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D evoted to the Interests o f Eastern
V olume 9,
N umber 50
Boy« And Girls Urged To
Attend High School
A generation or so ago, when
the costof living was lower, when
competition in business was less,
when efficiency and special train­
ing were in their infancy, a gram ­
mar school education sufficed men
and women for their life work.
Today, the term efficiency is
the keynote to business success
and the boy with a high school
education, or who has had some
special trades or technical train­
ing, is assured a hundred percent,
better chance o f future success
than the grammar school gradu­
During his work among pros­
pective students for the Estacada
Schools, Principal Guthrie has
found a number o f recent gram ­
mar school graduates, who are
undecided whether to continue
their education, some wishing to
go to work at once, others con­
templating working for a year or
so a n d then continuing their
In the case o f the student, who
ow ing to circumstances is forced
to begin work and cannot afford
to continue further schooling,
nothing can be said, except to
offer sympathy. But much good
advice can be tendered the boy
or girl who wishes to stop school,
believing they have learned suf­
As to the student who contem­
plates resuming studies a fter a
year or so o f work, they will find
that reentering school a fter a
year’s absence is a hard task.
Examinations must be taken, and
school habits a g a i n acquired.
Few pupils • have made a success
o f postponed schooling, one reas­
on being the dislike o f having to
drop back a year or so behind
their class-mates.
As has laeen the case with
many o f us, during school age,
the advice o f our elders was hard
to accept, but ninety-nine times
out o f a hundred we have lived
to regret our refusal to accept
the proffered suggestions, im­
ploring and orders.
A decreased earning capacity
is one o f the chief results o f lack
o f education and as today, future
happiness and contentment are
too closely allied with financial
income, this handicap alone is a
serious one.
To the person o f higher educa­
tion, the world offers untold ben­
efits. The feelin g o f equality,
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E stacada , O regon ,
Clackamas County
T hursday , A ugust 31, 1916
Idahoan Buys Springwater
School Rates Announced
The Traffic Department o f the
P. R. L. & P. Co., last week is­
sued a traffic schedule governing
rates for school children.
These rates show a decided de­
crease in fares between Barton
and all points tributary to the
Estacada Schools.
As shown by the follow ing
schedule, it is necessary that
commutation tickets be purchas­
ed in books o f 54 tickets each, in
order to obtain the special rates.
A deal was consumated last
week, whereby the Springwater
Store, owned by the Lewellen
estate and conducted by Floyd
Spurlin, becomes the property o f
a Mr. F. Madden and sister o f
N ew Plymouth, Idaho.
The new owners will conduct
the store along the successful
lines which have always been in
vogue there and should obtain
the hearty support o f the commu­
nity and store’s patrons.
Temporarily, Floyd Spurlin will
take a needed vacation, making
a visit in Lane County, before
locating permanently. The best
wishes o f his friends are extend­
ed to Mr. Spurlin and it is hoped
that he will again enter business
in this part o f the county.
Business Fast Getting Onto
Cash Basis
A lspau gh ______
Barton____ ____
Cazadero _
C u rrin sville_____
Deep Creek
_ _
Eagle C reek_____
F a ra d a v _______
Millers Spur ____
Riverby _________
River Mill ______
To Kill Black Aphis
On String Beans
The follow ing letter was re­
ceived this week from the Ore­
gon Agricultural College by Man­
ager D em ingof the Estacada can­
nery, which answers a question
now being asked by many local
“ Dear Sir:
Your letter o f August 21 is at
hand requesting information re­
garding black aphis that attacks
the string beans.
In this regard I wish to state
that the best way I know for the
Black Aphis on beans is Black-
Leaf-40. This material may be
obtained from any o f the insect-
icide dealers in your vicinity.
This material should be diluted
at the rate o f 1 part o f the Black
Leaf-40 to 900 parts o f water. To
this a soap should be added at the
rate o f 1 pound to 20 or 30 gallons
o f the solution, preferably whale
oil soap. The idea o f the soap be­
ing added to the solution is to
make t h e spray spread more
evenly over the slick surface o f
the beans, as when it is not add­
ed the material has a tendency to
form in globules the same as wa­
ter and drop off. A t this time o f
the year when the leaves are con­
siderably curled, due to the at­
tacks o f the aphis it would be
necessary to use some force to the
spray in order to actually hit the
insects in order to E>e effective.
Very truly yours,
C. F. Moznette,
Assistant Entomologist.
This “ Black Leaf-40” may be
purchased at several o f the Esta­
cada stores, including Givens and
the Estacada Pharmacy.
$1. P er Y ear
D o lla r s
C oupon
B ook
2 .9 7
10 S4
9 ‘4
6 ‘A
Certificates and School Tickets
may be obtained at Estacada,
Barton and Eagle Creek stations.
University Of Missouri
Man Engaged
The Estacada School Board
have engaged Ben F. Seward o f
Jefferson City, Mo. as instructor
in History, Science and Athletics
for the ensuing year.
Mr. Seward who is a graduate
o f the University o f Missouri,
comes highly recommended for
the work, with especial ability as
a foot-ball coach.
Pay Your Dog License Now
A ll dogs within the limits o f
the City o f Estacada must be li­
censed and Marshal Ames has
been instructed toenforce the law
pertaining to the collection o f li­
cense fees and the impounding
and destroying o f all unlicensed
Last year it cost the city more
to collect dog licenses than the
sum total taken in, so tfhis year
Marshal Ames will not solicit the
fees, but will impound and legal­
ly destroy all animals roaming
about the city, which are not
properly tagged.
Dog owners are notified to ar­
range the payment o f t h e s e
licenses direct to the marshal.
Estacada Hotel Scores High
In the July report o f the Ore­
gon Dairy & Food Commission,
in a list showing the percentage
standings o f the various hotels,
bakeries, markets and other es­
tablishments in the state, based
on the record for cleanliness, the
Estacada Hotel is rated at 91.1,
being second to the highest rat­
ing in the state, altho the list
does not show the city o f Port land.
According to an editorial in
Leslie’ s Weekly, a statistician
has figured that “ O f those who
buy goods on credit 40 per-cent
never pay in full and 7 per-cent
never pay at a ll.”
This is merely one o f the rea­
sons why many merchants today
are altering their business meth­
ods and attempting to place
their businesses on a cash basis.
This condition is especially
current among rural and small
town merchants and the Estacada
business men are fast adopting
like standards.
Last week, one merchant in
Estacada, whose business consists
o f sales averaging less than 50c
each, had on his books in long
overdue accounts, over $700.
These accounts will most o f them
be paid ultimately, but in the
meantime, the merchant has to
pay his bills to the wholesale
houses each month, or his credit
is ruined. Naturally, as 4 busi­
ness expands, it necessitates
more working capital to offset
the overdue accounts due him.
The successful merchant today
and the one who can afford to
sell slightly below the average
selling price, is the one who in
buying can take advantage o f
the customary 2 '<> cash discount,
in vogue among all business firms
With the average profit on
staple goods being less than 20 l'i>,
it takes but few non-paid bills to
entirely wipe out that profit.
Where if all transactions were
cash, at least, by the 10 th o f the
month following, the merchants
could afford to buy in larger
uantities, obtain liberal cash
iscounts and give the patrons
the benefit o f the savings.
Again looking at it from the
customers side, money can be
saved in cash dealings with prob­
ably every merchant in this com­
munity. Every purchaser knows
that when the housewise or hus­
band buys for cash, less ex tra v­
agance follows, and at the end
o f the month, the sum total o f
the month’s purchases, do not
come as a shock to the fam ily
One reason that the offerings
o f the mail order houses are o f ­
ten attractive, is because they
deal only for cash and cash in ad­
vance. When a business decides
to adopt strictly cash methods, it
does not imply that the business
is decreasing and the merchant
slowly failing, but means that
another business man has decided
to adopt up-to-date
methods, which ultimately will
benefit him and the customers.