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    The Estacada News
ln a Condensed Form lor Oor
Busy Readers.
h Resume o f the Lees Importent but
Not Lett Interesting Events
of the Pest Week.
Mrs. Alfred Vanderbilt has secured
a divorce.
President Fallieres, of France, is
visiting K ing Edward.
A Seattle woman sent her daugh­
ter for a doctor and then committed
W. T. Hamilton, the last living of
General Custer’s scouts, has just died
at Butte, Mont.
The Presbyterian general assembly
will seek a closer union o f the Pres­
byterian churches.
Thaw has been declared still insane
but he will try to avoid returning to
the Matteawan asylum.
Senator Slayden, o f Texas, is op­
posed to the Seattle fair and says the
country is tiring of expositions.
There is a desperate effort in con­
gress to pass a currency bill by hold­
ing up the public building bill.
Fully a quarter of a million men
employed in English shipbuilding
yards have accepted a cut in wages.
More than 100 government meat in­
spectors held a conference in Chicago
on the enforcement of the new meat
inspection law.
Railroads Put Additional Burdens ’ on
Smell Shippers.
Great Lesson Taught by Cruise, Says
Admiral Evans.
Chicago, May 26.— Bes*les deter
mining to increase freight rates 10 per
cent, the railroads in the “ official clas
sification’’ territory have agreed to
add considerably to the burdens of the
shippers of package freight. A t the
same meeting at which the rate in
creases were decided upon, the repre
sentatives of more than 400 railroads
agreed that after July 1 they will not
receive for shipment any packages in
less than carload lots which are not
marked plainly with the name of the
consignee, the station and state of
consignee, the station, city and state
of destination.
It is estimated that this action will
save the railroads in the territory east
of the Mississippi River and north of
the Ohio River to the seaboard, at
least $2,000,000 annually in loss and
damage claims. On the other hand, it
will cost the shippers of package
freight probably as much, or even
more, to perform the actual work re
quired in marking the shipments as
prescribed by the railroads.
It is
also stated by the shippers that it will
make impossible any secrecy regard
ing the identity of the customer» of
any business house.
On the contrary, any business house
may, after the new rules go into ef­
fect, station men at railroad ware­
houses and learn in detail all about
the shipments of competitors, to
whom shipped and in what amounts
That this will have a tremendous ef­
fect upon this class of business is con
fidentiy asserted.
It has been the custom of the ship­
pers to mark their packages with an
initial or some hieroglyphic, the key
to which is to be found on the bill of
It was the theory that this
would save the time and labor of the
shipper and throw a certain amount
of secrecy around the conduct of his
Washington, May 25.— Admiral Ev-
acis, in an interview with W . S. Meri-
weather, told of the results of the
cruise o f the Pacific and its benefits
and the future policy and prospects of
the American navy.
"W hat, in your opinion,” he was
asked, ‘‘is the most vital question af­
fecting the navy today?”
“ The shortage of officers and men,
particularly officers,” Admiral Evans
replied. “ W e have not a battleship in
commission today with a sufficient
number of officers properly to look
out for her battery. Those wc have
are excellent, but they are so over­
worked that they arc giving way un­
der the strain. Men can be trained
for duties on shipboard, as has just
been shown in the cruise of the A t­
lantic fleet to the Pacific, but not so
with officers.
“ In case of a sudden outbreak of
hostilities, we would find ourselves
seriously handicappd from this cause.”
The Admiral was then asked what
was the chief lessrin to be drawn from
the cruise of the battleship fleet.
“ There are two,” he replied. “ First,
the absolute necessity for two fleets,
one on the Atlantic and one on the
Pacific; second, that we took the fleet
to sea with one-third of the men un­
trained and arrived at the Pacific en­
trance to the Straits of Magellan and
Magdalena Bay absolutely in condi­
tion to go into an engagement.”
“ W hat should be our future naval
strength, and how distributed?”
“ Forty-eight battleships with the
necessary cruisers, torpedo boats, sub­
marines and auxiliaries. T hey should
he distributed— 24 on the Pacific and
24 on the Atlantic.”
passed a law which provides for a
penitentiary term for any employer
who refuses work to a man because
he is a member of a union. Pinkerton
detectives are also barred from the
Texas Suffers Untold Damage From
Wind and Rain.
Peter Daly, the actor, is dead.
Austin, Texas, May 26.— A terrific
Good progress is being made on the
Seattle fair buildings.
wind and rain storm swept T e x ts
The Northern Baptist convention from the Panhandle to the Gulf early
for 1909 will meet in Portland.
Sunday. The destruction to crops and
A statue of the late Senator Hanna vegetables, trees and shrubbery was
has just been unveiled at Cleveland, the greatest reported in years.
In numerous places houses were un­
Eastern railroads will resist the In roofed and small villages and hamlets
terstate Commerce Commission’s rates in many instances were inundated by
for accounting.
the terrific rainfall which, in the space
Thousands of people are swarming
o f four houPs, reached seven inches in
to the Puget Sound cities to see the
many sections.
Austin was in the
Atlantic battleship fleet.
path of the worst o f the storm, and
A Hoboken, N. J., justice o f the for hours the streets were impassable
peace says he married Anna Gould for either man or beast, electric light
and Prince de Sagan before they left tnd telephone connections were» dis
for Europe.
ibled beyond immediate repair and
The airship W hite W in g, built by many houses were unroofed.
The agricultural sections of Central
Baldwin, is making successful flights
in N ew York. Baldwin was the in­ and Southern Texas have been im
ventor of the airship at the Lewis and measurably damaged, according to
general reports received here, badly
Clark fair.
A Chicago woman brought back to demoralized wire service occasioning
slow and unsatisfactory reports from
life after being pronounced dead is
sorry she was revived. She says her many sections that are known to have
from the storm.
soul traversed a beautiful country in
spirit land.
Crop failures in British East Africa
it causing much loss o f life among
tfce natives
More than 40,000 deaths Muskogee is in Sorry Plight Without
Heat or Light.
have been caused by starvation and
the government is feeding 50,000
Muskogee, Okla., May 26.— N ot a
railroad in Oklahoma is in operation,
Bishops in the Methodist general con is a result of the heavy rains and
ferenee passed the lie.
cloudbursts that have occurred in vari
France may have to recognize Mulai ous parts of the state during the past
Halid as sultan o f Morocco.
three days. The last road to suspend
The late Governor Sparks, o f Neva operations was the Missouri-Kansas
da. was a great cattle breeder.
It Texas, which was forced to quit at
Before the battleship fleet leaves for noon Sunday, when the bridge on the
the Orient it will be reorganized.
tain line at Ettfala went down
T o add to the disaster, the main
Inability to get a board o f arbitration
is continuing the street car strike at supplying natural gas to the Indian
Territory part of the state was car­
Cleveland, Ohio.
ded away with the Clarksville briflge
The Presbyterian general assembl) ■ate Sunday, and the supply o f gas
wants congress to pass a law making ror Muskogee ami several other cities
Sunday an absolute day o f rest.
:n the southeast part of the state has
Baron Takahira, Japanese ambassa been entirely cut off. Officials o f the
dor to the United State«, says critics gas company say it will be a week
o f his people are hasty and that war before repairs can be made so that
•he gas supply can again he carried
rumors are unfounded.
\s natural gas is used for light and
Admiral Evans has called upon the beat, business will he suspended
president and received congratulations Elevators have been forced to stop
on the successful trip o f the battleship unning, and hotels and restaurants
fleet from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
have practically been put out o f busi­
The government has started a suit ness.
for a dissolution of the New Haven
road’s merger with the Boston and
Scale is Agreed Upon.
Maine and New England trolley roads
Kansas City, May 26.— After more
In an address before the Bankers' han six weeks of negotiations, the
club, of Chicago, Bryan said unless the 'ast details which have been standing
people were assured their deposits were n the way of signing the final agree­
fully secured the government will have ment between the miners and operat­
to start banks.
es of Kansas City. Missouri. Okla­
The Mexican government has start homa and Arkansas coal fields were
ettled Sunday to the satisfaction of
ed proceedings against Martin Jacoby
millionaire and head o f a large mercan both sides.
Monday morning a joint meeting of
Hie house. He is charged with misap
propriating between $3,000,000 and $5,- he operators and miners was to hr
when the signatures of the prop
000 , 000 .
**r officials were to be affixed to *'
In a speech at Harrisburg, Pa., Bryaa scale and the agreement and the ac-
■aid h« favored the direet primary.
tion ratified.
Oeveraer Sparks, of Nevada, is ver*
lew, aad hi« physicians say he cannot
Vehicle Falls Down Mountain.
San Jose, Ca!., May 26.— Twenty-
Major James P. Mctndee is to sue
eeed Csionel Roessler as government en one students, half the graduating class
of the Santa Clara High School, were
giseer at Portland.
Arbitration of the street ear strike carried 200 feet down a mountain side
st Olsvelnnd. Ohio, has been arranged, when a carry-all toppled from the
Mount Hamilton road at midnight
hut seme rioting continues.
Saturday night. The vehicle broke up
One mas was killed and 10 injured when it started in its descent and
In a big Chieago fire, whieh destroyed most of the young people slid in safe­
0400,000 worth sf property.
ty down the mountain side in tho
A teraads passed through a farming cover of the vehicle News of the ac-
■eetisa near Clay Center, Kan., destroy 'idrnt reached this city early Sunday
lag much property and killing three and a physician and nurses were dis­
r o b e d to the scene in an automo­
The steamer Lusitania, from L ivsr
post for New York, has beaten her for
West Guthrie Under Water.
met record for crossing tha ocean by
Guthrie. Okla . May 2ft.— All W est
several hoars.
Guthrie is inundated with from seven
Night riders continue to da much
to ten feet of water rushing through
damage by burning tobacco barns it
*he streets. Train service on all roads
in and out o f Guthrie is at a standstill
Oklahoma's state guaranty law hat because of miles of rails being under
stood tha test. A bank failed and in­ water and dozens o f bridges impassa­
N o attempt is being made to
side sf na hour the depositors wars be bly
operate trains east and west from
iag paid ia full.
Guthrie, while the Atchison. Topeka
Roosevelt is preparing te veto the 3t Santa Fe south of Guthrie is im ­
public building bill if congress don’t passable at Seward, between here and
aa aati iajunctioa bill, and the Oklahoma City.
ats’s mail subsidy provision.
Sentence Four to Death.
M w Wood's suit against Senator
St Petersburg. May 2ft— The court-
Plat for divora« has been dismissed, aad
•*•• has been arrested on the ground martial of eleven revolutionists, in­
that she trae B«T«r »arriad to the h i cluding four women, which began a
few days ago. has resulted in the sen­
tencing o f four of the accused to
Alabama primario« wort death and six to period* of penal
» victory arar the truota.
•ervitude. One was acquitted
Secretary Smythe Praises Compulsory If Choppers Can’t Sell to Trust They
Dipping Law.
Will to Consumers.
Portland.—Secretary Dan P. Smythe,
Pendleton.— A fter futile efforts to
of the Oregon Woolgrowers association, sell their wood to Pendleton and
passed through Portland recently on his Walla Walla woodyards, ten wood-
choppers of Kamela have pooled their
way to Salem, where he represents the output and have placed an agent in
third district of Oregon at the annual this city and will sell direct to the
meeting of the state sheep commission. consumer. They have 5,000 cords in
Mr. Smythe says the wool elip this year the pool and will fill this territory
with cheap wood, they declare. The
is as large as usual, and that the wool woodyards have large supplies on
is of exceptionally fine quality.
hand, owing to the fact that the mild
A t this session of the sheep commis­ weather of the past winter restricted
sion the eastern Oregon men intend to the sale, and have refused to buy the
Camela pool, w hich is now being mar­
take some radical action to prevent fur­
keted here.
Already several cars
ther encroachments of Washington have been ordered from the pool and
sheepmen in the Wenaha forest reserve. it promises to demoralize the wood
Mr. Smythe, who is extensively en­ market in the inland empire.
gaged in sheepraising himself, is em­
Keep Salmon Out o f Alfalfa.
phatic in praise of tho compulsory dip
Pendleton.— Thousands of salmon
ning law passed at the last session of
the legislature. He says Oregon sheep fry from six to eight inches in, length
are now practically free from disease of are now running out into the canal
every kind, and the wool is of a much of the Irrigon irrigation project and
many of them are being stranded on
higher grade than in former years.
The administrtion at Washington has the bars, where they are perishing.
favored the woolgrowers in the Ever Deputy Game and Fish Warden O. F.
green State, to the detriment of Oregon Turner will take immediate steps to
stockmen. Just what action will be have proper fish screens placed at the
taken Mr. Smythe was not prepared to dam to prevent this destruction of
say, tut he thinks the commission wil the young fish. The dam o f the Irri
make recommendations that the for­ gon project is in the Umatilla River
estry department at the national capital tw-o miles east of the town of Uma
tilla. Thousands of fine salmon fry
will not dare to overlook.
are now to be found in the river and
every effort will be made to prevent
them from running into the irrigation
canals. Other canals on the river are
Sheepmen Gobble'll0 0 ,0 0 0 Acres as properly protected with screens and
Overflow to Forest Reserve.
to Build.
Pendleton__ One hundred thousand
Eugene.— The W ells-Fargo Express
acres of fine range land has just been
Company has begun the erection of a
leased in Baker county by Morrow, Gil­ fine brick building on the Southern
liam and Umatilla county sheepmen as Pacific depot grounds in which to
an overflow range from their forest re handle its business in this city. The
serve allotments. The land is logged- architecture o f the new building will
be in keeping with that of the new
off timber land, and lies in a strip 50 passenger depot, now in course or
miles in length between Austin and construction and to be completed be
Pleasant valley, in Baker county, and fore July 1. The W ells-Fargo build
belongs to the numerous lumber com ing will be of brick and stone an 1
paniee of that district. It was leased will cost $4,000 to $5,000. It is prob
for five years by Dan P. Smythe, of able the downtown office o f the com
this city, and A. K. and A. Smythe, ol pany will be done away with when
Arlington, William Smith, of Arlington, the new building is finished, as the
and A. 0. Whittier, of Baker county. location is convenient to the business
The sum of $8,000 was paid for use of section of the city.
the tract for five years. Over 50,000
head of sheep will be held in the terri
Pays Large Inheritance Tax.
tory during a portion of the summer
Ralem__ The second largest inherit
It is well watered and contains fine mce tax ever paid into the state treas­
ury was received recently. It was
the tax on tho estate of Amanda Reed,
Hslt in^Timber Land Buying.
>f Multnomah county, appraised at a
Klamath Falls__ J. W. Alexander, of valuation of $1,385,919.89. The tax
the Weyerhaeuser Lumber company, is was $7,141.40. The largest tax paid
in this city on business for his com was on the estate of Henry Weinhard,
pany. He states that he is not here to which amounted to $15,248.54. The ap
buy timber, but that he expects to buy praised value o f the Weinhard estate
when special inducements are offered. was but $1,381,967.22, but was left in a
There is but little movement in tiinbei lump sura, while the Reed estate was
in this section, and none is expected un divided among a large number of bene­
til after the presidential election. Whili ficiaries.
the price of farming lands in this sec
tion has increased in the past six
Five Counties Join in Fair.
months, timber land has decreased from
The Dalles.— In connection with the
$1.50 a thousand to 75 cents and $1
However, those holding claims are not fair to be held in this city in October,
worrying over conditions, as they feel under the auspices of the Second East
sure the slump in timber is but tern ern Oregon District Agricultural So
ciety, will be a children’s fair in which
products grown or manufactured by pu
pils of the public, high and parochial
Whipping Up on Tule Contract.
schools of the district, which comprises
Klamath Falls.— It is stated here that
Wasco, Crook, Sherman, Gilliam and
Chief Engineer Hood has given irnpera
Wheeler Counties, will be exhibited.
tive orders that the dredging on the
This adjunct to the main fair, which
marsh for the railroad grade must be
was a signal success last year, comes
rushed or the contract will be forfeited
as a result of agitation along this line
The contract consists of a grade four bv the principals of the various Wasco
miles along across swamp land, now rank
Countv schools.
with tules, and the agreement now if
that crews must be worked day and
New Fly Destroys Aphis.
night in order to throw up the grade
Milton— Local orchardists are much
at the earliest possible date in order tc
allow it to settle and dry before the interested in a new variety of fly which
track is laid.
has appeared in orchards in this section
recently and which appears to be an
Open Reserves June I.
Pendleton.— Sheepmen of Umatilla 3nemy to the green aphis, a pest which
county have received notice that sheep has done great damage to peach trees
may be taken upon the Wenaha foresl this season. The new fly, which may
reserve Juno 1, instead of June 15, the prove a blessing to the fruitgrowers, is
date originally set. For some time
sheepmen have been asking for the us< larger than the ordinary house fly and
of the reserves on the Blue mountain* has wings long and slender and spotted
earlier than usual, because of the dry black and white.
weather prevailing this spring. Dan P.
Smythe. secretary of the sheepmenV
association, has received notice from
Supervisor Schmitz that admission
would be granted June 1.
Sheep Dying in Eastern Oregon.
Baker City__ Dr. W. H. Lytle passed
through Baker City a few days ago on
his way to Hkull Springs, where he
goes to look after his interests at that
It seems that a number of
sheep at Skull Springs and in the vicin
itv of Vale and Ontario have been
lying, and it is Dr. L y tle ’s purpose to
see if something cannot be done. The
sheep this season are going to bring a
better price than for many past years
it seems and this trouble is the first
that has been reported this year. The
clip is to be very heavy.
Daily Snowstorm « at Buckeye.
Sumpter. — Superintendent
Gleason, of the Buckeye mine, in the
Cracker Creek district, reports opera
tion at the property in full blast
Crosscutting for the main ledge from
the drift is in progress, and it is ex
pected to encounter the vein in a short
while. There is much snow in the vicin
ity of this mine and it is a hard mat
ter to get supplies in at present. Con
tinned snow storms prevail almost daily
at that altitude.
Will Exhibit at State Fair.
Oregon City.— The board of directors
of the Clackamas Connty Fair associa
tion has authorized the executive eom
nutter to make a county exhibit at the
state fair, which will follow the Claek
amas countv fair. The board appropri
ated $50 for premiums for juvenile
exhibits and reappointed Thomas F
Ryan. George Larolle and T. J. Gary as
a committee to direct the affairs of thi
assoc itai on.
Bumper Crop Promised.
Arlington.— Heavy rains throughout
this section of Oregon a few days age
have added many thousands of dollars
to the wealth o f Gilliam and adjoining
counties. The weather is warm and the
farmers happy. Every one predicts a
prosperous year for thie part r f the
Hatchery Superintendent.
Oregon City— W. H. Smith, of Park
plaee. ha« been appointed superintend
ent of the state fish hatcheries at Wal
Iowa and Ontario.
Sensational Naval Experiment Will be
Tried bp Navy.
Congressional Committees Agree
on Seattle Appropriation.
Washington Delegation
Highly Elated
at Result—Useless Expenses
Are Stricken Out.
Washington, May 23.—The ceafee*
ence committee on the sundry civil bill
yesterday agreed to give $650,000 to the
Seattle exposition. Fifty thousand dol­
lars will be cut off from the expenses
o f the government board, which is re­
duced to three members, and uninter­
esting features of the government ex­
hibit are eliminated. There was no cut
in the appropriation for buildings or
the Alaska, Philippine or Hawaii ex­
hibits. The conference report will be
agreed to today. The compromise is
highly satisfactory to the Washington
Nevada Executive Killed by Oveawork
at Extra Session.
Reno, Nev., May 23.— “ I don’t fear
death. I have done my best. I am
tired and am ready to go. Good-bye.”
Surrounded by his wife, three sons
and a daughter, Governor John Sparks,
conscious to the last, sank to death at
8 :30 yesterday morning, after uttering
the above words.
The illness which culminated in the
governor’s death was directly due to
overwork and nervous strain attend­
ant upon the extra session of Nevada’s
legislature late last fall.
Mr. Sparks was born in Mississippi,
August 30, 1843, and came to this state
in 1868, engaging in stockraising. He
owrted large cattle ranches in Nevada
and Texas, as well as a large cotton
plantation in Texas. He was elected
chief executive in 1902 and again in
1906 by large majorities.
Lieutenant-Governor D. S. Dicker-
son is now governor o f Nevada. He
came to Nevada eight years ago and
went to work in a mine at Cherry Tree.
Ruef Again Escapes, but New Trial
Will Be Pressed.
San Francisco, May 22.— Unable to
agree, after being out almost 44 hours,
the jury in the case of Abraham Ruef,
charged with offering a bribe to former
Supervisor Jennings J. Phillips, was dis­
charged at 5 o ’clock last evening by
Judge Maurice T. Dooling. Thirteen
ballots were taken, and the jury stood
6 to 6 from the outset. At no stage was
there a chance for an agreement, the
credibility of the witnesses being the
main point upon which the jurors di­
The failure of the jury to convict will
not alter the attitude of the prosecution
as there are numerous indictments pend-
ing against Kuef, on one of which he
will be placed on trial as soon as the
state can make its arrangements to that
end. In view of this fact the board of
supervisors today appropriated $70,000
for- the continuance of the graft prose­
Resuming their deliberations yester­
day morning, the jury was called into
court at 11:45 o ’clock by Judge Doo­
ling, but asked the court for more time.
The request was granted and they re­
When 4 o ’clock arrived the bailiff or­
dered the courtroom cleared, as Judge
Dooling had decided to send for the
jury in a short time, and there was a
desire to avoid any demonstration on
thfe part of the spectators. As a result
attorneys directly interested and the
members of the press were about the
only ones in attendance when the jurors
filed in and took their places in the box.
Foreman Penny arose, and in response
to the question of Judge Dooling said
it was impossible for the jury to agree.
Each juror was then questioned by
Judge Dooling, and all agreed that they
could not arrive at a verdict. Judge
Dooling then formally discharged the
ju ry -
Washington. May 25.— The most
sensational naval experiment ever at­
tempted by this country will take
place today in Chesapeake Bay, when
the monitor Florida will be submitted
Edwin^Gould Makes Announcement
to bombardment by big guns and tor-
for Western Pacific.
oedoes to demonstrate the effect of
modern projectiles upon the internal
Los Angeles, May 22__ Edwin Gould,
fittings and the structure of the fight­
pathfinder for the “ ocean to ocean“
ing craft of the American navy.
ambition of his brother,
The Florida is so constructed and
fitted internally in such a way as to
Ueorge, announced that the Gould lines
have practically the same strength of
will not only reach San Francisco, but
resistance as the latest type of Am er­
they will enter Los Angeles and tho
ican battleship.
ports of the Pacific Northwest, through
A t first it was proposed to put live
sheep in the turret of the monitor, but
Portland. Mr. Gould arrived today
this plan has been abandoned because
from Texas in his private care “ Dixie.“
it i f believed the death of the animals
Gould is a director of the Western
would prove little as to the probabil­
rPacific, and makes the positive an­
ity of loss o f human life under similar
circumstances. The plan to test the
nouncement that the ocean to ocean
ability of the modern ship of war to
Gould line will be consummated with
withstand the heavy firing of the lat­
Che early completion of the Western
est big guns has attracted much at Philippine Assembly Needs a Month Pacific into San Francisco, and that the
tention in official circles and it is
M ore to Finish Work.
lines of the Goulds will also be extend­
looked upon as a matter o f great im-
Manila, May 23.— The statutory time ed to Portland in the near future.
p »rtance by foreign officials at the em­
Further, Mr. Gould declares that the
for the adjournment of the Philippine Pacific Coast will be the scene of the
bassies here.
assembly having arrived with the work most extensive railroad operations ever
of that body incomplete, Governor-Gen­ known.
For many months it has been rumored
eral Smith has called a month’s extra
that the Gould interests have been se­
Would Not be Benefited by Proposed session. Prior to the adjournment of curing options on rights of way along
the regular session, the radicals at­ the coast from the north shore of San
Subsidy Clause.
San Francisco, M ay 25.— The prog­ tempted to present a resolution favor­ Francisco bay to Eureka. The North­
ress of the postoffice appropriation ing immediate independence, but were western railroad, which ends at Willets,
bill, now in its last stages before Con­ headed off by the conservatives under Mendocino county, is supposed to be
gress, is being watched with much in­ the leadership of President Osmena. It the property of the Southern Pacific and
terest in this city, especially with re­ is believed that the attempt to present Santa Fe jointly, but lately it has been
gard to the ocean mail subsidy amend­ the resolution will be renewed during reported that part of the right of way
between Willets and Eureka has been
ment, agreed to by the conferees, but the extra session.
The Philippine commission has re­ found to overlap other claims, and liti­
rejected by the House, which has
was threatened.
asked for another conference on the
The proposed increased the teaching of the various Filipino di­
compensation to steamship lines di­ alects in the public schools, and has
rectly affects the companies running substituted a bill creating an institute
vessels from this port to China, Japan, for the studv of these dialects.
Manuel Quescon, a member o f the Sixty Killed and Hundrecf Injured in
Australia and the Philippines.
Collision o f Trains.
W hen asked what would be the re­ assembly, has been appointed delegate
sult should the subsidy amendment be to the navigation congress, to be held
Antwerp, May 22.— In one of the
retained in the bill, F. S. Samuels, at St. Petersburg. He will sail tomor­ worst railroad disasters that ever oc­
manager of the Oceanic Steamship row, accompanied by his secretary, The­
curred in this country a great number
odore Rogers.
Company, said:
oi passengers, the number being esti­
“ W hether v, e will resume running
Sues to Recover Graft.
vessels to Australia and carry the
mated as high as 60, were killed today,
mails cannot be determined for a time.
San Francisco, May 23.—Joseph A. and at least 100 seriously injured in a
Australia and N ew Zealand have made Sullivan, a retired capitalist, who owns
collision between two passengers trains.
other contracts for carrying the mails
a block o f stock in the United Rail­ The trains were running at a high rate
since we discontinued, and we do not
know’ at present whether we could get ways Investment Company, today be­ of speed when the crash occurred. They
that business again.”
gan a suit in equity in the superior <’aine together with great force, throw­
Adolph J. Frey, assistant to the court to recover the $200.000 Patrick ing the cars from the tracks and piling
vice-president and general manager of Calhoun, president o f the United Rail­ them up in heaps of riPns. Great d if­
the Pacific Mail Company, the Jap­ roads, is alleged to have paid, through ficulty was experienced in releasing
anese and China line, said there was Tirey L. Ford, general counsel for that the imprisoned passengers. Twenty-two
little prospect of the Pacific Mail corporation, to Abe Ruef for the pur­ bodes have been recovered, and search
Auto to Carr y Tourists.
pose o f influencing the supervisors to for more is being made in the ruins.
Klamath Falls__ Captain J. M. Mein availing itself o f any increased allow ­
The collision occurred at Contich, six
grant the company a trolley franchise.
tyre, of the McIntyre Transportation ance. chiefly because o f the difficulty
of securing crews composed largely of Interest on the above-named amount miles southeast of Antwerp. One train
•ompany, has purchased an 11 passenger
bound for Brussels and the other
and costs are also demanded by the
automobile, and will put it on the line Americans, as the law would require,
The complaint alleges that was going to Lierre. Three coaches of
at a rate of wages permitting o f any plaintiff.
etwoen Dorris and this city. A crew
the suit is brought in the interest of all the latter train were crushed into kind­
i f men is now working on the road be­
ling wood. The accident, which is
the stockholders o f the corporation.
tween Dorris and Keno, getting it in
thought to have been due to mistaken
Full o f Sfcotch Whiskey.
<hape for automobile service, and it is
signals, took place on a crossing.
Railroads Cut Wages.
Poughkeepsie. N. Y., M ay 25.—
'Xperted that tho run can lie made in
Chicago, May 23.— A general cut in
two hours from end of rail to this city. Scotch whiskey administered in good
New Outbreak in Hayti.
sized doses to Harry Thaw just be­ wages o f all section men and unskilled
Port au Prince, Hayti, May 22.— In­
fore he took the stand in the recent
P O R T L A N D M A R K E TS .
cited to insurrection by Septimus
habeas corpus proceedings brought to roads extending west from Chicago.
Apples— Select, $2.50 per box; fancy, effect his release from Matteawan Several thousand men are affected. This Marius, the rebel leader, a serious anti-
government outbreak has taken place
$2; choice, $1.50; ordinary, $1.25.
asylum is now held responsible for his is the first wage reduction made by the
in the southern part o f the island. Strong
Potatoes— Select, 70c, per hundred;
Willamette Valley. 45c per hundred; poor showing as a witness in his own
forces have been sent to the scene to
East Multnomah, 55c; Clackamas. 55c behalf. Am os T. Baker, acting super­ nuarters the first step in a general cut suppress the uprising, but fears are en­
oer hundred; sweet-, 5%e per pound.
intendent. is authority for the state­ which is declared to be inevitable un­ tertained that before the troops arrive
Fruits — Strawberries,
California, ment that large quantities of the less the revenue can be increased by an the insurrectionists will have seized a
$1.50(3)1.85 per crate; Oregon, 10@ whiskey were smuggled into the asy­ advance in freight rates. The reduc­ number of cities, following the seizure
12V4e per pound.
tion in the case o f most section men is with massacres in revenge for the sum­
lum and given to Thaw.
from $1.35 a day for 10 hours to $1.25. mary execution of a number of promi­
Vegetables—Turnips, $1 per sack;
nent anti-government sympathizers in
Germans Angry at Frenchmen.
arrots, $1.50(2)1.75; beets, $1.25; par-
thie city last March.
mips, $1.25; beans, wax.
Conspirator May Hang.
Berlin. M ay 25.— Denouncing Paris
oer pound; head lettuce, 35e per doxen; clubs as mere gambling resorts and
Deer Lodge. Mont., May 23.— W ill­
Chinese School at Bay City.
artichokes, 50c per dozen; asparagus,
iam Hays, a convict in the state prison
'@ 8 c per pound; egg plant, 25@30c per clubmen as card sharpers and black­
San Francisco, May 22.— San Fran­
nound; parsley, 25c per dozen; peas, 6($
cisco is to have the first Chinese school
7c per pound; peppers, 20c per pounn; declaring today that it is easy enough degree murder in killing Guard John A.
radishes. 15c per dozen; rhubarb, 2@3e to see why Teuton members are un­ Robinson in the course of the sensa­ n the country. Plans for such an edu­
welcome— they have something better
cational institution where the children
per peund; spinach, 85c per crate.
to do with their time than to spend tional prison break in March. George
Wheat— Club, 89c per bushel; red it at a gaming table. But for the com ­ Rock pleaded guilty two weeks ago and of local Chinese enn be taught their
Russian, 8ft1,^c; bluestem, Ole; v * 11 pv ment by members o f the Ccrclc dc was Sentenced to b a n e Ttir»* IS
H svs* language and trained as i f they were
M >c.
1.’Union that Germans are regardless defense proved he had not laid a hand in China are now being drawn up. The
Barley—Feed. $25 per ton; rolled, o f French club custom, the black­ on Robinson, but he was found guilty site, which is on Stockton street, be­
>27(^28; brewing. $26.
balling o f Ambassadorial Attache o f conspiracy. The jury recommended tween Clay and Sacramento, has al­
Oate— No. 1 white, $27.50 per ton; Hortsman might have been permitted hanging. Tw o others are charged and ready been purchased, and the building
are yet to be tried. These are C. B. will be erected at an expenditure of
to pass as a personal matter.
Tray. $27.
$50,000, which represents half of the
Young and Orell Stevens.
Hay— Timothv. Willamette Valley,
$100,000 relief fund sent to the Chinese
Sparks’ Secretary Dead.
$17 per ton; Williamette Valley, ordi­
after the fire and earthquake.
Big Pow er Project.
nary, $15; F.astern Oregon. $18.50;
Carson, Nev.. M ay 25— W R Davis,
mixed, $16; clover, $14; alfalfa, $12; private secretary to the late Governor
San Francisco. May 23. — A deal
Telegraph Operators to Strike.
Spark*, died at his home in thi* city which will ultimately revolutionize the
alfalfa meal, $20.
Chicago, May 22.— Members o f the
D.avi* price o f electricity throughout the state
Dressed Meata— TT^cs. fanev.
per Saturday of stomach trouble
vnind; ordinarv. 7(ff>7,4 f: large, ftc; was better known as “ R iley” Davis. of California, will soon be consummat­ Commercial Telegraphers union are
real, extra, 7Hc; ordinary, 7e; heavy, H e served as secretary to Governor ed in the investment o f an additional again talking strike. They are plan­
Sparks since he first took office
He $25.000.000 in the $12.000,000 power­
ftc; mutton, fancy, 10c.
was a resident o f Davton. N ev . where house that is nearing completion on the ning a general tie op of the wires at
Bntter— Extras, 24c per pound; faney,
north fork o f the American river. The the time of the rerubliean national con­
23c; choice, 20c; store. 16c.
tions Through the death of the late plant will be ready for operation in vention in June, it is said. They figure
Poultry—Mixed chickens. 13f3>14e per Governor and his *ecretarv business October, but in the meantime eastern “that the moral effect of a strike at such
nound; fanev hens. 14H@15e; roosters, in the state and federal buildings is at capitalists are making arrangements to a time may produce results within the
aid. 9e; fryers, dozen. $4; broilers, a standstill.
advance the enormous amount o f cap­ convention hall which might fce re­
doxen. $4.5oV??>5; dressed poultry, per
peated later when the delegates meet
pound, le higher; ducks lft^ lT c ; geese,
in Denver, and bring about a govera-
Franz J o s e f in Serious Condition.
Mfcte; turkeys, alive, 17@18c; dreeeed,
niental investigation of conditions.
Josef has caught a fresh cold and gen­
Chicago, May 23.—Although eight
Hops— 1907. prime and choice.
Favors Opium Conference.
eral audiences have been suspended men are believed to have perished in
6 H « per pound; eld. lH ($ 2 e per pound.; The court phy*icians say they do not the fire that destroyed the Wintermayer
Tokio. May 22.— The Japanese gov­
Wool— Eastern Oregon, average best. »onsider his majesty's condition alarm­ box factory yesterday, only two bodies ernment has signified its intention of
tl(iD15e per pound, according to shrink ing. hut there is much uneasiness con had been recovered at midnight, when joining America in the latter’s effort«
sge; valley. lffd fllH e .
cerning him owing to his age and the search was abandoned until tomor­ *o secure the calling of an international
Mohair— Choice, 19@19Vie per ponnd. continued ill health.
I opium conference.