Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, March 04, 1920, Image 1

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ON E S T A C A D A !
Community Cooperation
Devoted to the Interests of Eastern Clackamas County
V olume 13,
N umber 24
a . e . z z ;
Monday night about 11 o ’ clock,
A. E. Sparks had occasien to go
down to his store, and on enter­
ing and turning on the light, he
heard some one at tne rear mak­
ing a hurried getaway.
Sparks gave the alarm, to which
a number of men in Bob March-
bank’s restaurant responded.
An automobile was standing
near and they turned its spot
light across the street, which re­
vealed a man crouching at the
back of the old Park hotel. On
being thus discovered he made a
bolt for it. Clyde Schock got a
gun from Bob Marchbank and
- fired a shot at the man, but evi­
dently failed to hit him. He is
described as being rather tall
and slim. Investigation showed
that entrance had been obtained
through the rear door o f the
bank building which leads to the
upstair rooms. The burglar had
gone through the window in the
hall way which opens on to the
roof o f the warehouse from
which he had ascended to the
roof of the store. There is a
cover door on the roof which
was not fastened, by means of
which the man had gotten in­
side and then into the store
through a small trap door in the
ceiling o f the toilet o f the rest
room in the gallery. Muddy
marks where his shoes had
scraped were made on the walls.
Evidently he had hardly begun
operations when Mr. Sparks en­
tered the store, for about all
that is found missing is two odd
gloves. In his hurry the man
left behind a nickle Hash light.
At first it was thought to be one
belonging to a respectable citi­
zen, who on being shown it,
thought it was his, which he had
left in Marchbank’s pool hall,
But on closer examination it
proved to be one of larger size.
This can be seen as Exhibit A
in the window of the East Clack­
amas Supply Co’s, store.
As our neighboring towns
have had visits o f this nature
during the winter, it is not sur-
E sta c ad a . O regon T hursday M arch 4. 1920
Obsequies of
The final rites for the late Mrs.
W. H. Kandle were held yester­
day at the Christian Church, at
2 p. m., being conducted by El­
der Wright of Portland. The at­
tendance was large and the floral
offerings beautiful.
Her son
Charles Kandle whose coming
from Philadelphia was awaited,
arrived with nis wife on Tues­
day. The interment took place
in Lone Oak cemetery.
Dedication Exercises
Boardman, Oregon. Communi­
ty school, Thursday. Fridas and
Saturday, March 4. 5 and 6.
W ater Troubles
Wednesday night the water
was shut off on the upper flat as
the main which runs through
Mrs. Heylman’s property was
being taken up, in accordance
with orders from her attorney.
It will be recalled she won a suit
recently against the city on ac­
count o f leakage from this pipe
which damaged the basement o f
More litigation
against the city from this quar­
ter is now threatened, for taking
up the pipe altho ordered by her
attorney. If it were not re­
moved. suit also would be
brought. The city is in the plight
o f the man who will be
if he
does or if ITe don’ t.
The forenoons and afternoons
beginning at 9:00 and 1:30 will
be given over to lectures and
demonstrations by
from Oregon Agricultural Col­
lege, in farm crops, dairying, ir­
rigation and home economics.
Bring your lunches and stay all
day if possible.
Coffee a n d
sandwiches will be served daily
by the Parent Teachers’ Associa­
tion at the noon recess.
On Saturday, March 6th, at
1:00 o ’ clock theie will be an
Oregon Produce Dinner. Every
one bring a basket of good
things. Coffee will be made at
the school. A. G. Clark, mana­
ger of Associated Industries of
Oregon, will be present and will
have 25 prizes for which the
ladies present will draw. Every
lady present will receive a sou­
M. B. Signs, Supt.
Gospel Meetings at
M. E. Church
Elder J. L. Sampels o f lone,
Ore., is speaking in the M. E.
church every night this week.
Come and hear him. He wi'l
speak on different topics every
night to Sunday, March 7th,
All are invited, Come and hear
God’s word.
prising that Estacada should re­
ceive like attention. Our mer­
chants better take some precau­
tionary measures in case there
should be a repetition with more
Newspapers Help
College Expose Fraud
Sale o f low grade arsenical
sprays in Oregon h a s b e e n
checked by publicity given by
the chemistry department o f the
college experiment s t a t i o n
through the state and county
Immense damage
by burning o f fruit and foliage
was caused by use o f low grade
arsenical mixtures in the begin­
ning. The station proved the
possibility o f better material,
manufacturers brought out a
better product, and growers w ho
must spray save enormous sums
every year as a result. Fear of
station discovery and newspaper
publicity gives the low-grade
dealer little chance to do busi­
ness in Oregon.
W ilcox Bros. Sell Cars
The following have bought new
cars from Wilcox Bros, o f the
Cascade Garage, during the past
few days:
George Forman of
Barton, a Chandler, Messrs. Tom
Beebe o f Garfield, Hull and Joe
Guthridge o f Springwater, Dan
Erdman o f Bo*ing and George
Smith o f Eagle Creek, Chevro-
$1.50 P er Y ear
The Community Club held a
most interesting meeting Friday
evening at the Estacada hotel.
There was considerable discuss­
ion o f the Mt. Hood road project
and it was shown by Mr. Bart­
lett that if the Highway Com­
mission could be induced to lo­
cate the road bv way o f Estaca­
da, that there would be only a
few miles o f actual construction
work, on account o f the county
road building already arranged
for. The matter was referred
to J . W. Heed and E. W. Bart­
lett to be presented to the Com­
mission at tin* earliest date pos­
The principal address o f the
evening was given by Mr. E. E.
Favelle, editor o f the Western
Farmer o f Portland, w ho spoke
entertainingly on better live­
stock production. He was fol­
lowed by Coiaity Agent Scott
along similar lines. A piano so­
lo by Nova Smith, a duet by
Mrs. Wooster and Miss Helen
and Community singing led by
Miss Huth Dillon formed a very
entertaining musical program.
A Sudden Death
W. L. Stafford, a brother o f
Mrs. W. W. Boner and uncle o f
. Mrs. W. A. Heylman, who lad
made his home with the latter
during the past year, dropped
dead suddenly on the streets of
Seattle where he had gone on a
visit, February 21st. An inquest
was held and h<?art failure given
as cause. Mrs. Heylman went
to Seattle but did not wait for
the interment which was to be
at Everett, Wash. Full particu­
lars have not been received.
Free Seeds
Pool Hall Changes Hands
The pool hall recently run by
Messrs. Liest and Ben Crfer, ad­
joining the Family Theatre, has
been taken by George H. Davis
o f Portland, who is making re­
pairs and fixing it up.
The American Legion has left
at this office a number id' packa­
ges o f vegetable seeds, beet, car­
rot, lettuce, onion and radish.
While they last these will be
given away to applicants calling
1 >r the same.