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    Thursday, April U, 10M.
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: Personalities:
Jass Dcrthlck Iim concluded his
work at tho Jacckul Inmblnir cmp
and li t homo In Maupln again.
George Morris, Cyril Fralcy and
Jeaa Crablree fished the turbulent
waters of Deep Crook laot Sunday.
Ellis Hughes, who ha been at
Farghera during Inmblnir, ha como
down and will remain In town day
or to.
James and Maggie Wray were up
from Portland over Sunday, coming
In Saturday evening and returning
Sunday evening.
W, E. Hunt wai In town from
hit iheep ranch, yesterday. Billy
reports hla lamb crop as far exceed
ing hi expectation!.
tho ifiinio, Toling, an pitcher, for
Muupln atrurk out 15 while Young
for the vlnltors got credit for causing
eight Mauplnltcs to return to the
bunch via tho strike-out route. The
Muupln tenm will go to Gra. i Valley
next Sunday to play the team of thut
place, Coma out and help the team.
Many Fo LltUrt
The Wllllam fox pena ehow In
creased activity theic daya. One of
tho mother foxes recently gave
birth to a litter of five pupplci an
other one burrowed In the ground
and there had a litter, but Just how
ninny hna not oa yet been ascertain
ed. Four other females aro expect
ed to pup before long. When all
have given birth ot puppies the Will
iams pi nil will have as large colony
of foxes an any In this part of the
Mrs. Howard Wattlc( went to The
Dalles on matters connected with
the recent death of her husband by
lectricutlon, on Monday.
Leo Uamel and wife of Dufur at
tended the man., at the Catholic
church last Sunday, coming over
from their home at Dufur.
The Catholic church presented
beautiful Interior lust Sunday, the
altar and raiting being banked with
cultivated and wild flowers.
Tom Swett, wife and the latter's
niece, Mini Edith Spickerman, were
caught In a near cloudburst on
Tygh grade on Monday. Thry ar
rived home all right but were
Among those who attended the
aervlces at the Catholic church on
Sunday last wan A. J. Conroy and
family. Mrs. Conroy I now living
at The Dalles where her children
re attending school.
Staao Service to Reiumo
The Bend-rortland stage Is to re
sumo service for the summer on
May 1, running dally stages each
way. Tho line Is privately owned
and conducted by Myrl Hoover, A
alight reduction In rates from last
year's schedule will be made. The
stage to Portland will leave Maupln
at 10:00 a. m., (topping at Govern
ment Camp for lunch and arriving
at Portland at 2:00 p. m. The
stage to Drnd will leave Maupln at
4:15 p. m., reaching Bend at 8:00
in the evening.
Free Kodak
A free kodak 1$ a boy or girl who
becomes 12 years of age during
1030. Call with pnrents any time
during May at the Muupln DruK
Store. Bring us your picture work.
Federal Aid for Oro0
The Federal Farm Board will have
for use in Oregon In the year 1931
the sum of i 1, 096.1 12. This fact
was mde known to us through e
circular sent out from the office of
the aecretary of state.
Flthod On Matolliu
Clarence Zicgenhagen and wife
and tha latter's stater and huskand,
Mr. and Mr, Leo Harbing, of Bend,
fiiihed on the Metolltn laxt Suiula.
The party were somewhat Igky,
eatching a few trout, but not enough
to say that a good catch was niede.
Rebuilding Road
A county crew of roadbuildcr.; is
at work on the old road leading
from Tygh Valley to the fair
ground. The road will be made
wider nnd put in such shape that
danger on the sharp curves will be
minimized. It wss thought a new
road leading directly from the high
way near the shady Brook turn-off
would be built, but the rounty dads
evidently thought the old road, with
a little fixing up, would suffice,
hcrcfore the present work.
Delayed Eaatae Program
The delayed Easter program of
the U. B. Sabbath school will be
given at the church next Sunday
morning at 10:00 o'clock. After
the program the Sunday school will
be held, to be followed by a preach
Ing service. During that service
number of seekers will be taken
Into the church aa members, The
preaching service will be followed
by a ba-ket dinner. Rev, Everett
Hazen, former pastor of this church
will bring the Easter message. No
evening service.
Old-Timor, Here
C. V. Durham, an old-timer of
1876, is in Maupln for few daya'
fishing in the Deschutes. Mr. Dur
ham Is a brother-in-law of Joe Chac
tain and has been traveling the
country for some time. He tells of
shearing seep near the Staat
springs In '78 and aJ::o of ranching
near the victor school house at that
time and In later years.
Reservoir Work Delayed
Work on the new city reservoir
has been somewhat delayed by the
non-arrival of gravel from Hood
River. Superintendent Tom Balrd
tried to f ecu re gravel in this vicinity
but was unsuccessful so was com
pelled to go further after, it. Sev
eral carload have been received and
used in the concrete work, and as
soon" as more arrivea work will be
re umd with a vim. It is expected,
providing the gravel gets here, to
complete the reservoir by the latter
part of next week.
Sme Gaa Tea
Statistics sent out from Washing
ton, D. C, and touching on the gas
tax paid by tho various, elates hav
ing urh a measure, show that Ore
gon received the sum of $4,642,602
during 1929 as revenue from gas
tax. The net amount of gasoline
tincd in the collection of that money
was 162,090,900 gallons.
Rccivi Baby Chic
Cyril Fraley is another Maupinite
who believe there is money in
chickens. This morning he received
a shipment of 150 baby clcks of
the Rhode Island Red ftrain, they
coming from Salem. Cyril has fitted
up a commodious chicken house and
will make chicken raising a side line
to hla clerical work at Resh's store.
April 26 to May 2
New Potatoes, 3 pounds for 29c
New Peas, 3 pounds for . 34c
Bacon, per pound 29c
Sugar, per Sack . . . . . . $5.49
May onaise, pint jar . ... . 29c
Good Mayonalse at an extreme low price
10c bar Toilet Soap, 12 bars 59c
and 8 beautiful dessert dishes free. We have a limit number.
Come early,
Save the
Labels for
There'. Cream In Every Drop
rj (
m I
Maupin's Leading Grocery
O. P. Resh ca Co.
Everything For the Table
Maupin, Oregon
Prlotl Eajoyt Fishing
Father Casey, with his two
acolyties and Kelly Cyr fished the
Deschutes Sunday afternoon with
fair success. They fished down
river and landed 22 fine redUde
Thll TTwn About
1 IWtv Upd Town
Maupin's Relative Hore
T. J. Maupin, a second couMn of
Howard Maupin, for whom the town
of Maupin was named, was a visitor
In this city today with his wife.
Mr. Maupin is In charge of the pipe
lines and headworka of the Portland
water system and while here met
with many friends of early dayi'.
K.nt Downed 3-0-
Kent cam over last Sunday to
play ball That team put up an ex
cellent example of the national past
time but Maupin's team was fa-ter,
the score being 3 to 0 at the end of
CUa On Crutch's
IEa Dcrthlck has learned not to
chase hog?. In absorbing that les
ion he recently made misstep and'
as a result is now walking with the
aid of rruthecs. He wss trying to
Induce some hogg to go into a pen,
fell down, colliding with the ground
in such manner that he sprained the
murcles in the calf of his left leg.
Very bad sprain and it will be some
time before our young rancher is
able to "call the hogs" home again.
Free to Public
TU enl plx 1b tW U. S. wHm cabinet an d
amrtiMn. auiw amxrtn. an? Dim ol baamaaa
or pnxiiKl can ba oWnad ft and Wit haul
ObHitltoa ia tha Aaiatiean InduMhal Library.
'nu for BuaiMM Adyatliaini Matter oo era
inlarattad in; aama will ba promptly forwitd.
EaSlaaarlaS BaUdlal, CUao, Ullattla
Arrmt.d In Portland
Tom Swift, giving Maupin aa Mi
residence, was arrested on a charge
of driving while drunk in Portland
lost Monday. Police say Swift waaotner tnings u,ually piled up dur
so full that he fell out of, his auto-. n. the eoA gea.on.
This is the reason of the year
when the young man's thoughts turn
t0 love, the eradication of ants from
his underwear, barber shop haircuts,
baseball, hives, and a general desire
to get out and commune with nature
The birds are singing, treeo leaving
out and fruit blossoms filling the
air with their perfume. Spring
poets burst forth in verse, the fru-gal-mbded
exercises spades and
rakes on the back lot, the cecd
dealers cultivate smile and the old
man of the house listens in on di
rections as to how to make a gar
den. Oh, yes, spring is here, and
that fact is easily known by the
aroma of burning refure piles,
cleaning out of the winter's accumu
lation of tin cans, chips and divers;
was intended as a compliment for a
visitor, who hod a prcdeliction for
maple frosting. The cake was bak
ed, the frosting prepared, all but
the flavoring. When the culinary
artist was ready t0 mix that in she
grabbed a bottle of what she thought
waa mapleine and added the con-
' f Afifa 4 a thai ti-va4 inry Tvarv. a St
MjS V 11 VOW I B a I JI
surprise when the cake was cut to
learn she had made a mistake and
had gotten hold of bottle of aheep
dip instead of the delicacy garnered
from the hard' maple trge. It L
needlesa to say the party went with-
out maple flavored cake for dinner.
TuM-A-LuM Tickler
Published in the ineresta of the people of Maupin and vicinity bjr
Vol 1
Maupin, Oregon, April 24, 1930
Geo. Chamberlain
Co. Commissioner
(Preirnt Incumbent)
Apractical busincvi man. Farmer of Wasco county for more than
80 years. For better roads and the use of the toads for the farm
er aa much as possible in the winter as well as rummer.
(Paid advert!, ement.)
Candidate for re-clcction to the office of
County Superintendent
Present Incumbent
Eleven years' teaching experience, seven of which
were devoted to administration and supervision
(raid advertlcemcnt.)
mobile. He has been in trouble on
a like charge before, so eay the
Portland officer;.
Wouldn't Nome PHy
The "cullud" lady gave her name,
her address and her agej and then
the clerk of registration ailed this
"What party do you affiliate
"Does I have to answer datT"
"That is the law."
"Den you just scratch my name
offen do books. Ef I got to tell
dat party's name, ah don' vote, das
all. Why, he ain't got his divo'ce
The surest way to get the family
to eat vegetables is to make them
look s0 good that they can't be resisted.
When making lemon, chocolate or
other one-crust pies where corn
starch or flour Is used In the filling,
mixing the cornstarch or flour with
tho sugar will often keep the mix
ture from lumping.
Alhough there Is a temptation to
use some tubstitutes for eggs in
cakes and other batterr when eggs
are expensive, there is no sub
stitute for them In point of food
Slightly beaten eggs may be care
fully combined with a soup to add
food value for the Invalid or young
Gasoline for any sort of cleaning
should never be kept in the house.
It is so Inflammable and ?0 explosive
that the fire laws of many states pro
hibit storgo in the house of any but
the smallest quantities. Keep the
bottle or container tightly corked
at all times, and do not open or ure
it in a room where there is a fire,
a gas, oil, or candle flam, or In
bright sunshine. Only a little liquid
should be poured out at one time.
Cook green vegetables just as
short a time as possible and cook
them in an open kettle to help keep
their fresh green color.
Serve all lamb dlhes hot on very
hot plates. The texture of lamb fat
is not always agreeable after the
meat has cooled off somewhat.
Many papers of Oregon are tak
ing up the cudgel favoring butter as
against the universally wed "ole."
They claim the butterfot producer
is losing out through use of the pro
duct of copra, peanut and cotton
seed oils and a host of other nause
ous ingredients. Maybe so, maybe
no. One thing regarding the butter
dtustion ia that many dairymen
send their cream to the butter
factories and then turn around and
buy "ole" for their own use. There
are two sides to every argument, so
pay your money and take your
choice of butter or olemargarine.
Tom Baird has about concluded
operations on construction of Mau
pin's new reservoir. Excavation
has been completed and the forms
are being installed under direction
and by that incomparable carpenter,
Mike VanLaanen. Concrete is be
ing poured on that part of the
forms already made and it will not
take long before Maupin will be a
fire-proof town, when the water
supply is considered.
Tom Swett Is shuffcled around
like a marble in a. bottle. First he
is given an old truck, then a brand
new Graham is turned over to him
for his own. After a few trips the
Graham is given to some other
driver and to Tom is given an old
GMC. Then a White is thought to
be about Tom's sine. Maybe his
bosses will eventually conclude that
one certain truck should be given
to our freight truck driver and
after that to be allowed to continue
on The Dalles-Maupin freight run.
- x
It is seldom a tramp turns down
a good meal. That thing happened
at the Rainbow last Sunday. A
specimen of genius hobo called at
the cafe, asked for a half dollar to
buy a meal with. He was informed
that n0 halves were given away, but
that a meal awaited his pleasure.
That seemed okay with him. The
meal was placed on the counter but
Mr. hungry man was nonexistent.
He had ducked out. Later he war
observed walking along the edge of
the sidewalk and anon deftly picked
up the discarded butts of many ci
gars lying on the roadway.
A certain Maupin lady who is not
ed for the excellence of the cakes
she makes, was preparing a cake
for hut Sunday dinner. The cake
After ten years the
country has finally come
to its census. The gen
eral concensus of opin
ion is that we are grow
ing bigger and better.
Our anly doubt i
xhould the census taker
be called a censor T
: Editor.
Say, talking of in
suatioln 'against heat or
cold, you should see the
big ad in the Saturday
Evening Post for this
week. We can give you
more information about
A haughty dam at a
Washington function
viewed the various cele-
brities with indifference
until the head of the
Agricultural department
waa pointed out.
ls that really the
Secretary of Agricul
ture?" "Yes."
"Introduce me. I
want to talk to him
about a rubber plant I
am trying to raise."
No problem is too big
or too small to talk over
with os. We may not
know how to raise
onions or such but we
sure know building.
Number 85
porch? "
A sleeping
Ask us.
Our office cynic
found that a stork
stands on one leg be
cause if he lifted it he
would fall down.
To clean up and paint
up isn't enough. Re
pair and remodeling
should also be done.
Our cement is being
used in building Mau
pin's new reservoir. We
have plenty left for
your use.
Rastus ays A. D.
means all done.
So we are A. D. for
this week.
Fresh Every Day
Home Town Bread
Cakes, Cookies, Pastries
Ask Your Dealer
Five concrete bridges will be built
between Aumsville and Turner this
Shoe Shop
Shoe Repairing WeU
Bring in the old Shoes
E. A. CYR, Poprietor.
Your Watch Haywire?
If it is not doing its work
bring it to The Timcp ofF.ce
and Mr. Semmes will send
it to
MauwiMturing Jeweler
nd Watchmaker
SuLtnanar u U. Llndquiat
Undertaking Co.
Tho Dalles, Oregoa. PIlobo 35-J
Mr. and Mr. Chariot Croftot
Wapinitia .
Tygh Valley
V Roy Ward
W. B. Sloaa