Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, May 06, 1926, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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buying to a high figure and Chev­
SWEEPS COAST REGION rolet is at present experiencing an
acute shortago of cars throughout
Each month of the year 1926 has the Southern California and Ari­
proven a record-breaker for Chev­ zona territory.
rolet in the production and sales
The big plant at Oakland has
with no sign of a let-up af­ been shipping trainload after train­
Brief of Resume of Happenings volume
ter four months of business that load out to dealers in an effort to
has taxed ihe seven big assembling supply the demand, notably three
the Week Collected for
plants of the company throughout fu.l train'o ds to Spokane, another
Our Readers.
the country in an effort to keep up to Seattle and still another of 39
with demand, an effort that has carloads to Tacoma, while increas­
been omy partially successful.
ingly la-go shipments are being
Albany and Corvallis Joined In de­
made daily into the Southern Cali­
dicating the new Albany bridge.
ic Northwest off with a bang soon fornia district. Northern California
Registration at the Univeralty of after the opening of the year and and Nevada dealers are also begin­
Oregon passed the 3000 mark Satur­ Chevrolet dealers throughout that ning to clamor for more cars and
district are still clamoring for more factory officials are predicting a
Klamath Falls' annual rodeo cele­ cars and trucks, most of them hav­ shortage of cars during the next
bration July 4 will be abandoned this ing sold well over their quota and three months, due to the arrange-
n some cases reaching an increase metn of a manufacturing schedule
Two automobiles negotiated San over last year. A volume year with largely based upon the 1925 de­
tiam pass Friday. Last year the first more than 50,000 sold on the Pa­ mands, which did not, of course, an­
trip over the pass was June 4.
cific coast—of fifty or one hundred ticipate the tremendous volumewhich
has come to Chevrolet success and
Eugene’s first annual trade exposi­ per cent.
tion and food products show will be
Heavy rains in the territory cen­ the fact that the 1926 Chevrolet has
held in the armory May 13, 14 and tering in Los Angeles which ran been refined and greatly Improved.
well over the normal rainfall for | In connection with this tremen­
Mrs. May Dealy, 82, of Prlnevllle, the season have insured bumper dous volume for Chevrolet, officials
was killed in an automobile accident crops of almost everything grown of the company point out the fact
on the Ochoco highway 13 miles east in the district. This has brought that 1519 new direct and associate
of Prlneville.
Collins flour mills of Pendleton are
again on a 24-hour running basis and
■ nr ^rrnaassrrmsrBn
1000 barrels of flour every 24 hours is
being produced.
Lane county health authorities are
Investigating the report that two Mex­
ican laborers on the Natron cut-off had
died of typhus fever.
Ten acres have been stripped of
grain on the Carr ranch near Malln,
owned by W. C. Dalton, and more are
threatened by grasshoppers.
The Lebanon Commercial club,
sponsoring the annual strawberry
for Economical
festival for Lebanon, has changed the
date for the fair to May 14 and 15.
Large yields of honey are expected
this year by Umatilla county bee
keepers. They report the bees to be
working a month In advunce of normal
The Dalles-Californla highway from
The Dalles to Alturas, Cal., will bo
completed by September, according to
C. C. Seeley of Klamath Falls, state
highway engineer.
About 40 acres of foothill land In
the reservation district near Pendleton
will be rented this year by the East­
ern Oregon state hospital and late
potatoes planted.
H. E. Plummer, Portland building In­
spector, was elected president of the
Building Officials of America at the
12th annual meeting of the organiza­
tion at Columbus, Ohio.
Approximately 15,000,000 feet of
felled timber la believed to have been
burned by a fire in the timber hold
Ings of the Flora Logging company,
Low P rices
16 mllos west of Carlton.
Henry Crawford, field operative for
—am azing valu es!
a Salem bank, accepted the appoint
ment as a member of the Oregon state
fair board to succeed Wayne Stuart
of Albany, who has resigned.
Steps toward the organization of a
central Oregon co-operative poultry
produce marketing association were
Coach or $
taken at Tumalo when an organiza­
Coupe • «
tion committee of nine was approved.
W. H. Saxton, Portland, was elected
president of the Oregon State Retail
FburDoor $
Jewelers' association at the three-day
Sedan. •
Interstate session of the Oregon and
Washington associations at Longview.
Plans for a new wing on the Salem
hospital to cost approximately $«o
000 were ordered prepared by directors
of the institution. The proposed Im
proveiucnt would double the capacity
of the plant.
Vi Ton Truck $
Sowing of spring grain is farther
(C haw te Only)
along than usual in Oregon, but the
crop Is beginning to need rain badly.
Moisture Is also required by the fall
1 Ton Truck $
(C h a ssis O n ly)
sown cereals as well as by berries and
truck crops.
A ll prices f.o.b. Flint, Michigan
That the northwest's fruit crop this
year will equal if not exceed the
record breaking crop of 1923 was the
prediction of M R. Whitehead of Port­
land, superintendent of the Pacific
Fruit Express company.
T. A. Llvesley reported at Salem
the purchase of 200 bales of 1925 hops
from Lake Brook ranch for London
buyers at 27 cents per pound. A nura
ber of other sales were reported rang
Ing from 21 to 27 cents.
The Southern Pacific company had
net operating revenue in the state of
Oregon of 12.565.669.14 during the year
1926, according to the annual report
of the corporation filed in the offices
of the public service commission at
Anotber section of the Lakerlew-
Klamath Falls hlghwey is to be plac­
ed under construction this year. The
stale highway commission has order­
ed for sdvertislng at the May meeting
a section east of Beatty and extend­
ing toward Bly.
The planing mill of Snellstrom
Brothers at Vaughan station, on the
Coos Hay line of the Southern Pa­
cific, 25 miles west of Eugene, eight
Southern Paeffic freight cars and a
large amount of lumber were destroy­
ed by fire The Southern Pacific com­
pany estimated its loss at |32.(M)J and
the lumber com;sia/'s loss was ssU-
M led ftt
THURSDAY, MAY 6, 1926.
Britain. They are aiso negotiating
dealers have been added to the na­ HIGH SCHOOL,BARS SHORT
tional Celling organizations during
SKIRTS, HOSE OF CHIFFON with the Dutch labor unions to pre­
vent transport of Ruhr coal through
the past seven months, and Chovro-
I t now has almost 7,500 dealers in
Los Angeles, May 1.— (UP)— Holland.
the United Spates, an increase of Short dre-ssen and transparent hos­
At a May day meeting outside the
more than 27 per cent
iery will be taboo for the girl grad­ ex-empoi-er s castle, which was at­
uates of Los Angeles high scheo's tended by many thousands, solidar­
ity with the British miners in their
Principals of local high schools fight against capitalism was the slo­
have decreed that each girl gradu­ gan of the speakers.—Oregonian.
Bert E. Haney opened campaign ate must wear a modest frock of
It maye be questioned if it were
headquarters in room 1019 Board arbitrary length. The texture of
an altogether wise provision of our
of Trade building on Saturday, May her hose will also be restricted.
1, from which his campaign for the
The frocks must not be more fundamental law which forbids re­
Democratic senatorial nomination than 16 inches from the floor and ligious teaching in our public
Those who framed the
will be conducted.
there cannot be more than four in­ schools.
Lotus L. Langley Will be in ac­ ches of chest exposure below the . Constitution of the United State*
tive charge of the headquarters of­ necklihe.
Hose may ba of silk, recognized a Supreme Being, and
then made it impossible to teach
fice and have direction of the work but chiffon will be forbidden.
young of the nation the princi-
carried on from there. Langley is
Each girl will be limited to an
well known in Democratic political expenditure of $50 for ail gradu­ pies of the Bible in the place where
their first tuition begins.
circles having been active in past ation expenses, including clothes.
He is a prominent
Say you saw it in the News.
member of the Multnomah county GERMANS BACK STRIKERS
bar and well-known in the legul
Berlin, May 2.—The leaders of
profession over the state.
With the opening of his head­ the Socialist and communist parties
quarters, Haney plans the inaugura­ are urging the German miners to
tion of an aefive campaign to con­ do their utmost to help their Brit­
tinue until the primary election of ish colleagues by preventing direct
transport of Ruhr coal to Great
May 81.
Editor and Q tn e r a /M a n a q e r
c i ways
what you gc
the Price you
I -andflji $
AW *
No. 2 *
In Chevrolet you get more for your
money than in any other car built.
You get every essential improvement
developed by automotive engineers
during the last twelve years of
You get the greater flexibility of
Chevrolet’s 3-speed transmission —
the greater power and smoothness
of Chevrolet’s valve-in-head motor
—the easier, safer handling of Chev­
rolet’s semi-reversible steering gear
—the greater comfort of semi-ellip­
tic springs.
Buy no other low-priced car until
you have compared it with Chev­
rolet. Check point for point—fea­
ture for feature. Know what you
are actually getting for the price you
pay. Let us give you a demonstration.
Statistics have proven that only
one-half of one per cent of the
speeches made in Congress are lis­
tened to. A great many Congress­
men speak IN , but not T O , Con-
ess. But every speech is published
n the record. They send the rec-
¡rds back home to show “W hat
hey told ’em up there in W ashing-
n.” N ow the people back home
ink Congress heard their “Lem”
¡1 ’em this.
Now, here is my scheme to stop
'ech making. A Bill reading as
(lows I “Congressional Record
ast not only contain speech, but
¡mber of members, and names
. ho listened to speech, and why.'*
For instance: “Congressman Post
Hole arose to a point of informa­
tion and spoke at length on, ‘Is
Locarno a town, or is it a Treaty?’
Length of speech, without waiting
for applause, four hours, thirty-six
minutes; attendance. Gout (Rep.
N . Y . ) : ‘Unable to get out.’ Sixty-
forty (D em . N . J .) : ‘Case of reci­
procity, he listened to m ine.’ Low ­
brow (Rep. M ass.) : 1 was asleep,
even the good speakers haven’t
woke me up.’ ” .
N ow I claim that w ill stop some
speech making. T he minute it gets
back home that “Lemmie” is talk­
ing to himself up there, “Lemmie”
w ill stop talking.
You know why they w on’t listen
to anybody up there? They have
gone out to smoke, that’s why, and
vou know why they’ve gone out to
<.moke? W hv. “ Bull” Durham, of
course. I T ’S B E T T E R T H A N
P.S. There will be another piece
in this paper soon. Look for it.
so Smooth—so Powerful
I Cascade ÔTWotor Company
Wilcox Bros.
Estacada, Ore.
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