Estacada progress. (Estacada, Or.) 1908-1916, February 12, 1914, Image 1

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    A)reKoq His. Society.
Í07 Second St
All the News
AS the Time
Only Paper in
East Clackamas
HO. it or VOL. <6
L oca l N ew s
$t A Y E A k
School (cir today.
On Saturday, Feb. 21, com­
Ed. Fleming was out from Fort-
mencing at ten o'clock iu the
land Sunday.
It T Foster of Eagle Creek has forenoon' citizens
E ast C la c k '
been quite sick.
amas county will gather in Esta
Miss Maud Sturgeon purchased a cada for the purpose of consider-
new piano last week.
ing the canning factory proposi-
Civic Improvement Clab meeting
^ rQads and such Qther
Saturday afternoon.
L. M. Wicklund was a Portland ^
as m aV ** b o u g h t
visitor over the Sabbath
(before the m eeting for the ccm -
Ed. Loveland of Portland was a mon good of town and com-
guest at the F. J. Harkeurider munity.
home last Sunday.
Regarding the canning factory
Mrs. George Dale went to Port- proposition the Progress suggests
land last Friday to visit for two or that some one or a committee go to
three days with Mr. Dale.
Newberg or Corvallis or both before
B. P. Ford went to Salem Mon- tbe meeting is held and investigate
day to attend a meeting of the trus- lbe factories at those places. It is
tees of Willamette University.
i said that *>°tb‘ started on very
; small capital, have been very sue-
Miss Beatrice William* of Port-
, nd prosperous
land was a guesi .t the home of her j
sister. Mrs. Frazier, Thursday *
Mr> a n d M rg Lindsey Leave
Cary’s Mercantile Co.
Bills wiu soon be out announcing i a . I.. Lindsey and wife departed
| the C. I. C dance, at tlie Kstacada Morel ay morning for Portland and
pavilion on Saturday evening, Feb. Tuesday left for Scoby, Montana,
where they expect to make their
Frank Boyer of Currinsville is home. Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey have
suffering with a broken ankle, been residents of Estacada for over
caused by a stump puller falling on ten years and during that time have
made many friends who are very
sorry to have them go away.
Born -To Mr. and Mrs. W. M.
Estacada people in general feel a
Wade of Currinsviile, on Monday
personal 'oss in tiieir removal-from
morning, Feb. 9, a twelve pound
our midst. They will be greatly
missed in the lodges where both
Mrs. C. P. Wellman of Palo Alto, have taken an active part and been
California, visited her neice Mrs. identified since the organizations as
E W. Bartlett for a few days last two of the best working members.
The Progress can recommend Mr.
Kstacada high school basketball and Mrs. Lindsey to the people of
team goes to Gresham tomorrow Scoby as first class citizens and
night to play the Gresham high trusts that their new home may
bring them health, wealth aud
school team.
Cary's Mercantile Store presents
quite an improved appearance this
League Social
week, since a* general changing
The E-worth Leaguers held a
around has taken place.
social meeting Monday night at tile
Wm. Robertson and wife of St church and there was a large at­
Clair Apartments, Portland, were tendance and a very enjoyable time
guests at the K. W. Cary -home in is reported. To be iu harmony
Estacada Saturday and Sunday.
with St. Valentine festivities, many
Mesdatnes U. S. Morgan. J. W. games and exercises in which
Reed and R. M. Curriu were Port­ “ Hearts” predominated, were in­
land vLsitors yesterday and attend­ dulged in. Light refreshments
ed ihe matinee performance of “ If I were served and the evening proved
a very enjoyable one to all who
Were King.”
Mr. and Mrs. Paulson came over
from Portland Saturday and visited
M. E. Church News
until Sunday evening ot the home
Thcte will be preaching services
of t i f f Paulson's parents, Mr. and
in the Methodist Church, Sunday
Mrs. Harkeurider.
morning' Feb. 15 at 11 A . M, All
Rev. C. Rees went to Beaverton, are invited to attend.
Ore., Monday where he formerly
C. B. Rees, Pastor.
resided, to preach the funeral ser­
mon of an old lady, a former mem­
ber of his church at that place.
The Ladies' Aid of the M. E.
Goods Arriving Daily
Come in and look over our NEW lines of Plows,
Harrows, Seeders and Manure Spreaders.
New goods in Hardware,
Wire Fencing, Poultry
Netting and Harness
B rin e in y o o r cld harness and have it put in shfcpe
before the spring rush.
W e can do it cheaper now
while not so busy.
BERT H. FINCH, Hardware, Harness and Implements
Carom and Pocket
-------- 00------ —
W c handle only the best of meats
L a id , B acon, Sour Kraut, Pickles.
A com plete line <4 fresh and salt meats.
Fresh vegetables in their season.
Fresh E g g s and Butter.
FRED JORG, Proprietor
rr-^ —
$1 Per Y ear.
N ow is die time to subscribe.
If You Have’m
Advertise It
Taxes must be paid before the 1st day of April; pro­
vided one half of the tax may be paid before the 1st day of
April and the remaining half to be paid prior to the 1st day
of September.
If taxes are not paid before the 1st day of April, a pen­
alty of one per cent for each month is added.
In case one half of the tax is paid before the 1st day of
April, a penalty of one per cent for each month is added and
collected with the remaining half of such tax to be paid prior
to September 1st.
All taxes remaining unpaid on the 1st day of September
shall become delinquent.
This bank will receive and pay taxes for anyone without
extra charge.
Taxes are now due and payable.
Have y r ever teen a District sch ool o f pioneer days produced?
See it on March 13th and com pare the methods with "our present
school system.
W . D. and L . M. Henthom, Proprietors
Odd Fellows Building
Furniture and Undertaking |
Coming----Martha Washington
School Items
Tea at the C. I. C. rooms, Feb. 23.
By Our H igh School R eporter
The regular monthly business
Carpenter Tucker is building a
meeting of the Student Body will new porch on the B. O. Boswell
be held tomorrow, so there will lie residence.
no literary program, but everyone is
The birthday of Abraham Lin­
welcome to the Student Body meet­
coln ’will be observed today in
Oregon for the first time as a legal
The reporter of these articles
(speaking for the manager and coach
A special car service has been
of basketball, and these two speaking
for the team, and the team speak­ secured for those who wish to go
ing the sentiment of the Student to Gresham with the basket ball
Body Association) wishes to thank team tomorrow (Friday) night.
everyone for their presence at the
Another big dance will be given
game last Saturday night, and also at Cogswell’s Hall. Eagle Creek,
wishes to see that large a crowd for on the evening of March 7. Beers’
every one of the remaining games. orchestra of Sandy will furnish
The total receipts were twenty-six music and there will be special late
Several of the Estacada cats that church will give a social at the C. dollars and five cents while the ex­ car service.
won prizes at the cat show iu Port­ I C club rooms on the evening of penses were twenty-five dollars.
Basketball at the Estacada pavil­
land last month, have since died. Feb. 14. Hot coffee will be served The latter included sixteen dollars
Saturday night, Feb. 14, be­
boxes Sandwiches, railroad fare, five dollars hall rent,
It must be that city life, if only for free
tween the McLaughlin team of
a few days, was too strenuous for
Thus you see Portland and the Commercial Club
lunch counter. Games, fish pond dollars for meals.
Car will not
and a general good time for all. that one dollar and five cents was team of Estacada.
Mr. Demoy had a bieakdown
cleared from the game, which was leave for Portland until after the
Everybody invited.
Tuesday moruing after he started
‘ he first O D e that has not been a
out to make his regular trip with
On account of the school fair
Mutual Improvement Society losing proposition.
the mail, and was obliged to return
The Websterian Literary Society there was no school yesterday after­
to Estacada for repairs to his
held another of its profitable meet­ will give the program for Feb. 20. noon and no regular school exer­
ings on Wednesday night. The Mrs. Devore has consented to sing cise* today. Everybody should
Mrs. W. P, Potwin and daugh­ topic for special consideration was that afternoon and there will also visit the school fair and thus show
ter Elizabeth of Forest Grove, Ore., the effectiveness of prohibitory be several appropriate selections for your appreciation of the pupils' ef­
were guests of Mrs. Emily Lady laws. Reports from various states Washington's birthday. A mock forts along this line.
from Friday until Monday. Mrs. showed that states where prohi­ trial, the famous breach of promise
The price of the daily Portland
Potwin was formerly a resident of bition is strictly enforced are char­ case ot Smythe vs. Smith will be
Journal, Sunday included, is $7.50:
acterized by the prevalence of sound given by the “ Websterian Bunch’ ’ , j without Sunday $5 00. To all
Mrs. J. E Seal ..ent to Portland minds in sound bodies, and great Estacada always does turn out well those subscribing at the Progress
to a trial and when thev find out
Monday and to a hospital where moral and material progtess.
office at the prices named above,
she w«s epe-ated upon Tuesday
Other subjects which have been that such notable attorneys as Rob- 1 we will give one and a half year's
morning for some trouble of loug discussed more or less exhaustively ert Ethelbert Morten and Garfield subscription to the Progress free.
standing. At last reports she was by the club during the winter are: Fiarl Tracy can be heard the same This offer will expire very soon.
getting along nicely.
Panama Tolls, the Currency Bill, ' afternoon, there will certainly be a
Mrs. Pstrick, the woman who
Legislation, Nayal Poli­ j rush for the schoolhouse about
Dr. Adi* went to Portland Tues­
| 2:05. So you ' i d better start at stole sweaters, umbrellas, switches,
day morning to accompany Chas. cy of the Powers, Russian Treat­
11:30 and get there nu time.
and other articles, and who was
Carson home from the hospital, ment of the Jews and the Montes-
Another student fell from grace ' tried and found guilty over in
where he was operated upon a short
last Monday night
About a year : Washington county and sentenced
time ago. It is reported that be is
ago he tried to hire a rig one rainy to a term of one year in the county
getting along as well as could be
night but failed in the attempt, so 1 jail and to pay costs, was parolled
Coon Boyer says when he has
expect eJ.
he climbed up on the water wagon on condition that she pay the same
lots of booze he has lots of friends
The District School will be here and when his booza is gone he and said ‘ never again.’ ’ All went and hereafter live up to the law»
on Friday, March 13th instead of hasn't got but a few friend». I will 'til the first o f the week when and report Fo the sheriff once a
he fell from his enviable position, < month.
the 12th. Some of the very best
The hair switches and
hereby thank the people of Kata
U " ‘ will appear with this com- I cada for their kindness toward me and it look* now as if even the other articles were returned iu most
president of the Student Body ot j
¡■ suy. No one can afford to miss
Coon Boyer.
E H S can be drawn away from j cases, but we have heard of no
this, whether they live in the coun­
the comfortable fireplace of home! goods being returned to Estacada
try or in town.— Adv.
by booze (Bews).
1 Don't forget to REG ISTER .
The Payment of Taxes