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    NO. io
! Estacada State
- ►
; Capital Fully Paid Up
L. E Belfils, Cashier
■ Geo. A. Steel, President.
Geo. A. Steel, Thos. Yocum, John Zobrist, L. E. Belfils
W e handle Trusts, Commissions, Escrows, Open Accounts,
and Time Deposits. W e issue Drafts and Letters
of Credit to all parts of the world.
W e g iv e e v e r y f a c ilit y a n d a c c o m o d a tio n t h a t Is c o n s is te n t w i t h
good b a n k in g
W e do all kinds of legal and notary work. W e write insur­
ance for six old line companies, one of which
is the largest in the world
We Solicit Your Patronage
yas.sciasaaewaaàBaaM aaa sn aaaiaaaaaaBaasaaeaaaæaaagéK'ô^
Two Minute Title Talks
You either own laod now or expect to some day, or at least
you may loan money on real estate security.
If you will take the pains in advance to be assured of the title
before you lay out your good money, you will save a peck of
The trouble that often grows out of a neglected title litigation
expense, annoyauce, delays-is out of all proportion to the caution
and common sense which might have prevented the trouble it ex­
ercised in time.
And the proper time for caution and common sense in land
transactions is before the deal is closed.
Demand an abstract.
Many of the largest deals in Clackamas county land in the
last sixteen years have been closed by the use of our abstracts.
Clackamas Title Company' Inc.
E. F. &. F. B. Riley
H KAD O F F IC E S 509 - jt I C H A M B ER O F CO M M BkCH B tfIL D IN G .
Member American Association of Title Men.
Member Oregon Association of Title Men.
Orders Received At Estacada S tate Bank.
When in need of Furniture, Queensware, Linoleum,
Matting, Blankets and Wall Paper. Come in and look over
our line.
We are agents for the Wheeler
& Wilson and Singer sewing
machines, the best machines on
the market and you can buy
them for $5 down and $5 per
Our line of rugs are complete
9x12 $8.00 and up. We have a
large shipment of Furuiture that
will be here this week. Come
and look it over and see for
Wall Paper 5 cents and up.
W e stand ready and willing to correct any mistakes
; made by us and we solicit a share of your patronage.
R e s p e c tfu lly
Estacada Furniture Co.
Trespass notices printed on cloth ready
to put up, at the Progress.
Mrs. A. T. Thompson, of Rose-
burg, Ore., is visiting at the Belfils
B. C. Looney is “ papa,” a little
baby boy haviug come to their
home in Garfield last week.
OCTOBER 28. I9< y
2 i A YEAR
Sunday School
Two Day’s Session Closed
Last Saturday Afternoon-
Many Good Addresses
We are bringing this depart­
ment up to a high standard and
we are now better able to supply
your wants.
This department is in charge
of Miss Kolpin, who will he
glad to assist you iu making
your selections.
The Clackamas County Sunday
Mrs. Simmons of Sprlngwater, School Convention convened in the
has gone to Portland to help care M. E. Chureli on Friday last for a
two day’s session.
for her father, who is ill.
Promptly ai 11:00 A. M. Mrs.
G. B. I.inu, Cleve Heiple and T. J. Reagan, Supt. of the M. E.
Norman Linn went into Squaw Sunday School here, opened the
We have an excellent pack of
Lake on Monday to take a hunt.
exercises in her usually pleasing j
tomatoes for the price $1.00 per
We have now placed on our
Cashier Belfils spent part of Sun­ and business like manner. 1 his
dry goods side a Bargain Count­ dozen. Try a dozen and it you
day and Monday in Portland on was followed by Rev. Clias. A. 1
are not peifectly satisfied we
er. On this counter will be placed
Phipps iu an address on “ How to
will return the money.
such goods as we desire to cull
Elford Sherman and family, who build up a Sunday School,” after
out from the rest of our slock.
have been visiting with his brother which adjournment was taken un­
Some of these goods we are over­
in Springwater, have returned to til 2:00 P. M.
stocked on, others are soiled iu
The committee arranged lor the
their home in Durand, Mich.
handling or shipping All goods
entertainment of the visiting dele­
placed 011 this counter will be
D. C. Sherman, of Springwater,
gates at this time and they were as­
sold at from
to y? off.
We expect a car of flour in the
spent Thursday last in Portland.
signed to the various homes among
Our Bargain Counter Goods
next few days and will he able
He accompanied his brother and
our people. Theie were 67 dele­
now consist of Shoes, Boys’
to supply your w inters demands.
family that far on their home trip.
gates present at the convention. An
Clothing, &c.
Prof. Grout, assistant superin­ interesting program had been pre­
tendent ot public schools of Port­ pared. Rev. Chas. A. Phipps, of
land, with his family spent a day l’ortlandj Gen. Secretary and Field
Table and Dairy Salt
last week as guests of Mr. and Organizer, gave a number of inter­
Mrs. Dr. Adix.
esting addresses, and general Sun­
Mrs. T. Yocum went to McMinn­ day School instruction, which were
ville on Wednesday to see her very practical and up-to-date Sun­
mother who is suffering a severe day School methods, and those who
illness, her advanced age makes it heard him, if they will practice iu
their school the work as he out­
all the more serious.
lined it, will undoubtedly have
A. E. Sparks’ is suffering from a
better schools.
boil on the back of his neck that is
Mrs. Lucia P. Additon, in an
pulling his anatomy all awry and
aldress on “ Good Citizenship”
while you might think so he says
made a good talk to the Convention
it is not a laughing matter.
Reverends J. L. Jones, A. H.
The painters are putting the Mulkey and H. W. Kuhlman all
finishing touches on the Hotel E s­ were on the program and were
tacada this week. It certainly does present to do their respective parts.
look well and is in much better
Mrs. C. A. Nash, president, pre­
appearauce than when newly built. sided so well that at the new
P. T. Brannon, of Portland, is election of officers she was again
the new barber having purchased chosen president of the Convention.
from Hearing last week. Mr. Dear- Oregon City, her home town, se­
ing has gone with the Swift Com­ cured the next convention. The
other officers elected were as follows
pany and has moved to Portland.
Vice President, C. L. Chambers,
The Misses Smeadlies and Mr
Eagle Creek; Sec. and Treas., Mrs.
Lawrence, of Portland, spent part
W. A. White, Oregon City; Supt.
of last week visiting with their
Teacher’ s Training, Mrs. H. N.
aunt, Mrs. D. C. Sherman, of
Davis Divorce Case
Smith, Jennings Lodge;
Home both been in Portland for some time.
Dept. Supt., Mrs. D. C. Latourette
Mrs. M. E. Douglass, of Eagle Oregon City; Elementary Supt., Southern Pacific To
In the divorce suit from Garfield
Creek, who has been an invalid tor Mrs. John Page, Estacada; Tem­
tried out last week in Oregon City,
Open New Office
the past fourteen years, suffering perance and Good Citizenship, John
Davis vs Davis, the court decided
from diabeatis, died at her home at K. Ely, Currinsville; Adult Dept.
iu favor of Mr. Davis having the
The Southern Pacific Company
that place on Saturday Oct. 23rd.
divorce and the custody of the eld­
Supt. L. S. Tenuy, Springwater.
has rented the Hall over the Esta­
est child, the other being under
The time for holding the next
Two deer were seen by the mill
cada State Bank and the same is
men of the River Mill Co. on Sun­ convention will be decided at a being fitted up by them for a per­ three years of age was given in
care of the mother. A property
day, between here and their camp. later date. Good audiences were manent office in Estacada.
division was also rendered by the
They say they presented the ap­ in attendance at all the meetings,
The office formerly used by Mr.
pearance of having been run by but the actual residents of Estacada Blockley at the Hotel Estacada will court giving Mr. Davis one third
were not among the number as be given up as there could not be of the real estate that belonged to
dogs as they seemed very tired.
often as the importance of such a room enough secured to accomodate Mrs. Davis and allowed him to re­
Mr. A. D. Schmidt brought his
meeting in our midst demanded and the new conditions. Mr. W. A. tain all his own personal and real
daughter Miss Levina’ s housekeep­
this was particularly true of the Cox is the new office man and will property. The case drew a goodly
ing goods back to Estacada on
men of the city. From a purely have the care of the same. They number of Garfield citizens as wit­
Mondav. We predict Schmidt and
business point of view, here were expect to get moved into their new nesses and spectators.
the family will also return some
sixty-seven delegated persons who office by Nov. 1st.
would naturally carry back to their
Jury Finds Cary
We have been reliablv informed homes not alone the new ideas gain­
that Dr. Adix has aided the stork ed in their convention work hut im­
A New Enterprise
Not Guilty
in adding to Estacada and vicinity's pressions of Estacada and its citi­
population during this month seven zens. We are a busy people and
Tne bachelor girls co-operative
little newcomers. That se :ms to be all have plenty to do but our lack board and rooming house is a new
carrying out the Roosevelt idea.
is rot so much that we were not institution in Estacada that starts
Henry Schmidt,
of George, th:re as it is that we were not in- ' out under favorable conditions,
brought to tile Estacada Commer­ terested enough to think anything The Cooper apartments over the
cial Club a box containing about about it. The convention was a 1 Estacada Furniture Store, have
forty pounds of splendid potatoes. good, interesting convention and J been selected and fitted up by the
In the case of the state against
All are of a size, long and smooth. those who took part are gainers. following: Misses Maude yttirgeon, W. F. Cary, John Jones prosecutor,
They are on exhibition at the Club The country districts of Spring- druggist; Eva Puiner,- instructor; A jury, composed of J. P. Woodel,
rooms. They were raised by him water, Currinsville and Garfield Levina Smith, cashier, for this new L. Hale, S. E. Antrim, C. W. Sey­
adventure. We predict a bright more and J. S. Osborn, heard the
were well represeuted.
on his ranch.
future and expect to sje the enter­ case on Wednesday afternoon be­
John Belfils, a brother of L. E.
prise grow and expand. We have fore Edwin Bates, Justice of the
Wagner-Davis Wedding
Belfils has accepted a position with
endeavored to find out how member­ Peace. Livy Stij.p, district pro­
the Eiler Piano House of Portland,
ship in this co-operative plan can secuting attorney prosecuted the
A quiet wedding took place in
and expects to learn the business of
lie secured, and was informed that
handling, selling, tuning, in fart he Garfield at the home of P M. Wag the individual had to agree to do case and the defendant was repre­
sented by Senator Hedges. The
desires to know the business from ner on Saturday at 8 o’clock when
their share of the work and pm up
the ground floor up of what is said Miss Olive Wagner, the daughter, their cash proportionnient. I could taking of testimony soon revealed
to be one of the largest houses of and Mr Herman Davis were united not learn who was to be the judge that the only contention was as to
its being a concealed weapon, as it
in marriage, Rev. Kuhlinan of­
its kind in the world.
of this or how many blackballs was freely admitted that Cary lied
ficiating The bride was dressed
J B. Linn, while at work at the
were necessary to keep you out. A the gun
When the testimony was
iu white and the groom, the con­
River Mill Co. on Monday cutting
lady at iny elbow suggests a broom all in, the case was submitted to
ventional black. A number of in­
a cable, had the misfortune to have
stick or brick-bat is sufficient for the jury without argument by
vited guests were present at the
a small piece of wire or steel strike
the latter.
council. This was at four o'clock.
An elaborate dinner
him in the hand. Dr. Adix has ceremony.
The city hall was cleared to allow
probed for it but w: S unable to lo was served at the home.
The correct way to pronounce it the jury time to consider the case.
cate it, and as a result of the ac- bride was the recipient of numerous
is Ks-ta-ca da, accent on the third It took less than fifteen minutes fer
cident he is compelled to carry that present*.
These young people, syllable, a haviug the sound of a them to decide, the verdict being
A Fine Table Salt and
fine for curing high grade
meats or making pickle brine
Price, one sack or a dozen,
40 cents per 50 lb. sack.
Granulated Stock Salt 50 lb.
sacks 35 cents.
and Farm
while they belong to Gar6eld, have as iu ah iu the two last syllables.
Jury Out But Fifteen Minutes
Returns Verdict Favorable
To The Defendant
member in a sling.
Genuine Disstous No. 7, ?6 in.
Hand Saws jt.4 0
Genuine Disstous No. 7, 28 in.
Rip Saws - jtrf'5
Genuine Disstous 1)8 26 inch
Hand Saws $■ 55
Baileys Iron Smooth I’ lane No 4
$1.8 5
” No. 5
Adjustable Wood Mane
No. 26, $ 1 VS
Wood Plane
No. 27, $1.45
In our Tool Department we have
goods of Qualitv. Cheap tools
are dear at any price.
uot guilty.
Try a sack of our Fine
Grade Table Salt, packed in
50 lb. cotton drill sacks.
Price per sack 75 cects
Livery, Feed
Good rigs mid cufefal dris-ors Hlwayn
Gtven H unting ami Fishing P u rlin
Local ami Long Distance Telejrfnnie
Mrs. R. G. Palmatter, of Gar­
field, met with quite an accident at
her home on Tuesday when she
slipped and fell, throwing her hand
on a rusty saw from which she re­
ceived an ugly cut. Dr. Adix
dressed the wound.
A C. Jowdy, in the Lockerby
building is receiving his goods and
lias been delayed by their non ar­
rival from the Iiust, hut if you need
shoes, ladies ami gents furuisuing
goods, underwear, and notions, give
hint a call. He can save you
H. It. Boeu. who lias been ranch­
ing on the Win. Palmaleer place, is
busily engaged iu hauling hay and
spuds to Estacada and storing them
for the purpose of shipping the
same, as he is leaving the place.
A. J. Califf and wife, while d riv­
ing to Oregon City on Monday,
met with quite an accident Their
horse took fright and ran away,
throwing the occupants out
and Mrs. Califf were both badly
shaken up and bruised. The buggy
was wrecked.
Geo. Townsend is the successful
goose slaver 111 Es'acada thus far
this season
George heard the
numerous flocks fly over Estacada
and especially on Saturday night.
He accordingly ti ok an early hike’
oa Sunday mo ning and w is
back again before nmst of its citi­
zens were a stir, with three brants
that he had shot on the Cuzaduu