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    Weekly Eugene Guard
Sweetness in the School.
If you happen t • see a Eugene
........... UCl'UBEKj J school teacher standing with bauds
spread out like a fan, mouth open
and eyes popping from tbe sockets,
Rost burg Land Office.
don't get the wrong notion. She isn’t
Tbe Eugene Steam Laundry, Hodes ;
The Roseburg Plaindealer, oue of having a tit—she is simply mad and is
A Johnson, proprietors, located on j
the staunchest Republican party or­ trying the Rigler system of getting West Eighth sire« t, , have concluded
gana in the alate, gives a taw inside over it.
that the r business has grown to such
proportions as to necessitate an en­
facta regarding the Roseburg land
For City Superin!eudeut Rigler of
largement ot tbeir quarters.
office, as fallows:
the city schools of Portland, ap|>ears
Accordingly they have leased the
baa been said for and as the promoter of a new method of
adjoining room, formerly occupied
against laud office affairs in Oregon; pedagogic discipline.
Whether he by tbe Soap Company’s office, and
but of all the appointments held by will succeed iu thoroughly introduc are now using it as an office aud dis­
virtue of politioal graft, the Roaeburg iug it iu tbe public schools ot Oregon tributing room, giving ruueb more
office ia eutilted to the cake for remains to be seen—but there’s noth­ room for tbe mechanical department
in tbe other room.
blazon effrontery and besmirching of ing like trying.
Tbe Messrs. Hodes & Johnson are
Republican |>arty principles. Here
“1 waul to urge upon the teachers bustlers aud are making a success of
we have the case of a receiver who, at
the same time, ia a stockholder, di­
rector and treasurer of a timber laud
owning thousands upon
thousands of acrea of timber laud that
has beeu aecured either honestly or
fraudeutly from the pubic domain.
Now we do not desire to state that the
Republican political machine has no
right, nor the President no right, to
appoint the man to a political office,
but we do say good politics aud de­
cent appearances ibould couut against
Mirs Sadie Fold r.-turimd today
from a visit to Cottage Grove.
C. L. Fitchard, ot hidependeuce,
I Hie well known hop men, is iu Eugene.
II. R. Kincaid returned
|thia afternoon from a trip to Port-
the appointment. The receiver of the
Hose burg laud
office should be u
man against whom the Huger of mere
suspicion of collusion could not be
poiuted. The good of the party de
mauds this much iu the name of Re
publicauisui. If tbe present receiever
is a ward of the Repbulican party aud
has to be takeu care of becauso hie
brother, Senator Booth, haa a cinch,
the Plaiudealer has no objections to
the Federal government appointing
him to a position in any other office
that his taleuts will till, but for the
Oregon delegation to insist that the
present reciever be reappoiuted uudei
the circumstances, is a slap iu the
face to true Republicans of the state
and also a direct slap iu the face to
the President of the United States,
who belives that the
party is oue of principles instead ol
“It hardly needs repeatingtbat the
land office at Roaeburg, at night,
while honest settlors and timber en-
trymen were snoring the song of the
just, that the office has beeu open to
(. ..her laud companies' ug. nt. that u
key »ss secured so that auy Slud Ct
infi .
u hidden an 1 sacred frou.
• citizen’- houesi eye was-
’ 1 to the agent tor land com-
Htates of million» of acres of the best
timber land In the world
Now, w«
presuaie all the dot uments and piqiers
in the laud office are O. K., but why
should a key be furnished to oue mai
or the man allowed to obtain a dupli
cate key to the laud office so that b<
could do bls work and worked for tin
timber gratters who employed him ai
night. Why should such question
able methods be allowed? We han
asked the question before, but ech<
answers why? We attack bo man’
houesty, tut we do attack the bail
judgrneut. that allowed such a re
markable aud deplorable state ol
affairs. If this is houest, straiglitfoi
ward transaction aud it
was only i
error of the brain and uot the add I
tiou aud division of the heart. th<
1‘laindealer, iu a spirit of forgiveness
would recommend that the official
grant iug such an ext radord I nary pub
lie concession t.> a iuhu who was look
mg after the interests of timber
land Oumpauiea l>e appointed to the
position of cell companion to a luna­
tic iu a Federal Asylum; for a post
tion of such nature would about til)
the brain capacity of the laud office
official who honestly granted theniid-
uight right of way to laud office
affairs. Now we do not know who
granted concessions, but the good of
the Republicau party demands that
was so over-coutlditig
and gullible be promptly removed.
We are iuclined to lieileve, for it
niustjbave been, t hat'allowing a timber
land worker in the land office at all
hours of the night was a mental de­
lusion dependant upon a high sense
the man who
of moral obligation and unbounded
confidence in the man who had full
and free access to all the government
records, but why haa not the land
office the same serene confidence lu
any other mau who merely wanted to
purchase 160 acres of land timl>er or
to file on a homestead?
“If upon full Investigation of this
remarkable case the land department
finds it to tie a case of culpable mgli-
genre, chicanery or fraud, the official
should l>e promptly put out of office.
If it ia simply a case of abounding
t-infldence in humau naturef President
Roosevelt should preeeut the official
with a leather medal abowt oue foot i
‘Hl* *
Geo. F. Craw expects to make a
‘rip to Ban Francisco iu the early
part of next mouth.
A marriage license was issued today
to Church Stephens, of Noli, ai “d
Miss Bertha Day, of iviaon.
M. 8. Newman, who has been visit­
ing bis parents iu Eugene since Sat­
urday, returned to Portland today.
The great department
of orn-time
has onf7epartment usually
customers.\nd yet very
of the »tore. It is the hospital de-
Srtmeut. The hospital is a fea‘ure
the equipmentof the great modern depart-
ment stores, because experience has
proved its advantages. It is not more
mark of humanitarian progress than ot
commercial sagacity. It is not
the benefit of customers, though its use
would not be denied them. It is there for
The benefit of the clerks, a majority of
whom are women, and the« women are
those who almost exclusively use the
hospital. It is not an uncommon thing
for the young woman employee of th
•tore to sink down exhausted, or to drop
J. D. Braly has urrived from Los
Angeles. Mrs Braly has been visit­
ing with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Hobbs.
Boise City, Idaho, News; G. 8.
assembled here tbe necessity ot con­ tbeir business.
U. Humbert, field secretary of the
trolling tbeir tempers,” tbe learned
Divinity School, of Eugene, Oregon,
ia iu the city.
educator is quoted as saying. “Any
Sheriff Fisk escorted a morphine
be controlled or
fiend to the train this afternoon and
banished. AH the emotions, while i
saw him out of town, He had beeu
(Daily Guard, September 28.)
they may lie su id to originate with
crazy with tbe drug.
ideas, manifest themselves iu physi­
W. D. McLean, of Camp Creek, is
Mrs. J. C. Welsh, who bas been
iu Eugene.
cal exertion.
visiting at tbe home of Mrs M.
J. W. Stewart ¿is home ^from San Edmonson, left tiiis afternoon
“Now to offset a fit of auger, it is
her borne in Portland.
uecessary to do something that will Fraocicso.
E. L. Campbell spent Suuday in
Mr. aud Mrs. J. S. Medley, of Cot­
lessen tbe wave of emotion. A very
tage Grove, left this afternoon for
your Woodburn.
effective way is to spread
Mrs. W. H. Dodge ia a guest of North Yakima and Tacoma, where
hands ont, open the mouth slightly
they will visit for a few weeks.
Portlaud friends.
and raise the eyebrows.”
A. L. Jackson, of Tacoma, a for­
Prof. F. G. Young returned from
Perhaps it will work all right in I Portland yesterday.
mer Eugene photographer, is in Eu­
Portland, but the Guard would give i Mrs. Hugh Hampton returned to­ gene. He is one of the old-timers.
He has been greeting old friends and
just a few words of quiet advice to day from Goshen.
the boys and girls of Eugene, if,
J. S. Medley is in the city from acquaintances.
L. F. Wooley, of Cottage Grove
after dropping a wet sponge down Cotttage Grove.
formerly editor of and proprietor of
Ralph Robiusou retuned this after
the back of your seatmate’s neck,
the Leader, is iu Eugene. He now
you see your dear teacher coming noou from Albauy.
devotes his attention to his Bohemia
J. M. Medley was a passenger to
towards you with moutb open, eyes
rniuiug interests.
Cottage Grove this afternoon.
bulging and fingers scattered over a
Mr. aud Mrs. M. Svarverud returned
Dr. D. A. Paine arrived h<-me ye»-
home this afternoon from the Na­
large area, don’t stop to zee whether
terday from a trip to Portlaud.
tional Irrigation Congress held at
the Rigler system does or does uot
Harry Cherry was a visitor to his Ogden, where Mr. Svarverud was a
repress the waves of emotion—slide old home from Portland last evening.
delegate from Oregou.
for the door aud take a running jump
Mr. and Mrs. S. Ilaudfaker have re­
John M. Moore, formerly of Junc­
down tbe stairs.
turned from tbeir visit to Plea»aLt tion, and a well known member of
Co. C, Second Oregon Volunteers, is
There is an opportunity to get the
lias been iu tbe city. He is now a commercial
Ralph Steveus,
Hatfield family of Keutucky, now away from Eugene all summer, ha« traveler, aud was recently married.
Misses Cynthia A. Allen and Emily
headed this way, to settle iu Oregou. returned.
Ralph Bacon, '05, returned yester- F. Hale, of Akr in, Ohio, who have
They could be used as a drawiug card
, day to Eugene aud will re-enter the been visiting iu Eugene at the home
at the 1905 fair.
1 University.
of tbeir cousin, L. O. Beckwith, for
Walter B. Dillard, former princi­ several weeks, left for home today.
Major Delmar has equalled Lou
pal ot tbe
Eugene High School,
Dr. 1. D. Driver aud Rev B. F.
Dillon’s feat of trotting a mile in
opened the Lorane school this morn­ Rowland, of the local M. E. church,
two minutes. The world knows mi ing.
went to Salem this afternoon to at­
more curious phenomenon than tho
Mrs. R. S. Huston is quite sick, tend the annual conference ot tbe M.
force of example. Call it coinci­ having fallen aud hurt heiself quite E. ffiiuisters in session at that place.
Rosebug Review: H. C. Slocum,
dence in the case of brutee, if you badlv last Saturday.
C. Aiken aud Enoa Dixon weut to
will, it still reniuins carious.
visiting in Cottage Grove, returued Eugene today to atteud tbe district
fair which opens tomorrow. Mr. Slo
this atteruoon.
Secretary Shaw is right in his with­
G. W. Handsaker, manager ot the cum has secured tbe position of ticket
holding government deposits from
Junction City mills, returned to seller.
banks which trade on the situation . Junction this afternoon.
by retiring tbeir circulating notes.
Mrs. G. 1«. Lobdell went ivj.
Tbe national banas aie pn.aie busi­ 1 llou City this afternoon to atteud the
ness enterprises, but they receive funeral of Mrs. Lathy Reud.
(Guard Special Service.)
C. F. Toi-ey left this afternoon
national assistance that should forbid
Sept. 29. —Mrs. Weddell
them to ignore ttie general financial
affairs and returu to Oregon.
list at present.
interests of the coutitry.
YOU four months agp. 1 ’*®**r*
parents almost every day that u seeiM
Xost an impossibility for medicine to
do a person so much good. During ths
whole summer I could •caM*U
to walk *l>out the houae, and yesterday
I walked four miles and felt better from
the exercise I now weigh UJJ pounds.
I read in your book of testimonials where
a lady said Dr. Pierce’s medicines were
a • Thousand pound» of comfort, please
let me add one thousand pounds more to
it Mine was a case of complicated te-
niale disease in its worst form.”
Dr Pierce’s Favorite Prescription <xa
lay claim to being the best medicine for
women without fear of contradiction It
it best because it contains no alcohol,
aud is entirely free from opium, cocaine
and all other narcotics, which give only
temporary relief from pain. It is the
best medicine for women because its
cures are radical, going to the root of
disease and establishing perfect and per
manent health. To these claims the
women themselves are the witnesses,
who having tried in vain
other medicines have
found in " Favorite Pre­
scription ” a complete and
lasting cure.
’’ I feel more than grate­
ful to you for the benefit
I have received from Dr.
Pierce’s Favorite Pre­
scription and ‘ Golden
Medical Discovery,’“
writes Mrs. Ervie E.
Woodin, of Millerton,
Dutchess Co., N. Y„ cars
of Box No. I. "For a
numtier of years I h.'d
been troubled with female
weakness, nervous head­
aches, irregularity, rest­
lessness at night, and, in
fact, was all run down,
but after taking three
bottles of * Favorite Pre­
scription ' and one of
•Golden Medical Discov­
ery ’ feel that I am en­
tirely cured. Have no
more nervous headaches,
and rest very good at
night; in fact, feel like a
different person, thanks
to your kind advice and
medicine. I earnestly advise
fainting to the floor. Her shop-mates wonderful
all who
f rom ---
similar troubles
www suffer ------
j -------
promptly care for her, and she is assisted U*a
f the store
__ u
eVif* mav
rest to write to Dr. Pierce at once. They
where she
may rest
will not regret it.”
and have the needed restoratives.
i ATloy
Kosoburg, or I“’ nl
!' < Hu
Notice is her< uv eiicti t*
I'liauio with tbtf iiuvi,'; It
Hit lit UOli^TcHM (j| J||(
tilled “All a i tor i . ? l»7k. h
lauds in tbe states ot i hq, ‘ 14 “•Ht,
vt..q,; '' "
lory, us exteiHie-i t. h -, u Lin..
laud Hates by aet ot Í, '* I I '-•«>
Kail- Guil’y.
u<-huty Oregon, 1.-
win otnen h< r ,... ru . . -• 1
•’•!•» .... the pun-bar“ Uu"'"'’
s.-criin, 28, tp. 1;,
»• t, and will ull.-t i,,'. ,11«"
Iiiut the laud sought 1-
f< r it. liinl,i r i . Pt. , ‘ "* GL»,
For the majority of women there ia no
need to be sick with womanly diseases.
The figures show that out of every fifty
women suffering from diseases peculiar
to their sex forty-nine are cured by the
use of Dr. Pierce’s Favorite Prescription.
Even the one woman in fifty for whom
no perfect cure is possible is benefited
by a lessening of pain, and an increase
of strength through the use of this great
medicine for womanly ills.
" Favorite Prescription ” establishes
regularity, dries weakening drains, heals
inflammation and ulceration, and cure«
female weakness. It is the best tonic
and nervine for weak, worn-out and run­
down women. It quiets the nerve«, en­
courages the appetite and induces re­
freshing sleep. It is a purely vegetable
Reparation, and cannot disagree with
the weakest constitution.
Weak and sick women are invited to
consult Dr. Pierce by letter, fret. All
correspondence is held as strictly private
and sacredly confidential. Adores« Dr.
R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
" Favorite Prescription ” makes weak
women strong, sick women well. Ac­
cept no substitute for the medicine which
works wonders for weak women.
• sUili
»re j
uaJ'» tbe i;
Wiles, Caraon Matthews rfL F?ik
lor and Amins J.
gene, Lauo county, Oie,,ol. uf U
Any and all petsotts claimi
versely tbe above de.-vribs t u.a*
requested to tile tbeir el '„d‘ “»
office on i.r before said
October, 1903.
*'lh day cI
I uited States LaU(j
Roseburg, Or., July
Notice is hereby given that i«
pliance with the proviso e,
of congress of June:. 1878, Xi
“An act for the sale of timber 1?
in the states of California
Nevada and Wasbir gtou Te’rhUn"
as extended to all tbe pubiio
states by ai t of August \ 1J ?
Carson Mathews , f j- uge^
county^ Oregon, has this day
this office bis sworn statement?
. section,
k XXJ tor the puichase otthe -et <
township 19^ \
range 5 west, and will off,,-r
show that tbe land sought i.
valuable tor its timbre -.r -¡m-e o ’
lor |-ur,
atJ u •“
*.ub ‘“ ‘v
J. J. Walton, L. S. Cemn:irt--Utel t
Eugene, Oregon, on Moidsy tu
28tb ct, Roa
He limits as v-ituesses- ¡...q
£e,wr’xF1«7 C*“ -’ ,0,h''tL«kL*
E. \t. Mathews, of Goshen; Char-in
Caylor of Hadleyvlle, all ot Ls-.
county, Oregou.
Auy aud all persons chiming U
vereely tbe above dt -cribid landau,
requested to file their claims in thin
office on or before said 2bth dar of
September 1. 903.
J. T. BRIDGES, Register.
While the existence of the store hos­
pital points to the sympathy of the man­
agement with its employees, it also em­
phasizes the weakness of the women for
whom the hospital ia established. Women
who work must be prompt and regular
in their duties or they are not wanted.
The back may ache, every step may jar
along the spine until the head throbs
pitifully. The reaching up for a box of
United States Laud Offlee,
gloves or the stooping to pick something
Roseburg, Or., July 22, M
from the floor may cause acute pain, but
Notice is hereby giv.-u that iu coa-
the woman behind the counter must hold
pliance with the proviricus uf tbe
on until she drops, and she generally
act of congress oi June 3, 1878,.en­
does. Then comes the hospital, a brief
titled “Au act for the bale of timter
rest, and some pallative for her present
in tbe states of California,
pain. Next month she may repeat the
Oregon, Nevada and \iaebiatgon Ter­
same; for it is noted that this
ritory,” as extended to all IbePutlk
liability to physical collapse among
land states by act ot August 4, IK,
women is much greater at certain pe­
William 11. Hod< s, of Eugene, Lue
riods. The hospital is good in iit. j4acr.
county, Oregon, has this day filed tn
But what these women need is health,
this office bis sworn statement No.
sound health. And sound health for
5533 for the pure*
of the tAs le1,.
them means the cure of those womanly
8w*'4, tf seeliui ¡<2. tp. 19 gd
diseases which are the primary cause of
range, •> w, ir 1 w 11 Jer prwl to
the physical weakness such women feel.
show that the land «ought is o.ui
There is a cure for womanly diseases
valuable for its timber or Rote ttai
which has the testimony of tens of thou­
for agricultural purposes, and torr
sands of women to its perfect and per­
manent nature. It is Dr. Pierce’s Favor­
tablieb his claim to said laud Lehn
ite Prescription, the medicine which
J. J. Walton, U. 8. Commissioner it
makes weak women strong and sick
Eugene, Oregou, on Wednesday, tbe
The best medical book free. Doctor 14th day of October, 1908,
women well.
-A lira.I overflowing with gratitude Pierce’s Common Sense Medical Adviser,
He names as witness««: Fnoi
the greatest nu>dern medical work Heyer, A. Carson Mathews, both d
as well as a sense of duty urges me to
w-rite to you and tell you of my wonder­ containing more than a thousand large Eugene, Jacob Gates, of Crew, Join
page« ano over 700 illustrations, is sent Clary, of Lorane, all of L sdc County.
full recovery,’’says Miss Corinne C. Hook,
free on receipt of stamps to pay expense Oregon.
of Orangeburg, Orangeburg Co., South
Carolina, (care of J. H. Hook). "By the of mailing only. Send 31 one-cent stamp«
Auy aud all persons claiming al-
Ilansburry aud family will use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription for the cloth-bound volume, or only 21 vertely tbe above described landssre
Dr. T. B. Ford was a passenger to
I am entirely a new being compared to stamps for the book in paper covers. requested to file their claims iu this
Salem this afternoon to attend the lea ve Thursday for Eastern Oregon, th« poor miserable sufferer who wrote _ Address Dr. R. V. Pierce. Buffalo. N. Y.
office on or before said Htb day d
The Atlanta Constituiton says that conferences of M. E. ministers in where they will locate.
October, 1903.
the Confederate veterans of many that city.
J. T. BRIDGES Register
J. A. Briggs made a flying trip to
Southern cities are trying to induce
Robert Cronin, tbe expected Pen­ Eugene Friday.
United States Land Office,
Col. A, K. McClure to deliver bis dleton footballist, arrived Saturday
Died, Friday evening, Sept.' 26, at
Roseburg. Or., July 18, 1903.
United States Land Office.
Notice is hereby given that in
lectures on Abraham Lincoln undei and was on tbe field this evening at his home on the Mohawk, Rev. J.
Roseburg, Or., Aug. 4,1A3-
compliance with ’he provisions of tbe
(Guard Special Service.)
F. Mulkey, [aged 71 years. The re­
their auspices, and it gives its hearty the University.
Notice is hereby given that incom­
act of congress uf June 3, 1878, en­
mains were takeu to Mulkey cemetery
Fall Creek, Sept. 28. —Bud Kintz- titled. “Au aci for the sale of timber pliance with the provisions of the Art
Dr. Sharpies, of Goshen, was In the
approval to the suggestion. The
near Coburg for burial.
ley, who has beeu in Eastern Oregon, lands iu the states of California, Ore­ of Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled
country has had already convincing city this morning. He reports as
Miss Margarita Stewart left Satur­ as witness in a law suit, has returned. gon, Nevada and Washington terri­ “Au Act for tbe side uf limber Unde
large a crop of prunes as usual from
tory,” as extended 1 o all tbe public in the States of California, OregM,
proof that the war is over, but could
day to resume her studies at the U. O.
Mr. Storey’s family, who have been timlier land states by act of August Nev(<la and Washington Territory,
bis farm.
auy lai more satisfying than this?
Nate Hall, of Springfield, was on visiting near Eugene, returned home 4, 1892, James M. Goldson, of Gold­ as extended to all tbe Public land
Preisdent V. C. Loudoh, of the
son, Lane county, Oregou, hae this States by act of August 4, 1892,
the Mohawk Sunday, visitiug his Tuesday.
Southern Oregou District Fair Asso­
Royal S. Smith
day filed in this office his sworn state­
brother, Monroe.
ment No. 5519 tor the purchase of the of Crow, Lane county, Oregon. M
Lieutenaut Burbank of Fort Leav­ ciation, arrived this morning from
Geo. Hill has returned to Eugene to for a visit with relatives in Washing­ s'a nel4, e>i sej< of section 30, tp. thia day filed in this office hisi’ r-
enworth is in a liad predicament, his Roseburg.
16 s, r 6 west, aud will offer proof statement No. 5586 for the purcum
take a course at the Eugene Business ton recently.
Mrs. C. A. E. Duncan ami daugh- College.
to show that the land sought is of the ne*4 uwl4. of section JOJorj
lawfulHy wedded Filipino wife still
Jack Marlin, foreman of Booth- more valuable for its timber or ship 19 south, of range 5 seet; im
fiersistlug In claiming him as her bus 1 ter, who have tieen visiting in this
Will Bair was down to Eugene Mon­ Kelly ’s logging camp, spent a week ' stone than for agricultural purposes, will offer proof to show tbs’ tbe Ju»
, city, left this afternoon for Loe An­
band, and thus preventing his mar­
with his family at Portland, return- and to establish bis claim to said sought is more valuable for its¡tim­
geles, Cal., their home.
! land before J. J. Walton, U. S. Com- ber or stone than for agricultural pot­
riage to a young lady in thia country.
Much hunting ia going on in the iug Monday. Racy Madison was in i missioue-r, at Eugene, Oregon, on poses, and to establish bis claim s
Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Toy, of Myrtle
There are certain persons
These uncivilized Filipino women may
Friday, the 16th day of October, said laud before J. J- Walton, I-
Point, are visiting at tbe home of Mr.
’ Commissioner at Eugene, Oregoi-
Mr. Snyder, an employe of the 1903.
in due time become educated up to and Mrs. Frank Bowers, on South who might get along very well with­
He names as witnesses: Thomas Tuesday, the 20th day of 0cE>*
out speudiug too much time killing Booth-Kelly camp here, is "carrying
E. Evans, of Hale; James H. D.
the idea that there is nothing very Olive street.
his bead in a sling,” as the result I Goldson, James M. Hayuea, L. C. 1903.
“cbinamen. ”
He names as witnesses: "arreB.'
serious or biuding in a marriage cere­
of falling down with a saw and stick­ Moffitt, all of Goldson, Lano county, Smith, Arthur E. Smith, John »
John Vosa, of Woowburn. was in
mony, thus preventing such trouble­ I Eugene today on his way to Policy
man, ofCrow. Frank Hadley, o'
ing a tooth in bis bead.
Any and all persons claiming ad­ leyville, all of Laue county. (WJ-
some complications iu the future for Springs where he will s|>eud a couple
P. C. McAve is tending the Booth-
Any and all persons clauning
versely tbe above described lands are
Kelly dam here.
the gay defenders of the nation's hon­ . of weeks for his health.
i requested to file tbeir claims in this versely the above deercibed *,D * ,,
office on or before said 16th day of requested to file tbeir claim»
M. E. Edwards, of Unity, is work
or— if altogether too carel«>ss of their
(Guard Special Service. )
office on or before said -bth *J
October, 1903.
J. T. BRIDGES, Register.
Crow, Sept. 27.- C. O. Davis and
October, 1903.
from the coast, by private convey
accompanied by Richard
auce, was iu town Thursday.
Hayes, left for Eastern Oregon last
President Roosevelt appears to dis­
the next two weeks, pending the com­
United States Laud Office.
trust the cougreaalonal delegations
pletion of a new residence in Eugene.
Roseburg, Or., July 18, 1903.
United States Laud Office,
gene yesterday, returning today.
from Oregon, Washington aud Idaho.
Rosebnrg, Or., July 23, 1903.
United States Land
E. R. Skipworth and family, of Eu­
Notice is hereby given that in com­
Roseburg. Or.. Julyh
In the two former states he haa
C. M. Stevens, of Noti, was a vital- pliauce with the provisions of the act
gene were in tbe city this morning
of congress of June 3, 1878, entitled. pliance with tbe provisions of tbe act :
Notice is hereby given that w *
turned the matter of filling the laud on their way to Lebanon. Mr. Skip­ tor at W. L. Ford’s today.
An act for the sale of timber lands of Congress Of June 3. 1878, entitled, pliance with the
'’’ „.¡rf
Mrs. A. J. Kraal and children, ac- in the states of California, Oregon
An act for tbe sale of timber lands I of congress of June ... 1'
offices over to Secretary Hitchcock, worth haa been seriously ill for some
< r jal,i»
compenie«! by Norris Smith, returned
who, acting upou reports of Inspector time and has been at different places
in the states of California.
fiom Hale last Wednesday.
states by act of August 4, 1892, Fannie as ext- ide-l to all tbe public land Nevada, ami Washington
Green, baa turned down a mau recom­ for the benefit of hie health. -Satur­
,, ,
Mias Emma Hartwig is lying dan­ M. Moffitt of Junction City. Lane .-fates by act of August 4, 1802, Percy .s extended
day’* A limn y Democrat.
mended by the Oregon delegation for
gerously ill of typhoid fever at the county, Oregon, has this day filed in G Bradway, of Eugene, Lane county, states by act of August 4.
Flornece West:
Mr. Holieubeck.
the IatGrande laud office and also the
home of her sister, Mrs. C. C. Stur­ this office her sworn statement No ’ «TR02’ has ,big ,|av Kled in ‘bis Heyer of Eugene,
Sr., who has been iu Eugene during
>.»14 for the purchase of the s'., se'. - nice his sworn statement No. 5638, gon, haa thia day filed
... f f ta»
tevant, of Crow. Dr. M. Canady is of section 18, tp 16 s, r « west; and or the purbnae of tbe t»e’4 of section
man recommended by the Washington
tbe summer, returned to Florence ou
bis sworn statement No.
will offer proof to show that tbe land II. t| 18 s, r 7 w, and will offer proof purchase of tbe d
delegation for a position at Spokane. Wednesday's boat. • • • Mrs. W in attendance.
u ,, o
to show that the lan-i sought is more tp. 21) 8, r 5 west, and will
Miss Alice Gates has not yet fully
In Idaho it ia claimed the president R. Holieubeck aud children returned
her or stone than for agricultural valtiai le for its timber or stone than ’ to show that the laud
purposes, and to establish his claim for agricultural purposes, and to es- j valuable for its tind't i •
will turn down the republican ma­
laat winter.
to said land before J. J. Walton GU hsh bia claim to said land before for agricultural purl
,j ¡ife«
chine by retaining J. W. Cunning­ visit with relatives in Eugeus. * •
V. a. commissioner at Etigeue, Ore-
A h I o - i , 1 . h . Commissioner at tablish
his claim to said
* H. 11. Fisk, of Mapleton, and his
ham as aasayer. It speaks volumes
' '
Oregon, on Monday, tbe ■ ' .................
j~ j',~Walton.
uncle, Hiram Fisk of Nebraska, gave
U'tb day of October, 1903.
I Eugene, Oregon, n ^on
the Republican machine the Weet office a pleasant call Mon­
She names as witnesses
James M
lie names as witnesses:
i 5th day of October. I-
Goldson. James H. D. Goldson'
mtthodsof these far Western states, day afternoon.
He names as witn.
James M Haynes. L C. Moffitt, all
Clem Hod«*
when the president, amemlwr of their
o* '»oltlson. Lane couuty. Oregon.
< t i of hageoe, all of Lane county, Hodes. John Clary, all
(Daily Guard, September 28.)
own party, cannot stomach their
Lane county, Oregon.
Any and all pt rsons claiming ad-
Auy aud all persons »
Claud Sylvester, the printer, todsy versely the above described lands are
actions. Or haa Roosevelt a case of
requested to file their claims in this vt t- ly the above described lands are versely tbe above d<rl1*“ 1B ffi»
(Daily Guard, Septem tier 29.)
nt noon slipped and fell on the side
swelled head?
I MU 4 m
r«»]i.f-ted to Hie their claims iu this requested to file tbeir v qb d*-T
N. J. Wright is in Eugene.
walk at his borne and broke a bons in
office on or before said 19tb day of office on or before said
October, 19u3.
bis left hand. Dr. W. L. Cheshire at­
Dr. T. W. Harris Is in Portland
October, 1963.
•I- T. BRIDGES, Register.
Henry Welxenfelder, of Leaburg, is tended the injury. It will be some
time before be can ues the baud
in Eugene.
Mohawk Item^
Hypt lleras
Palestine Pointeis.
Hand Broken.
Frat k C. Lucas, of Monmouth,
Sherlock llolmea :— "1 see you in Eugene.
to kick the medal when worn around have been buying a dictiouary. “
C. Cole, of Marcela, was a visitor
town for lieing too over confiding in
Dr. Watson. -“How the----- ?”
iu the Guard office today.
“Simple, my dear doctor. I ob
common humanity.
to Mr. and Mrs.
J. A. Armitage left this afternoon
«ei ve a copy of the Eugene Register
Kotiert Nail, of Mobn-sk, a daughter
ou hie return to Marshfield.
iu your pocket. ” —Oregonian.
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