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J. G. Dayman was elected president
of the Estacada Community club at
the meeting o f the organization held
in the Masonic building Friday eve­
ning. J. C. Moreland wag chosen as
vice president and Miss Maud Sher­
man was re-elected secretary and
A resolution was presented by Ted
Ahlberg which had been adopted by
the Legion in regard to the improve­
ment of the Colton road. The grange
ut Springwater has also passed a sim­
ilar resolution.
A committee to meet with the
county court to tuke up the matter
o f the Colton-Estacada road, was ap­
pointed by the chairman, and this
committee visited County Commis­
sioner W. A. Proctor Tuesday eve­
ning and learned that considerable
work is planned by the court on this
road as soon as the weather permits
Mr. Proctor said that the road from
the bridge to the junction o f the
Elwood-Dodge road was in the pro­
gram this year, which would give
the Elwod people a way to get out
and in.
Mr. Proctor said he believed this
to be the most needed road work in
the county at the present time, and
that the major part o f the construc­
tion of the entire road was to be
finished as soon as the weather per­
O f equal interest to the people
in this vicinity is the improvement
o f the road between Eagle Creek and
Sandy, which matter was also dis
cussed with Commissioner Proctor.
It was planned to hold a meeting
of the club January 26, but as th s
is the date o f tne meeting of th
Greater Clackamas County Union of
Clubs at West Linn, President Hay
man has set the date o f the next
meeting for Friday, February 1.
The district convention of the Le
gion also falls on the date set for
the next club meeting, and was part­
ly respoi ible for the change o f date.
I’ luns are being made by the com­
mittee in charge o f the meeting at
West Linn. A number of prominent
speakers will be at the meeting, and
one o f the most important features
will be the presentment o f the schol­
arships to the boys and girls o f the
4-H clubs who have accomplished
their achievements in making the 100
per cent mark.
Among those entitled to these
scholarships to the summer school at
the Oregon State Agricultural col­
lege are the winners o f the first
prizes at the county and state fairs;
scholarships offered by the Portland
buisness men through the efforts of
the superintendent o f public instruc
tion; scolarships awarded by the U.-
P. railroad company; those awarded
by the S.-P. railroad, those offered
by the county court, P. T. A., Bunk­
ers, association, Jersey club, Guern­
sey club and Oregon City business
men and other organizations.
Other boys and girls in club work
over 12 years o f age, and who have
their work up-to-date, will be given
the privilege o f attending the sum­
mer school by paying their own
transportation and their board and
room while at the institution. Many
o f the boys and girls are to be repre­
sented at the gathering Friday eve­
The program committee is com­
posed o f W. R. Abel, Carl Joehnk,
Howard Belton, o f Canby; B. O. Gar­
ret and Percy Caufield of Oregon
City. Mr. Abel is chairman o f the
program committee. A number of
interesting features, besides the
awarding the scholarshipse are in
store for the guests.
The banquet, which is to be served
at 6:30, is already planner: by the
committee, o f which Mrs. A. A.
Spangler o f Carus is chairman. Her
assistants are Mrs. Runkle, Mrs. Fuge
o f Oswego; Mrs. Eva Hale, Jennings
Lodge; Mrs. Eva Hawley, Clackamas
and Mrs. Bidder o f Wilsonville.
Quite a number of Estacada club
members are planning to attend, and
arrangements are being made to char­
ter one o f the large busses for those
who do not care to drive their own
Plans are being made, it is
said, to accommodate 400 at the ban­
Fred Bates of Eagle Creek installed
the officers of Sandy Grange Satur­
day. The lecture hour program, ar­
ranged by Mrs. Will Bell, enter­
tained as follows: Several vocal num­
bers by Mrs. George Odell and son
George, poem written by Myra Hoer-
nicker, by Mrs. Minne Douglass.
Roll call included several talks, one
being given by A. C. Thomas describ-
ng the big windfall here 45 years
igo. Annual reports o f officers were
read. The grange is in splendid fi­
nancial condition.
H ave
Visit ors
The Canning family o f Kelso have
Mr. Canning’s brother, Richard Can­
ning and wife, also their daughter-
in-law and small son, all of Buffalo,
N. Y. Richard Canning visited at
Kelso 35 years ago and notes great
changes since then.
Miss Shell’ s Sist er Passes
Much sympathy is felt for Miss
Edith Shell, whose sister, Miss Lillian
Shell, passed suddenly at Corvallis
from pneumonia, Sunday night. Miss
Shell, who was chaperoning two
Sandy high school girls at Oregon
“ U” conference, was called to Cor­
vallis Saturday.
Her sister being
better, she returned to Sandy Sun­
Mi..» R eed T o R etu rn H om e
Miss Florence June Reed, daughter
o f Mrs Mae Reed o f Estacada, who
was operated on a few days ago, is
reported to be getting along nicely
and probably will be brought home
BY E S T A ­
C A D A L O D G E S ; 150 IN A T -
Estacada lodge No. 175, I. O. O. F.
and Centenial Rebekah lodge No. 147
of Estacada, held joint installation
o f officers Saturday night at the
Odd Fellows hall. There were about
one hundred and fifty present, which
included members of the two organ­
izations, and a few invited guests,
who enjoyed an excellent program
and a sumptuous repast served at
the conclusion o f the evening's pro­
District Grand Master Hugh Jones
and District” Deputy President, Mrs.
I Catherine Jones were the installing
I officers. They were assisted by Dis-
| trict Deputy Grand Marshal J. G.
, Hayman and Mrs. Val Cary. The Re­
bekah officers installed were:
Laura Schoenberg, noble grand;
Eleanor Day, vice grand; Elizabeth
Ames, secretary; Della Lawrence,
treasurer; Amy Rivers, warden; Edna
Grabeel, conductress; Leona Buell,
chaplain; Mollie Bates, inside guard;
Lavena Crawford, outside guard;
Mary Eshleman, R. S. N. G .; Maner-
va Lins, L. S. N. G .; Lydia McCon­
nell, R. S. V. G.; Rose Perry, L. S.
V. G., and Elva Ahlberg, musician.
The Odd Fellow officers are O. M.
Stormer, noble grand; Paul Holm,
vice grand; J. K. Ely, secretary; Har­
vey Gilgan, treasurer; Joe La Croy,
warden; Lester Crawford, conductor;
Chester Longworth, inside guard;
Walter Looney, outside guard; W. H.
Grabeel, R. S. N. G.; Wm. Gilgan, L.
S. N. G .; Richard Davis, R. S. V. G .;
George Walters, L. S. V. G .; Albert
Lins, right scene supporter; B. Beebe,
left scene supporter.
Saturday, January 12, was Estaca-
da’s birthday. On January 12, 1904,
The program was conducted by
just 25 years ago, the Oregon Power
Townsite company, with rooms on Mrs. W. E. Buell and consisted of
First street, Portland, advertised a singing by a boys’ quartet from the
high school— Fred Buell, Howard Fi-
sale of lots in Estacada.
They announced that Broadway fer, Glenn Marchbank and Claude
and Main streets would be graded by Lankins; reading by “ Buddy” Bar­
the company.
Lots were reserved tholomew; violin solo, Miss Beutrice
for the hotel property. Restrictions Wilder; with Miss Laura Spall at the
from lh ery barns, lumber yards, car­ j piano; readings by Mrs. Buell; vocal
penter shops, wagon and blacksmith solo, Miss Spall, with Miss Jackson
shops being located on either Broad­ accompaniest; instrumental numbeis
I by stringed instruments, Lester Un-
way or Main, were announced.
Business lots were held at $250 for | derwood at the piano, Mrs. Otto Kig-
corner lots and $200 for intermedi­ * gins, Mrs. Ted Kiggins and Miss Avis
G. E. Lawrence read a
ate lots. Below the bench line, lots ! Cadonau.
paper on the founding o f the I. O.
were offered for $75 each.
At the present time, few people O. F. lodge.
reside in Estacada who attended the
After the program all were invited
sale. Quite a number are dead who to the banquet hall which was beauti­
came here shortly after the opening fully decorated with green and pink,
sale o f lots.
three large links, the Odd Fellows
emblem, suspended from the center
M ar qu am H a l 3 0 1 - E g g R ec ord
o f the celing, and with the prettily
W h ite L e g h o r n Hen ! decorated tables the effect was most
| pleasing. Delicious eats were served
Phil Marquam, who is a white leg­ which included a dinner sandwich,
horn breeder of note, residing a short salids, coffee and apple pie with ice
distance east of Estacada, has pro­ cream.
duced a bird with a 301-egg record
Before the program was given,
during the past year. He has been
Mrs. Mabel Smith, the retiring noble
breeding for the last thirteen years,
grand o f the Rebekahs, was presented
trying to produce larger birds and
with a beautiful past noble grand
larger eggs, with a marked degree pin.
of success. At present his flock av­
erage is 240% , the highest he has
ever had.
High S c h o o l Tea m
Busy on Deb ate
S. Smith, Sandy’s new mayor,
Rev. ( ’. T. Cook left Estacada for
took the oath o f office last week,
Gresham in his Ford Tuesday after­
being sworn in by F. G. Duncan, re­
noon. As he was climbing the Am*
corder. The retiring mayor is F. L. R. S. S M I T H IS N O B L E G R A N D ; mersacker hill, he discovered that he
Proctor. Officials re-elected, taking
did not have enough gas, so he be­
their seats again, are C. O. Duke,
gan to turn around to go back. The
treasurer, W. G. Duncan, recorder,
clutch failed to work as he was back­
John Maronay, Glenn and Carl
ing up and he went over a 15-foot
Loundree, councilmen.
Sandy I. O. O. F. and Rebekah embankment.
lodges jointly installed officers Mon­
He said he had presence of mind
day night, the public being invited. enough to get out from under the
G resh a m Rebe ka hs C om in g
The Gresham Rebekah lodge will The installing officers were V. D. steering wheel, and felt himself turn­
ing over and over, finally landing at
pay the Estacada Rebekahs a visit Butler and Mrs. E. F. Bruns.
The retiring noble grand o f the Re­ the bottom. Although in much pain,
Wednesday evening, January 23, and
exemplify the work. There will be bekahs, Mrs. Oren Ganger, was pre­ he crawled out and up to the road
several candidates for initiation. sented with a gold pin, Mrs. Bruns and started back toward Estacada.
making the presentation. About six
Meeting a man in a car, he sig­
About thirty visitors are expected.
ty-five were present at the ceremo nalled and was brought to Estacada
nial, after which a delicious lunch j where he had an examination made
Ladies A id Meets
was served. The I. O. O. F. lodge . by Dr. W. W. Rhodes. One rib was
The Ladies Aid o f the Estacada
has the distinction o f being on the found broken and he was badly
Christian church met at the home of
honor roll in the state lodge.
Mrs. Frank Whitaker Thursday af­
Rev. Cook is keeping very quiet
Officers installed were— Odd Fel­
lows— R. S. Smith, noble grand; L. at his home and thinks he will be
B. Green, vice grand; A. C. Baum- able to attend to his ministerial du­
Esta cad a W in s F rom C o lto n
back, secretary; Otto Meinig, treas­ ties as pastor of the Methodist church
There was a double header basket­ urer; W. E. Rannow, warden; H. B. of Estacada, next Sunday.
ball game at the high school gymnas­
The top o f the car was badly dam­
Reed, conductor; W. Bosholm, R. S.
ium Tuesday night.
The high
N. G.; L. E. Palmer, L. S. N. G.; R. aged as well as the windshield being
school girls team played the grade
Troyer, R. S. V. G; Bob Edwards, L. broken, otherwise it is all ready to
school boys, with a score o f 39 to S. V. G.; Wm. Ganger, R. S. S .; Mr. go again.
22 in favor o f the grades. In the Klinger, L. S. S .; H. Bruns, O. G .;
game between Estacada high and Melvin Smith, I. G; R. W. Mallery,
S p rin gw a ter C ou p le W e d »
Colton high school, Estacada won by chaplain.
Douglass E. Kiggins, son of J. A.
the score o f 37 to 18.
Rebekahs: Edna Hall, noble grand; Kiggins o f Estacada, secured a mar­
Roberta Williams, vice grand; R. S riage license in Oregon City Tuesday
D a u g h t er B o r n to Shibleys
Hall, secretary; Libbie Hall, treas to marry Miss Evelyn Aycock. Both
At the home o f Mr. and Mrs. Roy urer; Tennis Ganger, R. S. N. G.; are residents o f the Springwater dis­
E. Beck, just south o f Estacada, on Blanche Shelley, L. S. N. B.; Mrs. trict.
January 16, a 6% pound girl was Bosholm, R. S. V. G .; Hazel Murray,
Guests o f Mrs. Hansen
born to Mr. and Mrs. Everet Shibley. L. S. V. G .; Arleigh Kammerer, con­
A. Hansen and baby o f Port­
Grandma and Grandpa Beck are car­ ductress; Mabel Beers, warden; A.
rying their new honors very grace­ H. Klinger, I. G .; Lewis Hall, O. G .; land were guests of Mrs. Minnie Han­
sen of Estacada a couple of days
Ella Baumback, chaplain; Mildred
this week.
Gray, musician.
At the annual meeting of the
stockholders of the Clackamas County
Bank at Sandy, the following officers
were re-elected: W. A. Proctor,
president^ J. G. Sleret, vice presi­
dent; Fred L. Proctor, cashier, and
Cecil O. Duke, assistant cashier.
The board o f directors consists of
W. A. Proctor, J. G. Sleret, and Cecil
O. Duke, W. A. Proctor being presi­
dent o f the board.
The bank officers report that busi­
ness was good during 1928, there be­
ing an increase in deposits o f over
$50,000, and their statement o f De­
cember 31, shows total resources of
The stockholders o f Clackamas
Bank are W. A. Proctor,
county commissioner, J. G. Sleret,
Fred L. Proctor, Cecil O. Duke and
John Straus. The bank is 100 per
cent owned by the above named
stockholders, and is not allied in any
manner with any other bank, and is
not a member of any chain or ban-
corporation, it being strictly an inde­
pendent bank operated to care for the
banking needs o f Eastern Clackamas
and Multnomah counties.
Homer Oilar, killed January 9, at
Alsea while helping his uncle, S. R.
McWillis, fall a tree, was born at
Oregon City, April 18, 1906. He is
survived by several aunts and uncles
— Mrs. W. H. Mersinger was his fos­
ter mother since Homer was two
years old. Homer played drums for
four years in Sandy union high
school band, and was called an ideal
student by his teachers. The high
school sent flowers to Hood River,
where Homer was buried.
The debate squad o f the Estacada
high school, under the supervision
A special meeting o f the Carl
o f Miss Samuelson, has started work
post of the American Le­
on their debate. The question in the
county debate this year is ’’ Resolved, gion was held Wednesday evening
That the present widespread practice j for the purpose o f making plans for
o f installment buying is an unfor­ entertaing the visitors at the district
tunate development, morally and eco­ conference to be held in Estacada on
Mr*. P erret Entertains
nomically. Members o f the team are ; Friday, January 25. The state o ffi­
Henry Perret was hostess on
Blanche Armstrong, Bob Hayden.
Carl Felker. Everett Stahlnecker, Lo­ ning Ben Fisher, commander of the Monday night to the Sandy Embroi­
retta Wallace, Geraldine Connelly, Legion, department o f Oregon, will dery club. Those present were Mrs.
Perret, Mrs. A. Dahrens, Mrs. Yost,
Ruby Webber and Claude Shriner.
The committee in charge o f the Mrs. Lundy, Mrs. McGinnis, Mrs. F.
arrangements for feeding the guests, L. Proctor, Mrs. Annie Glockner,
composed of J. C. Moreland, Walacle Mrs. Sharnke, Gladys Strowbridge,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Novak shopped Smith and C. Rex Parks, plan to Amanda and Ruth Perret and Mrs.
in the city Saturday, and also called have the “ eats” at the Estacada ho­ H. Schneider. Mrs. Proctor will en­
at the Henry Herman home to see tel. Funds were appropriated by the tertain next Monday night. Every­
Grandma Krebs, who is bedfast and post for special entertainment fea­ one is welcome to come to the club
no better.
tures for the evening.
The following prominent local
Girl Scouts O r g a n is e at Sandy
young men survived the ordeal o f rid­
ing the I. O. O. F. goat last week:
Mrs. Cecelia Brown began the or-
J. T. Haneberg, Glenn and Carl
ganization o f two Girl Scout groups
W. F. Cary made a business trip at Sandy last week, one a high school
Loundree, Alfred Meinig, Fred Voight
to Tigard Monday, returning Tuesday group. Mrs. Brown is taking special
and George Koch.
Mrs. Meranda (Catherine Mutch- evening.
training at Central library, Portland,
ler) and baby Mary, after visiting
Miss Eleanor Hedgecock o f Port­ in the work, and at a meeting o f the
at the home of the N. Schmitz family land spent the week end with her girls next Monday night at the home
for a week, have gone back to La friend. Miss Lavena Grabeel, in Es- o f Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Bruns, will
| tacada.
complete the organization.
T O M E E T J A N U A R Y 27
Pioneers of the county are invited
Preparations for launching the
to meet for an all day session in Blue Ribbon health roll are under
Sandy on Sunday, January 27, at the
way in the public schools of Esta­
Grange hall. Bring your lunch.
Material for the project has been
M ert ing ers R eturn F rom Alsea
delivered to W. E. Buell, principal of
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mersenger re­ Estacada schools, and the charts nec­
turned a few days ago from their sad i essary for enrollment are available
trip to Alsea and Hood River where for all those who desire to become
they laid their loved son to rest, many blue ribbon winners.
sympathizing friends being present at
Arrangements have been made for
the final rites. Homer’s school mates examination by the local physician,
and teachers at Sandy were also sad­ Dr. W. VVr. Gilbert, for the sum o f $1.
dened by the tragic event.
This is a small sum for the type of
examination given, which ordinarily
W a d e Im prov ing
be several times that amount.
The examination is the first step
W. H. Wade has recovered from
the flu so that he is able to be out and is absolutely necessary before
the child is eligible for enrollment.
on the streets again.
If the child is unable to pay any fee
all then he may have the benefit
of the services of the county physi­
Estacada Lodge No. 175 I. O. O.
cian but wherever possible the family
F. went to -Clackamas Monday after­
doctor must be seen.
noon to assist in the burial o f one
If there are corrections to be made
o f their members, John Talbot, who
such as diseased tonsils, bad teeth,
died in an Oregon City hospital Fri­
poor posture, defective eyes, or any
day night with pneumonia. He was
o f the defects listed on the examina­
a charter member of the Odil Fellows
tion chart the corrections should be
lodge o f Estacada.
made as soon as possible to enable the
child to be in the best physical condi­
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Armstrong tion by the time the awards are made
moved Tuesday to the residence re on Child Health day in May, when the
cently purchased of Roy Wilcox, in the blue ribbons will be given and
the northwest part o f the city.
the three months course o f health
chores, the charts for which are fur­
nished for those having the physical
examination, have been complied
All the material for this project
will be furnished by the Clackamas
The Glee clubs of Estacada High County Public Health association
school have commenced work on the with funds collected in the Christmas
operetta they plan to give this com­ seal sale. These funds are used for
ing sprin.
“ Hulda o f Holland” is purpose o f health education and all
the name o f the play selected. The money collected is at once re-invested
principal characters are Claude Lan­ for this purpose.
kins, Fred Ruell, Ruby Bates, Erma
A county-wide parade will be held
Wilcox, Robert Marchbank, Evelyn in Oregon City on May 4, and an all
Myers, Howard Fifer Bob Hayden. day celebration will take place. AJ|I
Herbert Fifer Janies Beck and Wal­ children will be invited to march and
ter Smith.
prizes will be given the schools mak­
Other members of the Glee club- ing the best improvement.
take part in the choruses. Carl Fel l Already
two thousand
ker has been chosen as advertising charts have been requested by the
manager and Ernest Douglass as pro teachers in the county. Of course,
perty manager. Miss Noble, head of not all o f these will be used for en­
the costuming committee, will have rollment, but many will be, and it is
the sewing class make most of the to be hoped that great benefit to
costumes and Mr. Klia-sen will have those who enroll will result.
charge o f the scenery.
If further information is desired,
consult Mr. Buell, or write Mrs. Ger­
trude E. Hall, executive secretary of
the Clackamas County Health asso­
The local Camp Fire girls will ciation, 16 Hogg Building, Oregon
have a benefit picture show at the City.
j Liberty Theatre, Tuesday, January
Epplett, who is occupying a
1 22. Jackie Coogan will be the at­
traction, and there will also be a cottage in Estacada park, took a
good comedy. Besides this the girls vacation last week and visited rela­
tives in Portland.
1 will have a short program.