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    TKursilay, April 21,1027
Page Thred
A Different Combine
Nearly one-third of all the grain threshed on the
Amercian continent is threshed with machines
manufactured by the J. I. Case Threshing Ma-,
chine Co. All the knowledge and experience that
has been gained in three generations in this spec
ialized business have gone into Case Combines.
Case Combines have distinct mechanical features
that no other machines have. They are exclusive
ly Case. i
Among these is the balanced header requiring no
springs or auxiliary weights. The header floats in
perfect balance with the thresher unit, making in
slant and delicate adjustmenst a matter of finger
movement and relieving the machine of strains.
The secondary fanning mill is located under the
eye of the operator . This makes a perfect adjust
ment of the machine possible at all times. Waste
can be eliminated and better cleaning accomp
lished. These and other features so essential to good work
make thcCase a different Combine-offering grain
growers the cheapest known method of preparing
grain for market.
R. E. Wilson Go.
The publishers of The Maupin Times are about
to make radical changes in the make-up and num
ber of pages in the paper. Heretofore we have
contented ouraelvcs with printing four pages, and
ths ha3 at times greatly crowded out important
news items. . Again with the small paper we could
not give our readers anything in the way of even
ing reading, being compelled to "boil down" all
items of news i norder that we might get all possi
bio in the paper, Beginning with the issue of
MAY 5th, 1927
we will begin the publication of an eight-page par
per, the additional pages being devoted to serials,
farm news, news' of the world and especially ar
ticles of interest to the housewife and all other
members of the family.
In order to do this we must have money, and in -order
to get in some of the back subscriptions will
give delinquents until the first of June to eome
in and square up. After that date the subscrip
tion price of The Times will be $2.00 per year and
must be paid in advince. . All who are paid up
' may secure the paper for another year at the old
price $1.50.
After the first of June all who are in arrears
will be dropped from our subscription list.
Rubber Ho
vertising pays la concrete and con-
"What's good for my wife's fallen vincing.
"Rubber heels."
"What shall I rub
Pittsburgh First.
'cm w
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! OoooooooooobooooooooO
D. B. Appling was down from his
Criterion much Monday.
A. T. Driver from Wamic was in
Maupin on business Suturday hurt.
Johnny Karlcn was in from his
iheep ranch a short time yesterday.
Mi Minnie Starr succeeds Mis
Rcgina Muller-oh waitrens at Hotel
U. W. Richmond, wife and son,
Everett, drove to Portland on busi
ness Friday, returning Saturday.
o J
J. G. Kramer, wife and sons, Syl
vester and ErnuMt, were in from their
Lukeview ranch on busineas Monday.
W. E. Hartley, of the state fmh de
partment, was looking after mutters
connected with his poiiition on Friday
Miss Reginu Muller left on Wed
nesday for Moro, whero she will be
in charge of the culinary department
of the Moro hotel.
Mrs. Lester Crofoot came dawn
from Cove Creek last week and spent
several days at the homo of her
father, C. A. Tttnlson. on Wapinitia
riains. '
The Ladies Aid of the U. B. church
were entertained by Mrs. L. D. Kelly
lust Wednesday.
(iamn Wardens Averill, Hadley
and Grarnse were registered ut the
Hotel Kelly during the past week.
Marion Lister ha accepted a posi
tion as section hand and may be ad
dressed at Mile Post 37 hereafter.
George Roe, whd has been confin
ed to his bed at the Hotel Kelly the
past week, is on the road to recovery
from his illness '
Morris Leach and wife were
among those who were in East Mau
pin and tried their luck in the river
lar.t week.
The daughter of Mr. and Mn.
Markham,' with her husband, from
Metolius, spent tho week end with
her paVentH in East Maupin.
Miss Regina Muller, who has been
waitress at the hotel during the past
three months, has gone to Moro,
where hJic will fill a like position in
a hotel.
Famoui Contralto of Metropolitan
Opera Company-to Appear
Friday witnessed all the Maupin
fitihermcn who could tear themselves
awn y from business or! tho river. We
shut up shop and with Tom Henne
ghan went up tho river to favorite
holes. We fished hard, so did Tom.
We pulled out one lOVinchcr; Tom
two. Wo left honie between four
and five o'clock a. m. and got back
at 10:30, Our son went out at 8:30;
fi.shcd two hours, came home
14 fine on'-s. He and hi.i dad to
gether got 15 we got the odd one.
Have you tried Barkhsfm's"I!ig B"
pancake flour? If you haven't you
are behind the times. Ilis formula
requires ho baking powder, sulnra
tus or sour milk, r.nd at the same
time makes the mrst delicious hot
cakes to ever pass between lips. Get
a package at any store and make
life worth the living.
If George Tillotson's new garage
is not a business puller it will not be
because of location or style of struc
ture. From present appearance it i
designed to be the last word in gar
ages and will be equipped with every
thing necessary to make it a first
class place to have your car repaired
or at which to buy gas, oiis, tire;, or
other auto accessories.
Doctor Short is in town. During
his stay here he will be kept co bmsy
that he will have to put all ideas of
iroine fishin' out of his mind. The
doctor is one busy man and it seems
that all of our -people have something
or other the matter with their teeth,
and desire the attendance of our
Joe Kramer might not be much
a believer in the efficacy of adver
A. Lincoln Hartman is waging a
J selling campaign with hjs improved
ironing board. He has made connec
tions with several grocers in towns
up and down the Columbia and each
has promised to exert himself in in
troducing Line's product into the
homes of his customers.
Frank McCorkle, long believed a
fixture in Maupin, has decided that
living nearer The Dalles will be bet
ter than dwelling on the banks of
the Deschutes. Birf Frank' forgets
or does not incline to the fact, that
his place will be hard to fill by any
one else as janitor at the Maupin i
f.Jinnla nnrt that his successor may
,!(. i
.. V 11 t r.f Kir tho Mil.
dents as he is.
Maupin may be a "stick town",
but when called upon to be up and
doing is always there with bells on." i
This was shown at the recent track
meet, when our youngsters walked
away with the honors and with
points to spare.
No, Harold, the item in this col-1
umn last week telling of a prospec
tive wedding did not refer to you.
It was aimed at some one more popu
lar and a better "catch" than you
will ever be.
We listened to a dissertation by
Clarence Fargher on marking of
lambs one day lately. Clarence ie
well versed in the sheep game and if
the little lambies are to be handled
in the way he says, well, we will be
content to remain in a print shop.
Mrs. Chas. Brown and children
were guests of the, lr.dy's aunt, Mrs.
0. P. Webcrg, a few days of last
week. The visitors also spent a few
days at the home of Mrs. Brown's
parents at Wapinitia.
Miss Lavelle Yiiacktl, sister of
Mrs. Clarence Ziggcnhagen, camo in
from Th? Dalles Saturday and spent
Sunday with her sister in Maupin.
Miss Yeackel was on her way to Top
penish, Washington. 1
Mrs. Clyde T. ltonney was a wel
come caller at Tho Tmcs office Mon
- day morning. Mrs. Bonncy compli-
mcnted us on tho oxeellenco of our
paper, all of which wc try to deserve
r.nd which we' greatly appreciate.
G. S. Foxworthy, representing the
Western Newspaper Union, out of
Portland, was in Maupin yesterday
and concluded a d:al whereby The
Times will increase, (its rges to eight
from four, giving ur readers several
new features, all of which will go to
make & larger and bett er paper.
On May 1, 1 will again take charge
of the Maupin garage. I will carry
everything needed by autoists gas,
greases, tires, tubes, accessories,
etc. The repair department will be
in charge of a competent mechanic
and I will endeavor to turn out the
Wasco county lovers of singing
will be given an opportuinty of hear
ng one of the world's greatest con
traltos in concert, when Mmc. Matz-
enauer, or the Metropolitan upera
company appears at the Civic Audit
orium at The, Dalles on the evening;
of Saturday, April 30, Inoneperform
nnce only. The appearance of this
wonderful artist is sponsored by this
Monday Mucical club of The Dalles.
George Vause, a well known panist,
will accompany the singer and will
also be on the program for a number
of instrumental solos. Prices have
been placed at $1.50, $1.00 and 50c,
tax free.
best work at a minimum cost. I will
Using, but when this paper, in telling j welcome all my old customers as well
in the news columns that his show , as new ones, and will accord them
wil open at an hour later than sclie- the same accommodations and terms
doled, and Joe is told of it being j ns formerly,
read in the paper, the fact that ad-
Miss Florence Cavan i n new em
ployee nt tho Hotel Kelly.
Mrs. Clark Richardson spent Sun
day with friends in Maupin.
A large aw ortmcnt of wall paper
patterns. Let us flRnre " your
work. Maup Drug Stoic.
Fair Luck Opening Day.
Early Friday morning scores of
fisherman sought favorite holes in
the river as well as going to moun
tain streams after trout. A cold
west wind was blowing and the river
was somewhat muddy. , At that
several fine strings of rainbows were
tak-n. Saturday tho river' was' r.l
moi.t black, but that, did not deter
ardent anglers from trying their
luck. Some few fish, were caught,
but all are willing to wait tho com
ing of warmer weather and a cessa
tion of wind. .
How would you all like to be entertained and be given a
chance to assist in the dedication of George Tillotson's
new garage, yith good music and an air of, welcome to
make you feel at home? Well, that is just what is in the
wind, as George is considering entertaining his friends
with a big opening dance on the concrete floor of his new
building. While everything has not been definitely set
tled, yet, if music can be obtained for the occasion next
Saturday night, April 30, will be named as the date for a
o-rsmrl frpp (hnco. with our irenial school clerk as host
Job Crabtreo says the floor is smooth enough to play
ice hockey on, and'that being the case it stands to reason
that all vh are entertained. at a dance will enjoy that
sport to the idlest.
Watch next week's Maupin Tmes for definite word as
to whether the'tlanco will be pulled off Tr not.
Optician Coming.
Dr. Clarke, of the Clarke Opticial
Co., 301 Salmon street, Portland,
Oregon. Eye Sight Specialist, will
be in Maupin all day and evening
Saturday, April 30th, at the Home
Hotel. Sec him about your eyes.
Crandall Undertaking Co.
This Dalles, Oregon.
Phone 35-J
lie greatest'
car values m
eacliprice class
$525 to $745 The quality car of the
low priced field. 3-peed transmission.
Fisher Bodies. Duco finish. Fullyequip
ped. 7 models. Also TRUCK CHAS
SIS: M-ton, $395; 1-ton, $495. v
$775 to $975 Most powerful "six"
in its price class. Fisher Bodies. Duco "I
finish. Beautiful lines. Value proved-
by unprecedented sales. 5 models. ' V
$875 to $1190 A fine car at moderate I,
cost. Powerful 6-cylinder motor. Hand-. ,
some Fisher Bodies. Duco finish.
4-wheel brakes. 11 models.
$1095 to $1295 A"six' that is win
ning and holding goodwill on perform
ance. Eeautiful bodies by Fisher.
Duco finish. 4-wheel brakes. 7 models.
$1195 to $1995 Famous valve-in-
head 6-cylinder engine. New model
vibrationless beyond belief. Fisher
Eodies. Duco finish. 18 models.
V i
$2495 to $2C85 General Motors' new x
and beautiful car designed and built by
Cadillac. 8-cylinder V-type engine.
Eodies by Fisher . Duco finish. 6 models.
$2995to$9000 Pioneer 8-cylinder car.
50 body styles and type3 by Fisher and
Fleetwood. 5C0 color ana upnoistery
combinations. Duco finishes.
GENERAL MGTCRS stands back of
'these quality cars. A double guar
antee back of every' one. Decide which
car best suits your purse. Then clip and
send the coupon. We will send you free
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Proving Ground where its cars must
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are offered to you. Act today. Mail
the coupon NOW, before you forget:
MOTORS (Dept. A), "Detroit, Mih.
Please send, without eny oWigatio to m,
illustrated literature Un.-noir.E live Ciencral
Motors product I have chicled together
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case I may wish demonstrwiou. .1LSO
Electric Rerigtralcri
EJectvu- riants
7 r " ' t-