Hedgecock’s gro­
N or. B ro a d w a y on h ig h w a y .— Adv.
last Friday. Mrs. Reed’s mother Mrs.
cery Saturday, February 22 from 10 j
Mrs. Bernard Schoenburg and Mrs. till 4.— Adv.
Nora Richardson came home with the
Oral Stormer prepared a bounteouj
Reeds to spend the week end.
Mrs. W. W. Gilbert delightfully^
dinner and surprised Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Kiggins went to
John Stormer the day being their entertained at a bridge luncheon FriJ
,Portland Sunday to purchase shrubs
Sixteen ladies enl
55th wedding anniversary. The chil­ day afternoon.
jt o beautify their yard.
dren and grandchildren and Mrs. joyed her hospitality.
'Vurs. Alex Botkin is reported oiy
Amy Ely and L- A. Chapman were
Mrs. Harold Kitching entertained
Mr. and Mrs. J. O’ Brien o f Van­ be on the sick list.
the guests. In the afternoon Mr. and
little girls Friday afternoon
couver, Wash., were Sunday visitois
Mrs. J. A. Shiblev and Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. Edna Haydter is now occu in honor o f her daughter Beverly’s
at the Jake Moss home.
Everett Shibley called to congratu­
pying her cottage recently built on seventh birthday. Valentine day de­
late and extend best wishes.
corations were used. The little girls
While attending a show in Port­ Fifth street.
all had a very happy time
land recently Mrs. Elizabeth Womer
Mrs. Maitha Kellogg an old frienC
was knocked over and fainted away.
of the family, was an over the week
Her daughter Mrs. Woodward of
end guest at the A. H. Fasel home.
Oregon City was with her. First aid
and medical attention was given Mrs.
Mrs. W. F. Cary o f Gleneden
Womer in the theatre and she was Beach has been in Estacada the past
Appointment of Charles F. Kun,
taken to the home o f her daughter week having been called here by
kel as acting regional dir eotreof
in Oregon City where she is recover­ the illness or Tier mother Mrs. N. B
kel as acting regional director of sur,
ing from the effect o f her experience. Ecker.
plus marketing administration dis­
Mattress Plan
is Explained
Clackamas county agent J. J. Ins-
keep of the Oregon extension ser­
vice announces that rural people of
the county will have an opportunity
whereby they can have new mattres­
ses for their homes and at the samç
time be a good neighbor to our cot­
ton farmers o f he south.
Just as Oregon has certain surplus
commodities to dispose o f since the
loss o f their foreign markets so thi
cotton farmer has millions o f bales
o f cotton in their warehoues. Thri|
the efforts o f the U. S. departmenr
o f agriculture and its agencies this
surplus cotton is being made avail­
able for mattresses. For each famil;j
that is interested and can qualify
under the eligibility regulations as
listed in this article there are 50
pounds o f cotton and 10 yards of
ticking available for the construction
o f a high quality mattress.
The extension service, agriculture
al adjustment administration surplus
marketing administration, farm se,
curity administration and county
court are cooperating to make this
program posible.
Mattress making centers will br,
established. The home demonstration
agent and home supervisor o f th i
farm security administration will
train leaders and supervise the con­
struction o f these mattresses. The
only cost to the families will be the
effort to make them and a nominal
fee for the twine, thread and needle^
used in their construation.
Clackamas county is doubly inter­
ested in this national program be­
cause each year we send thousands o (
pounds o f vetch and pea seed to the
soutth for their soil building and soil
conserving piograms states Inskeep.
Those who qualify under the eli­
gibility plans o f this program should
contact the extension service, agri­
cultural adjustment administration
or farm security office for an appli­
cation blank. These applications may
besigned at these offices or at com»
munity meetings held by these agen­
cies thruout the county.
All applications must be on file in
these offices by April l. It is esta-
niated that 1000 mattresses will be
made in Clackamas county under this
A farm family whose net income
is $500 or less per year for a family
o f one to four persons may qualify.
If there are more than four family
members $50 for each additional
members may !)<• added; five members
$550; six members $600.
To determine the net income sub­
tract the cost o f operation o f the'
farm from the total income from all
farm sources sale o f crops, livestock,
etc. The cost o f operation will in­
clude such items as labor hired out­
side o f the family, feed purchased,
taxes paid, water rights, threshing
A part time farm family may qual^
ify if at least half the income is
from agriculture and if their total
net income from farm and non-farm
sources is not over $500 for a fam,
ily o f four members. An additional
$50 may be added to this income fo»
each additional family member; $550
for five members, $600 for six mem­
bers, etc.
The total net income from farm
sources plus the total income from
other sources is the gross income of
the part-time farmer. An additional
$100 may be subtracted from thi:
grosg amount to determine the net
income that will meet eligibility re­
quirements for this purpose.
A non-farm family living in a ru­
ral area under a population o f 2500
(1940 census) may qualify if their
gross income is $500 or less per fam­
ily o f one to four members, over fous
members add $50 for each additional
family member.
Each eligible family may receive
material to make one full size mat-
tresg for each two persons in the
family, but the total is not to ex-
ceed three mattresses to a family.
If the family has already received
one mattress under the cotton mat­
tress program or the Works Projectc
administration this is included in de­
termining the total number which it
may receive. A family o f three may
receive only one mattress; a family
o f five two.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Foiey o f thi tribution operations in Region I, the
Little Gem restaurant were Portland eleven western states was announced
recently in WashingtorT by Milo Per­
business visitors Saturday.
O rchard R idge D a iry .
kins administrator o f the- sufpSust
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Bronson were marketing administration of the U.
cooling system, good cold milk, but-
S. department o f agriculture.
F. E. Dooley, adjutant o f the local ;er and cream the whole year round here from Portland Sunday.
Acting as regional director during
American Legion post was getting —Oscar Judd.
Max Sagner’s team won the cham
data on the various members o f the
pionship of the Willamette league in the absence o f Jonathan Garst wno
local post this week preparatory to
the Portland basketball association. wull be in Washington, D. C. for the
filing their records as proposed mem-
Max would bring his boys to Estacad.y next six months assisting with nation^
al problems of distribution of surplus
beis o f the state home guard.
if a good game could be assured.
food pioducts Mr. Kunkel will be aid,
Yes, meat is high. They’re even
Mrs. Harold Sarver cut her finge> ed in administration activities by Ko-
making jokes about it over the radio,
quite badly one day last week
Bert J. Graves, assistant regional re;
But you can still buy good meat a
reasonable prices at the Currinsvill
Mr. Kunkel’s duties will embrace
falls last week which crippled hei
store. Note the sperial prices in ou
up considerably.
“ W h ere Y o u hear R C A S ou n d ” the “ M ag ic V o ic e o f the S c re e n ” aud
advertisement in this paper today
food stamp and cotton stamp prog­
_________________________ —
B e it in P ic tu r e !
— Adv.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Griffiths art rams and direct distribution program
2 1 -2 2
B ig D ou b le B ill
now occupying the Marchbank resi­ in the states of Washington, Oregon,
Dorothy Lamour, Robt. Preston, Preston Foster in
illin iu m iiiiim iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim iiiiiiiiiiiiiiim iiiiiN iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada,,
“ MOON O V E R B U R M A "
The picture o f a thousand love and jungle thrills. A deadly co­
Colorado, Utah, California, Arizona
bra attacks Dorothy, fires range thru teakwood forests.
Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Eshleman, Mrs and New Mexico.
-------------- O---------------
“ ‘ C H R IS T M A S IN J U L Y ”
C. Jubb and Mis. Harold Sarver wert
Starmg Dick Powell and Ellen Drew. Hotter than a fire­
among the crowd who attended the
cracker, merrier than Christmas.
basketball game in Sandy Friday a f­ temptss to bridge the gap between
We have just received our new 1941 stock
price-depressing farm surpluses and
S un day, M on d ay , T u esd a y , T .b. 2 3 -2 4 -2 5
D ou b le Bill
of May Flower Wall Paper. This paper is ab­
under consumption oy low Income
Bette Davis in
solutely guaranteed not to fade. Priced as low
Mis. D. B. Eshleman entertained at families in our nation.
"T H E L E T T E R ”
Bette Davis is her all-time best in this supreme dramatic mas­
contract bridge last Thursday after
as 10c per single roll. Why don’t you come in
During December 1940 SMA re­
forth all the strong human emotions.
ports indicate that nearly three mil­
now while our stock is complete and pick out
Also a cartoon and news.
-------------- O--------------
your pattern. It costs so little to paper a room.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Thompson of lion members o f families in the na­
Weaver Brothers and ETvn-y in
tion as a whole receiving public as­
Also look at the Zenith Refrigerator, Electric
“ G R A N D OLD O P R Y ”
sistance added $6,587,000 worth of
Ahnert home.
The Weavers set a new high for movie frolics with the gayesb,
Range, Washing Machine and Radio.
food to their diets by use o f blue
singingest, laughingest o f their hillbilly pictures.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Eyolson am; surplus food stamps.
child) en and his mother and sister
Purchases during December with
. ................ in.... ...................................................................
were Sunday guests at the Fred Win­ blue stamps representing new outlets
= “ The Personal Service Store”
Estacada, Oregon E ston home. Mrs. Eyolson is Mr. Win for specified farm products included
ston’s daughter.
2.336.000 pounds o f butter, 2-963,-
~-1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 m i i f
000 dozen eggs, 25-117,000 pounds
Mrs. M. A. Stubbs, Mrs. Vide
o f white and graham flour and 8,-
■**» ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ . ■ ■ ■ ■ ■
■ ■ ■ ■ ■ a
* -• .
517.000 pounds o f other cereals. 8,-
all o f Gresham were at the 0 . B,
860.000 pounds o f pork, 5,093,999
Smith home Sunday..
Mrs. Vida
pounds of pork lard, 27,566,00 pound.-
Stubbs and Mrs. Smith are sisters.
o f potatoes and 10,212,000 pounds of
Also callers at the Smith home thr
other vegetables.
same day were Mr. and Mrs. Lee and
Other blue stamp purchases includ­
son o f Glodstone.
ed 2,086,000 dozens o f fresh oranges,
Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Eshleman went 6.757.000 pounds o f fresh apples,
to Portland Monday and from there 4.746.000 fresh grapefruit, and 2,-
to Oiegon City to see Mrs. Womer.
405.000 pounds o f dried prunes and
raisins and 425,0000 pounds o f fresh
You’ll laugh till your sides ach.)
at Weaver Bros, and Elviry in the
More than one hundred million
“ Grand Old Opry.” Second feature
pounds of agricultural surpluses have
on this big double bill at the Esta
gone into the mouth o f hungry school
theatre for Sunday, Monday and Tues
A bright yellow cherry layer cake decorat­
¡n the niation thru ‘ he^ hooI
A Brilliant general and a wise, far-seeing, firm,
with marachino cherries and resembling
Davis in "The Letter,’’ her greatesf U" ch pr0*ram, ,Last year
ing amounts of food were used by the | a cherry log.
but just, president, George Washington was worthy
nations schools: One million dozen
S. D. Dunlop o f Portland was ai| eggs, five million pounds butter, 17
of the confidence he inspired in the hearts of his
Estacada visitor on Monday o f thi? million pounds citrus fmrts, 31 mil­
countrymen. He could be depended on to do the
lion pounds apples, six million pounds
peaches, one milion seven hundred
right thing.
After serving as superintendent of
thousand pounds dried prunes and
the Methodist Sunday school for four­
three million four hundred thousand
teen years J. G. Hayman last week
Wise, far-seeing management is one of the rea­
pounds raisins.
resigned and O. E. Smith was elected
In operation since December 18
to take his place.
sons this bank has grown to its present place in this
1939 the food stamp plan in Sa^
Mrs. Nina B. Ecker who was ser­ Francisco county has used approx­
community. It is a dependable place to deposit
| Saturday we will also start making Hot Cross
iously ill last week is considerably imately $989,989 worth of blue food
| Buns which proved so popular last year.
and an obliging place to seek accomodations.
better this week.
Department oficiáis have announc = These buns are loaded .with best quality
Another outstanding double bill ed that operation o f the food stamp
1 Hot Cross Bun Fruit and lightly spiced.
show at the Esta theatre this Friday plan will begin Monday,, February
and Saturday. February 21 and 23, 17 in the following counties: Alams.
The feature stars Dorothy I-a da., Centra Costa, San Mateo and
mour in “ Moon Over Tlunna” an Santa Clara.
highly dramatic picture o f jungle ma­
§ North Matin Avenue,
Gresham, Ore. |
gic. The second feature stars DicT!
Tel Gresham 288
D o p Creak Dairy.— Morning de­
Powell and Ellen Drew in the fun
livery o f cream and milk. Call Carl |
niest comedy o f all, "Christmas in
Sehberg, Tel. 86.61.
July.” — Adv.
Myron Wodoworth
Valsetz to work.
gone to
W all Paper
| C. M. Sparks Hardware Co. |
G re sh a m
B akery |
Specials for I
W ashington** ¡
B irthday
I George Washington Cakes ea. 50c ¡
I Decorated Log Rolls, each 25c §
| Cherry Pies -
- each 25c |
| Hot Cross Buns,
dozen 25c |
'j&zcAa inciS
(iresham Bakery