West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, October 08, 1908, Image 7

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t P1 JL Calloway
Osteopathic Physician
Oraduate i. id Aiiictfun hi IiimiI
ol OvtMijiathv. Klikrlllw, M,
Uiir (r. A. T Mtil, (uhiiiI
r of I ha Menr.
William (irant, a pionrn-r f
diid at Itis lioma in Uallaa, Hi'ptoinlifr
Z7lh, at tha advancd age ot iity ev-
PAom 191 Room f 4- S
nil y-t, death iK'ing due to envping
imralyaia. lie was torn in Jackaon
ciiutil)', Miuotirl.
Following liiigraiii'sl aki'teh is from
lIU OlMMrvfr:
I'laatrrii'K ami yriiMal miiMin work.
None, I'rlc k ml t'oncrrte work,
iNim:MKNCK, on
rtlinli free- mi application.
I.W. Dickinsons
(liMkl turnouts ami careful drivers
Oradimta of N M. . C
r )!!) ff!ii(illf
Tha Scales Tell the Sfory
Whan the buyer opna up your clip
and tindi It aofl, long, strong and white
puts It on tha scales and finds It
maximum weight for wool-stock. Diva
you mora fur It that's the etiect of
Healing your flocks with
Permittee1 by ths government for ths
official dipping of sheep for scab.
Antiseptic and healing for shear cuts
snd barbed-wire wounds; insures
clean skin, free of ticks, scab, lice;
eradicates foot-rot, prevents all sheep
diseases, promotes growth of staple.
Raises Quality, Incroaaoa Prloa
Omm eallna Ohloro-Nnlholeam Dip mkM a
b.m.1 fit w.luttoa. Hold bj mmuy mufanmoum
tr rHi for uuh a auei.)r. 1 al.t 11-aUf i aal..
ta 7i 10 !.. til tO-f rtbl Mid.
Th Inm(. nwt uwtlcl. .Wf hook wir writ
ten on UiU lubf-rt "Making SAf Halt hp and
.trpintf rim flu miyni ui 1 la your nuna.
'rv,ntinn I lnrtt.r than cur. Our tiook
bows how" for bota. Mead fur It bow. M
mI Ol.tafKHni (XIm L lit It. knTwt Clt
iNtultM IlrMt Ihlc.r. 81. LM, Ofntb.
Train N01W leaves Indcjmiirtence dHlly U:(X)
a. m,i leave Monmouth 11.10 a. m. hi
J)nl iuii 6:411 11. 111.
Train No UN leaven Independence dally
livttl h. in.; leaves Monmouth, 11:1)5 a. in.;
arrive JHilliis, ll;m. 111,
Trul n Nil 711 leaves Indeneiidcnne dully 8:16
r. in.: Ii'iivn Monmouth B.IW p. in.; arrive D11I-
Iiih U.-fift p. III.
. Train No 73leaves Independence dully 2:30
fi. 111.; Icavi-H Muiimoiilti i:M p. 111.; urrivea
AlrlleS ii p. 111.
Train No ir leaven Diillns dully K:.'n. in;
leaven Monmouth (tifjfiu. in.; arrive lndepuu
deuce II: 1ft u. 111.
Train No Ml leaves riiilbis dully 1:00 p. m.
loaves Monmouth l:Siu. m.; arrived lmlcneii
deuce 1:1(1 p. 111. (This train connect" at Mon
mouth for Alriiu)
Train No 71 leave t)nl ns dully 7:.' p. in.j
Jon "en Monmouth 8 p. in.; arrives Indepeiiil.
euoeSMfi p. m. '
Train No 72 leave Ali lla dully 4:05 p. 111.;
leuveH Motiiiiniilu i:W p. 111.; urrivea luuo-
pendence -l:i5 p. Ml
Notice of Final Settlement.
lu the conntv court of tlie Btate of Ore-
koii for I'olk county, in the mutter ol
the entatu of J. M. M itcliell.de.ieascd.
Notice is hi'ivu.v Kiven that Weulth,
Mitchnll. executrix, of the pwtate of J
M, Mitchell, deceased, has rendered
and presumed for nettlemunt, and filed
in sulci court her html account of her
ilministi'Htion ol said estate, aud thnt
Friday, the 30th day of October, 11108,
at 10 o'clock a in. at the county court
rooms of Baid couri lu the city of Dallas
Polk fionutv. Oreiron. nas been appoint-
ed by the incite of said court for the
eetlleuient or ail accounts at; wnicn
tine and place any person interested
in said eBtate may appear and file ex
ceptions in writing to said account and
contest the same.
Executrix of the estate ot J. M.
Mitchell. deceaHed.
B F. Jonea. Attorney. 10-29
liis 11 rt etlni'stion was oiiiirMl un
der William 8nydir, 0110 cif tha iio
ftwr U'airliers of Oregon, and Win!
founder of 0110 of Ilia first schools aver
etul)liliel in Tolk county. loiter hf
completed ij( education in the old
I.aCrtMilc Acailuiny.of a hii li liis futlmr
was a trustr and one of the limit en-
liUkiiinlio supportera.
Ihirin' the years of JNC1 and 18(12,
Mr. (ir.uit triivl hia fortunea in t)u?
tninca of Klorcnco, Idaho, lteturning
to (iregon the latter part if the sec
ond year, he married Ileutrice Aureliu
HoU-rlson, the daughter of William
IhiUmUoii, who had come to Oregon
in 1N.V2.
In 1 8 1 fi lie was apointed deputy
county clerk of folk county, but soon
n-aiguiHl in order to enlixt in the ranks
of the Oregon voluntwrs for service
agatnNt tlio Indiuns. lie remained in
the service until IHfifl, during which
time lie was elevated to the rank of
After leaving the military service he
kept a hotel in Dallas for a short time
and then moved to Linn county, where
he resided for about ten years, work
ing as a carpenter and building con
tractor. About 1877, he returned to
Dallas, where he continued hio trade
until about ten years ago, when he re
tired from active work.
Mr. Orant was a member of the O. A.
It., being a past commander of the
Dalian Pout. Fraternally ho belonged
to tho Order of Odd Fellows. He wan
6 member of the Christian church,
under the auspices of which his funer
al was held yesterday afternoon. The
remains were interrod in the Odd Fel
lows' cemetery.
Mr. Grant is survived by his wife
and five children: U. 8. Grant, a
prominent breeder of Angora goats in
l'olk county; Glen 0., who is one of
the leading carpenters and contract
ors of thia city; N. M., who is lining
on the old home farm near Dallas;
Ilchlon II., a traveling salesman, of
Portland; and Viola Estelle, (Mrs. C.
II. Lane Jr.), of Dallas.
Pre-eminently a man of action, Mr.
Grant' whole life in Dallas has been
potent for the progress and upbuilding
of tho city, and in his death we lose a
man to wIiohg influence many of the
present valuable institutions of this
city can be directly traced. As the
hearse bearing his mortal remains
passed through the streets of the city
yesterday on its way to the final rest
ing place, thoso who knew of his un
ceasing labors for the welfare of the
commonwealth, were constrained to
lift their hats in salute, as they would
for the passing bier of some staunch
soldier, who, having fought a "good
fight" and "finished hif, course," had
at length laid by his sword and shield
to enjoy a period of slumber, the
rightful respite from the hardships of
life's combat.
(Polk Correspondent of Dallas Observer)
G. J. Eempel of Eickreall, recently
cleared $190 from the sale of the pota
toes raised in a four-acre patch.
P. G. Kempel has removed from
Kickreall to Black Rock where he will
he employed in the work of surveying
for an extension of the railroad
The two-year-old son of Mr. and
Mrs. D. G. Eempel was badly scalded
in the face with hot water Sunday.
However, it is thought that the injur
ies will not cause permament disfig
Irresponsible boys in this neighbor
hood have been causing much annoy
ance by tearing open and otherwise
damaging the mail boxes along the
rural delivery route. Unless such van
dalism is stopped, the persons who
have been most troubled purpose ap-
V. "V :
""V- 7'
i: :.'' r ,.'
: ''.I-'. Of
Cocmieht 1908
Ths Houm of Kuppeoheuaer
- f f.-T-., ; I , f ... -i '
eg w . w
"YHEN hundreds of young men in the county buy their Clothing"
regularly from us it's a fair indication that we're handling the
right kind of goods. When these same young men pay us $15, $18, $20
and $25 for a suit it's good evidence that they think it worth while. The
young man who buys one of our new Fall suits of the "Kjippenheimer"
make gets out of the crowd of just fairly dressed men and is distinguished
for the good taste, style and swing of his clothes.
in immense stock of Suits and Overcoats now ready for your
jf ;
eioihiiio Cleaned
Pressed and Repaired
next door to City Restaurant, on street
Independence Oregon
Business Main, . . v $2.00 per month
Business 2 party line 1.50 per month
Residence Main 1.50 per month
Residence 2 party line 1.25 per month
Residence 4 party line 1.00 per month
Desk set 25c extra per month, furnished only on
business lines.
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice Is hereby given that the nnder
algned, aa administrator with the will and
nexed of the estate ol John Loy, deceased,
nan filed his final acoount In the Connty
Court of the Mtute of Oregon, for Polk ounty.
awl tlmi. Hnt.nrilHV. the 17t.li day of October,
in'of th.' P3aIinS t0 the wthorities for the pun-
the said bounty Uouri in uie i;ny oi nana, j iment of the Offending parties.
A.oin.n Viuo Kuan a iinril n t oil hv IB In ( nurt HI !
iha tltYa anri ri I u f fVtr l.tlA hfRrlnir Of flb-
jct!ou to the HHid flaai account and the Wanted To rent ft farm. Will pay
"" : john R. LOY cash rent. Write NOW to Chas. E
.estate of John Lov. deceased. Hicks, Real Estate Broker, Indepen-
Ontednnil flm iiiI.kIii d ' ept ember 17. m denci l)regon.
When You Sit Down To
a Meal
in this restaurant you are sure it will be
excellent aa to food, coo kin if and service.
The surroundings speak for themselves,
and the bill of fare tells mutely of fine
eating at little prices. Come in and bring
a friend or two along. You . will all be
be pleased.
White House Restaurant
Wm. McGilchrist & Son, Proprietor
. .
Your Attention Has
Been Drawn
often to some home where the
inmates seemed to be having fbe
time of their lives. You have,
doubtless, wished you could have
such a jolly good time at your
house. Vou can easily enoiyja
Ono of our talking machines wnl
furnish aoy kind of entertalument
you desire. Stop in and see what a
wealth of enjoyment it will afford.
M7 rnmineroiHl Ptreet, KulJirrt. Ore.
' tot wpot eaah. 10 to aa man
I anil U borne.
I 4 IV
And interest has to be paid on it every year
or two for painting or coating. The principal
also has to be paid over again in a lew years
by buying a new roof. When you buy
all expense stops as the first cost is the only
cost. The REASON-made of Asbestos, an
, indestructible mineral nothing to rot, rust or
wear out. Requires no coating or painting-
no expense for maintenance. Will protect
your buildings from fire.
Asbestoside is an Asbestos Sheathing, and
is uie most economical, durable and easily
appueu Bluing Known.
Ask for- samples and prices.
576-lst Ave. S., Seattle, Washington.
noney for rem to ship Raw Fun ud Hides tow than tt
1st. Msrknt KMdnrt fthinninar Taua-L aintt Arum v
P5T 'ettl8r bL Bert thtnf on tht vubjaot crar writtan. IllaatnUlof H Far iDimntfl . AB
about Trmppen" SocrsU. IWotb. Traps. Oaim lawi How snd whern to trap, and In bccrwie m mir
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beaotiful Robaa. Oar JUcati Baitand Daor sttrscta aoimaJa to trap. H OO rr ba4lU. Ship vfar
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