The Maupin times. (Maupin, Or.) 1914-1930, November 05, 1914, Image 8

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I've Got Building Facts:
Good building material
"Tum-a-Lumber" is Cheap
er now than ever before.
We supply complete plans and specifications for homes,
barns, silos,-hogsheds, milkhouses, septic tanks, schools,
churches, stores, ware houses, in fact anything you want.
See Peter Kilburg About it at
The Home of "TUM-A-LUMBER"
The Maupin limes
Published Every Wednesday at Maupin, Oregon,
.Subscription: One Year, $1.50,Six Months 7 5ct9Jhr- Months 5Jtts
All Around Town
Wilson and Roberts states they
. will have a big hog sale, on their
''ranch 3 and one half miles north
east of Wapinitia, on Saturday,
Tovember 7. A good opportuni
ty to get anything in the hog
ne. Several cows and calves
will be auctioned. The sale is
also stated to commence at 1-00
All subscriptions and advertis
'ig are payable to Walter V.
fartin, including the month of
October. W. C. Walker. :
A- C- Egan states that the
Stanley Smith Lumber Co., at
'(he Railway Exchange building,
r Portland, wantll the horses
they can buy, for the army.
We are compelled to leave a
few items over until next week.
Hereafter all items must be in
)y 2:00 p m., Tuesday, to be
hi the paper for printing Wednesday.
Election Notes
Election day passed off uuietly
tin J a fair votes were cast. Ev
eryone seems satisfied with the
results. Gov. Jami's.Whitycomhe
received 48 votes, Ben. Geo. E.
Chamberlin, 61; Congressman N.
J. Sinnott, 68. Republicans all
carried 'the precinct. L. K.
Oukjy was elected justice of the
peace. Lry vote Dy z majority.
Wapinitia turned out a gbod
vote. Whitycombe 76; Booth 70:
Sinnott 90. D. M. Hartman, for
uiistice of the peace 88. The
wets carried by a large majority.
Vote went Republican.
Tygh Valley gave Chamberliri
67 votes. Sinnott 76, Whitycombe
43. Butler for justice of the
peoce 75. Drys 62, wets 58.
Mrs. Frank Killian and bab'y
left for their home at Grandview
Wash., Tuesday. She is a dau
ghter of R. J. Powell on Jupiter
Anyone wishing t- trade for
idaho ranch property, inquire at
this ottlce.
Maupin State Bank
Genet ul Hanking' Business, l.omis, AVhent Buying, Safety
Deposit Boxes for Rent, Notary Public,
Collections, Money Transmitted
Cheaply by Drafts
Your Patronage Solicited and Your
. . . . Interests Cared for ... .
Saturday Evening Post
Country Gentleman
Lades' Home Journal
Each $1.50 per year
A. C. EAGEN WW take
School Note
The first school irionth ended
Friday, October 30.
Harold, Moad has been out of
school for several days on ac
count of sickness.
November 15, is the date set
for the opening of the new room
which will greatly help the con
gested condition. .
Mrs. Philmlee was a visitor at
the school, last week.
Tuesday being election day, it
was observed as a school holiday.
County school superintendent
Clydn Bonneyi spent Monday af
ternoon at school, performing
his dnties as supervisor.
Fern Mayhew seceived a prize
from the county fair on hand
Roll of hantlr for month just
ended! Lester Crowfoot, An
drew Cunningham, Guy Fryman,
Vera Goetjen, William Fischer,
Hazel Martin, Mary Martin, Lew
is Mayhew. Verna McMullen,
Arthur Philmlee, Helen Philmlee
Earl Smith, Darrel Turner, Vera
Turner, Grace Tunison, Beulah
Welter, Paul Welter, Violet Mill
er, Clifford Cunningham; Willie
McCliire, Vola St. Dennis.
P. S. FU-ming left tor Hot Lake
Ore j Wednesday; to be treated
for rheumatism, His wife ac
companied him to The Dalles.
L. D. Kelly and W. II. Will
iams left with the ballot boxes,
Within one week Shattuck
D ..,:,! tU., !,.,
uivo., i uvci. mice cm iimua
Of supplies. One c:ir of wire;
one car petroleum, and a car of
potatos anr onions. This speaks
alone for the enormous business
that is being handled here and
it is .only a question of time, un
til Maupin will be a large busi
ness center. , , ...
Quick, Dependable Service available at All Times
To All Points
Careful driver attentive to Comfort of Passengers-
E. A. MAYHEW, Prop.
K any little word of mine
May make a life the brighter,
If any little long of mine
May make a heart the lighter,
God help me speak the little word
And take my bit of tinging
And drop it in tome lonely vale
To tet the echoes ringing!
Smoka Talks.
"Kuther, what are smoke talks?"
"Conversations In Pittsburgh,
A Slander.
Mini was made to mourn, and woman
Was made to see that he keeps everlast
ingly at It Chicago News.
the age of
your youngest
"Hrpak-age." Boston Transcript.
An Old Custom.
Toucher Now, Willie, name one ol
the customs at Christmas time. Pupil
ItunniUR in debt. Life.
Lots of Pie.
"This speaklns of my mind Is pie to
me." "You certainly dou't mince mat
tufs " -Baltimore American. "
Not Good at That,
"lie is us itood as his woiH."
"Yes. but he uses such shocking bad
'miKiM!t)."-St. Louis Post Dispatch.
Below His Standard.
Ills Honor-Well, sir, drunk as usual?
Bum--No. your honor, not quite. Buf
falo Kxpress. ,
Broad and Narrow,
".lips is a man of broad views." "Ex
actly, but iu narrow circumstnnces."
Baltimore American.
Not Guilty.
"Do you give money to your wife?"
"No. sir. I have ho bad habits What
ever." Minneupblis Journal.
Too many men seem to think the
way to show their colors is to slibw
their liM-tij Omaha Bee.
Porcupine Quills.
The spines both of the hedgehog and
the porcupine are nothing more thnn
excessively enlarged hairs, and on the
bodied of these animals every grada
tion between hairs and spines can be
Mean of Him.
"When I promise to marry him dd
you Want hiui to come and aSk your
"Nd, not my consent; but f would
like to have uim trot in and tell me
tlie good news. I sort of feel like
1 needed cheering up." Houston Post
A well educated person who has been
at nl-li school and university uses
from :!.000 to 4,000 words, but the
average Individual can get along with
Lou t Shakespeare made use of 15,000
and in Milton's works 8,000 are used.
By nctual count the Uebrew testament
says nil that It has to gay with 6.642
Aliens Of the age of twenty-one and
upward, who have enlisted In the
armies of the United States. In the
re;:ul!ir or volunteer forces, and have
been honorably discharged, are entitled
to become citizens upon petition, with
out previous declaration of intention,
anil nre not required to prove more
than one year's residence,
Hit Train W.i There,
, Am where did William go nfter the
i buttle of Hastings, Mary?'
"He took the first train to .London.'
"Why. Mary, you know those, people
didn't have trains In those days!" .
"It says so in the history, book. Miss
Brown: It says he .marched upon Lou
don with his train. ' university
Sensitive. . ,
Robert Boyle, the philosopher and
one of the founders of the Royal so
ciety, eoiild never overcome his aver
sion to the sound of water splashing
from a pipe, and lie has put on record
the, case of oue of his servants who
could never hear a knife shai-pened or
sheet of brown paper torn without
bleeding at the gums.
Drawing the Line.
"1 want you to rend my speeches,"
said the candidate. .. ,
"Couldn't think of It," replied Mr.
Dusttn Stnx.
"Why. I thought yon would be Inter
ested You have always subscribed to
my .impatgn fund."
"Yii. I'm glad to be an bid subscrib
er Unt l'ii' inii'ful If I'll be cln
slain h-tultt" Wellington Ptnr.
Mem. Coll,
Phys. & Surg.,
Licentiate Minnesota
Prompt Service on Either
Day or Night Calls
Eyes tested, Glasses Fitted
Always Leap Year.
A most extraordinary custom pre
vails among the Vizrees, a powerful
tribe occupying an extensive district
in Cnbul, among the mountains be
twpen Persia and India a female pre;
rogative that has no parallel among
any other people of the earth. The
women. In fact, choose their busbands
anil not the busbands their wlyes. If
a vvonifth be pleased with a man she
sends the drummer of the camp to pin
a handkerchief to his cap with a pin
she has used to fasten her hair. The
drummer watches his opportunity and
does this in public, naming the wo
man, and the man Is obliged to marry
If he can pay the price to her father.
A letter written by Rev. Samuel F.
Smith, author of "America," giving the
circumstances of the writing of that
anthem, says that the work "was sttm.
u la ted into being by a collection of
German music books, brought to this
country by Mr. Woodbridge and band
ed to me by Mr. Mason with the re
quest that 1 would adapt any of the
pieces that struck me as favorably tt
EiiRlisb words. It is not a translation,
though In German the words were pa
ti'l'ltic. It was first sung at a chil
dren's Fourth of July celebration In
I'ni'k Street church, Boston, In 1832 or
LTCi - Dr. Smith states that Lowell
Mason was his chief encourager.
Besides hi five or si consummate
works, which by universal consent are
practically above criticism, It may be
said that Goethe's songs are the best
in the world. He Is the greatest of
all literary critics, and In subtle and
abundant observation of human life
and in the number and value of his
wise remarks and pregnant sentences
he is one of the greatest writers of all
tiuV (joettie may be classed as one
of the "CTeutest men." NeW fork
Given in Fisher's Hall, on east side of
the riveir at Maupin, Thanksgiving Eve.
twit Lfeii Hmf
Turkey Oyster SMppSif
tickets $1.00. Supper $1.0&
W. A; Westbrook, Manager;
In ail lives, tiie hifciiesi ami liu,u.
blest, there is a crisis in the Forma
tion of character and in the bent of
disposition. It comes from many
; sources and from some which on
the surface are apparently trivial
It may be a book, a speech, a ser
mon, a great misfortune or a burst
of prosperity. But the result is the
same a sudden revelation to our
selves of. our secret purpose and a
recognition of our perhaps long
shadowed but now masterful convictions.
Joyful Punishment.
Noticing one of her small boys nib
bling at some luncheon in school one
day the teacher called the culprit to
the desk. .."You know," she began
sternly, "thai you must not eat during
lesson hours! . Now as a punishment
you must stand here In front of the
cIsbs and eat every bit of tt."
The small boy did as be was bid, a
curious grin overspreading his face.
The teacher misunderstood that grin
until the last scrap had disappeared,
when from the class a small voice
walled in tearful accents:
"Please, teacher,' that wasn't his
lunch he was eatin': tt was mine." La
dies' Home Journal.
Lincoln's Religion.
I have never united myself to any
church because I have found difficulty
in giving thy assent without mental
reservation to the long, complicated
statements of Christian doctrine which
characterize their articles of belief
and confessions-of faith. Whenever
any church will Inscribe over itsltnr
as Its sole qualification for member
ship the Saviour's condensed statement
of the substance of both law and gos
pel. "Thou shall love the Lord thy
God with all thy heart, and with all
thy soul, and with all thy mind, and
thy neighbor as thyself," that church
will I join with all my heart and all
my soul. Abraham Llncolb.
Psalms Not Barred,
The other evening Miss Y a maiden
lady of uncertain years, suspecting the
cook was entertaining her bean down
stairs, called Martha and Inquired
whether she did not hear some one
talking with her.
''Oh no. ma'am!" cried the quick wit
ted Martha. "It was only me singing
a psalm."
"Very good," returned Miss V. sig
nificantly. "Yon may amuse yourself
with psalms, but let's have no hltns."
Willie Knew.
Papa (hiding something hi his hanrti
Willie, can you tell me what has
heads on one side and tails on the oth
er? Willie (triumphantly) - Oh, 1
know! It's roosters 0n( a fence!
What Made Him Sick.
Teacher Your little brother was all
right when be left the house With you.
and yet you say he's sick and won't
be In school. The Kid-Sure! Irtdn't
I give him the seegur id me own
hands? Puck.
F.nnlne. contrary to the general be
lle'. rii'MiiS ive'l "le! N -in cvi e'inu'ly
Ksn ran
Plenty of room. Music by Maupin
3 piece Orchestra. Good time as
sured. Everybody Invited;
-V"X "i
Horse Shoeing, Wagon
Making, General Repair
Work and all Work is done
Neat Strong and Guaranteed.
No Kick Coming if
Once Tried
We Serve first class meals,
Good, Clean Rooms ai d
Clean, Fresh Beds
Board by Day,.
V -k t
J fei
OILED Reasonable Po you
use it? Do you need a new
set? Well, , Geso. S. Gray
will take your order at rock
bottom prices. See him.
:Geo.-S.. Gray
its D
17 I