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    Haaímt (üarlumtaH iCnits
Devoted to the Interests ot Eastern Clackamas County
Mr. Johnson, the postmaster, along
with the Postal Department, »are
sponsoring the idea of better mail
boxes and mail box stands.
They are out taking pictures of the
boxes before they were put into good
condition and after and there is quite
a contrast.
Perhaps you have no­
ticed, when you were out taking that
“Sunday Spin’’ the unsightlyness of
some of the mail boxes, and how
well others looked. Also the differ­
ence it made in the corner or road­
side where they were all found up in
good shape.
The government spends a great deal
of money during the year to get the
mail distributed properly and the
owners of those delapidated boxes
should see to it that his box is stand­
ing up straight and at the right
height. Where there is a number of
boxes all together the owners should
get together and put them on a plank
with a post at each end so that they
will all be the same height and
easy to get to by the Rural Mail car­
rier. This would be inexpensive and
would Improve the looks of many
corners and roaside. It will not only
help your carrier but show the peo­
ple that pass by your mail box that
you not Only appreciate the fact that
the government spends this large sum
of money each year for your bene­
fit but that you are willing to do your
part in helping them to keep it up
and improve it in any way that it
is possible. Mr. Johnson is more
than willing to give you any sugges­
tions and advice in this matter at
any time and is anxious to see every
box standing on a firm foundation
and upright and not leaning away
over to one side and about ready to
fall over and hard to get to. We fee)
sure that if you put your box up in
the proper shape that you will fee
proud every time you go to get your
mail, that your box is not ready to
fall over.
There is a number of tourist tha‘
pass these boxes every year and let
us have them say “that they saw thf
best upkept mail boxes when the;
passed through the state of Oregor
and especially the Er stern part ot
Clackamas County."
Mr. Johnson wishes to state for
your own infevmation that the box
should bo four feet in height and
leaning just a trifle to the road so
that the carrier can drive up and
see into the box quickly and easily
He also expects to send in his re­
port in the next three weeks and ir
endeavoring to have the best repori
for the state of Orogon. The roads
on the the routes are said to be ir
exceptionally good condBion due tc
the fact that the road trustees are
putting forth their best efforts to
bring this ahout.
In connection with the neighbor­
hood f)rug Store 4 program, KGW,
Friday evening 7:30 to 8:00 o'clock
(this Will go on the air)
Medford— Palmer Investment Cor­
poration of Chicago will build $50,-
000 fruit plant. Oregon will receive
$44,242 federal forest fire fighting
funds this year.
Rend— Great Crooked River high­
way bridge, 350 feet high, dedicated.
St. Helena— June postal receipts,
$11,372, are 0 per cent over June,
St. Helens— Exceptional hay crop
being harvested here.
St. Helens— Three new buildings
will be erected for county fair.
Eugene— Work begins on $35,000
Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house
Forest Grove— New Oregon Tele­
phone office building nears comple­
Salem— Quarterly postal receipts
are 18 per ceent above last year’s.
Klamath Falls— Labor unions buy
$7,000 site for $40,000 tabor temple.
West Linn— Union high school be­
ing remodeled at cost of $15,000.
Seaside— Work will begin at once
on new $25,000 west side water sys­
Wallowa— O. W. R. & N. Railroad
improving 24 miles of track,
Gardiner— Old planked treet beeing
filled and graveled.
Newberg— Spaulding Pulp & Paper
Company mill will soon be in opera­
Marshfield— Heavy demand made
for Oregon Myrtle wood for furni-
Bandon— City will vote August 15
on selling electric plant for $120,000.
Portland— Libby-McNeill & Libby
fruit plant starts with 700 employes,
and will employ 2,000 at capacity.
Klamath Falls— Californai-Oregon
’ower Company will build $40,000
Klamath Falls— Weyerhaeuser Co.
will rush plana for great pine mill,
Recdsport— Bridge to be built at
winchester Bay, for Roosevelt High­
Central Oregon wheat promises a
ccord yield this year.
La Grande— Roesch Hotel, now
ruilding, will be eight stories high.
Madras— Grain expected to aver­
age 30 bushels per acre.
Medford— Alluvial Mines Company
it Prospect, incorporated with $100,
Klamath County inspectors find not
’ singlee case of bovine tuberculosis.
Eugene— Guaranty Oil Company
trikes heavy gas flow in Well No. 1.
Ashiand— Local cherry crop great­
ly exceeds early estimates.
Grants Pass— Famous Greenback
nine sold to Los Angeles buyers.
Medford— E. W, J. Hearty of New
York, pays $10l),000 for Medford
a u it plant.
Hillsboro— District will spend $5,-
100 on South Side grade School.
Graet Northern lets 45-mile con­
tract from Shelvin-Hixon logging
oad to S. P. line at Chemault, to op­
en Bend-Klamath Falls line th's year.
Portland— Tennent Casting Com­
pany will establish plant here.
Klamath Falls building since Janu­
ary 1 totals $923,286.
Albany— First car of barley from
1927 crop is shipped to Portland.
Milvraukie— Contract let for new
heater and siore building,
Dallas— “Itemizer-Observer” is
milding a fine new office.
Klamath Falls— Dairy production
gains 400 per cent and potato grow-
ng 1000 per cent in five years.
L* Grande building for six months
s $763,715, better than for any
whole year so far.
Fame may come in a dozen ways,
Wealth is found in a score of
Every art to its genius pays.
Skill has various ranks and grades,
But soon or late we all come to know,
Love is the same for the high and
Man finds love in a woman’s eyes;
Something tender and sweet and
Be he foolish or be he wise,
Sends him out ih the world to Woo.
A certain woman must whisper “yess”
If love ie to crown him with hap­
And Whether the maid be d a r k or
Pretty of face or plain to See,
If love abide with the m ated pair,
None in the world Can happier be;
For rich or poor it is all the same,
Love c an exist without w ealth or
Honor and love have no degrees,
Richer than others a man may be;
Fame has limits and boundaries,
There are rank and caste on land
and sea,
But who is welcomed by love at night
Has all that maketh a king’s heart
— Just Plain Folks by E. A. Guest.
Hugh II, Carlin, a stock raiser and
farmer of the Githen-Carlin Ranch,
came into the office the first part
of the week and took advantage of
our stationery offer on subscription.
Mr. Carlin has crossed the plains
from Illinois to Oregon eight differ­
ent times and says that every time he
goes back there that he likes this
part of the country a little bit better.
We are glad that he came in because
he told us a quite a few things of
interest about this country that most
Quite a few people from Estacada
of our readers already know but are
attended the Gladstone Chautauqua.
very interesting to us as we are to­
tal strangers here, just coming in
Vivian Gorham has been ill this from Kansas.
week but is better now.
reclamation project.
Linto— Columbia Highway being
widened to 48 feet for heavy travel.
Klamath Falls— New high school to
cost $290,000.
Eugene— Pacific Tel. & Tel. Com
pany will spend $400,000 here, $400
000 here, $20(1,000 for building a-
Bend — Lumbermen’s National
Bank opens with $100,000 capital.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. J. Currin from
Mrs. Ollie Lovelace is employed at j Gresham and their children and their
families and a number of old time
the Home restaurant.
! friends of the Currin picniced in th;
I Estacada Park Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Davis, Mrs, Edith
I'ltose present were: Mr. and Mrs.
Cockrrlino and daughter of Los Ang­
Geo. J. Currin Gresham; Mr -ii'1
les spent Saturdny at the Fred Barth­
W. A. Wilcox; Mr. and Mrs. R. H.
olomew home.
| Currin; Mrs. Clyde Denny; Mrc. Joe
; Supple and daughter Joan of Port­
The Misses Ctaudle Plank and Rach­ land; Mr and Mrs. T. J. Greenman
ael Ha.loway of Portland were Thurs­ Fairview; Mr, and Mrs. W, P, Cox
day dinner guests at the J. F, Love­ and two children, Logan; Mr. and
lace home.
Mrs. Melvin Briges, Gresham; Mr. and
Mrs. E. W. McKeen and baby, Port­
Mrs. Loor.ey, who has been a reader land; Mrs. T. M. Freeman, Fairview,
of the News for some time was in Mr. and Mrs. Al. Cooke, Damcascus;
Monday and made the editor smile by Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Denning; Mr. and
shoving her subscription tag ahead a Mrs. Milt Marshall; Marion Descheilds
all of Estacada; Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Bell and baby, Mrs. Jessie Downing.
Wm. Alt and Richard Weaver all of
Miss June Forbes of Gresham visit­ Sandy.
ed her cousin, Maerose Bartholomew
Friday and Katurday.
Please listen carefully to the fol­
lowing anoUnccment in connection
With the Neighborhood Drug Store 4
Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Akers, end Mr.
The BlUmduer-Frank Company will
and Mrs. Chester were calling on M.
give away free to the first 500 per­
T. and Mrs. Roy Douglass last Wed­
sons who write to KGW each week-
Baker—Oregon Copper Company nesday evening.
some toilet preparation.
orders $15,000 power and machine
Any one wishing to participate in ■ nit for Balm Creek shaft down 415 ■ Many visiting motorists took in the
this must go to the Neighborhood feet.
l chautauqua at Gladstone this week
Druggist and secure from them a la­
The program was splendid and was
Tolodo— Pacific Tel. & Tel. Com­
bel, letterhead or any piece of busi­ pany will spend $15,000 installing worth attending.
ness stationery bearing their name; '■ettor linos to Newport.
attach same to your letter and mail
Mra. W. Vf. Eldçv ri«11' ÿtayton is
McMinnville— Oregon Telephone
it to KGW not later than midnight 'oripany will spend $35,0«0 improv- visiting her daughter, Mrs. Maude
the following Monday and the article ng service.
Smith o( the Estaeada Telephone
«'ill be sent to the first 500 replies
Corvall's— Pacific Teiephone <B Tel Company.
received, post paid hy the Blurcauer
-rrph will expand local exchange.
Frank Drug Company In care of your
Vivian Wilcox is spending * few
Garibaldi— Catholic Church to be
Neighborhood Druggist from whom >uilt in Rockway.
weeks with her aunt, Dr. Eil« Smith
the label, letter-head or stationery
Sumpter—Oregon frotn 12 feet un- in Portland.
was obtained.
e'ground on Gibbs claim runs $000
Here ;» an opportunity for many 'o ton,
Minnie Ea«h gave us a *1.50 and
radio fan* to get some good toilet j Baker— Oregon from Eagle Creek wanted tho ilatioflcry order on the
articles absolutely free.
•ssays 50 per cent Copper.
New* which we are very proud to give
Your Neighborhood Druggist will | Lumber exports from Coos Bay for and hope that there will be several
glad!;, give ycu a label, letter head ori ear ended July 1 totaled $2,003.127 more take advantage of this offer as
p’ecr of stationery. Write a letter | Brooks— First ear of 1927 celery it is a good one.
to KGW and enclose same.
shipped to Omaha.
--- ------------------
j St, Helens— Lumber shipments for
Mr. and Mr*. Clyde Engllih and
Among thos-' attending the Amor- -eek ended Ju’y 9 are 3,7o0,00o feet daughter of Portland art spending
lean Legion Convention at La Grande | Klamath Falls district* mills cut their vacation at the Ernest Duus
are Atlee Erick-ion L'wrcnee Web-\ 415-900,000 feet ¡umber last year,
f Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Sylvester Law-
Astoria— Mark« road to Svensen
rence. They left Wednesday morn-
be built of asphaltic type con­
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Lichthorn and
*be Conver. 'on begins Thurt- crete.
two daughters of Cutlfomta are visit­
i ’ . .4—-CittJ.:
befir .2 on Vale ing i t the P 3- S.ar.-.p rime.
Mrs. Robert Currin entertained in
honor of Mrs. Don Aiier. s birthday
aniversary, Monday evening. Guest
were: Mr. and Mrs. Rusueli Reed, Mr.
and Mrs. Clyde Denny, Mr. and Mrs
Lloyd Ewalt and Mr. and Mrs. Don
The world marvels at the growth of
the American telephone system.
Nothing has done more to put tele
phones in practically every American
home, than advertising.
Government owned telephone sys­
tems in Europe see no need for ad­
vertising. The taxpayer has to covei
deficits, and there is no incentive for
officials to maintain a growing tele­
phone business and pay dividends to
hundreds of thousands of stockhold­
To show why the American system
grows, it is only necessary to read
some of the advertising of local tele­
phone companies. A good illustra­
tion is advertising appearing in Mary­
land newspapers during a recent
* V
One advertisement appealed to the
young person at school to ring up the
folks at home and keep up the person­
al contact. Another, pointed out the
cheer that is brought to parents when
their young people who have gone out
in different walks of life, make a
little “phone visit” instead of mere­
ly trusting to an occasional letter.
Y’et another, suggested that a young
person away from home, when con­
fronted by problems, gets comfort
and help by ringing up the home for
All the advertising had the human
touch and appealed to every member
of every family. The American tele
phone system grows an« gives the
best and cheapest service in the
world, largely as the result of con­
tinuous and intelligent advertising.
M ork on the plant being construct­
ed for Libby, McNeil & Libby at East
lu e n ty Second and Powell streets in
Portland is progressing very rapidly.
In fact, part of the building has been
completed and part capacity opera­
tions have been carried on since June
When the structure is completed it
will have an annual capacity of 50-,-
000 cases, or approximately 12,000,-
000 cans, according to G. B. Kile,
general production manager for the
Pacific northwest. Fruit and veget­
ables are being canned by the Port­
land plant.
Construction of this building, which
vdl cover approximately 200,000
■quare feet of space, has been watch­
'd with more than usual interest be-
au3e it marks the entrance into
Portland of one afthe largest packers
■f foodstuffs in the world. The eapf-
lal of the Libby, McNeil & Libby
company is said to be $66,000,000.
Thomas Yocum, one 0f Clackamas
' ouniy’s progressive farmers wag jn
’ see lla flie first part of the week
and '.eft a $1.50 laying on the counter
and said to mark up his subscription
”nothor year. Mr. Yocum has a
anch of 160 acres of which there arc
about 80 acres under cultivation. He
■as some of this in apples and cher-
Weekly County Agent Newt es. He says that he now has 80
The cabhage maggot has made Bi­ ons of hay already put up. Mr.
annual appearance in parts of Clack Yocum is interested in the Telephone
ompnny and the Bank. This farm
amas County. The following infor
" for sale nnd tho crop all goes with
nation from Oregon Agricultural
Extension circular 65 gives direction it and can be had for the sum of $100
an acre and anyone interested should
fer control of these pests in field.
Extension Circular 65 entitled “In get in touch with Mr. Yocum at once,
Crop3" is available at the County as he is going to sell this farm at
a price like this.
Agents office for the asking:
cabbage maggot is a most serious pes
Mr. Furgeson, deputy State Forrest
of cabbage turnip, cauliflower, cel­ t.anger asked us to cal, your atten-
ery, rape, kale and radishes.
;ion to the fact that this is the closed
The larva is a typical maggot, season for burning and will be until
waxy white or yellowish in color. The October the first. If you have any
body is cylindrical, ending bluntly burning that you want to do you
behind tapering- to a point toward the hould get in touch with Mr. Oren
head. When mature it measures a- Ballou, «ho is acting fire warden
bcut .32 inch in length.
noith of the Clacamas River to Bear
SYMPTOMS: A few days after l reek if you live in this territory. If
f!-.e cabbage phnt3 are set in the field you live South of the Clackamas Riv­
'hey show a sickly bluish cast. Upon er, Springdale and Dodge districts get
pulling up the affected plant, the tun­ in touch with Charles Colson. This
nel and the repulsive maggots are s very important and this precaution
should be heeded and save any trou­
CONTROL: Of a great variety of ble that might occur.
onri-ol measures recommended and
practiced, the screenings of the cub-
Mr. M. Chase, one of the News’
oage re d-beds .and the use of c o n r. family of reader-, was in the office
0 va sublimate on the enbb ges and the first part of the wee!, and had
similar plants in the field are the t 3 marl: his date tag put up a year
most practical and effective treat­ ahead and also gave us a paid local
that you will find elsewhere In this
CORROSIVE SUBLIMATE at the issue look for it r.s it might be of
r; e of 1 ounce to 12 gallons of wat­ interest to you.
er s e. most efficient material for use
on permanent plantings of cabbage
Charlca Weaver, who had us add his
cauliflower, and similar plants. A-
bout 2 liquid ounces to the plant name to ho subscription list of the
rhculd be used, the material being News readers, says that he h. s ten
s mply poured on the surface soil a- different varieties of berries end that
very one of them is a good one. We
bou‘. the plant.
Four treatments
should bo given, tho first treatment are very glad to put his name on the
three days after transplanting and
succeding treat ments at ten-day in­
ter.als until four have been made.
Mr. II. G. Foster, forest examiner
A Lorre1 in the back er.d of a wag- Trout the U. S. Fores Office at
on, fitted with two leads of hose and Portion ’ p :: cd through Estacada on
Slop cocks, affords a fairly rapid his wav to the La Jib c Camp to look
me'bod of application.
over the timber situation.
Dissolve the corros've sublimate in
1 quart of hot water in a gU s, wood
Chas. Schuster, a brakeman on the
en or earthenware v ssel. Dilute to La Dee Logging train had his foot
12 ga'lons.
run over and nearly cut It off. He
Reasonable precaution should be was brought to Estacada and after­
obze'-ved becruse of the posionous wards taken to a hospital in Port­
nature of the corrosive sublimate.
Mr. and Mrs. August Polmar. from
Portland and R. H. Currin and D. C.
Johnson from Bull Run spent the ev­
ening at the R. H. Currin ranch Frid-
S'verr.1 pota*o grow ers o ' George ; Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Johnson, of
day evening.
g thc:ed re-cntly at Chrias Johnson's Independence, Kansas, are visiting
pia-e fnr r. short tour of pot-to field with their son, Mr. and Mrs. Dr.
Atlee Erickson, »on of Mr. E, E. of the community. Pol ato disease
Johnson for a couple of minths.
Erickson, who are one of the many •• e identified and discussed.
live wire farmer* of this community
Ont of the best fields 3ceo he­
Emerson Surface and daughter of
w»s in and said to move h'» f thor’s lor t.ed to Henry Schmidt. It was
date tag up another year. Atlee is clearly demonstrated here th.it com- California and Edw.n Burlingai.i of
connected with the American Legion r r -'irl fertiPzei5 pay even on new Gresham are visiting Mr. ami Mrs. L.
being one of its officers and ir, doing g round. Tbe use of only 160 pounds J. I’almateer. Mr. Surface was the
all that he can to make the legion of n 6-7-5 fertilizer made a nig dif- pharmac st here at one time.
here the best that is in mo ststo a d r' er.ro in tho size of thep lants and
Mr. and Mrs. Wili.am Dale and
says that the rest of tho members r.re !he r -i -.her and : ze oí potatoes
all h'b'n ! rite cr'" '« t'on *r -t
Tho date of the C’ackames County L ; S -’i'.h are enjoying a vacation at
the comt ss the guerts of Mr. and
to help when called upon to do any
J-rsey Club picnic at Firwood has 1:3. W.12 Caty.
heert changed from July 21 to July
Mrs. Nora Kanrile and son, Chester 2?-h. ’ Mr. attd Mrs. Mn'nr are mak-
Among tho?.- attflndmg ¡he Glad­
Reid, and daughter. Mr? Guv Wilcox, ng prep-r&t'on* far a large meet­ stone f 1. , *i ¡ua an- V. .„.am Wade,
were over this way the last week ing Prof. G. V. Copaon of th- O-e- Mis. Ada l-’r.iith and J. F. Lovelace.
, picking cherries, leaving on Friday gon Agricultural Coi!o~e will be
for Antelope, near where Mrs. Wil- present and speak on the effects of
Ed. L nn - id Ed Stelnman made
pasteurizing milk.
trip to Salem Friday.
1 cox lives.