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E E K î Y
And Make Sura That Your Spring Gowns Will Fit» as Thay
Shcu'd, Start wit»a the Corset.
n order to introduce this magnificent line of Suitings to the public we are going to
------- ---------------------- make a ------------------------------
Reduction of 10% Friday and Saturday.
,nd if you want to save from $1 to $2.50 on your new Spring gown, attend this
unusual sale.
lew silk waists for sprin ig, elaborately trimmed in Vai. lace and inser-
$2.75, $3.50, $5.00 and
tion. Prices
A new line'of fancy Corset Covers just opened.
New Ruching for neckwear and trimming purposes.
New Eylet Embroidery in the piece with trimming to match.
C i A
q) 1 U
Lifeboats When
We sell the famous W. B. and Roval Worcester, the best known
Corsets in the world among fashionable women
HE new suitings for Spring are here, representing a multitude of
weaves as wide In scope and variety as they are beautiful in
design and finish. It is by far the most exhaustive showing the
Hampton’s have ever made in this department.
Grays and Alice Bluesappear to be the mo«t predominating colors.
We have them in plain striped invisible plaids and checked effects,
covering a large range of prices and shades.
•/ •«*»»»
Seattle, Jail. 30,-Corneliue Allison,
the eldest survivor of tbe Valencia
wreck, testified ut the investigation
H-fote the inspectors this momiug
that the Valencia’s life preservers
ere net buoyant.
lie stated i.o
storm whs ragi g at the time of Ibe I he Troopship Odessa
«reck. He deuoun-ed both tbe «or-
v ring ofdeers aud tbe masters of
Struck a Mine
standing by vessels for not making
an effort to save those aboard. lie
sa,s ro heavy sea was iu luing wheu
picked up ty the Topeka and that tbe
volunteer crew landed at Cape Beale,
after notifying the world of the die Tuo Thousand Soldiers Were
aster, should have made their way
back to tbe scene of the wreck, Had
Saved by Beaching the Vessel
any one reached the lite line shot
—Great Loss by Incen­
ashore all would have been saved.
Asked to
Valencia Wreck Investigation
Progress at '•'cattle—No Boat
Drills on the Ent ra,
diary Fires
Seattle, J»n. 31,— At the Valencia
investigation today Waiter Chas. Hod-
tinot said be asked women to go in
the llfeboatB, but they re'ifSed.
". No
beat drills
were held during tbe an-
i tire trip. The witness wss thrown
into the wattr, but was saved by a life
FranE Kicblev, n flr»tnan with the
Bunker party, said thev could have
reached the cliff to get a line, but
other members uf the party got cold
feet. He ccald not ga alone. The
investigation seems to be a white-
wash for the government inspectors
| for allowing such con iitious on the
Spokane, Jan. 30. —In a beedon
solllsion a mile west of Columbia
Falls, Mont., last night on the Great
Northern tetween passenger trains
three were killed and many injured.
It was cause! by or e trsiu’e failing
to obey orders to t»ke a siding. Both
! engines were demo'lshed and a num-
1 ber of care smashed. The dead are
' Fjreme’- Harrison and Findley aud
’ Exprrs» 5feescnt>er Wolsbecker.
Si. Petersburg, Jan. 31. —Tbe lusees
by incendiary Uree recently Ictal
$500, OOC*
St Petersburg, Jan. 3! -The troop­
ship Odessa struck a tniqe today.
Two thousand sol tiers were saved by
beaching the vessel. The explosion
k'lled one and injured 26.
Twenty thousand liberal refuges in­
duced to return on Imp,led promises
Washington, Jan. 31.—The prreilent of amnesty have been arrested snd
has nominated Amos Wilder, of will be exiled to Siberia for ten
Wisconsin, consul-general at Hong­ years.
New York, Jan. 31. — Frierds say
John A. McCall is very ill with con­
gestion of tbe liver. D. B. Hill left
[ todny for the south to remaiu until
April on account of bis health.
Washington, Jan. 31.—Tb« serietà
Indianapolis, Jan. 31.—Presideo t committee ou toreigu relation« today
Governor Chamberlain Expresses
Mitchell In a speech this morning to took up the Sunto Domingo treaty
the coal operators of the Central dis­ with Secretary Root today.
trict, declared there would be no
agreement without an increase of
wages. The operators asked for time ROGERS WINS HIS
Salem, Cr., Jan. 30 —Replying to a tor further consideration.
letter from Ohio women asking him to
era! cords of wood have been taken
Indoise a movement for tbe abolish­
away in limls since it was large
ment of capital I'untsbment iu all George Spraeklin’a dog annoyed
enough ro trim. In winter small birds
states, Goveri or Chamberlain wilt««' Cba-ke Allen’s cow, the owners quar­
New York, Jan. 3'.-The supreme
CURES DIVORCE roost about tbe trunk, where it is dry
"Where one rn»n wi'h deliberate reled, using rifles at short rang«. court has decided that Rogers need
i and protected even In the stormiest
premefileted malice takes tbe life of iSpraeklin’s left elbow w is shattered not answer any of the questions pot
’ another he ought to pay the pet ally and be loses tbe arm as a result. Al­ to him by Hadley.
with bis own life, in accordance with len whs not injured No arrests have
;e L. T. Harris, of tbr« circuit
Justice Gildersleeve said Rogers
Three of tbe telephone operators,
Mosai* I hw . Its wisdom has been been made. The «Looting occurred need not answer iu view of tbe f«ct
has granted a divorce to Etta Mattie Jenkins, Elva Mulkey aud
viudlcated in every state where cap­ Friday 15 mile« west of here.
>n from Joseph Krewson on the Myrtle Haskell, are ill with typhoid
that the courts of Missouri were now
ital punihment Is in vogue. Life Im-
1 of cruel and inhuman treat ,fever.
passing upon the legality of tbe ac­
I tion of Attorney General Hadley to
' pruo’.ment Is not sufficient to protect
She Is also awarded bet costs
Chicago, Jan. 31.—Edward Morris ouet tbe Standard Oil from that state.
Spencer Clapham, the journalist­
tborrements iu the suit.
Chicago, Jan. 31 —The executor« I tbe put lie from murder* rs
"1 would exteud capital punishment I was recalled to the witness stand in
lecturer who spoke at the university o( the estate cf Marshall Field esti­
assembly, a week «go wt.'l speak again mate the estate to be worth $75,000,- | to highway robbery and burglary in tbe packer»' case this morning and
in Villard hall this evening on the 000-$25,030,003 personal a>'d $50,000,- ' rhe night time, because those who testified that he was under the im­ AGED PIONEER
' commit tbe prime Intend to take life pression when tie talked to Garfield
I oolitNal and social conditions of 000 realty. Today they Bled a peti­
that the conversation would be treated
New Zealand.
tion to have tne will admitted to if neees-ary and refuse to give tbelr confidentially. The court adjourned
Tbe funeral of Mr«, E. D. Poole was probaet.
at noon, Morris hurrying home to
high school will have a track
held this forenoon at tbe residence
the bedside of h.'s tbree-year old «on,
bis year instead of a ba-e hail
Koeehur»,Or., Jar. 90.—Mn. Girts,
if her i rcther, J. J Moore, 514
i.- rxrr_r,,r\f
who is tbaugbt to be dying.
Tbe student body has so voted. lametta
a pioneer resident if Mrytie Cre <k,
street. Tbe remains were iu- DtrtlNUS
eciile Journal: Knox Hasten, I tarred in tbe Pleasant, tiill cemetery.
Or , hged $5 rears, comm tied suicide
iss county surveyor of Crook
Jefferson City. Mo., Jan. 3).—The yesterday by huuglrg b> raelf with a
for ten yesie, 1» circulating
James Drummond, the Cohnrg mill
supreme court this morning con­ lop«. ¿Le lived with her daughter,
ns to secure his nomination fn hand who attempted to commit sui i
firmed tbe sentence of "Lord” Sey­ who was temporarily absent at the
cide by cutting his throat Sunday, is
New York, Jan. 1. — Miss Roosevelt mour Barrington aud set March 15 as time. Tbe daughter came home uMbut
lor the same office.
cnees of typhoid fever exi«t at improving and Is now in no danger.
Washington, Jan. 31. —Bartlett, of will go to Washington tbis afternoon tbe date for his execution. A rope noon and found bir mother bagging
luie of R. G. Baliieree on East
was tbe principal speaker on account of a «light sore throat, and knife, believed to be intended to a rafter in the wood-tied. Jn en­
The iuwer front of E. J. Furrier’«
enth street, near Aider Mr. new building at Sixth and Willamette i on tbe railroad rate bill for the which necessitated a physk ian’e at­ for suicide, were found in tbe c-ll of feebled mind, as a resn't cf Contin­
Democratic side today. He attacked tendance this morrlng. It 1» not ser­ the brgns Lord tht* mornir g before ued illness and old age, is fpe cause
se aud ftiir cf tbe children are streets 1« being put in.
tbe decision was told him.
of tbe act.
tbe motives of tbe corporations in ious.
Glenn E. Benedict, a Lane county trying to block legislation, aud de-
is ,e ivy-covered will''«’ at the
ell residence, Ninth and Olive patient, has beeD released from the i flared that sny man or party standing
was rburu of its limbs today, ; nisane asylum on a month’s leave of In tbe way of rate legillation would
be swept away by tbe people.
ly about tbe tenth time. Sev- absence.
. krewson
A marriage license waskaned today
[to Wm. Dick and L.Wjy b»rney.
Three more caase
smsllpcy have
been discovered in the city. t hey
1 are at tbe home of Mr. Cole at Last
Fifteenth and Mill streets.
i _ ____ __ •_
oid Exposure, ket
back and throat warm, and
ill be little danger of COUgiS,
or pneumonia.
A. B. Wood, manager of tbe Oregon
A Southeastern Rairload, Informed us
Monday that be wa* looking for meo,
snd was ready to let contracts for
ho elk b»l :B cf tn* ,-uerf to the *9-
mH* post, aftas whlob all traie» will
tx run to th« eno of tbe -Ine whiok
¡ta just about two rutjes from the*
, prassi t »towing placa, at th* footj
Comrdcn* e th
bridge. Th!» will <"b‘rt»n tbe at»*« I
I-. c.‘
tra'rl t*o mile* aart "* baa»/ wag
Jost whgt you need In-
trasai toree œ'.ee h » tbe trin-e, >«l
ks aM parties.
the wagòi.a r a» tu i -d - Oii* tel • .
the font bsidae —
e Lake’s
” JC«‘»Tbs"*r*-b gë- lew ae»d il»
; oat rare*>ed.
Càat.beta’ E», wa,s
C. L. Williams la down from tbe
K»w ri rar country, where be bas just
in«l»lled a donkey eugiue with which
to f?<* out log« for th* Eugene­
ber Co. Tbe log« are hauled on car*
to Hogue and dumped into the tall
race in the factory district, than
floated down tbe river to the sawmill.
When tbe spur from tbe railroad to
tbe mill is completed the log* will be
hanfoA Hiewwrly m »*■•> -aw»
Letter L st
Figeus. Jannar 31
Ctawforo, Adwcu.
Dotti», ì. i.
McFfeMea, r . Ji F.
M«ir,ày, Mrs, N. E.
Rini »ria, Z»C'’«kie
San'sueutB Mrs. j J.
<al >’ U. \
J. !.. P » E, p. X.
UR Clearance Sale being over theatten-
tion of our whole force is now turned
to the opening and marking of new goods
which are arriving daily. Every freight and
express brings its share to make our Spring
Opening the finest ever held in Eugene.
This season we are going to have larger
nndmorecornpletea^ortment and varieties
which tact added to the ? one that we sei! on
smaller margins an any store in Lan ■ Co.
make this the logical place for you tc trade
SaLiöfa« üor ar Your
.’Toney SxA.
_______ '
S uj *
in Oregon.