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Community Cooperation
Devoted to the Interests of Eastern Clackamas County
V olume 13,
N umber 10
E stacada , O regon T hursday N ovember 27. 1919
Sarah E. Bates was born in
Niagara Co. N. Y. February 9th,
* 1840. When she was three years
old her parents moved to Oakland
Co. Michigan, whence a few
years later, they removed t o
Knox Co. Missouri. Here at the
age of twenty, she was uuited in
marriage to Edwin Bates. They
arrived in Oregon January 11th,
1871, first at Oregon City, and
later took a claim on the Salmon
River i n Clackamas Co. They
have lived in this county ever
since with the exception of two
years s p e n t in Multnomah.
During this time they were at
different points in this vicinity,
coming to Estacada some nine or
ten years ago. Four children
were born to them, Maud M.
Howell of Ashland, Ore., E. N.
Bates of Barton, F. W. Bates of
Eagle Creek a n d Francis who
died at the age of three years.
For over fifty-three years their
married life was most happily
spent together. Mrs. Bates was
always in good health until she
suffered a stroke a few months
ago, from which she never re­
covered, but after a temporary
improvement gradually sank un­
til she passed away on Wednes­
day the 19th.
The funeral service took place
in the Christian Church of which
she was a member, the Rev. J.
F. Dunlop, pastor of the M. E.
Church officiating. The auditor­
ium was crowded to the limit,
showing t h e vast respect and
affection in which the deceased
was held. The sympathy of the
entire community goes o it to the
bereaved family especially to the
husband, to whom the loss must
must be most severe. Words are
inadequate to meet the situation,
but what they lack in expressive­
ness is made up in sincerity, and
no doubt afford some s ight con­
solation to the mourners’ hearts.
Thanksgiving is a season of
appreciation for what has come
to the country as well as for
what it has escaped. On bom
counts the people of America
have abundant reason on this day
to express their gratitude in ac­
cordance with the national insti­
tution so wisely ordered long ago.
$1.50 P er Y ear
For dull case broken
By sharpest dole,
For the dart that is driven
Through fle«h to soul;
For wrath made sterner
By right's eclipse,
For brave songs breaking
From pain-wrung lips—
We praise Thee, O God I
For faith that is born
From the burning nest,
For the spirit's flight
On its starward quest,
For peace that dwells
At the heart of strife,
For death that scatters
The seed of life—
We praise Thee, O God!
Clackamas County through the carrying of the road bond issue
by a big majority, has put itself in line with all the progressive
sections of the state. The only opposition was from those precincts
which had declared themselves opposed beforehand. Their action
will react against them. It is to be hoped that when they begin to
enjoy the benefits which will accrue to the whole county, from the
increased facilities of transportation, which the net work of paved
roads will afford, that they will be ashamed of themselves. The
result of Monday’s election should put more zest into our Thanks­
giving celebration today, as it is the augury of an eru of great
business activity and prosperity.
Death of Mrs. B. R. Kimmel born May 6, 1866, in Iowa.
Th^ many friends of Mrs. B.
R. Kimmel were shocked to hear ried to B. R. Kimmel in Nebras­
of her death last Saturday at th e 1 ka. They came to Oregon two
years later, to Portland. In
G v * ) d Samaritan hospital in Port­
land. She was taken sick about 1906 they moved to Estacada,
a month ago and an operation where they have since resided,
was ad' ised, as the trouble was Mr. Kimmel being employed by
from gall stones. The operation the P. R. L. & P. Co. They had
was successfully performed and four children, three of whom sur­
she began to improve until a day vive, Lillie wife of Robert Mc­
or two before the end came, Clintock, Carl who saw service
when a change set in and she
sank rapidly. The funeral ser­ overseas,, and Arlene.
vice was held Tuesday morning
at Oregon City, the pastor of in this community whicn extends
the Congregational church offi­ its heartfelt sympathy to the sor­
ciating. while Mountain Chapter
O. E. S., of Estacada, also per­ rowing family.
formed the last rites for their; A large delegation of Eastern
Star members. Masons and
deceased sister.
Her maiden name was Lucy friends went from here to attend
Ann Whiteman and she was the fune~al.
The concluding game of the
toot-ball season was played on the
home grounds last Saturday, be­
tween the Estacada and the Ore­
gon City High Schools on the
Estacada grounds. As the field
w’as very muddy, the game was
slow and without any spectacu­
lar features. The home team
made the sole touchdown during
the third quarter on a .forward
pass. Both sides exhibited clean
sportsmanship, the visiting team
taking their defeat by 7 to 0 in a
goodnatu red* manner.
The Estacada boys have rea­
son to be proud of their record
mis season, as they only lost two
games out of seven. They are
intending to try for the state
championship next year provided
they have tl*e services of the
same coach J. K. Cossman who
is the best one the school ever
On Thursday eve, Nov. 20th
occured a pretty but quiet wed­
ding in the presnee of a few
triends at the bride’s home on
Upper Bro’oway which united the
lives of Miss Maggie Ellsworth
and Mr. John Wolf; S. E. Woos­
ter performing the ceremony.
The bride is a popular and well
known resident of Estacada while
the groom is a wealthy rancher
I rom Cal. Best'wishes and con­
gratulations a r e extended b y
their many friends.
County Teachers Institute
A local institute of the teach­
ers of the county, met here last
Saturday, November 22nd, under
the presidency of Co. Supt. < ’ala-
van. It proved to be highly
successful and t h e pedagogues
combined business with pleasure
by adjourning for the football
game. A splendid program was
rendered a pleasing feature of
which wras t h e music by the
school orchestra and choir, I’rof.
Godfrey may well be congratu­
lated on his work with them,
A thankful heart and a good
appetite are w hat we want today,
to enjoy our Thanksgiving feast.