Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, August 02, 1917, Image 8

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    Want and For Sale Column
» cents per line. Cash in advance +
CASH P A ID for .Junk Econo- +
mise, save your RAGS, R U B ­ i ♦
BER, IKO N and M E T A L o f all
! ♦
kinds and bring them to Jerry
Jones, The Junk Man.
Pool Room, Estacada.
FOR S A L K .3 fine brood sows,
w eighing about 250b» each
25 th rifty pigs. The whole bunch
for $.300.
L. C. Lawrence,
li. 3. Sprinprwater.
Undertaking and Embalming
L. A. Chapman
Henry V. Adix, M. D.
P h y s ic i a n
S urgeon
Office Adjoining Residence
Licensed Em balm er
Local and Long Distance Telephone
Hearse and Morgue
Store nr Residence
The doctor’s phone can he connected with your
home phone at night if requested. One long ring
0 tja WaKm.r o f Kstacada is re-
The Annual “ Cramp P a rty ” ,
Bob Currin calls it, was stay­
LOST 2 year old brindle h ei-! I“ 'rted now to l»e considerably
fer with horns.
improved in health, follow ing a ed at the Currin home in Currins-
Jack Saunders. Currinsvillo.
relapse which he suffered a week ville last S u n d a y afternoon,
. , .s .
. or 80 ago, incident to his too rap- when, as u s u a l , their many
A black Poland ;id recovery from a had aUack friends were invited to join in
China Sow, named roily, hinder a.
. ,
please notify W. R. Reid.
; ot pneumonia, sustained while in despoiling the fruit from th e ir !
camp with his company at Clack­ famous old cherry tre e s -w h ic h
amas. While Otis fears he may the guests proceeded to do and,
A good Durham- not be able to stand the rigors o f as usual, despoiled or spoiled a
Jersey milk cow.
military training, he few shirt waists and collars, dur-
Mrs. T. J. Smith, R. 1, Garfield.
hopes to be able to enlist in a | ing the cherry fight following,
FOR S A L K or TRADE Set of hospital corps, for he is bound to
light double harness, good saddle. enlist again and as soon as able i The Givens fam ily o f Estacada
cart, light hack, top buggy, span show that an attack o f pneumon-: and M r* and M rs- Frar,k Ew ing
good work mares, fresh cow. GO ¡a cannot dampen his patriotism. !and their * uests’ M r- and Mrs-
f i h wire cable. What have you . i
Irwin Passmore of Chico, Cali-
W. Domm, Eagle Creek Falls.
About tw o thousand persons | fornia are leaving this week for
K O IIN I) A child’ s tan leather are expected to join in the big ia motor trip to N e ta rt’ s on the
sandal — owner call at N ew s picnic at Kstacada Park, on Au- Oregon coast, where they will
gust Bill, when the employes o f camp for a week.
P R. L. & P. Co. and their
cvivw I/M
u/ I
i the P.
Wednes- ..
^ .
Notice For Publication
day afternoon at Kstacada, throe Emilies, a ie d u e tot then annual
Department o f the Interior. II. S.
$10 gold pieces. Reward offered outing,
Land Office at Portland, Oregon. July
to finder. R. B. G. Barton, Or.
12, till".
Traffic Manager F. 1). Hunt
Notice is hereby given that James
FO U ND Wednesday evening I and 1). C. Zink o f the P. R. L. & W. Creighton, o f Welches, Oregon, who.
at Barton, three $10 gold pieces I p Co., were Kstacada visitors j on February 21, 1913 made Homestead
in mv host Sunday trousers.
Tuesday, having S top p ed at Cur- entry, No. 03755, f.»r SW1-4 SW l-4 NE;
R. B. G. Barton, Or,
rinsville, where with Road Sup- j 1' 1, SWl-4 SEl-4 SWi-4 NE1-4, Ni-2|
To Whom it May Concern
ervisor A lbert Kitcidng, they ar- ^ * 4l
n w h
nki 4 s e m !
All property owners in Esta- ranged lor the extension of the n i -2 s w i -4 NEl 4 SEl-4. Sections,
cada are hereby notified to at loading spur at M iller’s Siding,
j Township 3 South, Range 7 East, Wil-
once cut all tllist’es grow in g on
, lamette Meridian, has filed notice o f in-
their property. By order o f tin*
Mr. and M rs. Irwin 1). W right tention ti» make three-year Proof, to
Kstacada City Council.
o f Kstacada are leaving the lat- estaMish
to th«* land abovt* de"-
I. M. Park, Marshal.
ler * part ot this week tor a tew cetver o f .. the
•. ,
United States Land ()f-
weeks sacation, making a motor
at Portland, Oregon, on the 4th
f September. 1917.
Mrs. W righ t’s father has a large I Claimant names as witnesses:
Rev. Brackenbury o f Gresham. 1 ru n ch
W. H. Creighton, o f Zig Zag, Ore-
Rev. Spiessof Estacada and Rev.
' gon; Mrs. Jennie Chapman, of Zig Zag,
Miner o f Sandy will occupy the
A family picnic was held at ? re* on: M; r - v ■rhapm.n, of
pulpits at Firwood, Dover and the Sevier home in Viola last Oregon; John Malcomson, o f Wel-
ehes, Oregon.
Douglass Sunday, August 5th.! Sunday, with Charles Hicinboth-
Services will be held at Firwood am and family o f River Mill and
at 11 A. M.: at Dover at J P. M. Will Hicinbotham and fam ily o f
and at the Douglass School at 8 Cherry
Grove in attendance.
P. M. Everyone should take ad­
Miss June Oakley o f Seattle is
vantage o f these meetings, for
the spiritual help that may be oh- a guest at the home o f her sister,
ruined, for such help is needed Mrs. J. W. Reed of Kstacada.
during these trying times.
Miss Mollie Ahnert o f C orval­
lis, who has attended (). A. C. is
spending her vacation at the par-
eival home.
Charles U pdegrave is splitting
logs these days to be used on the
North Eagle Creek Road.
Advise us what vegetables
You have for sale.
Vei n Pitts o f Cottrell i,,nt Loganberries
the week-end visiting among
Red Raspberries
friends in this locality.
Black Caps
John Atfolter, Jr. and cousin
motored to -M t. Hood Sunday.
( ’apt. .1, W. Exon is busy haul­
ing the material for a new silo,
Green Gages
which he will soon build.
Estacada Cannery
Pr»wf made umler Act June 6 ,19 12 ,
June 11 , I 90 ti.
N. Campbell
Notice For Publication
Department o f the Interior, U. S. !
Land Office at Portland, Oregon, Junej
29. 1917,
NOTICE ia hereby given that Robert
Richard Oskar Muller, o f Colton,
Clackamas County, Oregon, who; on
March 8, 1912, made Homestead Entry, j
No. 03404. for Lot 7 and SE 1-4 o f SW
1-4, Section fi, Township 5 South,
Range 4 East, Willamette Meridian,
has file«! notice o f intention to make fi­
nal five-year Proof, to establish claim
to the land above described, before the
Register and Receiver o f the United
States Land Office, at Portland, Ore­
gon, on the 10th day of August, 1917.
Claimant names as witnesses:
William Werner, Charles W. Swan,
William Schiefer, Rex Gordon, all o f
Colton. Clackamas County, Oregon.
Proof mad»* according to law under
which entry was made.
N. Campbell
Dr. L. A. Wells
Associated with Dr. H. V. Adiv
Dr. R, Morse
P h y s ic i a n
S urgeon
Tests Eyes and Fits Glasses
Office on Main Str. betv’een 1st and 2nd
Residence: Main and 5th Sts.
Telephone Connection
Claude W. Devore
Attorney-at-Law and Notary Public
Estacada, Oregon.
The Insurance Man
O re g o n F ire R e lie f Ass’ n
O f McMinnville, Oregon.
Also First Class O LD L IN K Insurance.
Automobile Insurance A Specialty
Chester Womer o f Estacada,
who is now doing guard duty
w i t h his company near La-
Grande, in a letter to the New s
this week, says that he hopes to
soon be stationed in the W ill­
amette Valley and so be able to
visit home occasionally.
Wilbur Looney, the eight year
old son o f Jake Looney o f Cur-
rinsville, last week received a
broken arm, as a result o f a fall
from a fence.
John Osborn, Estacada’s pio­
neer berry grower, reports that
while the present crop o f small
fruits is below average and sub­
ject to harm from the present
drought, that all berries are
bringing top prices in the eastern
Oregon market.
The demand
there is so great that the dealers
are even sending their checks in
advance to the growers, to assure
receiving the fruits, which this
year have !>een paid for f. o, b.
Kstacada at a price o f $2. per
case for blackcaps, $1.50 for
raspberries and $1.25 for logan­
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Lilburn o f
Roseburg, are to visit with their
daughter. Mrs. L. A. Wells o f
Kstacada. next week.