Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, December 28, 1916, Image 7

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    Alspaugh ’Appenings
Mrs. Fred Ely and children of
Morgan, Oregon, and Mr. and
Mrs. George Douglass and daugh­
ter o f Portland, spent Christmas
at the home o f their parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Dowty.
Miss Echo Githens, who has
been teaching at Morgan, is at
home for the holidays.
Bert Palmateer o f Morgan, has
been visiting friends and rela­
tives in this vie nity.
Among the Christmas guests
at the John Githens home were
Guy McDonough o f Kelso, Wash- ,
ington, Bert Palmateer o f Mor­
gan, Oregon, Miss Alta Sarver
and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beers.
Mr. Wright, the foreman o f the
wood-camp on the Edgar Heiple
place, spent Christmas in Port­
land and while absent hopes to
employ more wood-cutters for
the job.
Mrs. Ed Still has been on the
sick list.
J. W. Dowty and John Githens
have been bothered by owls lately
and owing to the high price of
ammunition, are attempting to
scare away the marauders by
means o f lanterns hung in the
nearby trees.
John isn’ t sure
whether an owl can catch a trout
or not, but he is praying for cold
weather, so that his trout pond
o f pet fish will be protected with
a thick coat o f ice.
Eagle Creek Notes
It Is The Price Which Counts
Compare these with others
Mt Angel Oak
Axe Handles
Maddock Handles
Plow Beams
(This line o f articles is manufactured from Oregon oak, at
Mt Angel, Oregon—we believe in handling Oregon made goods.)
B A C O N extra fine- per pound 25c
COTTON BATS Portland price $2 Our price $1.50
Special After Christmas Prices On T O Y S .
We wish you A Happy and Prosperous New Year
Park & Closner
Broadway at 2nd
Estacada, Oregon
Every Farmer Needs Accurate, Reliable Scales
Are you equipped with such weighing device now?
All right, I have taken the agency for the
which are recognized the world over as the best
Call and inspect one. Each scale perfectly equipped with steel to
steel bearings, arrow tip beam; large platform and wide wheels.
C. C. M iller
$15 for 500 lb. capacity—$18 for 1,000 lb. size.
Plumbing—Steam Fitting—Tinning
Garfield Gleanings
Miss Gertrude Gee o f Spokane
Wash., is the guest o f Miss Eliza-
betn Reid for the holidays.
Messrs Crawford and Thomas
killed a coyote in the woods hack
o f the Trapp ranch, on Christmas
Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Whitcomb
spent Christmas with relatives in
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Botkin and
Miss Whiting spent the Christ-
week end with relatives in Port­
The guests at the I. D. Wright
home in Estacada on Christmas
were, Mr. and Mrs. Will T. Wright
Mrs. Harriett Halley and child­
ren and Mr. and Mrs. R. W.
Downing o f Portland.
Phil and Ed Steinman o f Cur-
rinsville and Ernest Duus o f Gar­
field, who are working in the Pa-
louse Valley in Washington, are
spending the holidays at home.
Mr and Mrs. Ernest Boylan
and family o f Estacada moved
last week to Bend, Oregon, where
they will make their future home
Mrs. H. V. Adix and children
o f Estacada are spending the
holidays among relatives in Port­
I sn ’ t T his L ogical ?
T h a t no profit can be made on the sale o f an
article of J e w e l r y , until all expenses incident
to the sale are deducted, is the natural sup­
isn’ t this correct?
A /o w consider the higher the expense o f a
jeweler, the higher the selling price o f an ar­
ticle o f jewelry must be.
F u rth e r you are aware that my expenses in
operating a jewelry establishment in Estacada
are nothing as compared with the big jewelry
houses in Portland and other cities.
S o - which one of us can make the quickest
profit on a sale?
o f course!
T h a t is why I am asking you to let me quote
you prices on any article o f jewelry, before
you purchase elsewhere. 1 do not have the
heavy expense o f carrying a big stock, but
1 have the catalogs and can furnish you any
article at a saving to you and with a fair prof­
it to me and 1 guarantee satisfaction.
C onsider this now before you do your Christ­
mas buying and let’s get together and inciden­
tally keep the home dollar in home circulation.
F. E. B eckwith
The Jeweler
Estacada, Oregon
The Christmas entertainment
at the school-house Friday even­
ing, was a success and much en­
joyed by the audience.
the program a few baskets were
sold; H. S. Gibson acting as auc­
tioneer. There were also lunches
sold to those not buying a basket
the receipts o f the evening being
$14.25. Miss Kennedy wishes to
have the school house and grounds
fixed, so the school can be stan­
Ed Burnett, o f Portland, was
recently an Eagle Creek visitor.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Douglass and
daughter, Rena, were the Christ­
mas guests o f the latters’parents,
Mr. and Mrs. M oehnkeof Logan.
Mrs. Viola Douglass was the
guest o f her daughter, Mrs. H.S.
Jones, o f Portland, over Christ­
Miss Vero Beckett spent Christ­
with her folks on the
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Douglass,
and daughters, Misses Mildred
and Florice,
spent Christmas
with Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Duus, o f
Mrs. Will Douglass has gone to
Stevenson, Wash., to spend the
holidays with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John Sweeney.
George Chester, and sister,
Miss Helen, returned home last
Friday from Molalla, where they
had been staying for some time.
R. S. Clark and son, Carl, who
have been working during harv­
est in Eastern Oregon, have re­
turned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Lou Baker, and
daughter, Lola, spent Christmas
in Portland.
C o u rte s y and
W o rk.
When I want to find fault with mv
men I say nothing when I go through
their department!*. If I were satisfied
I would praise them. My silence hurts
them more than anything else in the
world, and It doesn’t give «flfense. It
makes them think and work harder.
Many men tail because the. do not
see the Importance of being kind and
courteous to the men under them.
Kindness to everybody always pays
for Itself. And, besides. It Is a pleasure
to I k * kind. I have seen men lose Im­
portant positions, or their reputations
—which are more Important than any
position—by little careless discourte­
sies to men whom they did not think it
was worth while to be kind to.—
Charles M. Schwab In American Mag
A B it in g Se n tim e n t.
You have to t*e careful even about
l>aying compliments. Hill Mixer, who
used to write ads. for u tobacco house,
got himself in had when he started
writing copy for a butter concern and
wrote “Guaranteed not to bite the
tongue."— Bos; Globe.
A R eal A u to cra t.
"Here’s the photograph o f a famous
maitre d’liotel. He has a stern and
haughty look.*"
“ Hasn’t he. though? I dare say that
fellow wouldn't u t'iend for any tip less
than a $100 bill." Birmingham Age-