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I N I ) K I'K N D KN C K , GKKUON, TIIUl'SDAY, K TulU It 8, i'JOS.
tliarl.s Tlialrklll and 1. I. MonaliM
ActuwI of Korglng Itallrusvd
OmriaJa' Kami lo lamra.
Kan Franrlaro. Oct. . Chariot
Thairklll and J. I', Monhan, former
clerks In railroad offlcrs In Portland,
wore arrested Sunday on Irlngraphle
advices from that dir. charging then
with the (heft of blank railroad
pasaos and tha forgery of name of
official. .
Tbalrklll and Monahan are exceed
Ing wall-drmuMHl young mn, and ac
cording to their statements, bar
boon ni ployed In railroad clrclns
throughout tha Northwest recently.
For ao m weeks railroad detectives
have been engaged la trying to trace
a number of forged panada that have
come to light In the Northwest, and
It la believed that the two men have
operated extensively.
When aearched at tha police sta-
tlon two blank Southern Pacific and
two blank Oregon Railroad Navl
gallon Company's passes were found
on them. They admit coming to San
Franrlaro on aases which they bad
stolen and forged, but deny that
they have been guilty ot other of
According to detective, somebody
hat recently been doing a large bual
neaa In forged passes. These passes
were aold to ticket scalpers, who dis
posed of them to travelers. Tho forg
erlea have been good rnougb to dofy
detection unttl the passes were re
turned to tho general ofllcea of the
roads. Thairklll and Monatian have
agreed to return to Portland with
out extradition. When arrest od they
had but a small sum of money on
Washington, Oct. B. Tho revenue
cutter Taboma, named In honor of
the City of Taconia, will be launched
at the yard of the New York Ship
Building Company, Cumden, N. J.,
Saturday, October 10. MIbs Grace
Clark Kahler, ot Tacoma; will act
as sponsor of the vessel. The event
will be especially notable as It will
form a part of the Founders week
celebration at Philadelphia. The
Tahoma takes the Indian name In
stead of the present spelling of the
City of Destiny, because a naval
cruiser has already been named In
honor of Tacoma and It was neces
sary to avoid a confusion of names.
The Tahoma will be one of the
crack vessels of the revenue cutter
service, especially for long distance
cruising, as she has a coal capacity
of 225 tons and a fresh water ca
pacity of 65 tons.
war ctAtvm ixh)m ovi:h nAL-
It now mh'iiis probable that the rum-
plaint of II. K. Jones, legislator, attor
ney, and farmer of l'olk county,
against the Well Fargo F. press com-
Miiy, will hve a aM-ly hearing be
fore the atats raiload commission, not
withstanding the protest of tho com
pany' attorneys, that Mr. Jones'
charge of unreasonable rxpreea raU-t
are too sweeping am! should lie dis
Trlnre Kmllnand lo Pit Ulin It,
Taking Title of tsar -Austria
Kelat-s Mates.
l-ondon, Oct. 8. Events which
threaten to change the political face
of Kurope are crystallising with
llghtnlng-IIke rapidity. Almost over
night the tor I ton of tha Near East,
which seamed gradually assuming a
i:r.i,ilv Mr. Junes flint with the Peaceful appearance, has
. : . 1 I..., .1 - ... I crowora wnu war ciuuus.
CUOlllllSSIUIl V'llllllllb in uv isin
of tho express company were too high
snd skod that the matter lie investi
gated by the commission. An an
swer was lilcti Willi Hie commission
yesterday by the company's attorneys I
and by General manager Iks k with of I
the company, asking that the com
plain. )o dismissed on the ground
News ha reached here from sev
eral source that two definite strokes
are Impending which cannot fall to
bring matters to a crisis and perhaps
force an Immediate war.
One Is th proclamation of Prince
Ferdinand of the Independence of
Bulgaria, which will Include Hou
mella. taking for himself the title
of Cxar. The other Is an announce-
practical annexation of the provinces
of Bosnia and Ileriegovnla as ap-
panges of th Auatro-Iiungarlan
Either actios will be equivalent to
the tearing op of the treaty of Berlin,
while Prince Ferdinand's course
that no particular rate is specified and tnent by Austria-Hungary of the
that the company should not be asked
to go to the exiwiibe of demonstrating
that it rate throughout the state are
reasonable The answer states that
the company maintains 122 offices in
Oregon, that each has a general mer
chandise rate and a general special seems almost certain to precipitate
rate and tlmt the toUl number of wa' ,WT "i'""" "ttu"T
. . The Bulgarians have faith in their
rates now in force in this .tate is ap- ,rmy whcn hg, rea.hoJ , hl?n sUte
proximately 20,000. Owing, tho at- 0f efficiency, although It is perhaps
torueys state, to the impossibility of lacking in officers, and the war for
proving tliut each and every one of wnlcn Bulgaria has long been bus-
pt-ciea oi preparing wuia uq iuuui
with more advantage for her now
than when the Turkish government
has had time to reorganise Its forces.
While Austria's action with re
gard to the two provinces may not
technically be called anr.ojrntlon. it
Is believed It will amount to that.
Apparently the Emperor Is deter
mined that the destiny of these prov
Inces stall be Austrian, not Turkish
For 30 years they have been admin
istered hy Austrla-Hunfary, but they
have always remained theoretically
Turkish territory, and Austria pledg
ed that her administration should
not derogate Turkish Interests
English public opinion is with
Turkey in the Bulgarian dispute, as
all the powers except Austria seem
to be, and it remains to be seen what
the English attitude will be toward
annexation if that becomes a fact
these rates is reasonable, it is urged
that the complaint tiled by Mr. Jones
In) quashed.
(Secretary lioodull of the railroad
commission, suid that the hearing
would bo held in the near future and
that the statement of tiie attorneys,
.Messrs. fmiow and McClamantof Port
land, will bo taken as the basis of the
defense of the defendant express com
The date of the hearing has not yet
iceli set.
Got Into Tough Saloon.
Reno, Nev., Oct. 6 William Rock
efeller, accompanied by his two sons,
while viewing the Bights at Carlln,
quenched their thirst at the Gem sa
loon. This incident alone was not re
garded with much Interest by the few
Inhabitants of the little desert town,
because they did not know who the
distinguished visitors were. The Gem
Is regarded as one of the toughest
resorts In the state.
Hole Inch Deep Burned.
San Francisco, Sept. 6. While sit
ting at the receiving instrument of
the wireless telegraph station on
Russian Hill, L. T. Crow, an opera
tor, received a shock cf electricity
that burned a hole an inch deep in
the marble top of the table on widen
the instrument was resting. Crow
escaped with slight Injury, and esti
mated that 30.000 volts passed
through his body.
Wheat Track prices: Club, 88c;
red Russian, 85c; bluestem, 92c;
Valley, 90c.
Barley Feed. $25.50; rolled,
Oats No. 1 white, $30; gray,
Hay Timothy, Willamette Valley,
fancy $14; do. ordinary, $11; East
ern Oregon, $16.50; mixed, $18;
alfalfa, $lx.
Butter Extra, 34c; fancy, 32 c;
choice, 30c; store, 18c.
Eggs Extra, 31 32c; firsts, 28
29c; seconds, 23 26c; Eastern,
26 28c.
Hops New Oregon, 6 7c; 1907,
a4c; 1906, 11c
Wool Valley 14 015 He; lb;
Eastern Oregon, 816c, as to
Mohair Choice, lS01c.
iSeverul from here attended the
county fair at Dallas Thursday and
W. A. Snyder and family of Rick.
rcall, were guests of tne Fishback fam
ly (Saturday.
Israel and Albert Marks mado a bus-
ness trip to VV hiteson Thursday.
Mrs. Chute and Mr. and Mrs. lief
Hey of Montnouth, were in this vioin
ity Friday.
Dick Ogel has moved into the Ru
fus Smith house.
Mrs. Orra Marks of near Dallas, vis
ited her parents, Mr. and Mrs Allen
Towns, the past week.
C. C. Titzer is building a new wagon
shed on his farm.
A. J. Shipley returned home Sunday
from a visit in Ronton county.
Grandma Ilerron visited her daugh
ter, Mrs. Simpson, of Monmouth, Sun
Nathan Enimett of Falls City, is
moving on his farm which he bought
George Clarke of Portland, Dowl
and Retta Ilarmer of Salem, and Geo.
Sullivan and family of Kails City, at
tended the funeral of Lee Clarke last
Mr. and Mrs. Sumpter of Falls City, sary,
were in these parts the first of the
Hurricane Sweeps Over Manila Bay
and Much Damage Done Ashore.
Manila, Oct. 5. The Atlantic bat
tleship fleet outrode a hurricane
which swept Manila Bay for 12 hours
and did much damage ashore.
Typhoon signals were displayed
early Sunday morning, but the storm
broke over the bay suddenly and un
expectedly at noon. At 8 o'clock at
night the storm had reached its
height, and it then gradually tapered
down until at midnight it was com
paratively calm, although heavy seas
swung. across the harbor. During the
storm the battleships had steam up
ready for an emergency. The vessels
steamed down close to Cavite, where
they anchored. At ttanes the wind
blew at the rate of 100 miles an
hour, and all communication ashore
was cult .off.
On shore it was dangerous to go
about. Several carriages were over
turned !by the wind, trees were blown
down, electric wires were prostrated
and several buildings were unroofed,
Among these was the depot commis
Notice is herebv riven to all hunters Los Angeles, Oct. 4. Determined
of Polk county and elsewhere thatlto cA&r.ry t0 the'r, avowed intention
, , , . t . I w uoioai uio vimuauvo Ul tliC City
Mng.u.lu.m..vu "" which prescribes certain districts in
premises oi tne unaersigneu. ah which openair meetings may be held,
former privileges are hereby revoked, and forbids them in all other places.
People shooting along the Stewart memners or tne salvation
lane are especially warned in this no- J-
tice. arrested tonight and hauled to the
J. II. Collins R. Springer Central Police Station in police vans,
W M. Fmrate Harrv D. Hit? singing and praying as they were
W II Cockle Chas. S. Iliff hurried down the down-town streets.
nra Tllff M. W.Mix V""1-" was ae-
i J"" manded in each instance as bail, and
Peter Kurre some of the members nromntlv de-
. m . .,ro 3 posited the sum. Over half of the
ForSale.-Twenty-sixncksofwood,l mh,a womnn ,mnnD. thom
mixed, ash and hr, one-tnira nr, at determined to become martyrs to the
1.25 the rick. At the F. A. Patterson cause and spent the night in Jail.
.... . . MPL. 1. . ILL
nnttatre. Household lurniture at Dar- OT- i-wiiiuiuuuuus possiuio
gain prices, because I am leaving were Provided for them, but In the
p'vwi " case of the men these wera nn hettnr
town. J. M. ven, inaepeiiuenc. than thc cel,g ,n whlch common crIm,
Phone 2511. tf inals are placed..
The student body of the Normal ia
tlwdily growing. Among the olJ
student who returned last week wete
Mia I'rarl hiiimmiis, Kr ill Montague,
and Archie McNeill, lh-siih-a the,
several new student have bwti en
Silas l.llrn Ijiwrence, 07, who is
again to b-ach in the Kast school in
Salem, was the fctnnt of Mr. L. A.
Robinson a few days ago.
Mia Lucy !. Hopkin wa a visitor
at the O. 8. N. 8. for several days this
week. Mis Iloiikin succeed Mis
Gage in V. W. C. A. work in Oregon
and Mi Gage leave soon to take up
duties of the association in Seattle.
On Saturday evening the young ladie
of the Y. W. C. A. gave a reception at
the Not niul Assembly Hall iu honor
of Mia Hopkin. Pleasing number
on the program were a piano solo by
Mr. Ilurton Arant, a vocal solo by
Mis Lor Craven, and an address by
Miss Hopkins. The remainder of the
evening was tnjoyably spent in an in
formal social time. The local Y. W.
C. A. is interested in plans for attend
ing the district convention to be held
in Salem the last of October. On
Monday morning Miss Hopkins
pleased the student at assembly hall
with a talk on the work of the Y. W.
C. A. at Oberlin College.
The Normal extends sympathy to
Miss Anna Wickman of Marshfield,
who has been called home by the
death of her little nephew, and the ill
ness of her mother. Mks Wickman
may return in February.
Friends of David Campbell will be
pleaned to hear that he is enjoying his
course in hitman College. Mr,
Campbell and Miss Lois Powell, for
merly of Monmouth, figured promt
neatly in a concert at the Weston
Normal recently. Miss Powell now
has churgo of music in the grades of
the training department at Weston
Miss Agnes Campbell, '08, who
now a student at O. A. C, visited her
home in Monmouth over Sunday,
Classes are organizing. The Fresa
men are a bright lot of over thirty
members, and will give the other
classes a strong race for supremacy,
The Seniors have elected D. C. Henry
president , T. M. Stroud vice presi
dent, and Mary Whitney secretary.
On Friday evening Mr. Briggs and
eleven other "innocents" were initia,
ted as Vespertines. With great sol
enmity ten wierd witches with peaked
hats and flowing robes stirred a boil
ing caldron, and foretold not "bubble,
bubble, boil and trouble," but many
prosperous years if they be faithful
With twenty-six new members the
Delphians have bright prospects for
the new year. The Normals organ
ized on Friday night, making D. C
Henry president ior the first ten
The teachers and pupils of the Nor
mal training school enjoyed a holiday
and trip to the school fair at Dallas
on Thursday, October 1st. Among
the prizes received by the pupils were:
Dwight Quisenberry, 8th grade, 1st on
sled.; Lucien Arant, 6th grade, 1st on
tomatoes; Ray Grounds, 6th grade, 2d
on popcorn; Francis Arant, 4th grade,
2d on asters; Lucien Arant, 3d on
birdhouse; Delphia Hartzog, 8th grade
3d on shirtwaist.
Principal L. R. Traver is attending
the Annual Teachers' Institute and
School Fair at The Dalles this week
The three counties of Wasco, Hood
River, and Sherman combine this year
Many will be glad to hear that
citizens course of entertainment is
being discussed. A meeting will soon
be held and definite action taken.
Notice is hereby given that the part
nerehip formerly existing between ihe
firm of Dove & v imams is, this 6th
dav of October, 1908, uissolved, bv mu
tual consent of both parties All out
standing accounts due tbe firm are due
nd payable to Dovt & Williams, and
and all accounts owing by the aaid firm
up to and including October 6, 1908, will
be paia Dy tne saia .Dove & vv linsms,
on presentation.
Dated mis bth day or October, rjos.
Moving Pictures of Merit and
Illustrated Songs
Only Theatre in Polk County
Performances every voning at 7;30 and Matinres
Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons
Sewing Machines
Talking Machine Records
Piano and Organ Studies
Sheet Music
Extras for All Makes of
Sewing Machines
Ilitsia of success
of Old and Relia
ble House of Geo.
C. Wills
Good goods,
right prices, osi
tive guarantee,
and defecte (tbe
fault of instru
ment) repaired
Ire of charge.
121 Commercial Street
Salem, Oregon.
Houss FuraitKingt, WB Piper
A line oi Hardware, Tools and Kitchen Utensils, Stoves and Ranges
Telephone 947 Main 285 N. Commercial Street, SALEM, OREGON
UOlUMU uiUfifU
Salem's Up-to-Date Store Is
Here With the Goods
The grandest assortment of Beautiful Fall Merchandise that was ever
seen in this city. You can see style, fashion and beauty in every ready
made garment and piece of goods shown. Remember we are the makers
ot low prices.
Dress Goods ant
Our assortment is great and our
prices cannot be beat. Fall Suitings
yard 25c, 35e, 49c, 65c, 75c and up,
Dress Silks
In a grand assortment of styles and
patterns. Yard, 25c, 35o, 49c, 65c
and up.
Hosiery and Un-
in Fail and Winter-weight at special
Low Prices. 19c, 25c, 35c, 49c and
If you want the best values in Salem
Outing Flannels,
Blankets, Comforts
and Flannels
come to the CHICAGO STORE.
Trimmed Hats
now selling for $1.50, $2.50
$2.9 S $3.50 and up.
Women's Tailor Made
Garments and
at Wonderfully. "
Low Prices.
SUITS: $8.50, $10.50,
$12.50, $14.50 and up.