Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, January 23, 1919, Page Page Six, Image 6

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    Thursday, January 23, 1919
Page Six
Baked or Mashed Potatoes
Roast Beef or Salmon Loaf
Relish .
Vegetables Fresh or Canned
Pumpkin Pie
Lettuce Salad
This Week’s Offering
Cauliflour, Head Lettuce, Cabbage, and Celery.
Peas, Beans, Spinach, String Beans, Com, Succotash, Sweet Potatoes, Kraut, Tomatoes,
Asparagus, Chili Con Carni.
India Sweet Relish; Pickles Sour, Sweet, Mixed; Tomato Catsup; Olives, Green, Ripe or Stuffed.
Salad Dressing, Mrs. Porter’s, Durkee’s, Diamond W. Mayonaise.
Soups, Campbell’s, all varieties.
We Believe “A Satisfied Customer is the Best Advertisement. ”
a supposedly suburban d istrict joined
to g eth er by canals.—R ehoboth Sunday
H erald.
M odern Scientist D eclares It to H ave
Been W ritte n A b o u t the T im e
of A b raham .
T he oldest love le tte r In th e world
has been found—and read by eyes for
which It never w as intended.
Stephen H erb ert Lnngdon, Museum of
Art and Selenees, U niversity of Penn­
sylvania, was the m an to tlnd this
billet doux, w ritten on a tablet of clay
about th e tim e of A braham . He also
lias brought to Jlfe w hat Is said to be
th e oldest map In existence, draw n
about 1500 It. <\ o r an o th er tab let of
H ere Is th e letter, which, sad to re ­
late, is p artly selfish:
“T o K aka and M lrslla sa y :
“T hus salth Sln-maglr.
“M ay th e Sun-dog give you good
“ How Is this business?
“ F or a whole m onth you have not
sent anybody to ask ab o u t my w elfare.
"Now I d irect Sham asbeplrl unto
“ Send me 30 p in ts o f barley meul
and ten p in ts of bean flour.
"I am In trouble.
“Hive quickly.
“ W hat you send deduct from your
tith es.
“As to th e rest, send It according to
fu tu re Instructions."
Evidently the w rite r w as fond of
both K aka and M lrslla, tw o sisters. Al­
though the le tte r could scarcely be
called affectionate, as th e present gen­
eration un d erstan d s th e word, its
tra n sla to r assu res tis th a t It is n bona
tide cross-your h eart love letter.
T he m ap found by D octor Lnngdon
w as of Babylonian origin and i n d i c a t e s
O ld Legend o f the D ro w n in g of P rin ­
cess in P etrograd F o rtress P roved
to Be W ith o u t Foundation.
T he fo rtress of SS. P e te r and Pnul,
In P etrograd, h as an evil rep u tatio n
ns the fo rm er place of im prisonm ent
of many of R u ssia’s Idealists, Includ­
ing P rince K ropotkin and M adam e
R reshkovsky; b u t one blot on Its
’scutcheon is rem oved by an illu strated
article in th e London Sphere. T he
article reproduces n painting by the
R ussian a rtis t F lavltsky, show ing a
beautiful woman standing on her. bed
in a cell In th is prison, seeking to es­
cape th e rising w aters of a flood th a t
th rea ten s h er life. This was the P rin ­
cess T arakanova, who had incurred
th e enm ity o f C ath erin e the G reat. T he
tradition is th a t she w as drowned, by
o rd er of th e em press, during the In­
undation of 1777. T he Sphere, how ­
ever, shows th a t she died of tuberculo­
sis two years b efore the flood sw ept
through the fo rtress. T hus this gloomy
prison u”d th e g reat em press are re ­
lieved of one of th e tragedies w ith
which they have been associated.'—
T he Outlook.
In P raise of Music.
M usic >tdrs nothing b ut good ; sub­
tra c ts th e ev il; m ultiplies th a t which
we alread y h a v e ; discounts our ail­
m ents and com pounds nil of our Inter­
est. If you believe th is Is true, “push”
music. Aid the choir, choral and o r­
ch estral societies. Sym pathize w ith
nnd In every w ay support public
school music.
A foreign tra v e le r In our country
said he w as deeply im pressed w ith our
silences. ® H e henrd no reapers sing­
ing In th e field, he heard many a bird
enrol, but no hum an songs. T h at re­
m inds me of th e old saying: “Blessed
is th e m an who sings a t his w ork.”
T ak e an In terest in creating a m usi­
cal atm osphere In the home, and soon
A m erica will be singing and we shall
be able to ta k e in music not only by
th e sm all channel of th e ear, but
through every pore of our bodies
s tra ig h t to th e root of our s-mls.—The
M usician.
G u a rd Y o u r Breath.
“ A m an’s b reath ,” says P opular Sci­
ence M onthly, “Is often a b etra y er of
secrets. H e m ay have been out late,
sittin g up w ith a sick friend, but
when he reaches home his loving wife
a t once opens up h er b attery of re­
“Now conies th e news th a t tw o In­
ventors in Osceoln, Ark., have Joint­
ly Invented a breath-guard of a new
p a tte rn . It Is said to be efficient, but
not In th e m anner you w ere thinking
of. It Is intended to protect dentists,
b arbers and physicians from inhal­
ing the germ -laden breath of th e ir p a­
tie n ts qr patrons. It consists of a
sm all curved shield of glass placed
so as to cover the nostrils and held in
position by n spring clip gripping the
p artitio n wall of the nose on the in­
side. MMnny diseases are directly com­
m unicated through the Inhalation of
tain ted air, and a device of this kind
should be n boon to professional peo­
ple who nre compelled, by the n atu re
of th e ir duties, to be In close proxim ­
ity to those whom they serve.”
H in t to Mothers.
L et us never be like the m other who
said her boy w as not Interested in any­
F or the boy’s te ach er w hen
she called noticed th a t he had a box
which he seemed to take care of, and
it w as not long before she learned
th a t it w as a collection of caterpillars.
Yet the m other said th a t h e r boy w as
interested In nothing. The te ach er a t
once showed her pupil th a t she, too,
was' Interested in his collection. She
learned from the boy a g reat m any
things about caterpillars th a t she did
not know, and In turn ta u g h t hlrn
things he did not k n o w .' T eacher and
boy became great friends ; through
th is common interest others sprang up
and the boy changed from a sullen
Inattentive boy to a broad-m inded,
wide-awake man. If the m other could
only have shared her hoy’s interest,
how much more helpful th ey would
have been to each other.-^-Pittsburgh
D ispatch.
Etiquette in Mexico.
T ravelers through Mexico re p o rt
m any peculiar custom s w hich reflect
th e tem peram ent of the people. Some
of these are founded upon su p ersti­
tions hundreds of years old w hile oth­
ers date from more recent days. T h ere
is a prevailing belief In the country
th a t there is bad luck in a sequence
o f threes and w herever possible th e
com bination of three Is avoided. T his
Is shown-very often to persons stran g e
to the land in the lighting of a cig­
In the United States one oftep sees
th ree men light their pill from one
m atch.
It would be a gross in su lt
in Mexico to offer a man a light from
iv m at' ll that had already sta rte d tw o
cigarettes going.
Instead one m ust
blow out the match and give him a
i n . . __ II