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and Dairy Produce
of all kinds wanted.
Write for our
To Control
Cortland .
P earson -I’ajro Co. 'ogiJ.Ai1*
Austria Moves Secretly on Servia;
Sudden Blow is Possible.
U o u g h t. sold an d exchamr«>d: enirines, b o ile rs 1
¡ ¡ » « n u lls, e tc . S en d f« r S toc k I .is t and P ric e s .
1 H K J . E . M A R T I N C O .. 83 1st S t., l ’ o rtla n d . Or. '
Ca»; Io» on Request.
P itie (kn«piatile Ulk**. 41S U s u im « , tilt BU*. P«rt!aod. Or*
^ h i »
k .
fu ktu n
As*H e r and
L e a d v d le , Coiniitiiu.
S u t.,u .ou
H ili. i . J,«* <I. Ji (u d ii. S ilv e r, Tv..-. Clot.i. 6Uc.
o r C opper. SI.
Z , nò
Miti 1
int< « envelopes
id fu
ll pri. . lii
nvei-ipes a m
m il
•'nf^n a^^pHrat um
f !.i o it ttroi
and U Um
>. . ^ O
r u l and
ire wot
: IW b ou u U j N attonui iiuak.
L ib e r a l T e r m s W r it e f o r ou r P ro p o s itio n .
E v e r y th im f o r th e O rch ard. F arm , C ard en
an d Luwn.
» ‘ ■
Lasts all
ic a a o n . Made o f
n.rUl, can'tspiilortip
ove r ; will nm , 1 or
Inj u re a n y th in g .
lArant ed
Bold by dealer», or
f f.rr.t I y r ipresi pre*
paid for Ji.
fit) DtKtUb A v e ., Brooklyn, M. Z,
*■» n o m o r e n e c e s s a r y
th a n S m a l l p o x
Arm y
experience has demonstrated
the almost miraculous e f f i ­
cacy, and harmlessnrss.uf Antityphoid Vaccination.
Be vaccinated N O W by your physician, you and
your fam ily. It is more vital than house insurance.
Ask your physician, druggist, or send for ‘ ‘ Have
you had Typhoid?” te llin g o f T y p h o i d Vaccine,
results from use, and danger from Typhoid Carriers.
THE (.1 )1 1TB LA B O R A TOBY,
B L R fiE L tY , ( A l .
T h e Land of the Free.
Abo Lincoln was a famous man,
Who fought the ranks of knavery.
He brought emancipation to
The brethren held in .slavery.
I wish old Abe was back again
To shake off modern shackles,
For there are many binding chains
In need of fearless tackles.
W e can’t go on vacation like
Our old friend, Kip Van Winkle—
A patch of grass is wished on us—
VVe must stay home and sprinkle!
How fine ’twould be by the lake shoro
To splash and raise the dickens—
But we must stay at home to feed
A bunch of late spring chickens!
With fetters cruel and stubborn links,
W e’re captives of convention.
Please send for honest Abraham
To free us from detention!
Just W h a t H e W a n te d .
“ When Billinger bought his new-
house it was with the express under­
standing that he should have a room
all of his own—a den, or study.”
“ Yes, I know- what you mean. Did
he get it?”
“ He got it and his wife furnished
“ How?”
“ With a sewing machine, a cutting
table, two dressers, dummies, three
sewing chairs and a full-length mir­
ror.”— New York Globe.
Easily Classified.
Hemmandhaw, who was writing a
letter, looked up to inquire:
“ Is it ever permissible to apply gen­
der to volcanoes?”
“ I don't know,” Mrs. Hemmandhaw
returned, “ but if it is they are surely
“ Why?”
“ Because they sputter, grumble and
smoke.”— Youngstown Telegram.
The Difficulty.
“ Hoots, mon! What ails ye? Can
ye no stand up?”
“ O h , aye— A can stand up, but A
can na stop up!”— London Opinion.
Tobacco Habit
Easily Conquered
A N e w Y o r k e r o f w id e e x p e rie n c e , has w r itte n
a book te llin g h o w th e to b a cc o or s n u ff h a b it m ay
b e e a s ily anil c o m p le te ly banish ed in th r e e d ay s
w ith d e lig h t f u l b e n e it.
T h e au th or. Ed w a rd .1.
W o od s. 159 I ). S ta tio n E. N e w Y o r k C ity , w ill
m a il h is book f r e e on req u e st.
T h e h e a lth im p r o v e s w o n d e r fu lly a f t e r th e
n ic o tin e p oison is o u t o f th e s ys te m . C alm n ess,
tra n q u il s le ep , c le a r e ye s , n orm al a p p e tite , pood
d ip o s tio n . m a n ly v ig o r . s tro n p m e m o r y and a
p e n e ra l p a in in e ffic ie n c y are am on p th e m any
b e n e fits re p o rte d , ( l e t rid o f th at n e rv o u s fe e lin g :
no m ore need o f p ip e, c ip a r. c ip a re t to. snufT, or
c h e w in p to b a cc o to p a c ify m orbid d e sire .
Empire Is Detieved Determined to
Force War Despite Concessions
Two Acts Committed .
The stomach is
the controlling
pow er in all
matters pertaining
to health. This
important organ
often needs help
in its daily work
and it is then you
should try
London —New proof that Austria is j
fully defbrmined to make war on j
Servia is seen in Monday's develop­
ments, while the possibilities of a gen-1
eral European war seem greater than
ever have confronted the present gen-1
The Servian reply to the Austrian 1
ultimatum was an acceptance o f al- I
most all the imperious demands, ex­
cept that Austrian officials shall par- I
■“T -w rr
ticipate in the investigation and fix j
s g ffa fla
the responsibility for the anti-Austrian j
D u r i n g t h e F r e n c h E l e c t io n s .
Servia proposed an appeal to the |
powers at The Hague for the settle-
“ Yea, I lunched with the conserva­
ment of that feature. Notwithstand­ tive candidate, had dinner with the
ing this humiliating surrender, which radical and coffee and liquor with the
was more than Europe expected of the socialist.”
“ And then how did you vote?”
little nation, the Austrian government
“ My dear air, liow can you ask? Of
gave the Servian minister his pass-1 course, the moat simple regard for
ports, which may be construed as a I delicacy kept me from the polls alto­
virtual declaration of war.
gether.”—L ’Illustration.
Austria also committed an act of |
war by arresting the chief o f the j
Servian general staff, General Putnik,
near Budapest, but he was soon re­
T h e s ch oo l th a t frets you a
leased by the emperor’s command.
g o o d p o s itio n .
A formal declaration o f war is not |
Thousands o f Graduates
expected, because Servia is not a '
party to The Hague convention, which ;
requires this.
The suspension o f all ;
W a s h in g to n ana ll)ih Sts.
parliamentary and judicial institutions i
P O R T L A N D . ORE.
have been decreed in Austria and an j
ironclad censorship has drawn a cordon |
W ith o r W ith o ut.
of secrecy around the country, so that
Old Lady (irritably)— Here, boy,
the outside world is in complete ignor­
I ’ve been waiting some time to be
ance of everything happening there, waited on.
except what the government wants the
Druggist’s Boy— Yes, ma’am. What
world to know.
can 1 do for you.
Even now the Austrian army may be
Old Lady— I want a 2-ce” t «ta r"'
Druggist’s Boy— Yes, ma’am. Will
closing in upon Servia and delivering
a sudden blow, as Japan did when she you have u licaed or unucaeu?—L.ut
sent her fleet against the Russian ships Angeles Express.
without warning.
As U s u a l .
While Austria announces a “ partial j Bill— How did her singing strike
mobilization,’ ’ the Austrian ambassa- j yon ?
dor at London has issued a significant j Jill— Oh, as usual, I was the inno­
notice to all Austrians liable for mili- j cent bystander.— Yonkers Statesman.
tary service to return home.
U C u r e s W h ile Y o u W a lk .
The only possibility of averting war
n ’s F o o t - K u - .' is a c e r t a in e u r o f o r n o t,
is that at the eleventh hour Servia s w A e l a l t e in
g , c a l l u s , u iu l s w o lle n , a e t iln g f e e t . S o ld
shall reconsider her reply to the Aus­ by M il D n i g g h t s . P r i c e 35c. D o n ’ t a c c e M a n y
- 'i t ■ » ’«1 package FREE. AUdres«
trian note and bow to all the demands. A * llu ‘ u i .S
O lm M e d , I .e R o y , N . Y .
Even then Austria proposes to exact
payment for all her expenses in con­
M a trim o n ia l.
wealthy young California woman
nection with her military measures.
“ The man I would marry
doesn’t live.” This shouldn’t mean,
Four Killed in Gun-Running however, that she will wed what is
known in the vocabulary of the street
Mob in Dublin, Ireland as a dead one.
Dublin—Three men and one woman
I n t e l l i g e n t M a id .
are dead and more than 60 persons are
Mistress— Why have you put t w e
in the hospital wounded as a result of hot water bottles in my bed?
a battalion of the K ing’s Own Scottish
Bridget—Sure, mum, wan of thim
Borderers’ firing into a mob in the was leakin’, and I didn't know which,
streets o f Dublin Sunday.
Seven of so I put both in to make sure.—Punch.
the wounded are expected to die.
S u n lig h t In te n s ifie d
Among them are three women and a
By Reflection from Ocean Beach and
boy of ten.
Desert Sand unrelieved by Foliage. Winds
The afTray came as a consequence of and Mineral Laden, Poisonous Dust, all
a gun-running exploit of the Nation­ bring Eye Troubles in their wake—Granu­
alist volunteers, who were being aided lated Eyelids, Red, Itching, Burning, Tired
by a mob composed largely o f women and Watery Eyes, Impaired Vision and
Eye Pain. Reliable Relief is found in
and youths. A consignment of rifles, Murine Eye Remedy, Mild and H a r m l e - s .
said to number 10,000, was landed at if you Wear.Glasses, Try Murine. Doesn’t
Howth, nine miles from Dublin, from Smart. Feels Fine. Acts Quickly. Is an
Eve Tonic compounded by Oculists—not a
a private yacht.
"Patent Medicine” —bnt used in successful
The Nationalist volunteers cut the I ’!'\sicians’ Practice for many years. Now
telegraph wires and stopped travel on dedicated to the Public and sold at
one Per Bottle. Murine Eye Salve in
the Dublin roads, and according to
Aseptic 'lubes, 2.1c and 50c. Sold by
reports, sent away most o f the rifles, Drug/ists.
For Books, write to Murine
together with 70,000 rounds of ammu­ Eye R _*medy Co., Chicago.
nition, in motor cars.
S c ie n tific .
A battalion o f the K ing's Own Scot­
“ So you believe in the Darwinian
tish Borderers was ordered to capture
the arms when the authorities heard
“ Yes,” replied Miss Cayenne.
the volunteers were bringing them into
“ And you believe that men are de­
the city. The soldiers encountered a scended from monkeys?”
detachment o f volunteers at Clonmel
“ Yes. The only objection I have to
Bridge and an outberak resulted, but some of them is their tendency to
there was no shooting.
ancestor worship.” —Washington Star.
Soon a great crowd collected and fo l­
One turn deserves another.
lowed the troops, jeering them and
That’s a maxim we oft hear,
cheering John Redmond, the National­
And the rink who cranks an auto
ist leader, and home rule. Finally the
Holds the turning point in fear.
mob began
throwing bottles and
stones, injuring several soldiers.
To this attack the battalion repiled
with a scattered fusillade.
In an
instant the street was crowded with ,
wounded, while terrified men, women
and children ran in all directions.
St. Judas hospital is situated only
200 yards from the scene of the affray
and the wounded were quickly taken
there, where four of them died.
H O S T E T T E R 'S
Suffered Everything Until Re­
stored to Health by Lydia
Conyress Party Blown Ashore.
Philadelphia — A special dispatch
EL Pinkham’s Vegeta­
from Lews, Del., says the government
ble Compound.
Portland— Nearly all the dealers are
in the market for wheat, but not at
the prices that growers arejasking.
Farmers in the Pendleton and Walla
Walla districts are holding for 70 cents
net, which is more than millers or ex­
porters can afford to pay. While some
wheat has been bought at 70 and even
at 71 cents, to fill July sales, buyers
decline to pay these prices for later
A cargo of white Walla Walla and
shipping bluestem was sold this week
at 35s 6d, which is equal to 80£ cents j
f. o. b. on 30s freights. On this show- \
ing, it is evident that prices in Europe
will have to improve or the market
quotations in this territory recede.
Grain men declare they will not be
able to do much business until this oc­ A n n o u n c e m e n t of School P rin c ip a l
B rin g s Some C h a ra c te ris tic Notes
Wheat— Track prices: Club, 78c
F rom Fond P aren ts.
per bushel; forty-fold, 79c; bluestem,
83c; red Russian, 77c; Turkey red,
“ Children who bring written re­
quests from their parents may be ex­
M illfeed— Bran, $237/23.50 per ton; cused to see the circus parade,” the
shorts, $26@26.50; middlings, $31.
school principal announced. Here are
Oats No. 1 white milling, $S1£ some of the notes that were handed
22.50 per ton.
to the teachers:
Barley— Feed, $210/21.50 per ton;
“ Please live Pearl to go to the pa­
brewing, $22.50; rolled, $23.50.
rade 10 Oglock out of school.”
Hay Old timothy, $10/0 17; new ; “ The Teacher of Morris’ Class.
crop timothy, $130/15; grain hay, $10; Kindly allow my child to go home
alfalfa, $12.
timely from school so he should be
Corn— Whole, $35; cracked, $36 ton. j able to see the circus parade.”
The run at the stockyards was j
“ My dear Miss— Kindly excuse Bes­
lighter than usual Monday.
The de­
sie at 10 o'clock so as to enable her
mand was good and as a result the best
to see the parade (circus) as I know
grades of stock commanded firm prices. !
she will greatly benefit by it and
Hogs sold at 15 cents higher than last I
oblige her mother.”
week and prime steers passed the 1
“ Dear Teacher!
Please let Louis
seven-cent mark.
Gou to The Parade of the Sircus.”
Cattle — Prime steers, $G. 700/7.25; j
“ Please let lizzie go to the perade
choice, $6.500/6.75; medium, $6.250u
6.50; choice cows, $60/ 6.10; medium, j on Monday and tuesday.”
$5.50 @ 5.75; heifers, $6.25 @ 6.50; \ "Please agsus Katie for the Peray
calves, $60/8.25; bulls, $3@5; stags, Monday.”
“ Will you please let Louis out at 10
Hogs -Light, $8078.75; heavy, $7(7; o’clock to se the Surces for he is
very anxious to see i t . ” — Newark
7 75
Wethers, $40/4.75; ewes, News.
R i f l e s F o r A ll K i n d s o f H u n t i n g .
Winchester rifles are not the choice of any one special class, but of a!l
intelligent sportsmen who go to the woods, the plains, or the mountains
in quest o f game. They are designed to handle all calibers and types of
cartridges, to meet the requirements o f all kinds of shooting, and can always
b e counted on to shoot where they are pointed when the trigger Í3 pulled.
Winchester rifles and Winchester cartridges are made for one another.
Send name and address on a postal card fo r our large illustrated catalogue.
. . .......................................... N E W
N ot the Bank.
Mrs. Barrows was worried— that
fact was evident to her husband, al­
though she endeavored to maintain a
cheerful manner. Before the evening
was over, however, he discovered the
cause of her anxiety.
"W ill,” said she, “ I am very much
afraid that my bank is in a bad way.”
“ How foolish, Mabel! Don’t let that
cause you a moment's worry. Why,
it’s one of the strongest financial in­
stitutions in the state. What ever got
that idea into your head?”
“ Well, it’s very strange,” replied
“ They’ve just returned a check of
mine for $40 marked ‘No Funds.' ”—
Harper’s Magazine.
for Lieutenant Porte to reach the
Azores in one jump if he has engine
France, the army dirigible Adjutant
Vincenot established for lighter-thau-
air flying craft a new mark of 35
hours 39 minutes. Such feats bring
practical travel in the air nearer than
a thousand circus stunts.—New York
Prepare for
I t m a y b e n e c e s s a ry f o r you to a e a
p o s itio n to m o rr o w . A r e you rea d y .’
tr a in in g w ill l i t y o u fo r b u sin ess life .
Business, Shorthand,
Portla n d , O reg on
I. M . W a l k e * U re *.
R ecords
fo r
C ontinuous
F ligh t.
Within lees than one week tho
world’s record of continuous flight
has suffered severely. Herr Basser
on June 23 raised the aeroplane rec­
ord from 14 hours 7 minutes to IS
hours 10 minutes; on June 28 Herr
Landmann in Berlin raised it again
to 21 hours 49 minutes— long enough
YOUR OWN m u G G I . S l W I L L T U L L YOU
T r y M a r in e K y e R e m e d y f u r K e d , W e a k , W a t e r y
E y e s a n d G r a n u la t e d E y e lid s ; N o S m a r t iu g —
i u s t - K y e C o m fo r t .
W r i t e f o r 15. > , o f th e E y e
b y m a i l b 'l e e . M u r i n e E y e R e m e d y C o., C h ic a g o .
. .
$3.250/4.25; yearlings, $4.500/4.85;
T h e M o to r E n th u s ia st.
lambs, $5.500/5.85.
“ Could you tell me where I could
cantaloupes, $2.25@2.75 per crate; get some giant firecrackers?” said the
peaches, 50@75c per box; plums, 75c j determined-looking woman.
@$1.25; watermelons, 1 @ l|c per] “ W e can order them for you,” re­
pound; casabas, $2072.50 per dozen; j plied the merchant. “ Might I Inquire and Shorthand or Stenotypy at our
pears, $20/2.25 per box; blackberries, j what you want with them?”
school, and a good position is yours.
$1 per crate; grapes, $2.50 per crate, j “ To wake my husband. He has got
Fast dictation, accurate transcrip­
Potatoes— Oregon, new, 1 ¿07,l j c per so he pays no attention to an alarm tions, correct grammar and punctua­
the are requisites of a stenogra­
clock. The only thing that will arouse |
Eggs — Fresh Oregon ranch, case him Is a noise like a bursting auto­ pher, who earn# from $20 upwards week-
y, anything less would mean a small­
count, 24c; candled, 260727c per dozen. mobile tire.”
er salary. We graduate EXPERTS!
Vegetables— Cucumbers, 50@75c per
Write for catalog. A position guaran­
A t th e Club.
box; eggplant, 15c per pound; pep- j
“ I see,” remarked one clubman to B E U TE L BUSINESS C O LLE G E
pers, 12|@15c; radishes, 15@17Jc per
dozen; head lettuce, $1.75 per crate; another, “ that It is said radium high­
Tacoma, Washington.
artichokes, $1 per dozen; tomatoes, 35 | balls will soon be served.”
0775c per crate; spinach, 5077c per
An automobile was built in 11 min­
pound; rhubarb, 2 }@ 3c; cabbage, l|c; coincidences which are continually
peas, 5(T/ 6c; beans, 4@6c; corn, 2007 occurring in life, before the friend utes and put on the road in 19 at a
could answer, the orchestra struck test conducted at a factory in Man­
25c per dozen.
up, "Has Any One Here Seen Kelly?” chester, England. This beats by six
Onions— Walla Walla, $3.25 sack.
minutes the time made at a similar
Green Fruit— Apples, old, $1@1.75
test in Detroit.
box; new, 75c@$l. 50 per box; cher­
ries, 5078c pound.
Constipation causes and aggravates
P oultry— Hens, 15c; springs, 1707 “you’re going to church right regular many serious diseases. It is thoroughly
200722c; dressed, now.”
cured by Dr. Pierce’ s Pleasant Pellets.
“ Yes. I want to learn as much The favorite family laxative.
choice, 25c; ducks, 1107l2Jc.
about heaven as possible. I'm getting
The things that happen to the fruit
up a prospectus for the summer ho­
Seattle .
tel we’re going to start and I want a& crop between now and fall are as
nothing to the blights that hit the
Seattle — There was a scarcity of many attractive ideas as I can get.”
politicians In the same period.
local peaches, the stock on hand being
all small and undesirable. The price
The man who invented Tragedy
prunes must have been a product of
schedule has not been fixed.
a college boarding house.
varieties of small body are already
being shipped out of Toppenish, but
Harvard gets $56,000 of the Busch
estate, which is only a fair rebate on
none have reached this market. It is j
the Busch product consumed by Har­
expected that within ten days the fruit
vard men.
will begin coming here, as shown in i
One of the greatest objections to
field reports just received here.
childhood romances is that it takes
It is announced that the Wapato
so long to outgrow them.
valley, with a strip of country pecu-
Western bankers are broad, says an
larily favorable to the growth o f can- i
eastern broker. Some are also tall
taloupes, will ship to this market. This
and thin, in fact anything but short.
crop is two weeks ahead o f that of
Where there’s a will there’s a way,
Wapato also has plenty of
and where the will appears to be
excellent apricots. A few o f the best |
forged there is also a lawsuit.
grade are coming here, but the bulk of j
the shipments are moving eastward. I
We read where a man mimed Cloud
had a silver plate placed in his skull.
Eastern buyers in the Wenatchee field i
you speak of him now as a cloud
are offering 607/ 65c per crate, f. o. b.
with a silver lining?
Raspberries clean up daily, but at
To the lovelorn swain and what ac­
Wifey— How does my new spring
some sacrifice to the producer. The
companies him the perfect moonlight
best fruit brings $17/1.25, but sales hat look?
night is the one where the heavy
Hubby— Well, It looks like a week's banks of clouds hide the moon.
were down to 75c. Blackcaps are very
scarce at $1. Blackberries are coming salary to me, but it probably looks
in larger volume to sell at $.1257/1.50. like 30 cents to any other man.
Southern Italy will have a $13,000,-
000 hydro-electric plant, generating
The apple trade is brisk, owing to |
larger receipts, greater maturity and
Red Junes, from Eastern j “ Was your outing a success?”
The New Zealand farmers’ union
Washington, are bringing 75c per box. j “ I suppose so," replied Mr. Growch-
asks government aid for procuring
er. “ It was about the usual program
Cooking sell readily at 75c7/$l.
more laborers, more than 6000 work­
There are plenty of cherries, with ] as I have observed it. The merry ers being needed.
Royal Anns at 507/75c, Bings at $17/ party barely had time to eat lunch
1.15, and Lamberts at 90c7z $1. Pie and then line up to be photographed
before it was time to catch tho train
cherries are slow at $1.257/1-50.
Bartlett pears are coming in slowly, I home.”
and with much uncertainty, to sell at j
T h e H an d ic a p p e d H an d s h a k e.
$2.75. Considerable good stock has ap- ;
“ Your constituents will be wait- '
peared on this market, and more would
be welcome. The watermelon market lng to give you the glad hand. 1 sup­
is demoralized, sales running down to pose.”
lfc . There were ten carloads on track I “ I’m afraid not,” replied Senator ,
at the opening, and that is more than ! Sorghum. “ Judging by the way they j
this market will absorb without price have been writing letters to me a large
percentage of them must have pen
cutting as a stimulant.
The street is glutted with tomatoes, ; paralysis by this time.”
particularly in California stock, which i
F o rtifie d .
is selling slowly at 6577 75c.
The bat- j
tie seems to rage all around local hot- | “ I’ll never speak to you again as
house stock, which holds steady at 75c long as 1 live!" exclaimed the temper
amental girl.
( a $1.25.
Wheat— Bluestem, 82c per bushel; | “ Haw! H aw !” rejoined the practl-j
forty-fold, 79c; club, 78c; Fife, 77c; cal youth. “ You can’t help yourself
4’ve got some of your songs and rec­
red Russian, 76c.
itations on my phonograph.”
Corn- $357/36 per ton.
lighthouse tender Iris, with Secretary
Florence, So. Dakota.— “ I used to be
of Commerce Redfield and a congres­
sional committee aboard, was blown very sick every month with bearing
With the aid of AKCIENITE. an
d o w n pai ns and
ashore in a storm Sunday just north of
improvement on the SILVER
backache, and had
Cape Henlopen. A survey boat, which !
NITRITK treatment as used by
h e a d a c h e a good
was anchored a short distance away,
Industrial Schools and Juvenile
deal of the time and
very little appetite.
to the relief o f the Iris, and after an
The pains were so
A t yout druggist or send 50c
hour’s work succeeded in getting her
bad that I used to
for full treatment post paid.
Secretary Redfield, and the
sit right down on tho
committee were the
floor and cr y, be­
guests of Captain Atkins, o f the Iris.
cause it hurt me so
and I could not do
4SI 1-2 «wrisM Si. PORTLAND. OR.
Mrs. Caminetti Aspires.
any work at those
San Francisco— Mrs. Anthony Cam­
times. An old wo­
inetti, wife of the commissioner gen­ man advised me to try Lydia E. Pink-
eral of immigration, announced Monday ham’s Vegetable Compound and I got a
that unless the Democratic party de­ bottle. I felt better the next month so
veloped a candidate to oppose Repre­ I took three more bottles of it and got
sentative Curry, Republican, in the well so I could work all the time. I
Third district, she would, circum­ hope every woman who suffers like I did
Oats— Eastern Washington, $26 per
stances permitting, seek the Demo­ will try Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable
nomination at the primary Compound. ” — Mrs. P. W. L A N S E N G , ton; Puget Sound, $257/26 per ton;
B y w e a r in g
a S E E L E Y S P E R M A T IC g
N o w o r r y in p o r d an - g
rolled, $277/28.
election by having her name written Route No. 1, Florence, South Dakota.
p e r o f an o p e ra tio n . R u p tu r e is not a te a r M
Feed Bran, $257/26 per ton; rolled
on the ballot.
, r breach , as c o m m o n ly s u p p o s e !, b u t 1 « fjj
Why will women continue to suffer day barley, $257/26; alfalfa meal, $22;
Mrs. Caminetti has been active in
th e s tr e tc h in p . o r d ila tio n , o f a r a f n - a ' q
o p e n in g
T h is S E E L E Y S P E I M A T IC “
politics ever since women obtained the in and day out or drag out a sickly, half­ alfalfa molasses, $24; whole com,
S H I E L D a p p lia n c e closes th is o p e n in g in
hearted exlstence.missing three-fourths $37; cracked com, $38.
ballot in California.
10 d a y s in m oat cases.
I f you c a n 't com e. S
of the joy of living, when they can find
Eggs Select ranch, 247/25c dozen.
w r i t e f o r m ea su rin g blank an d lite r a tu r e , d j
health in Lydia E. Pinkham’s Vegetable
Poultry— Live hens, 127/15c pound;
" D rys ”
Beaten in Texas.
S old o n ly by
old roosters, 9c; 1914 broilers, 147/17;
Dallas — Prohibition was defeated Compound?
L A U E -D A V IS D RU G CO. « in Saturday's state primary, according
For thirty years it has bee-, the stand­ ducklings, $2; geese, 10c; guinea
Third and Yamhill. Portlan^. Or. C to the returns.
James E. Ferguson, ard remedy for female ills, anil has re­ fowl, $9. per dozen.
Ranch butter— 15c per pound.
the anti-prohibition candidate for the stored the health of thousands of women
W h o a re T ru s s E x p e r t * and E x c lu s iv e W
Dressed Beef— Prime beef steers,
S t a te A g e n t s f o r th i* a p p lia n c e .
nomination for governor, increased his who have been troubled with such ail­
lead over Thomas H. Beall, prohibition ments as displacements, inflammation. 12Jc7i 13 per pound; cows, 12c; heif­
candidate. The returns indicate a final Ulceration, tumors, irregularities, etc. ers, 12c.
Dressed Veal— 14c per pound.
majority for Ferguson o f about 40,-
NO. 31, 1914
If yon want special a<Wre write to
P. N . U .
Dressed Hogs — Whole,
000. Prospects were that final figures f.ydia K. Pinkham Uedleine Co. confi­
would show defeat of the prohibition dential! Lynn, Mass. Your letter will house, 13c per pound.
amendment provision by about 30,000 be opened, read and answered by a j Dressed Spring Lamb— 13c pound.
Dressed Mutton— 10@ 11c per pound.
votes. and a Id in strict confident* 1
o iw m
O p p o se d t o T e a c h i n g Se x H y g i e n e .
If a child should come to me with
a question I would answer him frank­
ly, but not before a class of mixed
students. Instructions in hex hygiene
should come from the parent or from
some mature friend.
While I am sure i hold the love and
confidence of some of my pupils, I
am not sure I hold the confidence of
all to the extent that they would ap­
preciate my discussing delicate sub­
jects with them. I would not refuse
a child information, but it would be
given in confidence, and by no means
do I regard it my business to inform
all my pupils in sex hygiene.— Wo­
man’s Home Companion.
P u t n a m F a d e l e s s D y e s c o lo r in
c o ld w a t e r .
H ad T a s t e d t h e S m e l l B e fo r e .
A girl who saw the Atlantic ocean
for the first time was standing on the
beach gazing dreamily over the ex­
panse of foaming water.
“ So this is the first time that you’ve
ever seen the ocean,” said her escort.
“ Yes, the very first time.”
“ And what do you think of it?”
“ A h !” she sighed in ecstacy, “ it
smells just like oysters.”— National
Food Magazine.
New York, April 26.— “ The skin on
my hand got red and rough. It itched
and I began to scratch it.
It itched
so that sometimes I could not sleep all
night. I was suffering very much. I
used--------salve a n d ---------, hut they
did not seem to help me. This went
on for six or seven months. Then I
tried reslnol ointment and reslnol
soap. I used them one night. In the
morning, to my surprise, my hand was
all well and the trouble has never re­
turned. This is the absolute truth.”—
(Signed) Miss Celia Kleinman, 61 Co­
lumbia St.
Nothing we ran say of reslnol
equals what others, such as Miss
Kleinman, say of it. It does its work
quickly, easily and at little cost. Res-
inol ointment, and resinol soap ure
sold by all druggists.— Adv.
A railroad man found a snail walk­
ing along a rail, and measuring its
spread for a certain distance found
that it traveled one foot in four min­
utes, or at a rate of one mile in 14 2-3
She was chic, demure and petite,
Debonair and recherche.
Yet her dainty little trilbies
Never donned a triple A.
Tragedies of childhood— circus day
and it rained!
Quick Action G e ttin g
Th e Blood in O rd e r
there's Bounding, Pulsating Life in Every
Great Remedy.
W h e n H e T a k e * H la Leave.
Her I>ad -M ary, what time did that
young man leave last night? | didn’t
hear him say good night.
Hla Daughter — No, father
doesn’t aay i t —Judge.
D ra w in g th e
Hokus— 1 once saw an Egyptian
smoking an Egyptian cigarette.
Pokus— I’m a better liar than you
ere. I once saw a Turk taking a Turk
lsh bath.—Judga
M o d ern W a r.
“ Captain!”
“ Yea, air.”
“ Throw out a few skirmisher! In
biplanes and search tb< -*» clouds yon­
der for ambushed air-hips.”
Let S. S. S. Ilustlc Im p u rities O u tw ard .
I m p u r l t l f v t lodg»* so deeply In thr tissues
that Ihpy « annot t.»- n-n h< T hy * r v ordi­
n a r y method. M«*rrurT and <<t! r dangprona
minerai drues muy « ri**« k u dis->a««\ but to
pot rieht «l*.»rn in to whore t lì*» blood la
vitia ted refluir»** S. K. S., the preatest
blood purifier kii'.wn.
l ' i ar i n La p r o ­
In a very brief tlm * S. S. «J. M a the
reconstructive fir« « esq B , under control tl .r
«’hange* a r e
ob served
A ll
eruptive place« h< al, myateri«un pains and
a «-hea have disappeared, and fi :u bend t •
f * *«it there la
conscious sensation o f n*
n w ed health
Th e extraordinary manner In nhl- h 8 . S
F . d rive« Impuri! ¡* v o u t « ' t h e > 1« d ! « du«
to i t s catalytic f< r ■■ In tl.” M o * * ! <’ • • !!«.
contn»ns one inpr*“«li<’nr. th«- a« five p«irp»e«.*
Il baiane e *Ì hea tth as the nutrì-
ial to
t loi 3 el«-men t »
r th «• in**at«. g r a m i ! . fa is
and «upara
f o . r «la i l y f c Off.
Is ot <m y th!*» but i f fr «>D1 the p r «'«eneo
lo c a l
o f «nme 1l«t u r b i n e P niaon the r e !*
n u t r i t i on
t »
p e n e n ut
lut* r f e r e nce
an 1
l>« I l a
«a u «e
«Uree 3 til’»
kin Ire«! t r o i Mes 8. F. S
bra 1 ceti* t> t a t thl« poì*on t.3 r e j e c t # 1 a - . 1
« U n i n a t e r 1 f •cm th-!
p r è s «•ncr
thr t S . s F . 1 « purely
F r «.m
he fa«
a hotante al P r « . a r a r n n , 1 !s S «-c e p • 1 b;#
t he weak •sf «t«i mach and ha« g r e a t t n i a
I ot
infi iene«*.
>n«* t r o p < f <1 rugs o min
• - a % 1«
In I t 9 p r è p a r a t ! n .
A 'k for
H. S . 8 * ir
b a v u p It.
if OU d e
s k llful a d v l c e il] **n an
ter c o n «^ * r n ir c t >e bl M i M n.f k'n w r i t e to
The S w l l t
.’ 4
Sw ift l U - J i ; .