Estacada progress. (Estacada, Or.) 1908-1916, January 21, 1915, Image 1

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    MO. 18
VOL. 8
Gresham Won
Commissioner Mat toon states that
tila County Court is still consider-
in* the advisability ot appropriate
ini' a sum of mouev to maintain a
representative at the Panama Pacif­
ic Exposition, whose duly will con­
sist of advertising the county.
A t the request ot the Oregon
City Live Wites, the Court will
probably appoint O. E. Eieytag of
the Oregon City Commercial Club
as the representative, in case they
decide to make the appiopriation.
Mr. Ereytag would make a good
man for the work, if a representa­
tive should tie necessary.
There is a possibility that the
Clackamas County Fair, which has
always been held at Canbv. will not
be held this year, owing to the loss
sustained last year. The State a p ­
propriates about $ 2 .0 0 0 from the
Clackamas taxes, for this fair, to
lie used in the premium end of the
work. The weather last vear is re­
sponsible for the poor attendance
at the county exhibit, but the
holding of the fair in the lower
corner of the county, will always
militate against its success. If the
event could be held at Gladstone or
at some centrally located point, it
would lie better and would receive
general countv support.
Senator Dinnck is making a good
showing from ttie start in the Stale
Seuate, and with his experience and
tendency towards insurgency, the
public will always be aware of the
fact that tliete is a county called
Mary Never Took the Cow
The old rhymes tell about Mary
taking her little lamb to school,
but it takes the teacher o f the
(lurrinsville School to improve on
Mary. About two weeks ago, in
order to more clearly show her
classes, the relative beef and milk
values o f a bovine, she had one
o f Wilbur Wade’s cows brought
into the school house. At last
reports, the cow refuses to be
milked after the school bell rings.
Representative Hunt, when he
left fistacada, was not ready for in­
spection, as his face was swollen to
double its regular size, from an ul­
cerated tooth and e^eu his friends
hardlv knew him. Before reaching
Salem he had been treated by a
dentist aud explained to his fellow
representatives that he had had his
corruption relieved before coming
to the legislature.
It would he wiser for the Court to
appropriale a sum of money to help*
the East C'ackamas Fair, the Sandy
Fair, the George F'air and other e x ­
hibits, than to spend the thousand
or more dollars in advertising at
San F'rancisco.
A hill lias been presented to the
Legislature this ¡ession, to abolish
the using of bird dogs in hunting.
Th is bill should be defeated.
The use of dogs in hunting birds
cannot lie classed the same as using
dogs in running deer, for in ihe lat­
ter case the deer has no chance and
in the former case the hunter has
uo chance without the dog.
Probably 7 5 % of the pleasure
in hunting birds, is experienced in
the training and working of the
setter or pointer.
Hundreds of
sportsmen would quit hunting en­
tirely if thev were not allowed this
form of the sport
The use of the
bird dog. • probably increases the
mini tier of birds killed, hut the
present bird laws amplv protect the
hitds from extermination and it is
usually the owner of the bird dog
who takes a leading part iu the
clean enforcement of the game
. There is also talk of introducing
a bill to allotV hunters to shoot two
triuale China pheasants in each bag
of five.
Tins law should be passtd,
for these birds are monogamists
and Hie past season showed the fe­
males in a proportion of half a doz­
en to one over the males, in this
part of Clackamas Ccuntv.
While tile local representatives
were anti-Selling men, for the
speakership, Speaktr Selling cer­
tainly held no ill feeling against
them, judging from the appointing
of Hunt as Chairman of the Horti­
culture Committee and schuebel,
chairman on Stockraisitig.
Mr. Standish will arrange with
some owner of a big power sprayer
to do the work for all growers w ho
wish. This plan seems to meet
with approval for the growers are
not equipped to do the work them­
selves econoinical'v and in many
cases do not know the proper chem­
icals to use. Where an owner mere­
ly has a tree or two in his yard, the
power sprayer can do the worx in
a few minutes and at slight expense.
While the County Court has not
asked for an expression of opinion
on this subject; as tax payers, we
have a right to express our senti­
ments about appropriations, the
Live Wires have already expressed
theirs, and if there are no objec­
tions, the motion will be carried.
Dont Abolish the Bird Dog
Much is heard about the Multno­
mah Delegation, hut the Clackamas
Delegation is mulling a close sec­
ond in the lime light. Clackamas
Represemaiive Scnuehel is well in
the lead in the number ot nills he
is submitting and our Hon. Guy T.
is backing three or four hills, along
the lines of amending and repealing
laws, relating to road work, aud
Hunt certainly ought l^knnw what
lie is talking about in that line.
He reports that in nearly every
instance he met with the co-opera
‘ tion of the grower and the majority
cf them were glad to have their or­
chards inspected, with a view to
their being properly sprayed and
Si A Y E A R
At the end of the first week of
the session of the Legislature. 151
hills had been presented aud no
laws passed, bqt it is too earlv yet
to draw any conclusions as to the
effectiveness of the work that will
be done.
Inspector Upheld
Clackamas county has advertised
for settlers for years past, and land­
ed its share during the ‘ ‘boom davs’ ’
and the majority of these settlers
are not making more than a bare
living today. W h y not help the
fairs and stimulate aud educate our
present people, rather than take a
long shot and try to land more from
the tourist and pleasure seekitig
crowds at F'riscn?
Estacada’s Representative
Fathering Bills
P. K Standish of Garfield, the
acting County Fruit Insptctor, put
in several days this week in Esta-
cada and in the Spriugwater coun­
try til connection with his duties
The Gresham High School bas­
ket ball team, beat the Estacada
squad by a score o f 23 to 14, after
a hard fought game at the Pavil­
ion last Saturday night. An ex­
tra bunch o f rooters were in at­
tendance from Gresham and Es­
tacada, and the game showed a
substantial profit for the athletic
association. The visitors had a
well drilled team, and with one
exception, their men were from
two to four inches taller than the
locals, which gave them consid­
erable advantage on overhead
passes and catches.
Money Could Be Used to
Better Advantage
In urder to make such an adver­
tising campaign effective, a goodlv
supply ot high grade advertising
matter, shoti'd he at the disposal
of the representative
A t present,
only two cities iu the county have
such matter, Oregon City and Esta­
cada. Estacada has a very limited
number ot Uieir booklets left as
they were largely used up at the
past Stale Pair and the Portland
Land Products Sh ow
cou <1 not afford to issue other
printed matter at this time. The
Oregon Cily Commercial Cldh each
moiitn issue a sheet, called Oregon
City Publicity, which is given lip 10
exploiting the county at large,
although the name is misleading
This piece of advertising matter is
very cheaply gotten up and would
hardly stand up in competition
aga'pst the high grade booklets and
other specimens of the printers' art,
which will he distributed by other
localities and especially by many of
the California communities
experience in using this class of ad­
vertising matter at the recent State
Fair and Land Products Show,
should have demonstrated the fal­
lacy of trying to distribute unat­
tractive literature.
The local delegation is strong for
economy and are getting along with
one stenographer for the four mem­
bers. Incidentally Guy T. can be
urged to talk about his hobby, the
Garfield Country Club.
January Girls Entertain
Lovelace Buys Farm
J. F. Lovelace o f Estacada,
last week purchased the 20 acre
ranch o f I. M. Park in Spring-
The sale included im­
plements and some stock,
twenty acres adjoins the twenty
which Mr. Lovelace owned, and
the two combined will make an
extra fine place. Smiley Love-
lace and w ife o f Estacada, will
likely move onto the property
and with the assistance o f Neil
Bronson, will operate it.
The Currinsville January Girls,
comprising six of the voting ladies
from that section, whose birthdays
occur in th. t month, gave a delight­
ful party last Friday night at the
Currinsville Halt. About 45 of the
voting folks were present and en­
joyed an evening with games and
dainty refreshments. The January
Girls comprise the Misses Minnie
Steinma-i. Nina Taylor, Doris Lo v­
ell. Mvrtle Looney, FLthel Hale
and Echo Wade.
New Location
Dr. R; Morse of Estacada, has
purchased the office effects o f the
late Dr. Haviland. and will soon
occupy Dr. Haviland’s former
office on Main between 1st and
2nd Sts., but will retain his res­
idence over the Drug Store.