The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, June 08, 1917, Image 2

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The MaeBia Times
PuLIi.shd F.cvcry
Mrs, V. I,. JI.iki;i:;on, Publisher
Subsirrii'tion: On Yeti
u.r, 4
Entered as second
ehvw i ialt
post ottiv) at i
General Cadcrr.a Wii'h'n
I C'.V
Miles c' Ansir:?.'s
c c n
Cily on tlia nil ia-;c
Itomo. ItrJy'a inn-i'ii - -'
fighters uro within a fi-v I"
Trli'Rto, A'lsinaa i'-' "' -;!
Adriatic. TlH' Italians I):.' "'
their way forvviir.l to v.iMi' i l ,-,
of Dulno, tlio in' .it rn;.i:;!'
barrier between tin 01 n;i -1 T.-I-;
ciina rtfus'-n to c , i : u 1 j U-o
Vlutuili u, hut th) iiu'ii ti'liti ti
of General Catlorna's ri x.dy ati
Dulno, at tin; gilca r.f vli
Italian kudo tin; now l'am
murka a nolnt at v.iiltli t!i'
M ".!:
o j,.U. a
e:iuK; 1
;, VI
Jlc.lir.'ll n.'-iry
VOl'-l ".
ii'i i.:io
!! rin-;,
plateau almost luminal U-'i m:a, Pro
tected by the. oit;mi dm the one '.'!f!-
It ia powerfully (M'enuVil to th" n't-ili
by Mount Qiiercrlo, a l:ei,-,lit of ci n
Blderablo miitfnllmle, vMcli tli:nin:it 3
the country for mtsny laiha you-ni.
At tlio foot of Mount Qii'wio, fac.
lug west, lies' thn liltlo Iowa ol' M. -lsw-ia
and th Ilaliuiifi have nr,irali'l their
way to within a i'cw hiindn l yard of
this villus. It In iH.i'.'i! le lh?t a lull
will occur before they nU:;i(t l!"' fr
' mutable t-isk of stormius Muuol C;u'r
ceto. Italy has proved Iter rnprcnrvv iu
tho air also I'miie; i -r.'s'w. '' r.iiuiin
operations of the nail, few rtaja.
Trieste ia moat (lirc-lly i:" v.ri. I"
the Adriatic tl'.-ro la a.
of British and Kallai
bonihardment Jiati dim
ous Auslrian count defa
Italian army itself v.;
.Brltluh field artillery.
sl ';r;, wiNV
ii;;',.,i' I.) VM'i
':(.",. Villi the
ti:;l UuKS Of
liwulnn. Cerman atohtiA to '"
number of about If', ml letl sioaliu-csi
England null accarcl'.K:: to an ol'iielal
atatomc-nt 76 persoau u. r.- killul end
174 persons woumlal. 'Of the killed
27 were women and 2:! wore r!ii!-!rc-i,
-while 41) women laid !!) children were
Nearly all the damar.o otctirn-d in
one town, where i' boniha fell In
the Btreeta, uuiuiin: comiid'.Y.l.U) can
lulths anions the p"ii;la l.luii.
Tho worst d ate wns fit.m a
group of bombs which struck the huai
neua thoroushi'are ihrnived wii'n pi o
phi. At ono spot here 10 women, oi-,ht
men and nine children were hilled ami
43 persons were injured.
As soon as tho raMr-rs ltr.d dropped
their bomha they turf -d le.'ii' v:i.!.;.
Hrltlah and French airphnr.V met the
Oermar.s. on tho way, end cjl,-!l-il air
fighting occurred Willi tho result that
three of tho raiders were shot dov.a.
Oeattle City Employe Dcslartd Raspon.
Ibis for Attacks on Rfiiisirsiion.
Seuttlo, Wiiah. riulct M. V.Vlb. ex
president of the Saille OeiUnjI Labor
Council, and Sam Sa.iU-r, ferm: riy
connected with the I,oi';:'J?io;eu't'u'3
union, were arret id by n r.mros.min
tlve of tho United States sun-el r.erv
ico, clmrged with lunitiR participated
in tho clrcuh'.tien of alleged sulltiuusi
literature, couKisiiuc; of entidraft cir
culars dlstrllmted throughout Scatlto
the past fortniKlit,
Aecordlne to s-rr-; prrirp onU
"Wells is at the he.-id of the Se:itih
branch of the "Xo Oenaeviption
Lguc,"- which has flood -d Seattlo
with anti-draft handbills ami oilier lit
erature and painted on fences ntui side
walks, iu largo rid letter, exhorta
tions to "nwlst cen-i-iit;on." Side
walks all tcr town have been daubed
With these woi J.i ill r'elly.
Fatt of. Russia Onpends cn Ceieiers.
retro;;ra.l, via l.orobti. Vii-lually
all the divergent uith-ul fcrlbn. all
j Class oi'Kanuatioiis. eouai iis aod ei i n
'(he go-jlulint hade;;;, v!!1 tim (Meii
Jtlon of tlio i-xlseieo !iit,r, reo.ho
me appeal of juniper m' i:u- J
ky to the troiipi ami :ioe:;n;ii tiu-
rder of tho day, "ae .i; ee." -. -. I
. Ud li. S. Wraliljis Eunl; t V'.ir Zero. '
Washington. A e:iti -eei-,.-:'.! (K ik.iI j
that any Ameiiein iiiiu.I es- -! b.ive j
been sunk In tlio war wu-; i-.e.-ed by
Secretary l'aniels to ee'int.-ie.ct a
"campaign of vicious rrne-rs tlie.t i.i
koing carrleJ on so ia.iiitriuu.h iv
ut M;.upin, Orgon,
Monihs 75cts, Three Months 50c
m:Uoi' September 2, 101-1, at tho
in, Ore,: .n, uiKK-r the Act of March 3, 1879.
Photo by Airierlcun t'rcKS Awoclstlon.
Charles E. Russsll, the BOclallr.t
ICTiler appointed a member of the
American commission to Russia.
ie m mm
im i?i T0110ES
; Cli!cn;;o. More tiian 200 persons
v.cre killed, 2400 or more injured and
millions of dollars' worth of property
destroyed by tornadoes which swept
tbituieji Kansas, Illinois and Indiana
on Saturday, and parts of Tennessee,
Arkansas, Kentucky and southern 1111
n: is, Sunday.
Reports Indicate that a large amount
of farm implements, needed to pro
diico the bumper crop desired tills
year, was ruined. Crop damage is
said to ho not heavy In grains.
Tho heaviest toll of life was taken
t Mattoon, 111., where 54 are known
to be dead and fj 00 Injured, with a
property loss of $2,000,000.
Charleston, III., 10 miles east of
Mattoon, was also partly wrecked,
with a loss of 23 lives and 150 injured.
Tho property loss there is $1,000,000.
The next most serious loss was at
Am'.ale, Kan., where 2G wore killed
and a score injured.
Heporls from Indiana show at least
?cveu persons hilled at Hebron, Kouts other places, and the death list
may reach 20. More than 200 were
injured In the Indiana territory swept
by the storm. "
Carman Republic Aim cf Organization
New York. Germans hers have
formed an organization called the
"Friends of the German Republic,"
whoso object Is the dethronement of
Xaiser William and the. establishment
of a republic. Tho organization is
said to bo nation-wido in scope, lias
hccdipmrters and has issued nn ap
peal to Germans to help in it3 propa
ganda. ,
Slm to Ce Vice Admiral.
Washington President Wilson soon
will nominate Rear-Admiral Sims to
:i vice admiral in view of his position
::s commander of American mual co-opi-ratii:;! with the allies in
nuropeau waters.
:C0,003 Amarissna Cocn in France.
Lotion.- An olfichil statement is
it"d there says that . counlins the
Americans serving in the Hritixh and
much armit-s and the additional
i;,lta ordered to Franco, there will
t'aortly be 100,000 Americans in
''cMiry Nomcd to Succeed Senator.
Si'.sm, Or.---Jik!:;c Charles 1.. Me
N'.iiy, leeu' li to, of Salem, was np
.ioiutctl l'n. , .1 States senator for Ore
i-e.;. by (iiuerm-r Viibomel.e, to sue
f'.-.l Sennt- r Harry Lane.
Highway Construction
Wa-co County, Oregon
ot ait
huts tor the construction
o" 1 lie
itVuntv, Oregon, will be received
w ouis lor 1 tie construction . i.,;,,,,!,,., ti,. - I"" "")" w ",w t,
road from the top of thelT-' "K J 5' 9 t U-- Section 18, Township
. Grade to Bakeoven. Wasco! asklllg sn,J lonu,r Court to vacated South, Range 12 East, Willam-
by the County Court of said Coun
ty at ils oflioe i;i the CoUrtliouse,
The Dullest, Oregon, until two
o'clock ). in. on Juno iQtli, 1917.
Ko hid will hi: considered unless
uccoiiipmiieti hy casli, lmidcr s
houd or certified check for an
amount equal to at least 5 per ct-ut
of the total amount of the bid.
A corporate surety bond will be
reipiiied for the faithful perform
ance of the contract in a puui equal
C H-bulf of the total amount of
A corporate finely bond will be
rtciuued for the faithful perform'
anee of the contract in a sum cipial
to one-half the total amount of the
Proposal blanks and full inform
ation for bidders may be obtained
it the ollice of the County Clerk of
in id County 111 the Courlliouse
Die Dalles, Oregon.
Plans and i-pecifications and
foi ins of contract may be set 11 at
s-iiim; place or may be obtained up
on deposit of S.s.oo.
The rijht is reserved ,to reject
my or all bids or lo accept the
proposal or proposals deemed best
tor said County.
l' S. Gunning.
County Judge
V, C. Clausen,
County Commissioner
R. I). Butler,
Counly Commissioner
L, B. Fox, '
County Clerk
Tim Dalles, Oregon.
May 17th, 19 1 7 .
Department of the Interior,
U. S. I.aud Office at The Dalles
Oroe;oii. May liltli, 1917.
NoTtcK is hereby ciyen that
IIottsTUN Dent
of Man pin, Oretfrm, who on Pept.
7 1 1 1 , made Ilomestead Entry
No. Oirelli!) fur - k1-2Nk1-4, k1-2
Si:l-I, Section 12, Township 6
South, Range 11 Kast, Lot 1
Sec. 7, Lot 1, k1-2sy1-1, 'Section fi
Tinvnship 0 South, IMngo 15 East,
U'illamnlte Meridian, has tiled
notice of intention to muko Final
Hues year Proof, to establish
claim to the land above described,
before F. D. Stuart, U, S, Com
missioner, at Maupin, Oregon, on
tho 2lUh day of June, 1917.
Claimant names as witnesses:
W. E. Hunt, C. E. Mathews, W.
C. Pieh.'irds, C. 0. Skogsucrg, nil
of Maupin, Oregon.
p ' . Register.
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, May i'lst, hji7.
notice is hereby given that
RO'iElf J. Wii.ute,
of Waniie, Oregon, who on July
17th, 1012, made Ilomestead En
try No. 010517 for sl-2snl-4. Sec.
;i5, Township South, Ranges 12
Kast, Willame'tlo Meridian, has
filed notice of intention 'to make
Finnl t hree year Proof, to establish
claim to the land above described,
before K. D. Stuart U. S. Com
missioner, at Maupin, Oregon, on
the 25th day of June, 1917.
Claimant names a? witnesses:
S. T, Bennett, Charles Nelson,
William Smith, James Smith, all
of Tygh Valley, Oregon.
II. Frank Woocock,
p Regiser.
Department of the Interior,
United States Land Office at The
Dalles, Oregon, May 22, 19 1 7.
NOTICE is hereby given that
Richard L. Gkuli'y,
of Wanik', Oregon', who on July
isl, n)l2, made Homestead Entry,
No. 010495, for Lot 4, SEI-4SW1-4,
Sec. 18, l,ot 1, NKI.4NWI-4, Sec. ic,,
Township 4 South, Range 12 East,
Willamette Meridian, has filed no
tice of intention to make rinal
thiee year Proof, to establish claim
to the land above desciibed, before
Register & Receiver, U. S. Land
Ullice, at 1 lie uuilcs, Uregon, on
the 2NU1 day of June, 1917.
Claimant names as witnesses:
M. E. Beaty. A. L. Shadlev,' W.
E. Lucas. A. J. Baik-s, all of
Wamic, Oregon.
II. Frank Woodcock,
V ' Register.
Notice oe Peyitiom lor Vaca
ATKD town
To All 1'krsOxs Whom it May
, Concern:
Notice is hereby given that ap
plication has been made to the
County Court of Wasco County,
State of Oregon, for its July ses-
a certain street described as Spring
Avenue', said Avenue being locat
ed between Llocks I and 2 of the
town of Maupin on the east side of
the Deschutes River and east of
tho Deschutes railroad right of
way and east of County road, par
alleling the samp.
Dated this 10th day of May, 1917
Thomas Flanagan,
Annie Flanagan,
Department of the Interior
U. S. I.aud Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, Apiil sist, igi7.
Noiici is hereby given that,
Grace Wilson,
deserted wife of Jacob M. Wilson,
of Slianiko, Oregon, who on Sept
ember 12th, 1912, made Homestead
Ivntry No. 010092, and on May 4th
1014, mailt! additional Homentead
Entry No. 013105 for s1-2nw1-4,
See. 14. s1-2ne1-4. bk!-4nw1-4.
Section 15. Township 7 South,
Pinnae 14 East, Willamette Merid
ian, has hied notice ot intention
to make Pinal three year Proof,
to estn li I in li claim to the land above
scribed, before Register and Re
ceiver, 11. ,s. Land Uihce, at lue
Dalles, Oregon, on the Gth day of
June, 1917. The entryman, Jacob
M. Wilson, is notified that, by
submission of said proof, his wife,
draco Wilson, seeks to obtain pat
ent for the land in her own name.
Claimant names as witnesses:
A. K. Fine, E, E. Fine, both of
Khaniko, Oregon, Claude Wilson,
of Bakeoven, Oregon, George E
Fine, of Sbanikn. Oregon.
p Register.
. Department of the Interior, '
U. S. Laud Office at The. Dalles,
Oregon, May 8th, 191 7.
Notice is hereby given that
Harry A. Whaite,
of Wamic, Oregon, who on July
2nd, 1912, made Homestead Eutry
no. 010500, for NI-2SE1-4, Sec. 34,
NI-25WI-4, Section 35, Township
3-Sontli, Range 12 East, Willamette
Meridian, has filed notice of inten
tion to make Final three year
Proof to establish claim to the
laud above described, before F.
D. Stuart, U. S. Commissioner,
at Maupin, Oregon, on the 20th
day of June, 1917.
Claimant names as witnesses.
W. II. Smith, of Tygh Valley,
Oregon, John Grossman, of Tygh
Valley, Oregon, Philip Byrd, of
Wamic, Oregon. E. Gesh. of
Wamic, Oregon.
p Register.
In the County Court of the
State of oregou for Waico County.
In the matter of the Estate of
John Kotter, Deceased.
Under authority of an order
granted by the County Court of the
State of Oregon for Wasco County,
dated April 18th, 1917, the under
signed Administrator, will sell at
private sale the following described
real property belonging to said
estate, to-wit:- South half of the
Southwest quarter, the Northeast
quarter of the Southwest quarter
and the Southwest quarter of the
Southeast quarter of Section Eight
in Tdwnship Four, South of Range
Fourteen, East of Willamette
Meridian, Wasco County, Oregon,
containing one hundred and sixty
acres, more or less, save and ex
cept therefrom a strip of land one
hundred feet wide, being fifty feet
011 each side of the center line of
the railway of the Oregon Trunk
line across and upon the Southwest
fjn alter of the Southeast quarter
ot said lownsliip, Hectlou and
Range, which was conveyed by
iteceniient uy need recorded 111
Vol. 49, page 53, deed records of
said county.
The sale will be made on and
after May 2tst, I917, and bids will
be received at the othce of George
D. Brodie, Dufur, Oregon, At
torney for the Administrator, or
at the residence of the undersigned
at Tygh Valley, Oregon.
The terms of the sale are cash
iu hand.
Dated April 18, Igi7.
Einil Mertz, Administrator of
the estate of Johu Kotter, De
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
regou, May 8th, 1917.
NOTICE is hereby given that
Nancey Jane Sharp
of Wamic, Oregou, who on June
21st, 1912, made Homestead Eutry
xo. 010447 and... oa. . January, jgthjj
1 1913, nude additional Homestead
! h'ntrir Ma fiTlln fnr cr.ivtfT.i I has filed notice of
intention to make Final three
year Proof, to establish claim
0 the land above desciibed, before
F, D. Stuart, U. S. Commissioner,
at Maupin, Oregon, on the 21st
day of June, 1917,
Claimant names as wituesses:
R. L. Genty, J, A. Pratt, George
StoUt, A.J. Kistner, all of Wamic,
H, Frank VVoodcock,
p Register,
Department of the Interior ,
U. S. Land Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, May 7, 1917.
Notice is hereby given that
Michael H. Conroy,
of Slianiko, Oregon, who, 011 Nov,
6th, 191 1, made Homestead appli
cation 09640, and on Oct. 3, 191 4,
made additional Homestead I'ntry
No. 013910 for KI-2NEI-4, swi-4
Ni-r-4, SI-2NW1.4, NE1-4SH1-4, Sec
tion 24, T. 6 S. R. 15 E. W M.
and Lot 2, Section 19, Township
6 South, Range 16 East, Wil
lamette Meridian, has filed notice
of intention to make five year
Proof, to establish claim to the
land above desciibed, before If. C.
Rooper, TJ. S. Commissioner, at
Anfelope, Oregon, on the i6th day
of June, 1917.
Claimant names as witnesses:
James Doran, Maupin. Oregon,
Werner Spalinger, Slianiko, Ore-
gou, Ivdwin Wakerlig, jfhauiko,
Oregon, Patrick, Couroy, Slianiko
H, Frauk Woodcock,
Palace Hotel
Washington Street & Twelvth
the Cleanest Rooms in the City
Modern in Every Detail
Large Grand Floor Lobby
Close in to
Standard end Tourist sleeping fais
Standard Sleeper leaves Maupin, Monday Wednesday, Fridny
Leaves Portland Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday at 7:10 p, m.
Reduced round trip from Middle From Missouri River, St. Paul
West to CENTRAL OREGON Sioux City, etc., - $52.50
on the first and third Tuesday of St. Louis 55.00
each month till December in- Chicago i 57.50
lusive. Trepaid tickets delivered by wire
Stopovers at all points. Final Return Limit 25 days
CALIFORNIA ''North Bank Road" and SS "Northern Pacific"
At your Service for travel and information,
Trav. Fght. & Pass. Agent, Bend, Ors- Agent, Maupin
Send or ask for Oregon Trunk's Potato Book
Auto Passenger Service Auto Delivery Truck
Prepared for Long Trips or Outing Parties
A Complete Line of Automobile Accessories
Leave3 Maupin, 8 a. m.
Leaves Wapitiitia, 1.30 p. m
. ROBERTS, Prop.
I.O. O.F.
Wige No. 20D, Maupin, Oregon,
meets every Sal unlay night in
Donaldson's hall. Visiling meui.
hers al trays welcome, '
Job Crahteee, N. G.
W. II. Tai.cott, Secretary.
Department of the Interior
U. S. Laud Office at The Dalles,
Oregon, May 4, 19 t 7.
NOTICE is hereby1 given that
(JltfNCIH C. Mouitow
of Tygli Valley Oregon, who on
December 1st 1910, made Home
steal Entry No.'ojTGS for swl-4
MVl-4, Sec, 22. nw1-4nw1-4, Sec
lion 27, Township Smith, Range
12 East Willamette Meridian, has
filed notice of intention to make
Final live year Proof, to establish
claim to the laud above described,
before F. 1). Stuart, U. S. Com-iiiis;-iotier,
at Maupin, Oregon, on
tho 15th day of June, 1917.
Claimant names as witnesses:
J. G. Tunison, M. P. Rowan, Ray
Tunison, J. E. Morrow, all of Tygh
Valley, Oregon.
np Register.
Shopping and
p ersoni unknown. " 1 '