Clackamas County news. (Estacada, Or.) 1928-1957, January 04, 1929, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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    P CE J"O
the Moon-Fi a t
hn l(•<'••i\t•d from R1•,·,
llallu1·~ . •h 11, ( hin ,
till' f,. fl< ,, JllK IPtt,·1 , 11nd1•1 dnt, • of
, o"• 111ht·I' :!7, J!t.! :
JI. 1;
t ',
tt •
I• tt ~ 1 f1oni
tht• 'liott"111 id1• of tl,1• w,n Id.'
ma~ I,,, of 1nt1•r1 t t11 tlw 11•adt•1
}oU J 11111 t 1•xl'dl t•11t JJUJ)cr.
"\\' c
hu,·l• n• c1•11tly hud o111• ,,f
('hu 11 • d,i.,f ho lida~ .
1·01 111111 ;,
tha n a n·(•k I not11ed i us of it
l'om 111 ,.
( ;reat t,,tk ot . J, wn1"1k1•
in Ju , 1 .d,tl} rnlorl'd
sho" n in nia11v s toH· .
B<'aut1fu l
!ant, 1 n \l•r<• ••en , lung lw t1t•l'l .
l•:v,·rylh111g , .. a in s udt
Sl} /1· it
mad 1• 11111• thin I of a 1·onii11" C'brist
1nu . ll '"' tlu• Chin, " \1111,11 ft-at
,rnd \lid .\1111111111 I, · ti d
111 t h,-i,
t',•a t11w 1t 1 ,-,·allt·d 11111 J'hank •11 i1w
e 111111111111111111u111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111,, 11111111
Ob r
\\ )nt II
I t L, · 11,, ,t. 1,l,
d ·,,ti, het I. •
111.11d and 1111 tht• \\' udd and flt:d to . . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
the 111ou n. On tl11 15th th real
tory of \\h ~ hP I It'd i actl'd ou t
111 ti,, l0111-: thratrinil pla} altP11ded
liy thronv; ,,f JH•opll'.
In 11111·1ent
on tht• o f th1• th 1111111th
\,h,· 11 lht v 1,ut·nt'd tbt in(·(Jn t.• IJ 1. hel
t i' · wi•Pt frngrniu·p would I " hi h
up tu th, , 11111011 1-:udd,' • Slw took
i,lt·n 11 11' tn it • nd munifr•tl'd hl•i· ap
I I,
t 'd
J>l'O\'U y ,·on11ng near c111t :.n< rt •
ing- 011 a l'loud an d pco1,l • could see
her t l'Hutiful fa cc.
But now nH•11· hearts have lH·1·ome
111l'k1·d, and tlw world is full of s m,
so tht> in<·t•n ·t• t!--. not so pure u ... or
11rn1t•1 l~ and it doPs not r ise :o high
.1 t11 n•ad, th1• g-11dd1•., in h,•1 pal -
ate and so, n"t 1•nj11ying- it frait1,1nc1•
h,· 1·111111
no 1111, n• on ltH' 11 .. 11ds;
but 1•••11pll- t ill oft',,, 1111·11, •· ;1111
lu,JH' hp ,1 ill ap11<•a1· .. 1111•111111
Th , y ay tha t rn the moon t his
Tlw ('him·. I' 16th of tile th m1>nth goddc,s hn · a
b ,- autiful
i, t',dkd "Tuong T u
\liddll' Au - ,·:t. tll'. It is l'Ulled the Ym h h. oo ug
tumn. On th,1t day llwy han• thcut- - 111011n palal'I' . Only one hu1 ,utn has
1 ieul h<•fon• all thP rod in tht• lt•n1• t•vttr l'('n it glol'ic:i
Once , during
pl1• llld ltur11 thr• Shau11g-t1•0- in - t h,• ll 11 nit ll yna t y , a t'hines ki ng,
l'l'n , l,u. h,·l. Th is l, ush1·l-lik,• 1111·a8- c•,lilrd :\ling W ong, by the magic of
un• 1s 111ad1· of i111·1•11se til-k . Thi' ,1 holy monk, wus enahl<•d to mou nt
la1·g1• t " liu h1•l~ " so11H·li11u.' · measure np from th,• !'llrth to the moon ens-
as 1,1 u·h a ; :.!O fed in dianH'ter.
tll' tu lll'ar lhl' mu ~ic and . e' its
111 the 11rnldl,· uf th1• 1,u hcl i-1 11 lwauty. Ile was allowi•d to s t " nd
Ion • ' largl' 11,·k of 1111·1·11 ,, 1111ult• up out ulf' fcu · 11nl} a ver~ f<!w m,1mc•nts.
of th11u nd ol thi11 i11n·11 ,, lick Br th at tinw th e goddl's~ kn• •w t h11 t
tht• 11.e of H•rmH·1•1li. On th1• :, ft1•1·- t lrn king of man was l h ne. ,' t• was
noon and ui.-1,t of lhi • du.~ l',H·h l'u111 - v,·iy angry at t h e 1111111 k · f or I <•ac I mg
h O I I d
Jiu ul II hu111 an i111·t•11s1• !tu hcl at
•• kmg
Y nn ·
h o1111•. Th, l' a1 e s111all,•1· than the frolll l '-' l'IISl e t'ame 1110st unp eusan
t one burnl'II in the ti,mpl,·. Un th1 sounds.
The monk understood that
t t h
• · ·
day thl'y who t'lln so afford eat moon it wa.· t h ' queens g1vmg ven o er
· kl I d th k'
cake. und all kind of nice thing . wrul h ant I h e q ui c Y e
e ·mg
back to earth.
The inct•ns" bu slwl is decorat1•d
You ra n thu see i1ow full of ~u per-
with fl .II{ ,,nd 11111ny l'Olor •d dragon
tit wn tht• <'hinese are anrl h ow much
gulf., , . omPthin a. chi ldnn at home
put candll'. on t lwi r bnthday t'llkes; they nl'rd the go·pel and Jesus hrist
hut thl• ehildl'en 111 ( 'hi11t, tale the tha t thry may see the re al King in
fla)! and dravon •aft'
dt•l"ol'lltion . ll is beauty and liv, forPv1,r in H is
fi- 0111 tht• buslwl lll'fon• it is burnt, glol'iou~ pala cP on l11gh. lt's a joy t o
and ha, t• gn•at d, •lighl in play111j!' tl'ad1 Chines!' l'h1ldr<•n of Jesus and
with lit •(', 111 ~t1d1i 11 H up :• ud du\\11 t}u· lli s salrntio 11 whill' young.
H, 1·. II <: . ('. Hi\LLOl'K.
>lr<•1•l '.
ELWOO D, Jan. 3.-(.'prcial).-
The recent . torm did con iderable
damal{ to telephon line and fruit
tree in this vicinity.
Guel nt the . lntt Park hornr 7in
~hristrna day were I r. nn<l 1'trij. El •
bert lln rris and l'hildrt n und Ed .
John on of Colton and U. N . Beckley,
L 1
ox returned to hi. work in
Or ~o·n . ' ity \V ednesday.
£. J . S 'ckler of B, ttl,. • x t Inn
ha~ b en down with n ttack of th
flu nd w
b rely able to get round
ln;t week end while the winter s ports
I crowd. were around .
L. L Phn!ield has been very ill from
flu, and wn . deliriou pa rt o f the
lie ha<l a relnp c but i:i out, -
though not very trong.
"Grn11dm11" Krebs was very hai, py
('hri tma · time with seve n of her
11·lh1·eilndractnhnonn1de.m0Astt tohfehehr1·g1·srtn1nnads cdh,.inl- -
F . N. ' adonau of Estacada wa a n r 33 \\ere with her, the hou e b e ing
business visitor tn Elwood .'atu rd8 Y· filled. l\lrs. Krebs is very poorly, h er
L. ' Vallen butchered hog for diabetic trouble keeping her in bed
Dan .'tnhlneck~r Tuesday.
111uch of the time.
• fr. and ;\h~. Donald . ' l•l. un \\ere
i\fr. and l\lrs. A . . Baum back have
diniw1· guegts nt the latl l'arf home as guests fur a month, th e former's
broth er and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Wm .
fh•ba 11 11 <1 Jimmil• Spitlt•r \\Pnt to llau111l.H1d, of Ill inois, also the latter's
.'t. 11 1, frn s to s prnd thl· h11l11l11ys ,1ith
1111 ,ind 1\ift•.
Thl'y ure l'njoying
lheir motlwr.
1h1•ir flrsl visil lo Oregon.
' harlie J\Jl'ilik e and A. Bullock
motored oul from Oregon City on
Mr. and Mrs. Otis \'alien a nd
daughter 1ary w £•re gue~t~ at. the
Lorenzo Wilso n h ome on Christmas.
William Bittner, and his u ncle ,
George Bittner, and l\lrs. Louis Val-
len, were Oregon City visitors Sat-
Lillian Shumachcr is spl'ndi ng th
holida ys at her home in P ortla n d.
A real , livl' tramp has bee n an-
noying Elwood people the past week ,
"bumming" meals fr om the peaceful
inhabitants, and sleeping, goodness
Thuroda y and Friday, Januar " 3
Th roma n tic sugg 3tio ns of th,• old ong wovrn into a thun-
dering epic o f human life. Abo 1\111th t-:1Ji od(• of "Thi• ;\I rk
of th l' F'roic.''
Saturday (on ly ) January 5-
"Stirring, red-blooded sen dra ma, sugges ll•cl by the Jack Lonch n
story, "W hite und Yellow," with Dorothy !,;ebustiun und ~Ion-
tagu Love.
omedy, "Toodles."
- =
Sunday and Monday, January 6 and 7-
Ride wilh the ('ossacks; galloping, galloping, g .1 1lopim:! lloofs
poundi ng over lhe frozen ground to the v1 •ry door of the p ·• lnc,•.
\\ ith F'loren~e Vidor, Lewi s !:itone and Neil llam1lt on. Also
Patht' Nrws rl'l'l.
W edn eo day (only) January 9-
MARIE PREVO ST'S F'ine st Picture
Mr. und !rs. aspar Junker enter-
tained at Christmas dinn er the Frank
Sc hmitz family, t he Lester linefel-
tl'rs and H enry Junker.
A satirical co med y drama , w ith a most brilliant s upporting cns t,
h eaded by ullen Land es. Comedy, "Spooks !,;poo fy.''
Poison oak not adjacent to valua-
ble plants may be d estroyed by ap- "'
plic ation of 1 1-2 to 2 pounds of snit
on each square foot of so il about the
Thur,day and Friday, January 10 and 11 -
A daramn of gangsters, gunpowder and throbbin human hearts
The "i n side" of New York po lice methods. Also Tenth und
Inst episode of "The Mark of the Frog." Don't miss it. \\'h o 's
the Frog?
pla nts to a distance of t wo feet. A
slro ng solution of arse n it may also
bl' used, says the Oregon State Agri-
Adrrii sion: Adults, 2-5c; Childr n und er 14, 10c _
cultural co ll ege experiment statio n ,
but either of these materials may kill i , 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 11111111111111 1111111111111111 111111111111111111::
other plants if drainage from the
treated area flows n ea r them .
knows where, nt ·night.
\\' •' ve re-
ported him to the Oregon City au-
aponizing o f chic kens is a very
thorities, and also to Estacada, but
o ld prac tic e and has been used for
h e isn't apt to find it out.
centuries by th e people of Europe.
It was introduced from Europe into
the United States in r ecent times.
Dahlias and cnnnas are stored un-
Lillian Gish-ethC'ren l and bea uti- dcr t he same co nditions that keep
ful-in t h e stern setting of the wars potatoes sn tisfactori ly. They are
of Higlan d clans-in the majestic t horough ly dried before sto ring. This
splendors of ancient Scottish castfes is clone by spreadi ng them out in n
Sandy, Oregon
- in setti ngs that blend thP lej:!'encl dl'y, airy pluce after d igging. The
and roman ce of Scollancl with tho danger of losing ca nnas is lessr ncd
1 a s kt•d Lh t: ( hin1 • t• why tl11•y l1t1111
gl'im detnils of its turbulent history-
1f th(•y u ri, sto 1·('(f in boxes o f dry
the 1111"<'11. 1• l,ush, ls and !'al llw 111111111 -
t hi s is the Lillian Gish of "An n i!' sand.
;: llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llll llllll ll llllll l lllllllll l llllll l:'._
1·al t• , and ,1111'. h ip th1• 1111Hlll with, ·111 -
At l' lni ,tma dinnN ~I r . and i\trs. Laurie," latest ve h icle of the famou s
dlt· , im·<•n 1· and t'1111 d 1111 thi 1hy . . I. c:. l!1•!-. ha z1• 1· t•ntel'tained their star, playing nt t he Li berty, Esta-
Egg eati ng is a bad habit o f h ens
Th ,-y 1111 ~,1,•n•d I ha t tht•re a,.,. 11,a ny d11ldl'l't1 and "rnnd children, 2:; he- cade, the lust times tonight.
and is hard to cure, W he n the y have _ WE HANDLE KERR'S FEEDS FOR THIS RE ASON :-
We believe Kerr'• Feed, 1ive the perso n who buy, them
1·eu on, for il and 111a11~· s tor ies an• 111g s l'ated at the \\l.'ll filled table .
It is II gigantic sto 1·y of human once obtained the tuste they n ot only
the moot for the dollar. Thi, choi ce w as m a de after year'•
told about it. OnP of th,• reasons is (:rant, i\ltu and Florence were nil so uls; a romance of love as great n; destroy a nd eat their own eggs, but
of experience in Dairy and Poultry Feed, .
h1•c-au,1• th1•r<• 1s a lady-god 111 the homl' frnm coll1•ge, the Ray H anse ns t h e huge setti ngs in which the story ofte n all oth e r eggs t h l'y find . The - Come in and we will explain further and will gladly help yo u solve -
moon . I lt•r na111c i. Zaung-111w . .'ht• w1•n• down from Alder creek and is told; it is n h istoric drama that habit is ea il y sp r ead and one h e n
your feed probl ems.
is stlld lo be •x,·u•dingly l,n111tiful. ~Ir. and :\Ir,. \\'i ll Bell, Mrs. \'iola eclipses anything of the kind seen in might be the re ult of n loss of co n -
F ro111 lht• hl'ginning of t1111e lo lht• lll'nning and t h e \\' ill and C'hurles years-all the more wonderful be- s iderable eggs eac h wee k. Eggs filled - Phone 601
E,tac a da , Oregon
.-1111 tht•rt• 11,·n•r was nor will h,· one l 'pdegra\' c families were prl'sent.
cause it deals with t1 people n ever be- with mustard or o ther bad tasting
II II ll ll Ill l l Ill ll ll ll ll II ll II II l l II l ll l II l Ill l I II l I I I II I I I I II ll II Ill l I I II I Ill I I I Ill I I I I I I II l ll ll I ll I I !!
fore seen on the screen.
materia l are someti mes used to check
The ancient cots, with t heir court t h is vice with more or le s resu lts.
, intrigues-thei r implacable clan war- In many cases the hatchet method THE NEW
, Care, a n d their d elicate sen tim ent un- is the only method that will stop this
: de rl ying the ever-present lust fo r bat- expensive habit.
Nests which are
: tie-these are reproduced with start- not secluded and dark might be a ~ 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1:!
: ling fidelity in the big spectacle.
starting point.
Famous old castles, including hi s-
: toric Maxwelton, were reproduced .
Apples fed to s wine will not, Dr.
: Hordes of kilted warriors struggle ; B. T. imms of the Oregon experi-
: gnily caparisoned courtiers in the me nt sta tion beli eves, cause a break-
, king's antechamber plot unto ld vii- ing out on the s kin , as a co rrespon -
ies, power tubes a nd other alternlions or repairs
: lainy-and through it runs the glor- den t see ms to think. The eruption
Any kind of a ,et rebuilt
: ious story of the love of Annie Lau rie asked a bout loo ks like hives, and ap-
: and Ian MncDonnld- n lov~
t hat peare d on a so w that had been fed
NO CHARGE- No charge will be made if satisfac•
, changed th e cour e of history, cen- rather heavily on apples. The trou-
tory results are not obtained.
: turies ago, and unified the Scottish ble a s described see ms more like
natio n.
mange, Dr. Simms thinks.
Norman K erry is seen as lhe hero
of the rnmnntic s pectacle; a fighting
Mrs. Vera l\litch ell of Kansas City.
romunticist. B ohart Bosworth is th e fell 100 feet over n cliff and suf-
Phone 5-1, The ews Office
E tacada
grim " Wolf of Glencoe," th P impla fered o nly a few bruises.
111111111111 tt
cabl old chief of the men of Glen -
coe. Brandon H urst is the villainous
Breadalbane and Creighton Il nle thr
11111111111111111 I I II I I I I I I I I I I I IIU II I I I I I I II I II I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I II II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 111111111111111
treacherous Donald. David Torrence ,
Russ~•ll .'impso n , l'nlricin Avery, Jo -
seph ' triker und other well known
players are ideally cast under t h e di-
rection o f John . Robertso n.
The sto ry is based o n actual his-
to r y urrounding the Glencoe massa-
Pl•sol\'P to kel'P a n•cord of v ry d l-
cre, wh n the Campbells and the
l\IacDonalds struggled for upremacy
iar durinl!,' Ul:2~1 and clt.'tH>::-it all your
in one of the strange conflicts in all
i11eomi11 1• fund-; in a Che ·king ccount
history. Josephine Lov tt, the au -
thor, utili zed this gigantic episode in
at the ( 'lackama · Count~ Bank- and
history as the background for a tir-
ring drama that might almost be
il' ,\ our out -going funds UL' in ch 1 -ks
cla ed the film e pic of Scotland.
A f E
, ,
, , ,
, , ,
, , ,
, , ,
, ,
Large Stock of
, ,
Fresh and S1noked
, , ,
Estacada Meat Co.
, '
, , , '
- -
- - = SEE IT!
- - -
- -
dra ,, n upon that a ·cotmt.
h •tlpr ~y,.;t,, matizl•<I by the ac 'urate r c-
on!, thu~ h'pt, of
r.> dolhr.
'o. 3
- =
of Chevrolet History
In th Circuit ourt of th
t ale of
Oregon for the ounty of Clack-
In t h e ma ter of th1• tute of Fran -
ce T . tockton, deceas d.
otice i hereby a-iven that W . L .
• to kto n , a
admin i tr tor of th
e tate of F ra n c
T . tockton, d •
cea ed. h
fil d hi final account
uch dmini trator with th cir-
l'Uit court of the stat of rep:on, for
the co unty of
lackama , nd that
:\Ionday, th
th day of F bruary,
I :rn, at th hour of !J :3 0 o'clock
nd the t'ourtroom of thL cou ,
he n fi rd a. th<' tinw nd pl c '
for the h ring 11! nhj c ion t ,1 ,aid
fina l ccount nd the
~ttlem nt
ther of.
- -
- - -
The Outstanding Chevrolet
Not ice of Final A ccount
You'll find your , ,wing ancl spcn ling
- =
Earl H. DeClark
A Rec rd of Every Dollar
Radio Repairs and Alterations
, , ,
Logan Chevrolet
11th and
tr et
r gon
TJllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll'. !i-1