Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, June 20, 1918, Image 6

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    Eastern Clackam as News
Published every Thursday at
Estacada, Oregon
K. M. Standish, Editor and Manager
Entered at the poatoffice in Estacada,
Oregon, as second-class maiL
One year
Six months
Thursday, June 20, 1918
Friday, June 28th has been
proclaimed as National War Sav­
ings Day and from now until
then everyone is urged to invest
all that they can afford, and even
more, in the purchase of these
Oregon is behind in its quota
and Clackamas County is in the
same class. Just what the quota
of this immediate district is, has
not been ascertained, but wheth­
er we are ahead or behind, we
must increase our purchases.
These stamps can be purchased
at any postoffice or of any rural
delivery carrier and are now on
sale at every store in Estacada.
where the buying public is urged
to accept part of their change in
these patriotic securities.
A so cal.ed American citizen,
being a farmer residing near Mt.
Pleasant i n Clackamas County
was last week treated to a gen­
uine coat of tar and feathers by
al>out twenty-five citizens, whose
identity is unknown.
This so-called American citizen
refused to contribute in any way
to any of the forms of patriotic
activities and objected to bond
d r i v e s , war saving stamps
and Red Cross donations and
apparently some of bis fel l ow
citizens objected to him.
While such mob action should
be condemned by all law abiding
citizens, it is a hard thing during
these days of patriotic activities
and national stress for all citizens
to exercise the moderation and
discretion, which they woul d
under normal conditions.
Yet, since the deed has been
done, we hojH* it will have a good
effect not only on the victim but
upon other so-called American
citizens, who are refusing to do
their share to help this country.
We hate to admit it. yet East­
ern Clackamas has a few such
(American citizens?). B ut as
the department of Justice has
the names and records of them
all, we hope they will soon be
severely dealt with - for if they
are not with us, they are against
us, as there is no middle-of-the
road policy in this crisis.
Some people and a few mer­
chants imagine that advertising
in the home newspaper brings
little if any tangible results.
If these doubters were in as
close touch with the returns of
live advertising as some of our
advertisers, they would double
their spaces at once and keep
the spaces filled with up-to-the-
minute advertising copy.
For instance—two weeks ago
one local advertiser made the an­
nouncement in these columns,
that a wool buyer would be at
his store on June 13th. This an­
nouncement consisted of ten lines
and a heading and resulted in
the bringing in to Estacada on
the day designated, fully seven­
ty-five percent of the wool raised
in this community, most of w-hich
was sold at good prices.
No other announcement of this
wool buying was made, which
proves conclusively that adver­
tising in the home paper will
bring results from the home dis­
If the same amount of thought
and energy was given to the ad­
vertising of the wares of the
merchants of this community, as
is devoted to other phases of
their business, increased sales
would follow. For the home pa­
per is read by fully two thousand
buyers and prospective buyers in
this community each week and
the advertising is read as well as
the news.
From the present outlook, Es­
tacada and this community in
general will hold no Fourth of
July celebration this year, as
none has been announced as yet.
It will be just as well though
if we do dispense with the cus­
tomary “hurrah” this year and
expend the same amount of ener­
gies and money along lines that
will do more good for our country
at this time.
Our patriotism and respect for
all that the Fourth of July stands
for, w hile even stronger than in
former years, should be exempli-
field by sacrifice and work, rath­
er than by celebration and rejoic­
Spray - Spray - Spray
Fresh Every Day
Cheaper to buy it ready made than to bake it.
Our bread conforms with all Food
Administration laws and is wrapped in
Sanitary Fapers.
Victory, Liberty, Barley, Rye, Whole Wheat and
Graham Bread.
Snails and Doughnuts
L. A. Chapman
Estacada, Oregon
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Undertaking and Embalming
L. A. Chapman
Store or Residence
Licensed Embalmer
R. G. Marchbank
Hearse and Morgue
Estacada, Or.
Soda Water • Soft Drinks • Lunches
Headquarters For Cigars and Tobacco
The 4-5 weeks codling mo t h
spray should be put on at once
if omitted till now, and if plant
To make room for new stocks — we are offering some of the
lice are present Black Leaf 40
most attractive bargains ever offered in this town — these will be
should be added, 3-4 pint to 100
on our entire line of
gal. spiay. Prunes attacked by
S to c k C& P o u l t r y ^ T o n ic s
aphids, bud moth and twig min­
and on certain lines of
ers need Black Leaf 40, 3-4 pint
to 100 gal. water and 4 pounds of
Come in and ask us about them.
fish oil soap. Cherry trees, and
pears not sprayed for mot h,
should be dusted or sprayed with
l ead arsenate if attacked by
From now on
slugs. A. L. Lovett, O. A. C. ,
our business will be conducted on a strictly
J. F. Lovelace of Estacada, j
who last week was severely in­
There is no need for explaining in detail our reasons, for
jured in an automobile accident, j as all know, the conditions in the mercantile business today are
is reported to be well on the road demanding CASH; with our wholesalers expecting it of us and we
must insist on the same from our patrons.
to recovery.
We wish to thank you for your past patronage and hope that
favored with a continuance of same, for the Cash Basis
At the annual school meeting means a be
to You and to Us.
in Viola on Monday, directors i
John Hamilton. Ed an d Ray
Miller and clerk Loren Tenny The Estacada Feed & Lumber Coir pany
were re-elected for the ensuing
At the Convenient Comer 2nd & Main Sta. Estacada.
L. S. Bronson
M. D. Evans