West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, October 01, 1908, Image 8

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    local m rusoM MIS
Dr. Alll. DntUt, Copr WJ. U
Yrrh br4 every morning at Wil
ton's tin-.
Wey Vvtry of Palcm, i iriMtinj
a thi. city.
tinuln Soiur Noi bread !
Irvine' ewcn. tl4-2
Ir. lhiiianii". dcntUt ovwr Inde
pendent Nationul Hank,
Kniprmin lrtvt viftitnl over 8un
day with friend in lalla.
Kan Wood, lio dler o( Portland,
u in Indejiidonco Monday.
Thrt cow for !. Froth thi
winter. Enquire at thi office.
IUly biiguy Rocrt "
iic put on at H. M. Kdpr' bicycle
alum, tl
Mr. A. W. StaimU-rry loft Haturday
lor Pendleton, where h will nd
the winter.
Roy McFadden left Monday for
Portland where he w ill enter Columbia
Mr. and Mr. C. William Waited
the Utter part of the week with friend
in Portland.
Mr. Charles Irvine ia viniting thi
week with her rarenta who reside in
Oregon City.
C. W. Butler made buainew trip
to Portland the lutter part of the week,
returning Monday.
Portland bread freh ver aa
at Irvine' c rocer?. tM-
Hector (!ii)grMi made a buttm
trip to Portland tuiiday.
f . A ,(o..l pair of Reading g.(
m e (I 00 at Kreamer .
Mr. IWn)amin Whiteaker and aona
Ml tnrd.T for Portland. Ihey wi
reile there thi winter.
For Hale Feed table In liuleeii
dene. For information tall on New
Joiiee, Indeettdiio, Oregon. tf
Furni.hed and light hotiaekeeping
room to rent. Enquire of M r. J. W
Kit -liardton, 7th and Monmouth tt. tf
I. r n-11 of Haler City. viited a
the home of hi aiMer, Mra. J. W
Kii harvUon, in lira city, TuwJay and
T.ie family of Pr. Hewitt have
ioined him at Independence. I ney
are welcome addition to Inderal
donee aticiety.
Wanted To rent a farm. Will pay
oxh rent. Write XOn to I ha.
Hick, Keal Estate Broker, lndeen
donee, Oregon.
Ed Wallace wa in Indeix-ndence
over Sunday, the guet of lna mother.
Ed i back in the Oregon Agricultural
college thi year.
Harry Patterson ha returned to
Portland where he i a student in the
t'nivenitv of Oreiron. It ia hi second
year with U. of O.
Mrs. Will Dickinaon and Mrs. Ward
Miaa Helen Cooper returned Mon- 0j dnistota, South Dakota, the gueat
lv. after visiting several days tith LiM, .n, I Mr. John Dickinson, left
iriends in Portland. Tuesday for Vancouver, Washington
Misses Alma. Grace, and Cora Miss Lewis, one of the teachers of
Walker left Tuesday for Portland. I, k nuWv achool. was taken ill sud-
They w ill attend school in that city. denly last Monday. She was removed
Mr .n.t Mm f!arl tf.rlina rotnrnMl In Knlvrr Tuesday to the home of
to their home in Winlock Saturday, her parents.
alter visiting several weeks in this city. Clarence Henkle visited over Sun
Vnr Rain Itnrm. rmwer hv hiW L.u.nlm home of W. II. Walker.
For information call on S. Muhleman,
Independence, Oregon. Fhone 665. tf
Mrs. Willard Ireland of Portland, is
visiting at the home of her parents,
He was accompanied to Portland by
his son Clair, who will visit w ith him
for several days.
Mrs. Ella Dickinson and daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Taylor, in this city. Shirley, and little grandson, Johnnie
Sewing machines, needles, oil and Dickinson, the guests of Mr. Oicltin-
Independence, returned home
CAtiBSi a v wis. tm cuvviwjij . u .
H. Jasperson, who will try his best to Saturday morning.
t,1ph8a vnn. tf Mr and Mrs Will Charlton enter-
X I -
Wood for Sals Sond erowth at tained delightfully with adinner Mon
13.50. old rrowth 4 (X) rr nord day evening, in compliment to Mrs
j.i: a a t.i 1 Ward and Mrs. Will Dickinson, of
Phone 143. ' tf4-2 Canistota, South Dakota
Ad a Ketch urn has cone to
iue iufit uj lur uepaucu iiiciius, i
nrovide them with the best robes and Portland to reside permanently, hav
caskets. Jasperson keeps them at ing taken up the studies required to
reasonable prices. tf
Mrs. ill Lanceneld returned to
ber home in Amity Monday after sev
eral days' visit at the home of her
father, C. D. Walker, in this city.
Estrayed to my farm, one black sow,
weighs about 140 pounds, owner can
have same by paying for its feed and
this advertisement, G. II. Harris. 10-1
E. L. Baker and Mrs. Lillie Wilson,
both of Independence, were married
recently at McMinnville. They began
their honeymoon by a trip to Port
land. W. S. Hall, who resides near this
city, recently returned from Sherman
county where he spent some time look
ing after his farming interests in the
vicinity of Grass Valley.
For Sale A second hand 14 hoe
Van Brunt drill in first class condition.
The price is so cheap that if you want
a drill you can not afford to let this
one go by. Inquire of R. M. Wade
Co- 10-8
G. W. Dunn of Silverton, accom
panied by two of his sons, was in In
dependence the last of the week, on
their return to their home after a fort
night spent in the hop fields pf this
William 6raht of Dallas, says the
Itemizer, suffered a stroke of paralysis
Wednesday of last week- 'I he stroke
paralyzed the power of speech and
muscle. Physicians hold out no hope
of the patient's recovery.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Skinner, who
have been residing it Sandy for the
past two years, have returned to make
their home in Independence. Mr.
Skinner will run on one of the launch
es which ply between this city and
For Sale Good Jersey milk cow,
will be fresh about the tenth of
October also yearling Jersey heifer
calf, three-year-old filly, 14-inch two
bottom Canton gang plow, and
quantity of baled clover hay. Apply
to Chas. Iliff, Independence. 10-1
G. C. Bolter, an old resident of In
dependence country, was in the En
terprise office Monday. Mr. Bolter
was feeling good over the success of
the auction sale which was held at his
farm last Saturday. The receipts of
the sale were far beyond his expecta
tion. . He is moving to Salem 'to
spend the winter and perhaps to re
main permanently.
Mr, O. I. Ihillrr U lUiliiiK at tl:
home of Mr. Miller, of NelrK, thi
Llothinc cleaned, prrnwd, and re
wired. Located nel door to rtlt
rant on C street.
Fh.Ucii fUit a tla ty, ro pro-
rtng to vint talent chapter nei
Tuewlay evening.
It.L. Oaino ha reiiiovttl from Fall.
Citv to TillamiK'k. lie will hav the
Enterprioe follow him.
Mr. L. H. Fter. former resident
of thi county, aend fl.M from Van
couver for the Enterpri.
Mr. W. H. Allin returned Saturday
from few week' visit with her r
tnt, who reside in l urtianu.
M. W. McGowan of Barton, Oregon,
Uthegucut of hi parent, Mr. ami
Mr. M. L. McUowan, of Hop I):.
Mr. and Mr. L. Miller are moving
thi week to Black Itoek, where Mr,
Miller will work in the mill at that
Chart? Homtwck and wife have
gono to Albany to reanie. no w
formerly nronrietor of the City K-
Miu Pearl McClain returned to her
home in Portland Sunday, after sever
al week' visit at the home of T. Hart
man outh of town.
H. H. Jasperson i the latect to fall
victim to the auto-mania which i
roinir the round of the valley. He
c o
drive a splendid runabout.
The Christian Sunday school of thi
city will observe Kaiiy iay, punoay,
October 11th, at 10 a. m. A program
will be rendered by the children. Ev
erybody welcome.
A. H. Strong lost bottom of auto
bras lamp and nickel burner on In
dependence road, during state fair
time. Reward if left at Monmouth
drug store or thi office.
Vetch and cheat seed for sale. For
nformation call at my place -three
miles northwest of Indrjiendence, on
old Dave Whiteaker place. Charles
O'Brien, Independence. 10-8
Asa Taylor has sold his livery barn
to Chauncey Mulkey and Allen Clark,
both of Monmouth. The new pro
prietors will take charge of the busi
ness the first of next week.
C. L. Masterson, a former resident
f the IndejK?ndence country, was a
pleasant caller on friends in this city
the first of the week. Mr. Masterson
is now a resident of Deep River, Wash-
Prof. George Murdock, who was
principal of the Independence public
schools last year, will take the law
course in the Willamette University.
He departed this week to take up his
work in that institution.
O. C. Bostwick, recently here from
Dallas, has bought the City Restau
rant from Charles I lorn back. Mr.
Bostwsck is a man of experience and
will no doubt keep up the good repu
tation of that eating joint.
Beginning Monday, October 5th, the
stores of Independence will close at 6
o'clock, as is their custom during the
winter months. The people of town
have plenty of time to do their trad
ing in the day time and it is only a
matter of neglect with them that they
do not do it early.
Dr. W. R. Allin returned Saturday
from his summer outing on the Mc
Kenzie river. He looks as if he had
an enjoyable vacation, but it is a
well settled fact that he did not get
any venison. This office was to have
been the first to share in any that he
become a nurse. bhe begins ner
studies in the Good Samaritan hospital.
For Sale. Twenty-six ricks of wood,
mixed, ash and fir, one-third hr, at
$1.25 the rick. At the F. A. Patterson
cottage. Household furniture at bar-
t i :
gain prices, oecausa x am 'curing
town. J. M. Craven, Independence.
Phnnft 2511. tl
F. S. Powell, a resident of Mon
mouth, was a pleasant caller on the
West Side Enterprise last week. Mr.
Powell is one of the sturdy pioneers
who crossed ihe plains in 1851. He
has lived at or near Monmouth lor
the last thirty-eight years.
We have several parties who are
looking for homestead locations or
relinquishments also some timber
claims. If you know of any good
homestead or timber claims it will
pay you to write to us. Address.
Aenta Realty Co., 225 iaihng Bldg.
Portland, Oregon. "
We have just received a shipment
of the latest styles in Ladies .Hand
bags. We carry the largest variety of
any store in this county. We guar-1 mjght bag on his trip.
an tee our goods, as the manufacturer j
Guarantees same to us. Come and be
o -
convinced. Our prices are right. Geo.
Dunham, Leather Goods Dealer, Inde-
rwndence. Oretron. 9 24tf
f 1 - -
Geo. I. Reeves, government eto
mologist of Pullman, Washington,
has been here- the last few days in
specting clover fields. His researches
have been, for the purpose of ascer
taining the cause of shortage in the
clover seed crop. Root bores is one of
the causes attributed by Mr. Reeves as
a cause for the shortage, together with
climatic conditions which prevailed
during the past season. While in the
city Mr. Reeves has been the guest of
Charles Iliff.
E. Clemens Horst, the hop king of
New York and London, was in Salem
a few hours one day last week. He re
mained but a short time in that city,
all of which time was given up to a
consultation with his local representa
tives concerning the outlook of the
1908 crop of hops, after which he de
parted on his way to Portland. Mr.
Horst did not visit his Polk county
hop yards. It is said he entertains an
optimistic view of the hop situation
and has left orders with his local rep
resentatives to buy hops at the ruling
price, which is about eight cents a
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. McRae and Miss
Florence Shanklin of Portland were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Mer
win last Saturday and Sunday. Mr.
McRae is a buyer in the dress goods
department of Lipman, Wolfe fe Co.
Miss Shanklin has charge of the ad
ding machines in Fleishner-Mayer's
wholesale establishment.
The public school opened last Mon
day with an unusully good attend-
. . . n ' i 1
ance. Aireaay over zoo nave ueen en
rolled, and several will enter later.
Miss Eunice Lewis, the eighth grade
teacher, was ill and unable to take her
rdace in the schoolroom. She was
taken to her home at Newberg, Tiies
day, and her place is being filled by
Miss June Seeley.
The school is having a holiday to
day as a large number of the boys
and erirls are in attendance at the
school fair at Dallas.
For Infants and Children.
The Kins) You Hava Always Eoughl
Bears the
gigaatur of
Bridge & Beach
These heaters give you satisfaction.
They warm the apartments better
than any other stove, because they
are made to throw out the heat.
You know that with some heaters
you are freezing when the stove is
red hot. Those are not the "Superior"; wood eaters.
The La
The La Cro Dik m
th iieartt to perfla
tion. We y thai it ia
the bent dik plow on
the market. If there
wer a hcttfr one we
would I (filling it. It
i roeriy eormtructed
ami imulf to do the
work uih-iiIh1 by any
other make, J lift a coiu
bination of gixid quail
tie i the I.a Cross.
8-ply hop sewing Twine and spring eye hop Needles
Independence Hardware Merchants
If Your Form is Hard to Fit
lon't worry about it any more. Come to our custom tail
oring department select your preference of 600 new and
nobby cloths, and your style from 28 original fashion de
signs, and have us take your measure.
We'll send the order to Ed. V. Trice & Co., Chicago's fam
ous exclusive merchant tailors, and they will make express-.
ly for you a suit or overcoat that will equal the finest
product of the high priced local tailor, but cost you about
half the latter's price.
-these tailors do an enormous business, you get the
..ymi.HT 1IM U. V. NM M.
Ask to see fabrics 4755, 4759, 4844, 4920 and designs 516,
517,618,619, 522, 540 on our exclusive fashion plates.
Leave your order today. Don't wait and bo the last man
in town to wear a new Fall suit.
Exclusive locJ repreenttive ol Ed. V. Price & Company, Merchant Tailort, Chicago.
Monuments carved from soundest and handsomest of natiye and foreign granites and
marbles. The highest quality of material and workmanship is my fixed policy. I have
on hand a large stock finished ready for lettering of which I can make quick delivery.
I have, besides, on the sea and coming by rail many others that will arrive in time for
Fall delivery. Prices uniform and as low as any reliable house on the coast
Salem Granite & Marble Works
' ' , i . ' e-i cat TTiur fiDrr.fdj
W. W. MARTIN, Proprietor
Ths Sehool that Plata You in a good Potitia
Dr. Gv E. Mills
Umrinary surgeon
Telephone Main 153. Office at Newt
Jones' Livery Barn.
A. C. MAGERS, Proprietor
Standard Liquor Co.