Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, April 22, 1920, Page Page Six, Image 6

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    Thursday, April 22, 1920
Page Six
U . S. M O R G A N
(Successors to the Estacada Feed C o .)
We wish to announce
the arrival in town of the first
T h is is a small
machine calculated to do your culti­
vating and small jobs of plowing.
for the man with a few
regular farm tractor.
It is especially adapted
acres, or the man that has a
It will take the place of one horse,
in the truck or berry field.
W e will announce
a demonstration
weather conditions will permit.
“A Word to the W ise”
says the Good Judge
You want real chewing
A little of the Real Tobacco
Chew lasts so much longer
than the old kind.
You don’ t need a fresh
chew nearly as often—so it
costs no more to chew this
class of tobacco.
Any man who uses the Real
Tobacco Chew will tell you
Put Up In Two Styles
R IG H T C U T is a short-cut tobacco
W -B CUT 13 a long fine-cut tobacco
W e y n i ^ n - B r u t o n C o m p a n y . llOTt B r q a t ì w a y . N e w Y o r k City
Owners of Electrically
Equipped Automobiles
Take Heed !! !
The storage battery which was
first used for starting and light­
ing purposes in 1912 is an exceed­
ing important part o f the equip­
ment o f the modern automobile,
writes Vern Duus, batteryman
for the Cascade Garage.
Few people who have not made
a special study o f the mechanics
o f their car realize that it is the
heart o f the entire system, with­
out it there would be no electric
light and horn and the engine
would have to be cranked by
Many car owners are o f the
impression that a battery stores
up the electricity actually used
in charging it. This, however,
is an error, as the energy pro­
duced by the battery is created
by certain electro chemical act­
ion within the battery itself.
This electro chemical action
decomposes the water, which is
part o f the solution o f the bat­
tery in the form o f hydrogen and
oxygen gas. The other part o f
the solution being sulphuric acid,
is absorbed by the plates during
the chemical action which is pro­
duced by the discharge.
This water should be replaced
with pure distilled water at least
every two weeks and the battery
should be tested f o r specific
gravity and voltage at least once
every month. If one cell shows
a specific gravity decidedly lower
than that o f the other cells and
if the difference continues to in­
crease the cell with the lower
gravity h a s internal trouble
which probably consisted o f a
short circuit between the plates
caused by broken down insula­
If the entire battery shows a
gravity below 1.200 it it not re­
ceiving enough charge to replace
the energy used to crank the en­
gine and should be charged from
an outside source.
The Cascade Garage operates a
complete and up to date battery
service station and repair shop
and will give free battery inspec­
tion to'all owners o f electrically
equipped automobiles.
Wilcox Bros. Props.
(Omitted last week)
Charlotte Monger is going to
make her home with Mr. and
Mrs. E. L. Trullinger until school
is out.
The Bates Mill caught fire last
Sunday, but an alarm was given
which called the neighbors, and
it was quickly put out. It was
started by a shavings h e a p
which was smoldering from its
fire the day before.
Roy Douglass i s improving
slowly frm his attack o f the flu
his mother, Mrs. Viola Douglass
is at his home.
Little Edward Ballou is getting
along as well as could be expect­
ed after h i s serious illness o f
typhoid fever.
Guy Munger is making prepa­
rations to go to Portland soon
to study for the ministry.
The Presbyterian Church here,
held commuion service Sunday
morning when Mrs. Lena Phil­
lip’s and daughter Dorothy, Con­
nie Trullinger and Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Sanders joined this church.
M. W. of A.
Estacada Camp. No. 8769, M.
W. o f A., will hold their regular
meetings on the first and third
Fridays o f each month, at 8
o ’clock P. M. in. the I. 0 . 0 . F.
J. C. Raymond, Clerk.
The political pot i9 beginning
to simmer, and presently it will
be boiling and steaming, but the
heat o f t h e campaign w on’t
come till the fall.