Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, July 12, 1917, Image 5

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Wells Succeeds Standish
certain improvements, forced .to
take the consequences from the
structed during the mushroom opposition and receiving little or
upspringing o f the town.
no praise or encouragement from
Now Estacada must begin re­ the other side.
building and rebuilding better
Right now. a strong plea is be­
the city must be built on a firm­ ing made by certain citizens to
er foundation—must throw out have the council insist on a herd
new and stronger roots, if it e x ­ law governing poultry and to do
pects to hold its own or surpass away with the keeping o f swine
the hundreds o f other young1 within the city ’ s limits. These
towns, villages and cities in the are minor matters, but before
grow in g Northwest.
they are settled will end by the
The city ’ s sidewalks are an out­ officials making enemies o f the
ward and easily seen example o f poultry and hog owners, with lit­
this condition, with the city offic­ tle encouragement or thanks
ials in the course o f their public from those asking for such law
work, able to see a similar condi­ enforcement.
tion in sewer and water systems.
Estacada has outgrown its
Estacada is sufficiently handi­ boom days, when it was receiv­
capped by the neglected proper­ ing a reflected glory and profit
ty within its boundaries, owned from the building o f the River
by non-resident and disinterested Mill dam, or the exploiting o f its
property holders, but a small pro­
fruit and farm lands.
It has
portion o f whom will make im­
provements, unless legally forc­ passed the day when it should be
satisfied to be a peaceful, quiet,
ed to do so.
Add to this a strong disposi­ homelike, rural trading center,
tion on the part o f the resident and today with a few industries
owners and renters, to disregard here and more in sight, its schools
the c it y ’s ordinances, even mak­ keeping abreast o f the times, it
ing it necessary for the council must wake up, build up and hold
to take legal action in their cas­ its rightful position as the com­
es, with the incident personal mercial and municipal center o f
hard feelings engendered, and it Eastern Clackamas County.
is little wonder that the duties o f
We have all been too willing to
a city official are too often un­ expend our energies in extolling
pleasant and that the city itself our virtues to our neighbors, es­
pecially in inducing our rural,
No city o f the size o f Estacada nearby friends to make Estacada
can afford to pay its officials for their trading center and shipping
their services, nor would any o f ­ point, but we must not forget to
ficial feel that he should receive at least keep our Estacada up to,
remuneration but when the o f ­ and i f possible, a little ahead o f
ficials are compelled to break the growth and development that
relations with their is current in the rural centers
neighbors, and in many instances adjoining.
even stand a financial loss in
In resigning from the council,
their businesses, in order to do “ ye editor’ ’ did so, not to escape
their duty and enforce the city’ s his full share o f the work, al­
laws, it is too much to expect o f though he will admit that he
the average citizen.
hopes to escape losing all o f his
Before the present important friends, which was the prospect,
ordinances in the city charter i f legal action became necessary
are put in force and the needed in enforcing the city ’ s ordinances.
inaugurated, it
There are dozens o f good inert
now looks as though legal action in Estacada, who are ably quali­
would have to be taken by the fied to act as city officials, but
officials, w i t h their personal many o f them have taken their
friends, neighbors and business turn and returned to private life,
associates in many instances, as with the avow'ed intention o f
the defendants.
never again accepting the thank-
The city ’s officials are today less
working with their hands tied,
Yet, these men and “ ye edi-
working for the public good, tor’ ’ having sat in the “ seats o f
with the public either apathetic j the m ighty” should now be bet-
or antagonistic. These officials ter citizens and more willing to
are too often called upon to take fully cooperate in the work now
a decided stand for or against facing the city fathers.
Miiitarv Tournament
Continued from front page
W ar Census Registration Numbers
Continued from front page
Barton Precinct
A. S. Ackerson 206, J. H. Ackerson 207, G. V. Anderson 208,
C. Buckman 209, Harry Barlow 210, B. Calderwood 211, H. Chris­
tiansen 212, J. M. Cahill 213, Z. Coop 214, A. Despotovisch 215,
P. Douglass 216, W. Erickson 217, D. Fosberg 218, R. Gibson 219,
R. Githens 220, H. Hanson 221. G. Hanson 222, G. Hallman 223,
G. Judd 224, M. Koraman 225, E. McMurrav 226, W. Miller 227,
C. McMurray 228. E. Odell 229, W. Odell 230, H. Richards 231,
L. Rivers 232, M. Richey 233, E. Richards 234, J. Stone 235, N.
Shimick 236. 0 . Stulke 237, W. Stingley 238, E. Thompson 239,
R. White 240.
And Dance
The military tournament and
field day, which had been sched­
uled by the soldiers o f Company
1). for July 4th and which was
postponed, will take place next
Saturday afternoon, the 14th, on
the athletic field adjoining the
Estacada Schools.
That evening at the Pavilion,
a second delightful dance will be
given by the soldiers, with re­
freshments served, to which all
are invited.
An admission o f 50c will be
charged in the evening, the pro­
ceeds to defray in part the e x ­
penses o f the company ball team,
although no charge will he made
the ladies, with the afternoon
sports free to all.
El wood Items
Mrs. Wentz o f Portland, visit­
ed her son George Harrison and
family, for a few days.
Orel Vullen, is slowly recover­
ing from his serious illness.
Mrs. M. M. Surface is spend­
ing a few weeks with her daugh­
ter Mrs. Ona Stahlriecker, at Wil­
son ville, helping care for her
new grandson, born July 4th.
Earnest and Nellie Vallen, are
spending a few days in Portland
attending the Educational Asso­
ciation. '
R. Morgan, who has been
working for L. N. Vallen the
past 5 weeks has moved to Teni-
no, Washington.
During his short stay at home,
a party and picnic were held in
honor o f Willie Freeman, o f Van­
couver, Washington.
Garfield Band Thanks
The Public
Despite the damp weather on
the morning o f the 4th, the cele­
bration at the Garfield Country
Club was a success from begin­
ning to end.
The band feels very grateful
to James Park o f Park & Closner,
who not only donated his lal>or
but also confectioneries at whole­
sale prices and they also wish to
sincerely thank the general pub­
lic for their help in making the
celebration a success.
Signed H. B. Davis
Secy. Garfield Band.
Mrs. Rulo Jacobs and son of
Aberdeen are visiting relatives
and friends in Garfield this week
Morris Bullard o f Currinsville,
while playing at Wilhoit Friday,
fell and broke his right arm.
Springwater New» Item»
('on tribunal
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Christen­
sen were pleasantly surprised by
a number o f their Portland
friends July 4th. Those present
were - Mr. and Mrs. Downs,
Mrs. Sorensen, Mrs. W. Moyer,
and Mrs. L. S. Turner.
party motored back to Portland
in the evening.
A party o f young people from
Springwater motored up the Col­
umbia Highway July 4th.
The Misses Emma and Gene-
vive Weller o f Portland spent
the past week with friends in
A number o f relatives and
friends spent a very enjoyable
Sunday, at the home o f Mr. and
Mrs. G. M. Lawrence.
('has. Bard o f Wardner, Idaho,
formerly o f Spring water, is here
harvesting the crops on his farm.
Sidney Smith had the misfor­
tune to get a small piece o f steel
in his eye Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Smedlev o f Port­
land spent Sunday at the home
o f Mr. and Mrs. E. Shibley.
Estacada Cannery
Under Full Blast
Manager Denting o f the Esta-
cada Cannery states that his
plant had capacity and orders in
advance for over 50 tons o f goose­
berries, but was only able to oh
tain from the local growers this
year less than two tons, which
have now been eannned and will
be delivered to Portland whole­
sale grocers. A price o f 3c per
pound was paid for this fruit,
which should yield close to 4 tons
to the acre in this country.
The cannery will soon be opera­
ting to capacity on loganberries
and raspberries, with the Refu­
gee string beans following. Over
60 tons o f the berries are already
contracted for from the growers,
with over 200 tons o f beans to be
The Government is this year in
the market for all kinds o f hy­
drated or dried vegetables, such
as carrots, turnips and other gar­
den products. Advise the can­
nery at once as to the amount o f
surplus vegetables you will have
for sale this year, as the hydrat­
ing w’ill I k * done there.
Club Meeting Postponed
As less than a score o f reser­
vations were made for Monday
night’ s Farmers’ & Merchants’
Club meeting, the dinner and
meeting was given up, although
several matters o f importance
should have come up for discus­
sion this week.
Announcement will be made
later o f the date o f the next din­
ner-meeting, when it is hoped a
larger attendance will be prom­