Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, March 28, 1918, Image 6

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    the overworked linotype opera­
tor managed to get that far
through the Dimick platform and
then collapsed at the machine,
forgetting to turn otf the works.
Poor fellow, we know how hard
it is to be forced to set-up such
political dope.
Eastern C lackam as News
Published every Thursday at
Estacada, Oregon
R. M. Standish,
Editor and Manager
Entered at the poatoffiee in Eatacada,
Oregon, as aeeond-elaaa mail.
S ubscription R atios
One year
Six montha
Continued for this week only
Clackamas County has the dis­
tinction, according to assistant
County Agent Leader, W. L.
Kadderly of the 0. A. C. Exten-
tion Department, of being the
only county in the state which to­
day has not completed a farm
survey for the coming season.
Such a survey is now being un­
dertaken through the mails by
Mr. Kadderly and it is hoped
every farmer will respond to the
appeal and give the small amount
of time necessary to fill out the
form-sheets and return them to
headquarters in the "franked”
envelope which will be furnished.
Thursday, March 28. 1918
That Cascade County will again
become a live issue in this coun­
ty this year, may not have been
generally known, although all
know that the Cascade County
movement will always be a live
issue until Cascade County is
In as much as Senator Dimick
is making his campaign for re-
election on the p l a t f o r m of
"Clackamas Undivided” , believ­
ing that his return to the legis­
lature is necessary to champion
that cause, the News has an­
nounced this week that the ques­
tion of county division will be
left to a vote of the people of
Clackamas County, chereby re­
moving much of the responsibili­
ties from Mr. Dimick’s shoulders.
We note that Mr. Brownell ap­
parently is better posted on the
plans and interests of the county
at large, as in his platform he
mentions that the question will
be left to a vote of the people
and that he will abide by that
The News has been asked
"W h> devote so much space to
the subject of Terminal Bates for
Our reason is that we believe
the obtaining of such equitable
shipping rates, is really the key-
note to the development of our
timber resources.
These Terminal Bates can only
be obtained by a demand being
made upon the Interstate Com­
merce Commission by the general
public and the shippers, so the
public has first to be informed on
the subject. Ami as we all know,
anything that will stimulate the
location of industries in our midst
and develope our resources, di­
rectly benefits every man, woman
and child in this community.
In the Oregon City Enterprise
of March 22nd, appears the fol­
lowing paragraph, being th e
termination of the article dealing
with the candidacy of Senator
W ord» to h# i lacad on ballot
Supi-ort a n y th in g to h alt A m attca w in
C r w a i am a g a in st county dlvlato n.
Real Bargains
I cha.'k a Imasaan- ? naaliait’uinoc
We are curious to know the
meaning of the last line, for it
l«K»ks like a code message or a
suppressed oath and should be de­
leted by censor l>efore appear­
ing on the ballot.
Again it is barely possible this
last line was a typographical
error, but it is more than likely
Local people have been looking
for the past week for a glimpse
of the Dimick political placards,
which it was heralded were now
being distributed throughout the
Latest reports indicate the
presence ot but one in Eastern
Clackamas so far, that being re­
ported by his neighbors as dec­
orating the side of Noah Stingley’s
barn at Eagle ('reek.
The side of Mr. Stingley’s
barn is a most appropriate place
for the advertising of Mr. Dim­
ick’s candidacy, for Mr. Sting ley
represents about the only true
adherent of the "Clackamas U n­
divided” principal in this portion
of the county, Mr. Stingley hav­
ing always been a staunch sup­
porter of the "court-house ring”
management of the county and
having for several years held the
responsible position of Judge of
the Horse-Racing at the C’anby
Noah’s selection of the side of
his barn for the display of the
advertising is an admirable one,
although 1 1 we were supporters
of Mr. Dimick’s candidacy; we
would post his placard on our
front gate or hang it in the front
window and not consign it to a
place usually reserved for rub­
bish or other unsightly material.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue
o f the authority in me vested as execu­
tor o f the last will ami tt stament o f
Frank J.Habelt, deceased, and by vir­
tue o f the provisions o f said last wil
and testament, 1 will on the 12 th day
of April. ISIS, at the South door o f the
Depot Building of P. R. L. &P. Company
at Estacada, Oregon, at the hour of
2:30 o'clock P. M. o f said day, sell at
public auction to the highest bidder for
cash in hand, the following described
real property, belonging to the said
Frank J. Habolt at the time o f his
death, to wit; The South-west quarter
o f Section Twenty four (24) in Town­
ship Four (4) South o f Range (4) East
o f the W illamette Meridian, in Clacka­
mas County. Oregon, consisting o f 100
Said land is heavily timbered
and is located about ten miles from Es­
tacada. Oregon. The Executor reserves
the right tt» reject all bids.
Peter Rauernfeind.
Executor - Cecil, Ore.
Woodson A Sweek, Attorneys for
Administrator, lleppner, Ore.
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Our Motto
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L. A. Chapman
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L. A. Chapman
Licensed Embaliner
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R. G. Marchbank
Estacada, Or.
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BOB’S PLACE Headquarters For
W. S. WOOD, Auctioneer
Vancouver, W ash.
Farm Sales a Specialty - Write for Dates or call at
News Office, Estacada.
If your shoes need polishing, call at the
Estacada Barber Snop.
I Tim on the job all day Saturday and after school hours on week
^ays. Ladies’ work especially solicited. Leave shoes at the shop
and I will do the rest. All shines 10 cents.
Miss Bettha Hil'man of Esta­
was the hostess at a house-
Miss Lorene Parker. Clacka­
over the week-tnd, in hon­
m as
County’s Demonstration
or of her birthday, het guests be­
will be the principle
ing the Misses Arlene and Mil­
speaker at the Apri: 6th meeting dred Jones of Amity; Alta Nash
o f t h e Garfield Grange. All , of Salem and Alice Wright of
members and friends are invited Portland.
to attend, as Miss Parker is es­
No Sunday School or church
pecially desirous of meeting all services will be held at the Gar­
of the ladies and her message to field Church next Snnday, as the
attendant* tflere are planning to
them at this time is au import­
a'tend the Easter services at the
ant one.
parent church in Estacada,