The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, May 20, 1926, Image 3

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    R. E. Wilson Co.
Everybody'sTakins Advantage of
Wilson's Specials
and we appreciate jour loyal support. We not
only save you money on your groceries but on
everything we carry. We can do this because
we have cut our overhead expense, reduced ac
count losses to a minimum, and it only costs one
twelfth as much to carry an account one month
instead of 1 -J months.
Large Loaf Bread 12c
Monday Special
lib. Maid 0' Clover Butter 47c
Tuesday Specials
Jelly in 2-ounce glass . 9c
Pineapple, No. 3 tin 27c
Wednesday Special
S Sperry's White Down Flour, 49-
lb. sack $1.98
Only one sack to a customer
"Bill" Williams is now supply
ng the market with home-grown
strawberries. He raises the
famous "Gold Dollar" variety
and for size and color are hard
to beat
Attorney Childers of The
Dalles, with his wife fished in
his familiar fishin' holes near
Oak Springs, Sunday. Mr. Chil
ders was successful in hauling in
a nice string of trout.
James Staats, brother of W.
H. Staats, of this city, visited
with his relatives Saturday, re
turning to Portland, where he is
employed by the P. E. P. com
pany, Sunday morning. '
Dr. A. T. Morrison, son of Mrs.
E. H. Morrison of our schools,
visited with the latter -Saturday
and Sunday. Dr. Morrison is
practicing medicine at Port
TownsemJ, Washington.
Guaranteed Parker fountain
pens, suitable lor graduation
presents. Maupin Drugstore.
Maupin people know where to
get the best. For the commence
ment exercises they ordered ful-
a dozen large boquets of cut
flowers, the beauties of nature
coming from the Hartwig floral
parlors at The Dalles.
AH WeeK Specials
10 Bars Royal White Soap 39c
White King Wash Powder
Carnation Milk, per can
Nucoa Nut Butter
One Dozen Lemons
75c fly
week, 63c.
spray, special this
Maupin Drug Store.
Everett Richmond made a trip
to Dufur after a load of freight.
John Cerveen was in from
Wamic with more wood on Mon
day. "Get your tackle today."
Shattuck ha3 the best assort
ment Ask anybody. t!23.
Peter Kirsch has improved the
appearance of his Criterionf resi
, dence by giving it a coat of
U. r. Weberg and wue were
visitors at The Dalles last week,
going Saturday and returning
Bob Wilson went to Portland
the latter part of last week, busi
ness matters taking him to the
big city.
Uev. Mershon and wile ana
Prof. Hulbard made a trip to
Pendleton and return the first of
tho week. v
E. A. Hartman transacted
business at Portland several days
this week, going to the metropo
lis Monday.
yuan seem to be increasing
along the river. Last Sunday
we noticed several' large flocks of
1 the California variety.
$9.00 fancy decorated 42-piece
dinner sets, special $7.50. Mau
pin Drug Store.
D. L. Rutherford came in
rom Criterion Tuesday. He
missed getting his copy of The
Times last week and came in af
tcr it.
J. G. Kramer and wife were
in from their Shaniko ranch on
Wednesday and we had the pleas
ure of adding their uarae to our
subscription list.
Albert Peter and wife, parents
of Mrs. J. F. Kramer, are ex
pected to arrive in Maupin soon,
coming from, their home in Dur
bin, North Dakota.
Mrs. Margaret Hammond,
mother of Mrs. R. E. Wilson, ar
rived Monday from Portland and
will be a guest at the Wilson
home for some time.
A party of lone fishermen
came over the first of the week
to work our river. "Dad" Grif
fin saw them and it is said that
French Butler had to chain him
to the meat block to keep the de
votee of fishing at work.
George Ritchie, brother-in-law
of R. H. Kaiser, came over from
lone .Monday. He was here a
short time ago and on that oc
casion left his auto in Maupin
for repairs- His call at this
time was to get the machine, and
incidentally catch a few De
schutes river trout
Attention is called by the
Sandblast for Senator Club, 420
Railway Exchange building,
Portland, Oregon, to his plat
form and biography published on
page 8 of the Voters' Paraplet by
the secretary of state. Chief
plank is modification of the
prohibition LAWS. His slogan
is Wine and beer under govern
ment control; no saloons. Adv.
M. J. Shearer, who supplies
Maupin with most of the milk
used here, has ju3t installed a
modern convenience in the shape
of a milking machine. With this
equipment Mr. Shearer is now
able to milk a larger number of
cows and do it in a minimum, of
time. The machine is of the De
Laval make and is one of the
most sanitary automatic milkers
manufactured. Besides being
sanitary the machine extracts all
the milk and does not injure the
cows in any way. The machine
was purchased from R. E. Wil
son Co. of Maupin.
The man who milks 10 cows or
over can hardly afford, to be
without one of these mechanical
milkers. They have been proven
to be the most economical in op
eration and a great mil!: saver.
The De Laval people were the
first to begin experimenting with
a milking machine, and it was
25 years from the beginning be
fore they offered one for sale.
At this time they have a machine
that positively does not injure
the cow. There has never been
a machine of this make thrown
out were once installed. Send
to us for literature and then in
vestigate the labor-saving attri
butes of the DeLaval milker. It
i3 used in nearly all the large
dairies of the country. Paid
Adv. R. E. Wilson Co.
M -
rom now an we may expect
to see them on the winning end of
scores in games played. Last
Sunday the Legionairres went to
Grass Valley and took the fast
team from that place down the
ine to the tune of 9-4. The
next game is against Tygh Val-
ey at the fair grounds next Sun
day and the following week they
will meet the Boyd team here.
Complimentary Ticket
The Times acknowledges re
ceipt oi a complimentary season
ticket to toe Oregon Caves, at
Grants Pass. The ticket carries
with it free services of a guide
as well as entrance to the caves.
With the ticket came a beautiful
folder showing many of the rare
scenes within and without the
caves. For an ideal outing where
one wishes to see the wonders of
nature, there is no place in the
world where such can be enjoyed
more than a visit to Grants Pass
and the Oregon Caves.
Everything else about an auto
mobile may stop, , but the pay
ments will always run;
Piano Must Be Sold
We have a fine piano and fine
player piano in storage near
here that we will sell at ridicu
lous prices to sell at once. We
will give easj terms like rent
and we would accept phonograph
or used piano as part payment.
For lull particulars and where
they may be seen, address, Port
land Music Co., 227 6 SL, Port
land, Ore. , 27-t2
Round Trio
All Summer
George McDonald is enjoying
ing a well-earned vacation and is
spending the ,same at Portland,
going there last Saturday.
The scribe of The'Times is now
a full fledged justice of the peace,
having received an appointment
aa such by the county board.
Sergeant Jay Salzman and
Traffic Officer Hans Blaser were
in Maupin delivering ballot boxes.
They went from here to precints
around Shaniko Monday.
A party of fisherman from
lone, comprising Judge Robinson,
E. J. Bristow and E. R. Lundell,
went up to Two Springs Monday
and will angle for trout a few
days. '
Mrs. James Chalmers taught
in Mrs. Cantrell's room several
days of last and this week, Mrs.
Cantrell having been called to
Bend by the death of her aged
father. '
President Conklin of the Mau
pin State Bank is is in town this
week, assisting in the 'work of
the institution while assistant
Cashier McDonald is away on his
To The Mothers
Of Wasco County
A number of you have asked
me whether or not we would
have a clinic this year. I am
able to say that we will have,
and as last year, the clinician
will be a child specialist sent out
by the American Child Health
association. On June 2nd we
will be in Maupin all day, place
of clinic to be announced later.
June 3rd and 4th we will be in
The Dalles at Joseph Wilson
Bring all of the babies and
pre school children .especially
those who are to enter school
next fall. Look for further an
nouncements. Yours for health,
Sena C. Peterson,
1 ' ' County Nurse.
For County Clubs
Maupin scnooi children are
preparing a program for Sat
urday evening, May 22, at 8
o'clock, to raise funds for send
ing another club member to
represent Maupin at the summer
school, held for county club mem
bers at the state college. Mau
pin has some club members to be
proud of, and they will do the
home town good by their attend
ance at the summer school.
Come and boost for Maupin.
Refreshments by club Isaders.
Adults 25? school children 10c.
Passing of Peter Risch
Peter Risch, a pioneer of Wa
sco county, passed to his last
home last Sunday, dissolution
taking place at the home of his
daughter, Mrs. Ovel C. Wilson,
at Bend. Mr. Risch was nearly
80 years of age at the time of
Deceased had been in failing
health for some time and that he
would not die alone went to Bend,
where he was taken care of in
his last hours. He wa3 laid to
rest in The Dalles cemetery, the
funeral taking place Tuesday of
this week. He was laid away
beside the remains of his wife,
who preceded him in 1905.
During his last illness he was
attended by another daughter,
Mrs. T. L. Hatt, a trained nurse
of Portland. . As the end drew
near his other two daughters,
Mrs- Lucille Cantrell of Maupin
and Mrs. Marie Wilson of Dufur,
were summoned and they reached
his bedside before death ensued.
He was conscious until the last.
The four daughters mentioned
are the only children left to
mourn the taking away of a de
voted father.
Let Vm Utlp Yea Plan Tear TH Eut. ' Chelee
Many BwlH Ufcrral Stoparrra
Sctqat-Ccatoujitel bpaattloa. Philadelphia, Optas Jane 1 ,
Tlckt ca Ml taJljr tf Innlnf liar 11; rttura limit Oct tl
St Paul $75.60
St. Louis $85.60
Chicago $90.30
New York'$15U0 ,
Washington $145.86.
uiacr raiata n rrsponwi
follow th ml Columbia rivrr water !! rraa, anw
httn year cbolea af two fast and clefaatly appelated train
Oriental Limited
p. 9,u. .v r am
North Coast Limited
- p. s. . P c.. b. a.
Further information of
E. W. Griffin
Agent Oregon Trunk Ry.
Sold Two Combines
Shattuck Bro3. have sold two
McCormick-Deering combines so
far this season, one being taken
by Claude Wilson and the other
going to McCullough & Singer,
who will operate same in the
section around Shaniko.
and General Machine Work
Cylinder Grinding. General Machine Work, Truing
Crankshafts, Making Pistons and Rings, Bearings,
All Sizes Made to Order. Sheet Metalworkers.
Complete Line of Parts for All Makes of Cars
Full Line of Lahers Springs
Electric and Oxy-Actey lene
609 East Second Street
Phone 400
Phone 383J
Rodeo Billed For Tygh
A rodeo is billed to be held at
the fair grounds at Tygh Valley
on June 12-13. The manage
ment says there will" be a full
list of events usually held during
such entertainment, and these
will consist of bucking horses
and steer riding, relay races,
roping, bull-dogging, wild horse
races, etc. It i3 expected the
new grand stand will be com
pleted in time for the rodeo, as
lumber for same has been, or
dered and as soon as possible
after delivery of same work on
the structure will be commenced
and rushed to completion.
Read The Times get the news,
Maupin Wins One More
,The Jinx ha3 has been laid;
Maupin Legion baseball players
have at last hit their stride and
( (fares
1 BOUND TOP TO fl Til VNil
- : m KANSAS CITY... 7S s I VaSfSa'Saa" Va'
i 'IIP NEW YORK 151.70 ii . . . . I . ,
S1"H ' . -Tf" .Tip .t-
low X
In effect ddlit)j-
Ha22 mdiSeptemberlS'
ABOVE are examolcs of the generous
xjl round trip excursion fares which will ob
tain daily on the Union Pacific to all Important
Eastern Points from May 22 tJ September IS.
Final return limit October 31, 1926. .; ;
Liberal itopovar privileges both going and returning.
Plan your buiineaa or vacation trip Eatt vie the historic
, and acenio U. P. Trail. We'll help you arrange yotor
itinerary, map out aide tripa to Zion National Park,
Yellowstone and other vacation spots, furnish all infor
mation, make your reaervatione and get your tickets.
R. 8. Bell,
Agent, .
Maupin, Ore.
E. A.
Klippel, Jr.,
T. Y. & P. A..
Bend. Ore.