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Publishes only that nera fi
to print. Caters to no particular
class, but works for all.
Always working for the best
interests of Maupin and all of
Southern Wasco County.
Number 12
Physical Exam. Shows
10 Underweight
Tht state 1
ths first month
Mm. Rutherford report that the
are limit in club work has becu
. ihnt Hnrlnir ! changed and now read "4-H-club
nth of Khool each stu- wrK is for boys
club n Qt A AArtkt cot
AVI uturaii nuuivwvi
Friday Assembly
Last Friday morning High itudent
un.l gim between and the Seventh and Eighth grade
i . . ... i- .. ..... .. ... t.i..
dent shall be Inspected for defect n,n 10 iweniy-one years ui uk ..- pupni met Werner lor tneir weemy
in vUon, hearing, breathing, dentl-j ciuaive. 'assembly. lr. and Mrs. vovau nu
Aii Doyn or girra trnruiicu m Mrs. jesae uraotree were mc special
Roy Whocler Sell IsUrctt and Goe.
la With Brother at
llm nv inv nthr nhvalrnl defects.
unless the parent or guardian objects' work must carry
to the examination.
A summary of results of the ex
amlnirtlon of the grade khool,
ahowa that out of the 81 enrolled, of ,
which 70 were inspected. 22 are
project, visitors.
keep records, and turn in a record
book. : "Booatmir The Old High School.
After checking up on the 1929 rP Stovall gave an inrpiring talk on
work for Maupin clubs, Mr. Seymour tno vaue 0f pep whrh he any is
write u that two members have fall- rHy the Name as ambition. The
1 Thomas Gavin, who for many
I years haa been at the head of the
i r:. 'i A n'tisolor .tnrw at Khaniko.
.A'ih! r.n'nf""'?iCr c'!J!,ni:,na3 taken over the interest of his
partner, Roy Wheeler and will con-
Commando Hi. Candidacy for
Office of Circalt Jadf to
Sacceed Him.rlf
. I .... . a 11.L 1 . . . . a . at t
without defect. None of the par- 10 maKe rl'0" i" student bojy enjoyed nm aaurew ana
nto requested that their "children be Maupin from being 100 per cent Out appreciated hb coming to their as
execused. It was found that H I ' 'nrollment of thlrty-f ive, thirty Mmby,
have defective eyesight with only i 'hr h"vo nlhed 100 per cent. Let ; Mr. DeVoe then awarded the foot-
four having bad hearing, while 18 u encicavor to i unisn , pvr bH Mter, wm,. wcre mc lewr
com in ji'o'i. ol gold coiorea leu. me ooy
As a New Years gift to 4-H club wh0 rer(rved letters for playing in
hoys a new project haa been diel. j footbull were: Bob, Elton, Richard,
This is called the Handicraft project : Orville, Glenn, Ivan, Albert. Massie,
or Manual training project. Each j Charles, Laco, VaL Harry, Bo, and
member mint mnk and exhibit six
article-,-, and keep a record of mater-
are mouthbrealher. Defective
teeth art found among 31 students.
It is well to note that eight of the
pupils have corrected Wicir defeat.
Serving hot lunches is one Idea
mommendeid by the state authority
and thti marks a genuine step in
progressiva health work at Maupin , M " P""
Mr. Shattuck loaned his scales to
the Khool for the weighing.
Since there have been smallpox
clinics in near-by towns because of
epidemics, the matter of vacinatlon
ihould receive the attention of school
patrons. Srxty-two out of 73 ex
amlned report no vacinatlon. They
have never been vacinatcd against
Th following are ton requirement
of a standard club:
1. Five or more members taking
the same project.
2. Officer elected from among
club members.
.1. A local leader selected.
4. A definite program of work
make out,
5. At least ten regular meetings
during the club year.
ft. A local exhibit to be held an-
7. A demonstration team which
shall give s public demonstration in
the community.
8. At lea t seventy per cent of
the members must complete the pro
ject and file a report with the
State Club leader.
9. A judging team ahall be chosen
by competlon among the members.
1 10. An achievement day shall b
held during the club year.
Blanche Northrup entertalnod
wth a piano solo, "Roman Candles"
Ths a the first time Blanche haa
duct tH enterprise alone hereafter
The Change took effect laat week,
at which time Mr. Wheeler left for
Whereas, Fred W. Wilson, with
.'.ignal ability, absolute integrity, and
never failing courtesy, has srved
the Seventh Judicial District as its
Circuit Judge for many years and
b so fencing this District at this
tim, and
Whereas, Judge Wilson's present
term of office will expire January
fifth, 1931, and a aucce sor will be
nominated and elected this
Fifty-Sis Such Knows to Bo la Or
go an I Washing toa; DcfL
nitcljr Located
Fifty-six graves of early day In
dian fighteis, propectors and other
pioneers ars known to tx'wt on ths
I frot Orfrirnn unit Waatw
' ! ington. These graves are those which
' have been observed by fore.t offi
cers in the course of their regular
field work, no picticolar search being
This Information is being compiled
Whereas, the attorneya of Wasco
county, composing the membership
of the Waco County Bar Associa
tes new post in upper Washington. ! tjon believe that the bet interests
Mr. Wheeler will be associated f I)ifrirt rpnuir ih ronnmin.
with hi brother in a chain of drug.ation and reelection of Judge Wil-,by th fomt Mrvic toT all,thf n"
stores In Washington. The brother go,,, therefore be it ,tionaJ lorests or tne we. wiucn or-
was severely injjured in an auto i RcoIved that the Wasco County nated with s from .th
wreck last year and was unable to Bar Association herewith endorse Arizona Pioneer Historical tociety
personally conduct his businea", so Fre(j w. Wilson for renomination vhkh in reluton n0
induced the Shaniko man t0 become ;for and Section to the office ofnonor can be to P""1 t0 bwto
a partner in the business. Roy will Judce 0jf th Seventh Judicial Dk-1 uPon thc men nd womelJ who bravd.
occupy the p,sition of auditor of the j trjct, comprising Hood River and Indittns nd nardships," and "the
compsny, a work for which he is well ; WflM0 Counties and earnestly com. 6" ' many of the PD,e
qualified. nwnds hi, candidacy to the entire ttered over the forest reserves
Mr. Gavin, who has been at the eIctort of this Dbtrict; and be 8nd are Setting harder to identify
k.kJ nt tia CkaniliA firm for a num. i ! each year." The recolution asks
v. ... n. luriniT i - .
Resolved that copie of these !' lederal appropnauons w do
Recolution be supplied to the Press 'm markin , ne f?-.
of this District for publication. Fourteen of the national forests oi
TTnnin,n,,.w nt.d 14.. Oregon and Washington report
. . .. i t. ... j .11 ; "i
n ivbii fnr in nnxpmniv ana an are . . ... .1
rf - " . , . ;ber or yearn, win remain in cnarge 1
anticipating her numbers in me i"' , o the buBineM. The Gavin & Wheel-
tur' . , . , , , , ' er business will be conducted under
In keeping with Dr Stovall . talk incorporated Mmc. It recently
wi asseniDiy vow w. ....... befame a part o the Red and
aPtJI"" , 'White chain and since that took
Next Friday at assembly it b plann- many changM haye occurred
ed there wm oe a quanee numoer, . . . gtQre- ghelv.
f a.1 1 1 . ...i.. ' -
The Cubs and Comets will journey
to Tygh Friday, the 24th, for the
first game away from homo this
season. Due to cold weather two
of the formerly scheduled games
for away from home were canceled,
so both of, the team are looking
forward to the games next Friday.
Maupin fans are' invited to follow
their team and'make loud "whoopee1
Both of the Manrin team will go
to Dufur January 31 for a return
game on that floor. At the last j
game with Dufur both games were , The hot lunch has become popu
very close, so both the teams at Du- lnr among thc students since thc
fur ought to be well matched. 'mercury feel below zero.
There will bo no nioro games at Mrs. Fraley has accepted the re
home until February 1. when Madras . pnnsihllity of serving a number of
will come with both of Hs teams, os children, which varic3 between
Maupin went to Madras for a foot- eighteen and twenty-two, in order
that they may have proper nourish
ment. She plans her menu differ
ently each day In order to have a
plensing variety for the students.
Because of absences during the cold
iwcather the1 number dertreased
slightly, but It will not be long un-
a brief review of the hstory of avia
tion by Charles Bothwell, snd a
speakor from the ouWde. There
will also be the usual school songs
and a special musical number.
The assembly room is a cheery
place on a eo'd Friday morning and
the students will appreciate the visits
of parents and friends if they will
drop in for a few minutes at that
ing has been rearranged, good;
given more prominent display end
everything possible done to make
the place more attractive and handy.
Shaniko people regret Mr. Wheel
er's leaving but console themselves
with the knowledge that Mr. Gavin
will remain with them as the lead
ing merchant of that hustling city.
Lewis HoT.y, Hn.baad of Mrs.
H. Woodcock's Si.ter, Coos
on Laat Joaraey
ball gams.
Winter seems to have a death
grip on Maupin With 16 or 16
Inches of '(now, and the temperature
ranging from: 20 to 30 degrees be- i til the regulur number is back
. (By Gladys Martin)
Thc Phyiics class completed thc
chapter on "Work and Heat Energy"
last week. Through the interperta-
I tion of science from this chapter stu
dents have learned many facta con
cerning present temperatures With
the cold winter season at hand re
fresmcnt of the knowledge of these
facts tend.) t0 enlighten the gloom
of cold.
From science we learn that work
produces heat, since both arc motion.
The conclusion b drawn from thii
theory that there is no such a thing
aa cold. The term merely means
Uhe absence of heat According to
Mrs. J. II. Woodcock and her sis
ter, Mr:.. Guy Harvey, of Wamic
were called to Hood River on Mon-
tday, the summons announcing the
" " sudden death of Lewis Hovey, bus-1 '
LITTLE MINISTER" PREACHER band of the ladies' elder sister, j
" " VlCt-re. WITH STOVALLS DpafK" Van hm rpnult of heart trouble KRAMER OVERCOME BY ;
which decedent bad suffered forj FROST WHIL. UN 1 kai 1 ua
pioneer graves definitely known and '
worthy of marking. The Applegats
dbtrict of the Crater National Park
leads with 16, and the McKenire
dbtrict of the Cascade National
Forest ic second with nine. Fifty
one of the graves are reported from
Oregon and only five from Wash
ington. Perhaps the best known of these
graves b that of the pioneer woman
on the old Barlow trail, just east of
j the East Fork of Salmon river on
the Mount Hood highway.
Boy Evangelitt and Parent Stop in
City Tuetday Night While
on Way to Tacoma
P.ichard Hedrick, a methodist di
vine from California, with hia wife
and two young sons, called on Dr.
and Mr;. Stoviill of Maupin Tue3-
Iday and spent the evening at the
Stovall home. The party was oi
the way to Tacoma, where thc eld
est Bon, a lad of 12 years of gae
and known in his home state as the
"Little Minister," was scheduled to
hold a serro; of cvcngclistic meet-
aomp venrr..
In the afternoon of hb death Mr. 5aow l"rom
Hovey had gone to the woodshed & Chilled and UtU
after some wood. Not returning to Su"d or W,lk
when expected his wife went to the
shed and there found the dead body j J Kramer had a cloM cscaPe
of her husband. It is supposed that 1 from serious frost bite on Tuesday
he was stricken with a tudden at-h;ie clearing a roaday the
tack and was carried off before he Bakeoven grade. Joe had fi ted up
could return to the house. . ? v-scraper ana swwj up
The funeral was held at Hood) the grade. He had reached a spot
River on Tuesday, after which thej little better than half way u, the
ladies from this section returned toi"de when thc a-.ctor motor dieJ.
thrir homes. Mrs Hovey is the eld-1 alighted from the seat bui wa
e-t of 12 children, Mrs. Woodcock , ahle to stand and sunk down into
lminc flirt irnnnc-pBf . ' line snow,
low xero, one fancies he Is a mem-iElwood says the rtudents who take
ber of commander Byrd's South j hot luneh are better equipped for
pola expedition. Water pipes and , their afternoon duties, that the serv
radlators have to be watched. Ice j ing of hot lunch and drinks fill a
Is forming on thc creeks and rivers. real need in the school, as it helps
All wild life tuffers during thojthe children to enduro thc cold and
cold weather. Quail find it hard to resist disease,
get enough to eat. Some of thc j Some of thc students who are
tamer birds are being fed by differ- ( not patrons of the lunch, bring thcr
ent people. .Mr. Confer is feeding jmos bottles, so they may also have
blue birds. Mr. DeVoe says that hot food.
Richar Hedrick, Jr., is one of the
modern "notions. thc tern- most prericioua lads of the, age. He
nerature of a body means simply in- has appeared in moving pictures.
creasing the average velocity of its having been one of the stars in the
molecules. filming of "The Four Horsemen,"
For the measuring of temperature j and also (tarring with Bill Hart and
three different scales are used: , in some of Edgar Rice Burroughs'
Centigrade, Farenhelt and Absolute, stories Hc b a natural orator,
Comparison ,of these rcales shows , possesses a keen mind and holds hi"
the freezing point of water to be ; hearers spellbound when making a
placed differently on the different ! religions address. He and his fam
scalcs. The freezing point on the I ily were on their way to Tacoma,
Absolut, scale i 273 degrees above 'having but jjust completed a scries
of six meetings at Bend, where the
boy talked to the largest audiences
I At 1.-1- . AU lU PnBl! m mla
sparrows and juhcos enjoy his bread The peple who are responsible AMO,",e ' u SZZ
v . .... .1 h.l . . .. . . . . ... 'zero Is thc freezing point of water,
crumb, and oaim, oai y. ne for the lunci, are to oe 32 d eveP Kftlhored together in the up-
Maupin VBI1 is ainu ircmiiK nit ra in inis reaiiy pogroslve muvc- . . . c-
.... , . u , 'above zero is freezing point, bincc
b rd and every one else should put ment. , . ' .. u
.... ...j. x.'j k. .a ...f in - the freezing point of mercury Is
OUt BBCU5, UlCaU V.U.Hun ...U ; !... on A rtinn..J n,l
Illlliua u. ui:liii: viitvi,fc..v ..v
boiling point 357 degrees Centigrade,
mercurv thermometers can not bo
: used for measuring extremely high
The sewing class, under the su- nr iow temneratures. The ias thcr-
Ground Covered to Depth of
Than Foot on tho Level
, Following the plow were Jim Bax-
SEASON vuniicjr .
I Joe go aown incy nascenea 10 w
assistance and recognizing hb plight
aroused him from his dazed condi
tion and attempted to force him to
11. T - V. 1 f.l. 'a
The early snowfall of last week I- 7".u"7 , "
was augmented Saturday night and i . , 4, , v.
Sunday by an additional foot of the I him " arm andthus madf "
stuff that tends to keep the wheat ! walk town- U reqf red M.n'
, . j. siderable force and persua; ion to ac-
warm and provide nurture . for its . ,u " vx .
. . t. ... 1 complish that task, Joe was about
growth m the spring. In this section .y , m
the mow lay upon the ground where
all in. Finally the party reached
a place where there b no snow and new
where the cats can not get at tho
blrdv Jack rabbits find it hard to
Veep" out of harm's way in the deep
snow. Elton tells that Kenneth has
been keeping In training by out
running them and capturing them
with hb hands.
Skating and coasting find a place
In our winter recreation. Dolph
Mayhew's pond Is a fine' place to
skate and old roadr. are good coast
ing grades. However, warm clothes
with good foods and plenty of them
perviflon of Mrs DeVoe, is working momoter b, therefore, the standard
hard to complete their new dresses instrument for all temperatures,
by Friday. Mabel Wcberg will cele- Therefore on these cold mornings
hrnte her sixteenth birthday Janu- wncn the thermometer register-, 26
ary 25, and she is e pccially anxious depTPCs below zero on Farcnheit
to be able to wear her new gown at Bcaei consider that we still hnvc
that time. The dress is bright red 043 degrees above absolute zero and
wool georgette, and the collar, jabot, bc j)Bppy,
snd cuffs will bo trimmed with navy '
river town. As ,a result of his
meetings im converts were nuuc succeoded m opening up the road to
.Mr. Hedrick carried a letter of in-1 lan the Poad to
troduction to the Stovnlls from the,the wd flf Ms section on the west
., , n . . . . i.:n . 1 town uui nui uciviic u isj"
it fell but on top of the hub, es- , .
pecially on the Criterion hill, it drift-1 ea J? iacuilKs' V ,
.,. k,.i Aicfnn'. r.Hl There were no fenders on
crew worked all of Saturday night , tractor and in traveling ahead . mist
on :ho Criterion grade and hill and!of anow was klcked UP beh,n.d'
doctor's brother. Dennis, of South
Tnsadena, California, who is an ar
dent supporter of the Boy Scout,
movement in his state. . Richard, Jr.,
is. chaplain of the troop of his home
Dan Poling Will Lead at
as far as the end of the White river
striking the driver aevross the hips
and causing the chill which came near
doing away with our town marshal.
Both Hastened Away From Pl&c
But in Opposite Directions
arc needed
theso days.
in order t0 enjoy life
liluo ailk crepe.
Tho sewing girls took several
days to decide on tho proper pattern
to use. They considered tailored
and prinee s styles but the vote was
unanimous for thc tailored styles.
The school congratulates Mabel
on her birthday and will admire tho
Summary of thc attendance re
ports of last month ihow that tho
standard of punctuality is lowering.
This is partly due to the cold
Those students who receive three
grades' of 90 or above and have no
M.aJ. AJaiu fi T II 11 1 1 ll'tllt VlflVA Till
.u ..,. - nrand new gown
, unexcusod absences or tardineas, are
placed on the honor roll. StudentB who have so far been on tho honor school now opens at 8:45
wh "-re. on the honor roll for the ron for the three six weeks periods morning and at 12:45 in the after
last six weeks are: Nova lledln, nrc Evelyn Powell, Gladys Mar- noon and closes at 3 :30 so thc child-
tin. Nova Hedin, Alt Chastain, La- rcn that have far to como on the
co Greene and Charles Bothwell. husses may reach home before dark.
Something new and pleasing has
been arranged for the evening ser- i a
vice at the church next Sunday
evening. Dan Poling has arranged
for a choir of young voices, he lead
ing in the singing, both of the choir
Gladys1 Martin, Blanche Northrup,
Evelyn Powell, Alta Cha; tain, Rich
ard Crabtreo, Bothel Snodgrasa,
Charles Bothwell and Laco Grceno.
Medals will be given at tho end
of the year to those who nro on the
, honor roll for the entire year. Thoso
Students whose grades are closu
to the honor mark will be given the
opportunity of doing extra work in
order to make them clgiblo for the
weather. There was also some mis- and congregation.
understanding of the time claws Bihle itudy at 6:45 in the even-
onpn. Owlnff to tho short days rng with preaching following. Reg-
1 " . n . ,, l I i 1A.AA .
in the uiar saDDath scnooi ai iu.uu . m.
preaching at 11:00 o'clock.
. With the advent of the newly or
ganized choir should come an in
creased attendance at tho church
services, t0 which all are invited.
Jack Staats writes The Time3
from Barton, Clackamas countr,
that he is ?onJired to the house th
a cut knee cap, the injury being
sustained iliil? was manip'iladop.
crosscu' S!av. In his letter Jack
tolls cf .ur.mig onto a slv .ixg
boor while on the coast rang's
fall The nr-ibe was mutu:l and
Jack says hc hit the trail in nothing
flat. When he came" up for air he
No Show Naxt Sunday
Owing to weather conditions
Manager George Miller announces
that he will not show in Maupin next
Sunday night. He promises, how
ever, to make arrangements whereby .
the Tarzan pictures will keep their'
sequence, and that he will also pro
vide a fine comedy while the "Ape
Man" films are taking a lay-off.
As soon a.-, the weather moderates
the old schedule will be resumed.
The value of punctuality is high
and should be learned In school,
(continued on last page)
Ab a means of showing our appre
ciation of the good work "of Dr. L
S. Stovall, who labored for the up-i
building and success of the , local
Boy Scout troop, and who bo will-
the bear hurtling In the opposite ingly gave of hb time and means to
Homento makes breathing easy
for catarrh and colds 40 centj at I getter. Twenty.five cents
the Maupin Drug Store. Maupin Drug Store,
direction. The Maupinite tells that the end that the troop might -stand
in the front ranks or the organiza
tion in the country, we, the members
of Maupin Post No. 73, ' American
Legion take this means of commend
ing his work. We thank Dr. Stovall
for what he has done in behalf of
the Scon, and collectively
and individuallly are pleased with
he had hard workr'keeping his hat on
his head, because of rising hair, the
rest of the day. He expects to re
turn to Maupin the latter part of
next month during the lambing season.
Try Stovall's quick and easy corn
at the
same. ,
Tost No. 73, American Legrojw