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Devoted to the Interests of Eastern Clackamas County
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V olume 12,
N umber ♦
* 4 i
The various committees ap­
pointed for preparing a program
for Friday night, when a Farm­
ers’ Commercial Club will be or­
ganized at the Estacada Hotel,
met Monday evening to make
final arrangements. Secretary
Quayle of too State Chamber
of Commerce, Portland, has
promised to attend and give an
address. It is possible that As­
sistant Secretary Bramwell, of
Grants Pass, may also attend.
In addition to outside speakers,
a number of representative men
of the vicinity will be called up-
-on Tor impromptu speeches'. Af­
ter the business of the evening
is concluded, a social time has
'' been arranged for, with music
and refreshments of ice cream
and cake, furnished free. This
meeting should be attended by
every man and woman who is
interested ip the building up of
the community. Such an organ­
ization will afford a means for
grasping the fleeting opportuni­
ty when it appears. It is nec­
essary to have some representa­
tive body which can speak and
act for the community when
necessary. M anufacturers in
search of a location, or capitalists
willing to invest their money in
some profitable enterprise, will
know whom to approach and
confer with for information. An
opportunity is knocking now at
the door, but it requires that we
shall open it. This is the Hood
River Loop road, which, while
the prospects are favorable, yet
requires our united and persist­
ent efforts to make it assured
that it comes our way. If we
let this slip for want of enter­
prise on our part, we shall not
likely have such another for
years. But if secured, one thing
will lead to another, and we shall
find it to be the highway along
which commercial success trav­
E stacada , O regon , T hursday , J uly 24, 1919
The New Civilization
(Contributed by W. W. WILLIAMS)
We are face to face with a new
civilization where the “ work to­
geth er” idea will be the keynote.
This is one of the big and expensive
lessons of the war. Men fought to­
gether, built ships together, women
sewed, planned and boosted together.
All labor has caught a new vision
and will flock to leaders and places
where this vision is put into opera­
The problems of community build­
ing have certain well defined prin­
ciples that cannot be ignored without
causing “ deserted villages” from the
Atlantic to the Pacific. The prob­
lems of reconstruction are more local
tliap otherwise. Young men who re­
turn from the war are valuable local
assets if they return to occupations
in their home towns. If they go else­
where because the home town fails
to recognize its duty and to provide
the proper community support, the
town will soon sh o w ,th e effect and a
“ deserted village” will be the verdict
of posterity.
Prosperity for any community is
now in the making. The raw ma­
terial is fluid. It flows along the line
of least resistance.
It responds to
leadership, to community enterprise.
To that end, the building of good
com m unities, people must associate
them selves together and study the
problems of success, provide em ­
ployment, capital, and opportunities
to young men who are returning from
the war, and to induce others to lo­
cate from other and less desirable
places and especially those In large
cities who wish to get a home and
have own business or farm.
The Slate Chamber of Commerce
is a unique organization in this state
that is encouraging communities to-
ganize locally a Chamber of Com­
merce to become associated with
other communities to put into opera­
tion the best plans for development
of the busr ess, social and civic con-
I ditions of the community. Estacada
has taken a step to join this associa­
tion and to organize a local Chamber
of Commerce. The citizens should
get back of the movement and make
Estacada a desirable and attractive
place to locate, as other places are
The natural resources and
opportunities here are far better than
in many other places. Tell the world
about them as if you had faith in
them, publish them with proper
vision and the world will believe
you, otherwise the crowd will flock
to the place where things are doing,
where the whistle calls to industry
and w htre the busy throng makes
property more- valuable by develop­
ing its productivity and its natural
The measure of the success of this
organization will depend upon the
degree of co-operation. It is not for
the few but for all. It. is not for the
merchant and business man but for
the farmer— in short for the pro­
ducer of wealth and better communi­
ty conditions. Shall we join hands
and turn from the shadows into the
light of the better day th at’s dawn­
Will Settle the Question
Two ‘local men, whose names
are not divulged, became rather
earnest in a debate over the
prowess of the High School and
Estacada baseball teams. The
contention has been rife for the
past few weeks and was rapidly
nearing a climax, when two
friends of the disputants, sug­
gested that both teams meet on
the diamond, to settle the ques­
tion of supremacy. This being
agreeable to all concerned, the
High School team will cross bats
with the town team, Sunday Ju ­
ly 27th, at 2. 30 p. m.
Supporters of both teams are
swinging into line to pull for
their favorites, and will be on
hand in goodly numbers. It is
highly probable this will be the
last game of the season, so come
out and enjoy yourself.
owl states admission as usual,
also the betting odds.
Having heard that it is being re­
ported that I am no longer in the
the market for live stock, 1 here­
by emphatically deny the state­
ment. I am not yet ready to re­
nte from business, as 1 have not
made enough money to meet the
demands of the high cost of
living. When that time comes,
I shall give due notice of the fact
through the columns of this pa­
per. Look up my ad. and bring
in yonr live stock, or notify Hen­
ry Git.iens of Currinsville.
M. J. Kerkes.
B. O. Boswell Sells Out
Our esteemed fellow townsman
B. 0. Boswell has sold his place.
The purchaser is G *orge Weath-
erby of Kelso, Wash., who was
connected with a lumber firm at
that place, but will now engage
in raising chickens and logan ber­
ries. The considaration came to
$3,250 cash. Possession will be
given in about thirty days, and
the deal was made through the
S. E. Woostdr agency.
$1.50 P er Y ear
Sunday, though the kindness of
I)r. L. A. Wells, vve were taken
along the Columbia Highway.
Three years ago we had been
driven over it, hut to realize
what it means one should go and
see it on a Sunday or holiday.
Then there is one constant pro­
cession of machines going back
and forth, and it would seem
as if all Portland had turned out
to take a spin along the highway,
which with its numerous picnic
spots makes one large play
ground, or Portland and places
near by. Car alter car passeed
us for the most part loaned to its
full capacity. All ages from the
old and feeble to the infant in
arms were there. The crowd
was a most democratic one, and
while some had the appearance of
being in quite prosperous circum­
stances, yet the large majority
were of the average class. All
sizes and makes of cars were
seen, except the most expensive
kinds. Everybody seemed to be
enjoying themselves and taking
full advantage of the pleasure
thus afforded them. We thought
what an asset this highway was
to Portland, yes even- to the
whole state, for its fame has
gone abroad and attracts many
visitors. It certainly is a re­
markable thoroughfare, passing
as it does through some of the
most striking scenery in the
state. As one runs alcng the
smooth road with towering pali­
sades on one hand, and the ma­
jestically flowing Columbia river-
on the other, one cannot fail to
be impressed. Those who con­
ceived, planned and carried out
thrj project to its successful ac­
complishment, certainly deserve
a Distinguished Service medal of
some sort.
New Road Commissioner
11. G. Compton has been ap ­
pointed County Boat! Commis­
sioner in the place of J. W. Roots