The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, June 21, 1928, Image 3

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    ih iiAtfriii Ttirii
time will goon be here. We haue antici
pated your harvest needs and have laid in
a fine line of all kinds of
Groceries, Meats ( i, )
Package Foods, etc.
before placing your orders. We can save
you money on anything you may need.
"Everything for the table"
Prompt and Courteous Service
SJ over from Dufur a short time on
John Joyce was In from hit Buck
Hollow ranch after a aupply of cat
tables yesteray.
Joe Kramer, Sr., Wife and ion,
Harold, were In Maupin "on business
last Saturday. '
Mrs. H. II. Gesh, of Wamlc, was a
welcome caller at Th Times of
fice on Tuesday.
Stanley Wood came over from
The Dalles and spent Sunday with
friends in Maupin.
Dolph Goetjen and wife were in
town from their Tygh Valley ranch
home on Monday.
Thomas Lindstrom has moved his
family to Maupin. They occupy the
Hedin "shoe box" apartment.
Mint Doris Bonoey is visiting" at
Portland. Later she will resume her
work at Monmouth Normal school.
J. 8. Brown and wife of Pine
Grove made a flying trip to The
Dalle, one day the first of the week.
Mr. R. B. Bell, with a lady frind, ' hay pitchers from Juniper Flat.
is vkiting with Bob Bell at the 0. !
W. depot
imond, but were outclassed by the is safe to say that if apprehended
Three men employed at the rock :
cruher, with their families, are oc-'.
cupying caoins ai me camp ground.
Doris Kelly improved her time
on Tuesday by helping; gather the
cheerry crop at the Greene orchard.
Mrs. Clark Richardson visited
with her daughters, Mesdames St.
Dennig and Williams, a couple of
days the first of the week.
Marion Li ter ha, Concluded his
work at Oak Springs and is at home
on thk side again. He it employing
hi, time in enjoying rides in a newly
purchased Ford Coupe. '
The smoke tree et out by W.
H. Will iiams several years ago, is
now in blosom. From a ditance the
'tree resembles tmoke from a camp
fire, and it a rarity in this section.
p w m . Clarence Farghcr and wife vi it-
Personalities ied at Wimic 1!LZhu.dy-
11. L. Morris transacted buninnss
at The Dallea on Tue. day.
W. E. Woodcock and wife were
viilorg from Wamic Monday.
Emery Crofoot spent laat week at
o , Cove Creek, the guest of relatives
W, A. Cha. tain wag an over-ilghl there.
guewt at the Bank hotel, The Dalle, I o
last Friday. Sylvester Kramer and wife were
$ Insist upon quality as well as price when purchasing $
I your groceries. When you order from the Parlor
Grocery you know that you will receive courteous 1
and efficient service as well as Quality and Prio;.
Sam Brown and wife were in
town from the timber yesterday,
laying In a eupply of things for the
Prof. Nagel has visited Tygh,-Three-Mile.
Pine Grove and Red
mond lately in a search for a piece
of land.
Hank Harpham blew in from Cal
ifornia the first of the week and
will vinlt with friends and relatives
for a time.
Rev. EJverctt Hazen went to Wa
mlc yesterday, where he preached
the funeral sermon over the late Mrs.
Maud Ccrity. .
Miss Mahcl Wcberg, after spendi
ing the better part of last week at
the Wcberg ranch on the Flat, came
home Sunday.
Nick Karolua will go to the
mountains next 'week and will re
main there throughout the huckle
berry reason.
A I. Gillia was over from Wamic
Saturday, arranging for the big
show at the county fair August 30
31 and Sept 1.
Carl Putig and family were in
from Criterion yesterday, coming
in for the purpose of trading with
Maupin merchants.
Ninty Acr. of Alfalfa
J. S. Brown has 90 acres of al
falfa in the cock. It wan caught by
the rain of Tuesday but s not in
jured in the least' Mr. Brown ex
pect to supply the gravling camps
on the cut-off with hay this season.
Billy Hunt raise sheep. He
shearers them and rhips the wool.
Sometimes he store the fleeces be
fore chipping. He does thaat in or
dr to realize a profit Hig profits
on about 600 pounds of good wool
were knocked into a cocked hat last
week when some thief helped him-
relf to that amount of wool from
the house wherein it wa, stored. It
that thief will receive all the law
allows for such work.
Andy Mann ig painting the new
home of Frank Stuart, and is mak-
ing a good job or it Andy says
'that packing for a sheep camp is not
' in it as compared to decoration
'work, and that he will devote this
jceaaon to the work of making over
interiors and exteriors of many resi
dences here and at Portland.
$ W. E. Hunt, wife and sons, Billy
and Clarence, and daughter, Gene
ivieve, visited with friends at Wa
( mic on Sunday la--t.
From The Times June 22, 1917.
Beavers have caused much dam
age to the water ditch in the neigh
borhood of Smock. Men from that
place recently repaired several
stretches of the ditch and found
some havoc wrought by the fur
Tlie work train crew has done
some work leveling off the site for
the new Woodcock flour mill. Work
is also progressing on the new ele
vator on the O. T. track, the pit
having been completed and is now
ready for the cement, a carload of
which came in Monday.
A delegation from The DhIIcs was
here Wednesday nnight and at a
meeting held at that time succeeded
in adding to $600 already subscribed
for Red Cro: work $200.00 more,
making fBOO.OO for Maupiin.
Judge Gunning and Attorney
Dick were out from The Dallea yes
terday holding court t Hotel Kelley
in the Philip Winifree divdrce care.
The Best Time Ever
at the big
Southern Wasco County
Fair Grounds
JULY 3-4, '28
Wamic was visited by another
heavy fro t the first of the week.
It ia .feared fruit has suffered to a
considerable extent thereby.
. Little Marjorie Gallagher went to
Portland Sunday and will remain
; there a time as the gust of some of
her former schoolmates.
Sol. Hauser came over from
Ellensburg, Washington, this week
and will spend a few days at ffce
nome piace at lygn vaney.
Sperry's White Down Flour, per bbl $7.69
I Cane Sugar, (Best Grade), per cwt $6.29 I
Half Ground Salt, 125 lb sack... $1.15
Red Mexican & Small White Beans, 13 ibs....."....$1.00
Emmett 7.umwalt, postmaster at
j Wamic. with his wife and mother-in-
Curve Cut Macaroni, 13 lbs $1.00 1 w Mrs- Jnson in mu-
pin on DUHinerg iasi caiuraay.
Dr. Arthur Clarke, optician of
Portland, and an old friend of The
Times man, was correcting the vision
of several Maupinites on Monday.
Bate:. Shattuck and wife left Mon
day' morning for the Bend country,
where they will enjoy an outing.
They are expected back tomorrow.
Mr. and Mrs. Carrigher, the for-
Fancy Blue Rose Head Rice, 13 lbs $1.00
Bulls Eye Tomatoes, 2, per case .. $2.99
Tender Sweet Corn, per case $2.99
Bulls Eye Peas, per case $2.99
K. C. Baking Powder, 5 lb. tin. .. I......... 70c,
Calumet Baking Powder, 10 lb.'tin.......:............$1.65
Good Bulk Tea, Green & Black, per lb.... 40c
Ghiardellis Chocolate, 3 tb tin. ..$1.00 I mn, highwy enfrinecr in charge of
1 2 wor on the cut-off, have moved to
Golden .West Coffee, 5 lb. tin ..$2.65
Cream Pail Coffee, 10 tb tin ;......$4.75
Parlor Blend Coffee, 51bs............ ...$2.15 1
1 Staley's Golden Syrup, 10 lb. tin 75c
1 Rock Dell Cane &' Maple Syrup, No. 10 tin $1.40
M WUi-r Wnnn inn TJ An
j ttiuw Tujiut-i uuttp, ivu mxrs JfO.i'J
Chas. Crofoot and family, with the
former's sister, Mrs.Lester Kelly, at
tended the funeral of Mm. R. L.
Gerity at Wamlc yesterday.
n:u rr About
riUll Up Town
W'apinitia and are
Cunningham houBe.
occupying the
T. H. Woodcock and son, Vernon,
came over from Wamic last Satur-
! day and accepted delivery of two
Jersy calves, which had been chipped
to them from Tillamook.
E. , C. Copple, attendant at the
Maupin garage, j returned Sunday
evening from a week's visit to New
port and other points. He made the
circle, going around by way of Med
ford, Granta Pass , and Klnmath
Falls on his way home to Maupin. '
Mrs. Jim Rusic 1" suffering from
a severe cold this week.
," .' ' o
Mra. Signa Fischer visited with
fcicmHeBbW 1 East Maupin friondj last Saturday;
E. S. Copple, the "dimunative"
ervice man at the Maupin garage,
recently made a trip to the sea shore
He returned last week, but we have
failed to see any improvement in his
physical condition. He went away
with a surplus of averdupois and re
turned with the same "heft."
Fresfie Martin is a working fel
low. He recently completed a
:iege of summer fallow wprk and
this week proceeded to sink a hole
toward China. Fressie say." digging
is not so har, it h the rocks en
countered that makes the hole go
down, so slow.
Nick Karolua will soon seek the
Wgh Epots. He goes there for the
dual purpose of taking a rest and
at the tame time to gather in a
supply of huckleberries; He has
given his dog away and will not be
bothered by anything, unless his
cousin, Jack, who goes along, can be
considered bothersome.
Dr. Elwood rays that "Dad"
Richmond is the most accomplished
mathematician in this section. Dad
in a cribbage player par excellence,
and can make more fifteen-twos
than any player, in thici neck o' the
i woods. .
Oliver Resh believes in :igns. At
least one would be led to believe
that whfn he gazes upon the huge
sigm on the side of the Ilrsh store
buildiing, which denotes that
"Meats a.nd Groceries" may be ob
tained within.
: x
The Times man like- his rest, es
pecially in the morning. But who
can sleep when a flock a dang
f oozeled trucks keeps up a contin
ual grind, starting at rix o'clock in
the morning?
Wapinitia Baseballista took the
Metolius players into Camp to the
tune of well, won the game by a
big score. The visitiors numbered
in ti th' line up several players vhr
had, seen better days on the dia-
With the Big Attraction
Leut. B. Mounce
flying daily and performingin
the air every stunt ever done
byany; other flyer
Make Arragements fo Take in The . Celebration
Both Days It'll Sure Please You. f .
C. M. PLYLER, Mgr. AL GILLIS, Asst. Mgr.
Make Your lleadqarters at 2lt
The Black and White or
A merican Restaurants
where every service awaits you. f
EE Both Restaurants have been entirely remodeled for
5 your convenience.
1 E. J. McMahon
jj , , PROPRIETOR 5" "
We mean that now is the time to have your I
Automobile Overhauled 8
This is the place to bring it.1 We have the largest
and best equipped machine shop in Wasco county.
Tka OalhM. Oraart
1 -Twwgit'iiw3''.ui.i' .' ''IT-' T
bO turn .1 tvt