Eastern Clackamas news. (Estacada, Or.) 1916-1928, June 29, 1916, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests o f
Eastern Clackamas County
Formerly Estacada Progress
V olume 9,
N umber 41
E stacada , O regon ,
J une 29,
$1. P er Y ear
Estacada Celebration Will Draw Thousands
New Uniforms
No Hinderance To Victory
The Estacada Fourth o f July celebration, under the auspices
of the Volunteer Fire Department, which will occur next Tuesday,
from the plans and program already announced, should eclipse all
former affairs and thousands o f local and visiting picnicers are
The following program, which guarantees “ something doing”
every minute o f the day or evening, will be carried out to the let­
ter, with all events being staged promptly on time.
The prize automobile parade should be a drawing attraction
and much rivalry is now present, with decorating already begun.
Every automobile owner in Eastern Clackamas County or else­
where, is urged to participate in this parade and help make it an
even bigger success than prophesied.
Taxpayers To Meet at Barton
July 24th.
The regular June meeting of
the Eastern Clackamas Taxpay­
ers’ League was held at the
Family Theatre in Estacada last
Saturday afternoon.
For some reason or other, prob­
ably owing to the good weather
for farming, few taxpayers at­
tended, aside from the regular
standbys o f the organization,
including a good delegation from
It had been hoped that the in­
terest which had been manifest­
ed in the proposed formation of
a cheese factory here, would draw
a crowd, but apparently the ma­
jority o f farmers were willing to
let the others affect the organi­
zation in their absence.
D. C. Zink o f the P. R. L. &
P. Co. was the principal speaker
on the subject o f cheese making
as an industry for this commun­
ity. Mr. Zink clearly presented
the facts and figures, as compil-
e ' from statistics gathered at
Canby and other points.
Owing to the the lack o f inter­
est displayed in the matter, the
league voted to drop any furth­
er promotion o f a cheese industry
and as no other organization is
liable to push it, Estacada’ s pro­
poser! cheese factory will take its
place among the other visionary
local industries.
Until such time as some one
man is willing to give his time
and money to the organization of
a local cheese factory, such an
i istitution will not be formed;
f >r like the history o f the local
cannery, few results were obtain­
ed until one man got behind the
project and established the plant.
On motion o f E. W. Bartlett
and duly carried, the road com­
mittee of the league was instruct­
ed to request the Clackamas
Coumy Court to construct a
stretch o f hard-surfaced pave­
ment on the main road, from
Eagle Creek bridge, passing the
Eagle Creek Grange Hall. Said
pavement to be similar to that
now being laid in the vicinity o f
Oregon City and Parkplace.
The second speaker on the
program was E. F. Riley o f Port­
land, who gave an entertaining
talk on subjects o f vital interest
to the taxpayers, paying especial
attention to his pet subject o f
proper road drainage.
It was decided to hold the next
meeting o f the league, at Barton,
on Monday evening, July 24th.
The program for this meeting
will be in charge o f a committee,
comprising Messrs. Bartlett, Ely
and Harvey Gibson.
T hursday ,
A. M.
10.30 ”
11.15 - 12
Noon Horn
1.30 P. W|
It was the same old story, only
Estacada won the game during a
nasty drizzle, instead o f on a fast
dry diamond.
The victims o f
Sunday’s battle were the Penin­
sula Greys, who returned to Port­
land and added their tribute to
the bunch o f Eastern Clackamas
“ farmers” who know how to
play baseball, at Estacada.
Owing to the rain, with the
field slippery and the ball both
slippery and heavy, the game
was not as interesting as former
ones, but the 15 to 7 winning,
kept the fans in good cheer.
Estacada was equipped in their
new uniforms and they presented
as classy an appearance as any
professional team ever did in its
palmiest days.
Prior to t h e
game's opening, . photographer
Al Stephens o f Garfield duly
snap-shotted and photographed
the team, including besides the
players, Mascot Arnold Lovelace,
Manager John L. and official scor­
er, Warren Barr. These photos
will be for sale at the rate o f 10c
each or one dozen for $1., so the
fans are urged to place their or­
der early with the photo man.
It was rumored that the Penin­
sula bunch had placed a little bet
back home with the lately defeat­
ed Fulton Greys, that they would
return w i t h Estacada’ s scalp.
The Fulton Greys are now spend­
ing the money.
In order to
make sure o f winning, the visi­
tors imported a famous college
and semi-pro pitcher by name o f
Riggs, who probably owing to
the wetness o f the ball or possi­
bly due to his self satisfied style
o f playing, failed to earn his pay
check, as he proved easy meat for
Esiacada batters, who either were
immune to Riggs Disease or re­
membered him as having pitched
for Molalla during a past Chau­
tauqua series.
Art Smith and Lee Bronson act­
ed as battery for the locals dur­
ing half o f the game, when I
was forced to turn over the re­
ceiving to Doc Douglass, as Lee
suffered a dislocated thumb in a
collision with a base runner. Neil
Bronson pitched the latter in­
nings, although Smith was in no
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Pri^e Automobile Parade - For best decorated car.
1st prize - $10.
donated by Estacada State Bank.
2nd ” - Indian Auto Robe ”
- Gauntlet Gloves ” East Clack. Supply Co.
- $5. in service
” Cascade Garage.
Estacada vs Gresham
ip park by Garfield Band
^Hour in park
100 yd
¡it rod and reel,
y Bert H. Finch
IJ^R. G. Marchbank
and glove
donated by Park & Closner
by Mfcckwith
Bill book’ ’
donated, Estacada Pharmacy
3 Legged I !i cp,
Box Cigars
donated by Jerry Jones
Wheelbarro' /
Box Cigars
donated by Ed Boner
Dress Shirt
Potato Race
donated by Wm. Dale Co.
Fat Men’s Race,
Y ear's Subscription to Eastern Clack. News
8:30 P. M. to 3:00 A. M., Dancing in the Estacada Pavilion
Music by Bronson-Erickson Orchestra
men over 60 years
$1. Per Pound For Tops
Spending honeym oon In Estacada
The News last week was in­
strumental in the selling of live
stock, with Oregon City paying
top prices for Estacada offerings.
• In as much as the business men
o f Oregon Gity had learned that
Estacada possessed two brown
bear cubs, which were caught by
Ranger Bannister in the moun­
tains the week previous, they de­
cided to purchase same and pre­
sent them as mascots to the coun­
ty seat militia. Company G, of
the O. N. G.
Justice o f the Peace John N.
Sievers on Monday, phoned to the
News editor, asking if the ani­
mals could be purchased, with the
result that the cubs were that
afternoon delivered at Oregon
City, via theJ. WillittsFerguson-
Ford-Auto- Wild Animal-Deli very -
Service, total charges being
$63.50, which were duly paid.
Estacada’ s chief animal trainer
Jim Abbott, parted with his pets,
with tear bedimmed eyes and
phoned Fred Bannister at Oak
Grove ranger station that the
market price on bear cubs was $1
per pound, f. o. b. Estacada and
to send through a carload if pos­
Paul Womer o f Corvallis and
his bride, formerly Miss Tressie
Hicks o f South Bend, Washing­
ton, who were married at the
bride’ s home, June 21st, a r e
spending their honeymoon among
relatives in Estacada.
This happy marriage is the cul­
mination of a courtship which
started in Estacada several years
ago, when both o f the young
folks resided here.
The groom is <the son o f Mr.
and Mrs. E. S. Womer o f Estaca-
da and the bride is the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. John Bunker o f
South Bend, Washington.
The newlyweds will remain in
Estacada until the latter part o f
the week, when they will go to
Corvallis to make their future
home, as Mr. Womer is chief lin­
otype operator there, on the Ben­
ton County Courier.
Miilard-Donahue Marriage
Fruit Growers' Assn. Dissolves
A t a special meeting o f the
members o f the Estacada Fruit
Growers’ Assn., held in Estacada
last Monday, it was voted to dis­
solve the corporation.
The friends o f Miss Millie Mil­
lard and Emmett Donahue of
Springwater, are congratulatihg
them upon their marriage last
Mr. Donahue, whose home was
in Boring, is n o w a popular
Springwaterite, conducting the
Springwater-Portland auto ser
vice and the bride is the daugh­
ter o f Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mil­
lard o f Springwater.
Ti«e young couple have rented
the I.awrence house at the top of
the Springwater Hill, where they
will make their future home.