Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, December 13, 1917, Image 3

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Strength Of This
depends upon many factors, not the
least of which is the nature of its
policy and control. This bank is
examined twice each year by the State
Bank Examiners. Five times a year,
upon the call of the Bank Examiner
we issue sworn statements of condition.
Capital and Surplus $17,000.
Deposits $120,000.
Estacada State Bank
.. »
«!* . « -V
• •
• *> * -' : •
Use Your Land
For A
Reservoir ?
If you’ re raising
Ducks or Trout
its all right
But if you want to
Raise Crops, then DRAIN IT!
Speaking of DRAIN TILE — that is one of our specialties,
and we always carry a stock of 4 and 6 inch tiling.
Thè price on this is right, but greatly lowered in quantity
lots, especially where several thousand feet is ordered.
Now is the time
for draining,
so let us figure on your order
i ’
for tile.
Estacada Feed & Lumber Co.
The Whistle Dual
The daily whistle dual between
the engineers of the Estacada
c a n n e r y and cheese-factory,
threatens to bankrupt the supply
of steam for one or both indus­
When it comes time for the one
o’clock tool, first one plant blows
a blast, then the other and for
from two to five minutes after­
wards. each tries to see which
can let out the last rhriek and
still have sufficient steam in the
boiler to run the machinery.
If some kind of a steam calli­
ope arrangement could be install­
ed, similar to that used in a cir­
cus parade, it would add to the
harmony, but anyway Estacada
can be thankful that it has two
good live industries, whose daily
toots remind us that we are alive
and sustaining a home pay roll.
Here’s hoping that they will
have plenty of competition soon.
News Assistant Leaving
Sam J. Howe of South Estaca­
da, who has been in charge of
the mechanical destinies of the
News since June 1914. has re­
signed, his resignation taking ef­
fect December 15th
Mr. Howe’s leaving is a source
of serious regret to the publish­
er, with whom he has worked hard
for the last four years in building
up the home newspaper.
Mr. and Mrs. Howe will move
shortly to Portland, where they
will make their home for the
winter at least and w here he w ill
give his attention to outside
interests, which he represents.
As usual, Estacada’s reputa­
tion as the home of athletes is
being upheld this year, with pho­
tos lately appearing in the Port­
land papers of Ken Bartlett of
the crack 91st Division football
team of Camp Lewis and Henry
Spiess, who is playing center for
the Willamette University team.
Ken expects to go to Pasadena
again this year to take part in
the big New Years game, be­
tween the 91st Div. team and the
Mare Island Marines.
Attorney C. W. Devore of Es-
taeada announces that beginning
Monday, December 17th, he will
be at his office every day from
9 A. M. until 5 P. M., excepting
Wednesdays and Sundays. Dur­
ing these hours Mr. Devore will
give any aid or assistance |>ossi-
ble to the men called upon to till
out their Questionnaires, for
which service no charge w ill be
Walter Whitbeck of Estacada
spent a few days at home early
this week, prior to leaving for
Newport, News, Va. where he is
a member of Supply Train, Co. 4.
Of Eastern Clackamas County
The following represents a list
of those patriotic young men of
this community, who are now en­
listed in the Country’s Service.
In order to make this list com­
prehensive, we request that the
names of any enlisted men, not
shown herewith, be furnished
this office, so that the Roll of
Honor may 1 hi kept complete.
Otis Wagner, Estacada.
Bert Page, Estacada.
Serg. Ken Bartlett, Estacada.
H W. Kitching, Ourrinsville.
Chas. Kandle, Springwater.
Clyde lnglish, Oartield.
Lieut. Sylvester L a w r e n c e ,
Corp. Belah Lawrence, Spring-
Harold Young, Barton.
.). R. Linn, Currinsville.
Ralph Reid, Oartield.
Joe Cahill, Eagle Creek.
Morris Cahill, Eagle Creek.
Raiph Dahl, (formerly New’s of­
fice Estacada).
Corp. H. S. Scupham, Estacada.
Joe Erickson, Springwater.
Oeo. Townsend. Estacada.
Lester Townsend, Bull Run.
Lieut. W. M. Dale, Estacada.
Corp. Sam H. Barr, Estacada.
Frank Fuchs, Eagle Creek.
C. C. Cockerline, Viola.
Carl Kinunel, Estacada.
Chester Womer, Estacada.
Robt. Ewalt, Springwater.
Leroy- Card, Highland.
Ennis Tow nserui, Estacada.
R. C. Masson. Eagle (’reek.
Forrest Erickson, Springwater.
Lieut. A. C. Demorest, Oartield.
Frank Whitbeck. Estacada.
Virgil Wagner, Estacada.
Warren Barr, Estacada.
Fred Bannister, Estacada.
L. E. Folsom, Springwater.
Guy Graham, Estacada.
Walter Whitbeck, Estacada
The W. J. Moore property on
Main Street, Estacada is lieing
greatly improved by the con­
struction of a cement sidewalk,
the work being done by Charles
Kitching of Currinsville.
Announcement is made this
week of the marriage Monday,
in Portland of Miss Fay Barthol­
omew and Henry Isaacs of that
city. Miss Bartholomew is well
known in Estacada, where she
has conducted classes in music
for several years.
The Estacada Post Office last
week erected a Mag-|»ole, from
which now Mies “Old Glory” in
all its beaut/.
Charley Duncan of Garfield is
reported to now be able to be
aliout part of the time, following
a several weeks illness, which
confined him to his lied.
Headquarters For
Soda Water • Soft Drinks - Lunches
"•' y
Cigars and Tobacco
Estacada, Or.
R. G. M archbank