Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, December 19, 1918, Image 1

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    O U R SLO G AN :
■C om m unity C o o p era tio n
¡N pujs
Devoted to the Interests of Eastern Clackamas County
V olume 12,
N umber 13
E stacada , O regon , T hursday , D ecember 19, 1918
$1.50 B ek Y ear
îlest lUislii's for a
W riter R ecalls S chool E x p er­
ie n c es in E ngland o f
Forty Y ears A go.
P rize G iving and D ism issal
for “D om um , D om um ,
D u lce D om um .”
As the schools close this week
for the Christmas recess, it may
be interesting for the pupils to
hear about the breaking up for
the holidays in an English school
over forty years ago.
While oie approach of every
vacation is attendant with feel­
ings of pleasant anticipations,
that at Christmas time was to the
writer the most pleasant of all.
The school year was divided in­
to three terms, each of about
three months duration, with va­
cation periods of three, five and
eight weeks in between.
The closing up of the term be­
gan about ten days before the
end. Eight of these were spent
in examinations, which the boys
dreaded the same as boys here,
especially if they had not worked
well during the term.
Then it
usually proved that their indol­
ence would find them out. But
the principal features to the boys
were four.
First, the last Sun­
day service in the school chapel,
when the boys would make the
rafters ring, in the special hymn
for the last Sunday of the term,
which began “ Lord dismiss us
with Thy blessing.” The second,
was the school concert at the
close of the examinations, when
all work had been finished. The
choir numbered about 150 voices
and was augmented by special
orchestra. Usually an oratorio
or some classical musical com­
position was rendered, which the
choir had been diligently practic­
ing during the term. The choir
master was a musician of note,
who trained the boys in high class
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JUcr r u (Í Itr i s t ma s
G iven Last T hursday and
Friday E ven in gs at the
Local H igh School
(Tu all our lu'aìH'rs
Prom pt R en ew a ls W ill
be A p p recia ted
“T he Spirit o f 1 7 ” at the
Star S atu rd ay E ven in g
There are a 'number of sub­
scriptions which have run out,
and several more about to be­
come so. I shall feel deeply grate­
ful if these are promptly renew­
The amount individually is
small, but in the aggregate it is
considerable. I am not making
my personal profit the primary
consideration, but the issuing of
the best paper possible under the
circumstances. I am banking on
the goodwill of the community to
show by their support that they
appreciate good service.
Besides it should be remember­
ed that the reputation of Esta­
cada depends very frequently on
its paper. As the N ews goes all
over the country, east, west,
north and south and also overseas
the people in these places by its
appearance and make-up will
derive their idea of Estacada. If
the N ews is well written, taste­
fully and attractively printed,
they will get the impression that
Estacada itf a live town. This is
a point which should not be over­
—The Editor.
The management of the Star
Theatre asks us to express their
regret for the annoying delays
which attended their initial per­
formance last Saturday. This was
due to the belt of the machine,
but the defect has been remedied.
They wish to acknowledge their
appreciation of the splendid audi­
ences with which they were
Jack Bickford will be star per­
former on Saturday evening, in
“The Spirit of T7.” This is one
of the Paramount productions.
See ad on local page.
C hristm as S erv ices at
th e M. E. Church
Sunday will be Christmas Sun­
day at the Methodist church and
at the 11:00 o’clock service the
pastor will preach a Christmas
In the evening the Senior
members of the Sunday School
will render a Christmas program,
which will be followed by a white
gift to the poor, and a silver off
ering for the construction work
in the foreign field.
J u v en ile R ead in gs by Miss
M abel L. D orsey W ere E n ­
jo y ed by E veryone.
Literary and musical treats
have been somewhat rare in Esta­
cada, and in consequence the Com­
munity Institute last week stands
out prominently.
The beginning was some weeks
ago, when Mr. Signs began
correspondence with some of the
state institutions r e g a r d i n g
lectures that might be available
for schools and communities.
Among the first to reply was
Mr. John C. Almack, head of the
extension department of the
University of Oregon outlining a
plan, which they wished to try
that of giving one and two day
institutes in communities with­
in reach of the University. Ar­
rangements were completed with
the result as shown by the ex­
cellent program given last week.
On Thursday evening we were
entertained first by Miss Mabel
L. Dorsey of the Department of
Miss Dorsey has a
pleasing presence, and her juven­
ile readings were thoroughly en­
joyed by all and especially by (he
goodly number of youngsters
present. The masterpiece of the
evening was a scene from “ The
Little Minister” which was a de­
lightful interpretation.
Mr. Almack then gave his
lecture on the “Subconscious
Mind,” which, though quite
psychological, was reduced to
such simplicity of terms that all
were able to understand and en­
joy. In this lecture Mr. Almack
presents that our subconscious
self is our real self, and what we
are, and what our mind does
when the conscience control is
R ed C ross Stam ps
No Red Cross stamps are sold
this year for tuberculosis relief.
But ten of them are given with
each membership subscription.
The present issue is the most
artistic in appearance of any
previous ones.
It is printed in
three colors, representing the
head of the Statue of Liberty,
with hand holding the torch, a
spray of holly is on either side
encircling the Red Cross. On the
top are- the words, “American
Red Cross,” on the left side,
“ Christmas Greetings,” on the
right “ Happy New Year;” while
underneath is the year “ 1918.”
N otice to C orresp ond en ts
Will our correspondents please
send in their copy for the next
two weeks, so that it arrives in
Estacada not later than Tuesday
morning. As Christmas and New
Year’s Days come in these weeks,
we shall have to make the first
run on Tuesday instead of Wed­
nesday, in order to get the paper
out on Thursday.
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