The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, May 26, 1916, Image 1

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Devoted to the Interests of Southern Wasco County
VOL. 2, NO. 33
THE YEAR $1.50
Saturday R. Johnson harvested
the first of his strawberry crop
for this year, bringing four boxes
to Maupin. Owing to cold weath
er they have been very slow
ripening, but yesterday after
noon he brought in thirteen more
boxes of fine ones, and says there
will be lots of them next week.
Mr, Johnson is optomistic over a
banner year of fruit, despite the
frosts, which, while so effective
elsewhere, have done very little
damage on their place. He pre
sented us with three nice boxes
of the luscious fruit.
. Mr. aud Mrs. O. R. Ellis arriv
ed home yesterday afternoon,
Some Surprises
Several surprisos were sprung in
the preferential primary of laBt
Friday the chief of which was the
defeat of County Assessor J. A,
Davis for re-nomination by C. Y.
Cooper. The friends of Mr, Davis
had not dreamed of defeat and ex
pected their candidate to Bnow his
opponent under. Mr. Hooper,
however, carried 22 precincts out
37 and won the nomination. Mr.
Davis won in the country pre
cincts by 29 votes, while Mr.
Cooper received in the city pre
cincts a majority of 115, giving
Let the other fellow experiment. You
want to know what your prospective
car will do. The record of Ford cars
in the service of more than amillion
owners is the best evidence of Ford reli
ability, economy in operation and sim
plicity in handling. Average two cents
a mile for opea;tion and maintenance.
Touring Car $440; Runabout $390;
Coupelet $590; Town Car $640;
Sedan $740, f. o. b. Detroit, On sale at
maup;n, ore.
Service bwause we are the handiest Bank for' yotf
to deal with, we'know your wants and are prepared
to take care of therft Safety because you know ouf
Stwefc holders and theif circumstances.
Don't overlook us when you are looking; ir the
best price for your wheat.
the latter clear majority of 80 votes
in the county.
Sheriff Levi Chrisman also ac
complished the unexpected and
defeated is opponent, F. C. Sexton
by a 3 to 2 vote and carrying the
county with a majority of 4.'1G.
The race between V. A. Bell
and Paul Childers, for the nomina
tion for district attorney was fair
ly close, the former winning with
a majority of 127.
Hallie S.'. Rice defeated O. R.
Krier by 256 votes and was renom
inated for county treasurer.
For the oflice of cointy commis
sioner F. C. . Clausen defeated E.
C. Fitzgarald by what proved to
be almost a two to one vote. Mr.
Clausen receiving 1340 and Mr.
Fizgarald 788 votes.
The closest race for a county
odice proved to be that between A.
W. Mohr and Roy Campbell for
county surveyor, Mr. Mohr win
ning by 81 majority. ' ,
While the unofficial figures have
J. L. Kelly for joint representa
tive a lead of 98 votes the official
counts in both counties have re
duced that plurality to seven.
His opponent, J. T. Adkisson,
says that he will not contest.
Mayor J. E. Anderson is safely
ahead for representative by over
500 votes.
Four candidates were without
opposition. County Clerk L. B.
Fox led the ticket with 2079 votes.
County School Supt. Clyde T.
Bonuey was a close second with
20GG ballots to his credit. Coroner
C. N. Burget received 1853 and
Fred Wilson was endorsed for cir
cuit judge by 1731 votes.
J. W.' Allen and A, R. Barnett
were nominated for justfee of the
peace and constable, respectively
of The Dalles District.
Justice Hughed received a plur
ality of 601 votes in the county
over Albert Cummins and Theo
dore E. Burton.
Very few progressive bailots
were caist, probably less than a
dozen being used in the entire
Among the democrats interest avenue and are busy getting things
was negligible. The following arranged in their new building.
renominated: George R.
parts of the state.
The count has progressed to a
point where It is certain that the
four republican delegates-at-large
to the republican national conven
vention from this state will be
Charles W. Fulton, George J.
Cameron, Daniel Boyd and Charles
II. Cary.
The election of Judge A. S.
Bennett, of this city, as delegate
to tlio democratic convention and
that of T. II. Crawford of La
Grande and Frank L. Armitage of
Lane county is assured. The race
for the other seat is still undecided
Judge Bennett headed the state
democrntic ticket with 12,716 votes
It is conceeded that Olcott will
win over Moores for secretary of
state by 10,000 votes. The Dalles
On the local ballots the name of
W. II. Staats was written twice in
place of N. J. Sinnott, and Mr.
Staats is planning on entering the
campaign next time.
The names of L. C. Whilhem
and F. D. Stuart were each written
twice, and Peter Kilburg, I. J.
Carson, and L. D. Kelly once for
looal office of justice of peace.
For constable, the names of W.
II. Williams and L. D. Kelly oc
cur twice each and Peter Kilburg,
D. M. Shattuck, F. Creager, W.
H. Williams, once.
Local Overflow
M iss Pin His Fischer left on the
Wednesday night train for a visit
with friends in Forest Grove, and
while there will be an honor guest
at an Alumni banquet, for which
the high school and university of
that city are so popular.
While it was conceeded in fav
or of Maupin when our first game
of the season to be lost was
played at Grass Valley, that hav
ing come so far we had not phys
ically in equal opportunity with
the home team, the Maupin base
ball boys demonstrated to the
Gateway league players at that
place Sunday that they had be
come masters of the situation,
After seventy-five mile drive
that morning through a strong
wind, and encountering some
rain and hail, they captured the'
game by a score of 26 to 6.
A number of the boys had 4
scores to their credit at the com1
pletion of the game, all having
made good records. . . ,
Sunday Dufur will meet the
locals on the home diamond and
June 4th we will go to Dufur for
a return game.
On Thursday, the 18th, Miss
C. C Miller of Criterion and
James T. Crowley of Indepen
dence were united in marriage at
the home of Rev. Thurston of
The Dalles. After visiting a
few days in Portland, they will
go to Independence where they
will make their home. The bride
was accompanied by her brother,
J. E. Miller of Criterion.
And still it rains. On Monday
Morning the hills southwest of
this place were covered with
The Bonney Bros. ai;e making
good headway plowing with their
gasoline tractor.
On Friday last the ladies of
the neighborhood spent a de
lightful afternoon at the home of
Mrs, A. A. Canfield, the occasion
being a miscelaneous shower for
Miss Bertha Herrling of this
place. We hear she left the 21st
for Willamette valley points and
suppose we will see no more of
'Miss Herrling' in these parts,
but understand 'Bertha' wlllsoofi
be back among us.
Gertrude . Mathes, who has Thursday evening Miss South
been staying with Miss Herrling erland closed her school with a
went to her home' in Portland , very pleasant entertainmenti
last week to bring back a bunch
of cattle. General rumor has it
that he will bring a cook also,
In The Dalles, May, a 7 1-2
pound boy was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Bert Davis, All are getting
along fine. Bert was in Tuesday
aud handed us $1.50 for the Times
Shattuck Bros, have vacated
their former location on the cor
ner of Sixth stfeet and Deschutes
4$ -$$00O00OOO0$
"Firestone" & "Goodyear"
Casing's and Tubes
Try "VeedoF
the Heat Proof Auto Oil
Buy you Gasoline from
us at Portland prices
Plus the Frteig'ht
Watch this space next wfeek for the announcement of
Wilbur for state senator; V. L.
Bradshaw for circuit judge; F. V.
Galloway for .district attorney ; C.
L. Darnielle, for sheriff; D. L
Cates for county treasurer and J.
L. Harper for constable,
The names of Mrs. Alexander
Thompson and J. T. Harper were
written On enough democratic bal
lots to asvard them the nomination
for joint representatives.
Justice Hughes has received a
clear majority of more than 20,000
votes in the state over all other re-
waH written on the ballot by quite
a number of admirers' in various
Jjj?3 publican presidential cand:
feSiThe n'ame" of Colonel Eo
G. L. Harphan and family ex
pect to leave Thursday for a three
months' vacation trip, at The
Dalles and along other river points
Southern Wasco pupils who suc
cessfully passed the eighth grade
examinations for April are:' Lut
tie M. Shadley, Ilarrv F. Spath
Eva Syron, Leonard and Orrion
Farlow, Ida Duncan, Wamic; Frank
Valentine Bleakney, BaTieoven ;
Daphene Conley, Tygh Valley and
Charles V. Tapp, Wapinitia.
Catholic Chapel Car
'"'St. Peter" will arrive in Mau'
pin, Saturday, May 29th.
Peter Klrsch left for the valley
About fifty were present. There
were two dialogues, Beauty and
Sacks are out of date. Handling in Bulk saves 2 cents t9
3 cents per bushel. And this saving is made above the cost of
installing the bins. Bulk handling insures ALL the profit
and reduces thejabor very materially.
We have many designs of portable granaries and track
; 1 ""in. I 1 1 .;
Design X 102-100(7 bii. Portable Grain Bin
All lumber necessary to build', for $38.00
FREE complete plans .showing every detail necessary for
erection. List of hardware and other equipment included1
with plans. We'll be glad to show you plans and talk over
j our needs for the coming season.
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the Beast and Blue Beard in cos'-'
tumes which the children made'
with a little help. The Field and
City mouse by Everett Higgins'
and Irving Harvey dressed as"
mice was comic. They lisped'
their words and one little fell6v
got tangled with' his long tfaiV,'
which created much amusement.'
Little Roderick Mays monologue'
"Playing Old was cunning, these'
with numerous recitations enter
tained the audience nearly two'
hours. The pupils then served a"
splendid lunch of sandwiches,'
cake, lemonade and candv. , Miss'
Southerland and pupils deserve
much credit for the fine program'
and dandy feed.
Edwin Mays' has two sheep'
shearers with a shearing ma
chine shearing his sheep.
Jess Fleming has finished about
800 acres of summer fallow wit!!'
his gang tractor.'
(concluded on last jtogp)'
000 $$00000000000