Clackamas County news. (Estacada, Or.) 1928-1957, September 21, 1928, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Clackamas County News
P ra c tica lly e v ery th in g w as sold at
the R. T ro y e r sale S a tu rd a y th a t was
A quiet wedding took place at the adv ertised in the News, and a t sa tis­
Springwater church W'ednesday eve­ fa cto ry prices, the g ra in going at
ti. E. PA R K S, E d ito r and P ublisher
C. REX PA RK S, Advertising Manager
ning when Miss Alberta Cromer, a the re g u la r m ark et price.
MRS. J. M. ('. M ILLER, S andy News E d ito r
as second class matter.
In C lackam as C ounty, one y ear, $1.50; O utside th e county a n d in th e sta te
o f O regon, one year, $2.00; O utside th e s ta te of O regon, one year,
$2.50. F o reig n , $2.00 per y ear. S ubscription» a re puyable in advance.
Eastern Clackamas county roads are being ¿)ut in
good shape for the winter. The different road districts
and the county have spent a large sum in repair work and
in building new roads during the last few months.
No on« thing can speed up the development of this
great country more than good roads. Scenic drives are
enjoyed by all, but the roads that make it possible for
farmers to get in and out—to market their products—
means far more to the county as a whole.
One road proposition that means more, possibly,
than any other to this immediate section is the Colton-
Springwater highway. O. M. Plummer, manager of the
Pacific International Livestock exposition, recognized
this fact and made mention of it in an ad he paid for in
the Springwater fair book. The Molalla Pioneer last
week, speaking of this highway, says:
“There is one main project which should come in
attention at once. That is the Colton-Springwater road.
This is one of the biggest county projects. This involves
he opening of a short piece of new road between Colton
and Springwater. This will open a highway which will
connect the east and south ends of Clackamas county and
unlock unlimited resources now tied up on account of
having no transportation.
The right-of-way has been purchased and the clear­
ing done. There is approximately $10,000 set aside for
special work in the districts most concerned.
“Arrangements should be made now for putting the
steam shovel at w ork early next spring and keep it going
until the whole new grade is made.
“H. C. Stephens of Estacada is chairman of a com­
mittee composed of citizens all along the line. It would
be a good plan to call a meeting at once and get after this
project for next summer's work.”
-------- 0 O 0 ---------
A farmer residing in Orange county, Kansas, writes
to the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce: “I am trying
to sell my property here—165 acres. I may not get to
come out there before next summer or fall, but I am com­
ing. The one clause, ‘No Cyclones or Destructive Storms’
is bringing me. I lost over $4,000 in a cyclone here July
16, last year. Everything I had was destroyed in three
or four minutes.”
The only reason there are not thousands of other
folks in the Pacific Northwest is because they do not know
of the w’onderful climate, soil and opportunities. It is
only a matter of a few years until the population of this
section wdll be several times what it is today. Real estate
values will mount as the country is developed. No better
investment can be made than Oregon real estate.
-------- oOo---------
Those who attended the Springwater fair last week
have a better idea than ever of the productiveness of the
soil of this section, and the progressiveness of the people
of Springwater community. The county fair is bigger,
but no better. The News is pleased to congratulate the
Springwater folks, and also hopes that their example wdll
be followed by other communities of the county next year.
The income from one acre of strawberries in the
Dover section this year was more than the total income
from many an entire farm in one southern state, according
to a visitor here last week. And there are thousands and
thousands of acres in the county that will in time produce
as much as the Dover people produced—land that is now’
producing nothing.
-------- oOo---------
A Pennsylvania paper relates, in connection with a
larceny trial that “the accused came from very good peo­
ple and was drunk when he came.”
-------- oOo---------
North Dakota has a law requiring the Ten Command­
be posted in every school room.
----------- oOo------------
A community auction sale is suggested to be held in
Sandy at some near future date. The News will list any
articles that may be offered for sale. If there is sufficient
property offered, it can be held at an early date.
-M ulinim i n i ii i ii iiiiH H iiiin iin n in n iin i m m u m im
6 0 <*
Good Old Fashioned
charming young lady of the Spring-
neighborhood, and Arthue
Notice for Publication
York, a young farmer of Antelope, D epartm ent- o f th e In te rio r. U. S.
L and office a t K oseburg, O regon,
were married by the Rev. T. I. Kirk­
tem b er 12, 1928.
wood, with only close relatives pres-1 S N ep
otice is hereby given th a t A lbert
ent. But if the wedding was quiet) Adlon, o f E stac ad a O regon, who, on
the crowd which gathered at the D ecem ber 12. 1923, m ade ad joining
hd. e n try (w as P o rtlan d No.
Frank Wheeler home, where the 0 farm
7 5 0 8 ), No. 017230, fo r NW V*
young couple were spending the eve­ N W ’, i , sec. 11, tow nship 4 S., range
ning, was anything but quiet as they 5 cast, W illam ette m eridian, has filed
crowded in on them with guns roar­ notice o f in ten tio n to m ake th re e
y e ar proof, to establish claim to thc
ing and bells and tin pans ringing, ir iand above described, b efo re Donald
6 0 <*
60 C
an old fashioned charivari, taking the J. R yan, county clerk and clerk o í
couple entirely by surprise before the c o u n ty c o u rt o f C lackam as coun­
O regon, a t O regon C ity, O regon,
they could slip away as they had ty,
on the 2 9th day o f O ctober, 1928.
hoped to do. After wishing the hap­
C laim an t nam es as w itnesses:
G eorge G. Cook, W. H. D w yer
py couple the best of good luck and
e n , all of R oute 1, E sta
enjoying the refreshments provided, cada, L O aiten
regon, and O scar N oren, E,
the company went to their homes, G rand and Clay S tre e ts, P o rtlan d ,
Mr. and Mrs. York are spending a O regon.
You will be delighted with our laundry and cleaning
few days at the beach and then ex­ Non-coal RO BERT E. CRAW FO RD
s21 o !9 ______________A ctin g R egister
pect to go to Bend for a time. Their
work. We call Wednesday and Saturday
future plans were not fully decided.
N o tic e f o r P u b l i c a t i o n
of each week.
Mrs. O. J. Skaggs has been visiting D ep artm en t o f the In te rio r, U. S.
L and o ffice a t R oseburg, O regon
her daughter and family at Vancou­
S ep tem b er 12, 1928.
ver, Wash., for a week.
N otice is hereby given th a t George
Mrs. Rose Wilcox was down from G. Cook, of E stac ad a , O regon, who,
on D ecem ber 27, 1923, m ade hd. e n ­
Antelope to visit her patents, Mr. try
a d jo in in g fa rm (w as P o rtlan d No.
and Mrs. Ed. Closner for a couple; 07413), No. 017203, fo r SW >/* S E U .
section 3, tow nship 4 S., ra n g e 5 E.
of days last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cromer and W illam ette m eridian, has filed notice
of in te n tio n m ake th re e y e a r proof
daughter Ruth visited Mrs. Cromer’r to estab lish claim to th e land above . i i i i i i i i i i m i H i i i i i i i i i i m i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i H i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i M H i i i i i i i i i i i i i i m i i i i i i m i i '_
mother, Mrs. Sarah Lewellen, in Or­ described, b efo re D onald J. R yan
county clerk and clerk o f th e county
egon City Sunday.
court o f C lackam as c ounty, O regon
Gilbert Lewellen was down from at O regon C ity, O regon, on th e 29th
Hood River where he is working in day of O ctober, 1928.
E Dividson’s Long Loaf Bread ......................... 14<^ |
C laim ant nam es as w itnesses:
the apple orchards, to spend the
I Holsum Long Loaf Bread......................................1 4 ^ =
A lb e rt A dlon, W. H. D w yer, Emil
week end with hish father, E. E. L aitenen,
all of R oute 1, E stacada, = Gresham Split Loaf, 13c, 2 fo r .............................2 5 £ 1
Ore., and J. P. Johnson, 37 W. Jessu p E C &H Sugar, net cash, 100 lbs....................... $ 6 . 1 0 |
Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson of St,, P o rtlan d , O regon.
RO BERT E. CRA W FO RD E Potatoes, per lb...........................................................2 £ =
Portland spent the week end at the
s21 o !9 ______________A ctin g R egistei I
Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, 3 f o r ............................. 25<^ E
R. S. Guttridge home.
= Raisins, 15-oz. package .......................................1 0 c |
Frank Madden has been spending
N otice for P u b licatio n
the past week with his daughters, D e p artm en t o f th e In te rio r, U. S. 1 Raisins in bulk,
3 lbs. fo r ................................. 2 5 i* §
L and office, a t R oseburg, O regon,
and son in law, Mr. and Mrs. Duncan
I Pride of Waldo Hills Flour.........................$ 1 . 7 5 |
S e p tem b e r 10, 1928.
McDonald at Whiteson.
N otice is h ereby given th a t John = Silver Leaf F lo u r.........................................
$ 1 .8 5 E
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Guttridge enter­ H. Snom y of R oute 1, E stacada, O re.
5 |
who, on M arch 12, 1924, m ade 5 Economy Blend Guaranteed Steel cut Coffee, 3
tained a number of relatives from gon,
hom estead e n try , serial. No. 017239, I
Portland Sunday evening.
fo r th e NVVVi o f SW (4 and SVfe of
Mr. and Mrs. William Bard spent S W ‘,4 o f section 11, tow nship 4 S. = Western Motor Oil, quart................................... 1 5 ^ 1
25c1 |
Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. range 5 E., W illam ette m eridian, hat- E Eastern Motor Oil, quart..........................
filed notice o f in te n tio n to m ake fi­
J. F. Moger.
nal th re e -y e a r p roof, to establish E Gasoline, in your barrel..................................1 8
Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Howell visite* claim to the land above described,
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Van Hoy Sun­ b efo re D onald J. R yan, clerk o f the
These are everyday-prices, not specials.
co u n ty c o u rt of C lackam as county,
day afternoon. Mr. Van Hoy is im O regon, a t O regon C ity, O regon, o r > i i . i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i M i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i H i i i - : -
proving but is not yet able to walk. the 29th day o f O ctober, 1928.
C laim ant nam es as w itnesses:
Mr. and Mrs. George Bridge en­
G eorge Cook, A lb e rt A dlyn, E m i‘
joyed a visit with relatives from L aitnen
and H enry D w yer, a ll o f E s­ J l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l i mi l i l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l v
Portland during the week end.
tac ad a , O regon.
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Howell and
A ctin g R egister
daughters were visiting relatives in N ot coal land
Publish S eptem ber 14 to O ctober I f E We specialize in remedying automobile ills.
No =
Portland Sunday.
N otice fo r P ublication
E matter what ailment your automobile may be suf- |
Miss Maud Madden visited Mr. and
Mrs. J. F. Moger Monday afternoon. D e p artm en t o f th e In te rio r, U. S. E fering from, we can give it a
L and O ffice, R oseburg, O regon,
Mary Lou, Ruth, Ann and Richard
A u g u st 30, 1928.
Guttridge spent Sunday afternoon
N otice is hereby given th a t G eorge
M. B user, o f E stac ad a , O regon, who,
visiting the Van Hoy children.
Published W eekly on F rid ay s a t E stacada-S andy, Clackam as Co., Oregon water
Entered in the postoffice of Estacada, Oregon,
60 ¿
6 0 <*
Linn’s Inn
Wonderful Work
Palace Laundry Man
Auto Repair Department
on S e p tem b e r 21, 1923, m ade hom e­
stead e n try (w as P o rtla n d 07468)
No. 017216, fo r N t4 N W h , & SW U
NW Vi, sec. 31, tw p. 3 S., ra n g e 5 E.,
W illam ette m eridian, has filed notice
of in te n tio n to m ake th re e y e ar
p roof, to establish claim to th e land
above described, b e fo re D onald J.
R yan, co u n ty clerk a n d clerk of the
u n ty c o u rt o f C lackam as county,
in i n t e r n a l M e d ic in e f o r t h e
O re., a t O regon C ity, O regon, on th e
p a s t f i f t e e n year*
9th day o f O ctober, 1928.
C laim an t nam es as w itnesses:
J. C. M oreland, W illiam S h a ffer,
W ill b e e t
J. O. B otkin and A. C. A nderson, all
o f R oute 1, E stacad a, O regon.
T H U R S D A Y , F R I D A Y , S A T U R D A Y Non Coal
s7 o5
R egister.
O c t o b e r 4, 5 a n d 6
Coming to
Dr. Mellenthin
O f f i c e H o u r* : 1 0 e. m. to 4 p. m.
No C h a r g e f o r C o n s u l t a t i o n
Dr. Mellinthin is a regular gradu­
ate in medicine and surgery and is li­
censed by the state of Oregon.
He does not operate for chronic
appendicitis, gall stones, ulcers of
stomach, tonsils or adnoids.
He hag to his credit wonderful re­
sults in diseases of the stomach, liver,
bowels, blood, skin, nerves, heart,
kidney, bladder, bedwetting, catarrh,
weak lungs, rheumatism, sciatica, leg
ulcers and rectal ailments.
Below are the names of a few of
his many satisfied patients in Oregon
who have been treated for one or the
other of the above named causes.
H. H. Blake, Marshfield.
Elmer Booker, Condon.
Thos. Burke, Willamina.
Mrs. M. R. Cooper, Oregon City.
D. G. Horn, Bonanza.
E. M. Hurt, Arlington.
Mrs. George W. Mathes, Ashland.
Remember above date, that con­
sultation on this trip will be free
and that his treatment is different.
Married women must be accom­
panied by their husbands.
Address: 224 Bradbury Bldg., Lor
Angeles, California.
E An auto that is in good condition is a good invest- E
E ment. Let us exxamine your car and price your job. |
| Broadway Garage j
Estacada, Oregon
Patronize The News’ Job Printing Department
Invest in Electric Power
You can actually own an interest in the gigantic power that turns the wheels
of industry in your community. In the factories that make for prosperity—
in the lights you see burning all around.
Portland Electric Power Company $6.00 First Preferred Stock, offered at
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Division Offices at—
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