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MeAlUeter Feree Ielral RltuaUoa
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Fortliod. Or., Sept. II. federal
Jaage William B. (Albert has laaued
an older restraining Matter Flab
Warden McAllister, of Oregon, from
Interfering with any person or per
aoni engaged In Ashing under tha
authority of tha Btaia of Washlng
ton. Tha order means temporary cee
aatlon of hoatllltlea between the Ore
gon Flih Warden and Washington
harnien on tha Columbia. How
ersr. It only Increases tha dlflcultlaa
of that official and Intensifies tha
Ill-feeling on tha part of flahermen
on tha Oregon aide of tha river. Tbay
threaten to move their belongings
to tha Washington aide, where there
re no state restrictions
Aa soon aa the Federal restrain
ing order wii Issued, It serred
upon Mr. McAtllater and he In turn
Immediately notified his deputies,
who hate been petroling the lower
rirer, to desist In their efforts to
atop the operations of fluhermen on
the Washington aide. He also dla
pensed with the sorvlces of the Urge
number of special deputies.
The duties of the Master Fish
Warden will be extremely delicate
as a result of tho order of the Fed
eral court. There la only an Im
aginary boundary Una between tha
two elates, courts havlnp differed aa
to where the Jurisdiction of one state
actually ceases and that of the other
benlns. He will arrest any persona
who may bo caught nUlng on the
Oregon side and In order to aocure
a conviction he must c-Htabllnh a
boundary lino. Those on the Wash
ington side will be Immune from In
terference as a result of the ordor.
FtiAMKS It (iK O.V-TW7-t54 -MAIUM.S
Vallejo, Cal., Sept. 19. An explo
sion of 250 gallons of ganollne on
board a barge moored abreast the
submarine boats Grampus and Pike,
at the Mare island Navy-yard, yes
terday afternoon, resulted In the
death of Chief Machinist Teddy May
and injuries to Lieutenant J. 8.
Tovrnsond, Chief Gunner's Mate W.
H. Leahy and Chief Gunner's Mate
Morrin. Both submarines were bad
ly scorched.
The explosion occurred without
warning, throwing the flamea in all
directions. It was the most spec
tacular fire ever seen in the navy
yard. Men were forced to Jump
overboard to escape the flames, but
the majority of them were rescued.
After the explosion the flameB
spread down the hatchway of the
submarines, catching men like rats
In a trap. They escaped only with
San Jose, Cal., Sept. 19. The fun
eral of Clarence Mason, the 15-year-old
newsboy, who met a shocking
death at the Market-street depot last
week, was held yesterday afternoon.
All of Clarence's fellow newsboys
gathered to take part In the last sad
rites. A special oar was engaged to
convey the boys, to the number of
n tho cemetery.
The boys employed in the different
newspaper offices in town and on the
outside newspaper routes, opened
their hearts and purses with gener
osity and contributed liberally to the
fund for defraying the funeral ex
penses. They paid a minister to con
duct religious services and secured
the donation of a beautiful cemetery
lot '
Wheat-v-Track prices: Club, 88c;
red Russian, 86c; bluestem, 92c;
Valley, 90c,
Barley Feed. 26.60; rolled,
,2oSs-No. 1 white. 29; gray,
Hay Timothy, Willamette Valley,
fancy $14; do. ordinary, 811; East
ern Oregon, $16.50; mixed, $13;
lfBuUer Extra, 32c; fancy, 27 c;
choice, 25c; store, 14 15c.
Eggs Extra, 28 29c; firsts, 25
26c; seconds, 22023c; thirds, 16
20c , . ,
jjjjpg 1907, prime and choice,
34c; old, lltte; new crop,
6 7c.
Wool Valley 1415Hc; lb;
Eastern Oregon, I 16c, aa to
Mohair Choice. 18 19c.
Astoria During the month of
July the United Htale Fish Com
mission commenced an experiment to
learn how long It took a salmon to
rearh Its natural spawning ground
after entering the Columbia river
from tha ocean. A number of sal
mon were caught la the Government
trap In Baker's Hay and a email lead
button on which was Inscribed "l'.
B. Fish Commission" was rivaled
through the tall of each and then re
leased. The first ef theae to be caught
was one delivered to the Megler Can
nary, at Brookfleld. last week and
gave no outward evidences of hav
ing been Injured by the button. The
distance from where the aalmon was
releared and where It was caught
was about 16 miles In a straight line
and the time consumed was about
two months.
The cspture of this Individual fish
does not necessarily teach anything,
but nay If others are caught.
Salem The Oregon State Equal
Suffrage Association Saturday filed
petitions with the Secretary of State
for a new woman's suffrage election.
The principle upon which the peti
tion lis based and upon which the
campaign will be carried on Is that
the right to vote should be given
all women paying taxea on either
real or personal property. Thla pro
cedure was undertaken for the pur
pose of opening an Issue for an ac
tive campaign of reorganliatloa. The
matter will be submitted to the vot
ers at the November election in 1910.
In all previous womsn's suffrage
elections the effort has been to ob
tain the suffrage for women under
the same conditions as Is enjoyed by
men. Tho present petition Is unique
In thnt It asks for the suffrage for
women taxpayers only ana is me nrsi
time that such a measure nas oeen
presented In this state.
Hood Hirer Undvr auspices
the Commercial Club two good roads
meetings were held here taturaay
that are expected by Judge J. 1
Scott, of Marlon county, and Judge
L. It. Webster, of Multnomali, to
give tho movement throtignout mo
state a vigorous boost.
Tinlen Webster explained the vart
Oils measures which the legislature
will bo asked to make laws, sucn as
providing for a state appropriation
to each county or iu,uuu, wun ui
r.t l ni. lnt Inn that the county recelvln
It must also approbate the same
amount; a law providing lor tne em
ploynient of state and county prls
,mro in tlio construction of roads;
n low nrovldina for the organization
of local rond improvement districts,
snH nn amendment to the state con
d It ii I Inn em nowerlng the several
counties in the state to bond for the
purpose of constructing permanent
Portland In a lonely, secluded
nr.nl In Macleay Park, the ctecom
posed remains of a man were found
by two small boys last week, and ex
amination by the coroner has dis
closed evidence that points strongly
to murder.
In the right temple of the skull
fhr u a laree hole. Inflicted by a
ponderous blow, and fragments of
the bones, which were snauerea oy
hoaw trmtrument. were found Inside
the skull. Evidences of the man's
Identity have been destroyed, ana
further evidences of the crime have
been obliterated by time and the ele
ments. Physicians say that the man has
been dead for not less than six
months and perhaps a year, I ney
also say that the wound in his temple
could not have been self-inflicted,
and have accordingly eliminated tha
possibility of suicide.
Albany One of the biggest min
ing deals In many years In the San
tlam district was consummated Sat
urday, when a bond for a deed was
filed here by Don A. Smith and T. J.
McClary, transferring the Portland
group of mines to E. G. Borden, a
mining engineer of San Francisco.
The purchase price is $50,000.
Borden has two years to accept or
reject the property, but must do
$6000 worth of development work
each year and take no ore.
This property is in Linn county,
80 miles south of the Gold Creek
district, on the north fork of the
Santiam, the scene of present ac
tivity in the Santiam country.
Man's Dull Attire.
Britishers are constantly becoming
duller and moremorose in the matter
of their clothes. Their carelessness In
this respect seems sometimes to
amount to affectation. Chambers'
caxkot iik iti;.um:i
BY lUX'l'KK.
Majority of ThiM Aboard Are Ori
ental laborer Vl Has
Halmon Cargo.
San Francisco, Sept. 11 The Mar
chants Exchange received a dispatch
today from Fort Wrangell, Alaska,
atatlng that the Americas bark Star
of Bengal, Captain Thompeoa, had
been drtven ashore and a total
wreck. The newa was brought to
Fort Wrangell by the ateamer Hatlle
Gage, a tender to the Alaskan fish
canneries, which reported that tha
ateamer Kyak was standing by the
stranded ship to render whatever aid
was possible Nothing Is aald In tha
message received here of the fate
of the officers and crew of the wreck
ed bark, but the presumption Is that
tbey are atlll on the vessel.
The Star of Bengal Is aa Iron bark
of 1694 tons register, 262 feet long,
with a 40-foot beam. She Is one of
the vessels of the salmon fleet, be
longing to the Alaska Packers As
sociation and sailed from this poet
on April 22. The bark has 12( men
aboard, of whom 100 are Japanese
and Chinese. The cable ship Burn
side has gone to her relief, but may
not be able to reach the wrecked
ship, nad weather Is prevailing. The
Bengal Is on the west side of Coro
nation Island and the crew has no
chance to land. The vessel has a
cargo of 45,000 cases of aalmon.
Rcvcrldge Will Visit the Northwest.
New York. 8ept. 21. Announce
ment was made at tho headquarters
of the Republican National commit
tee that Senator Albert J. Beveridge,
of Indiana, has been selected to make
a tour from New York to Portland,
Or., and make political speeches tn
reply to William J. Bryan. Demo
cratic candidate for President.
The Senator will speak In the Da
kotas, Montana and Oregon and
make an address at Portland on
"The Navy and Oriental Trade." A
speech on the same subject will be
mado at San Francisco.
Governor Hughes was here last
week and conferred with Mr. Hitch
cock. The Governor is to give a
part of his time to the campaign In
Western states.
Senator Borah, of Idaho, who has
made 30 speeches In the East, left
New York for Chicago, where a
Western Itinerary will be made up
for him.
Anaconda, Mont., Sept. 20. A
pretty romance, brought to the story
book ending, was told In the final
chapter here when Miss Ida Char
ley, of this city, and R. R. Hubbard,
of Walla Walla, were married at the
residence of Rev. H. O. Svare. The
beginning goes back two months,
when the yong woman sent a postal
card photo of herself to a girl friend
at Walla Walla. The friend showed
the picture of her chum to Hubbard,
with whom she was "keeping com
pany." He fell In love with the pho
tograph. Then followed an introduction by
mail, and "Just in fun" a corre
spondence began and the mails were
soon overburdened with letters that
flew back and forth. In a month
Hubbard threw up his job in Walla
Walla and came to Montana to woo
In person the fair daughter of Ana
Careless Nurse Poisons Patients.
Ran Dieeo. Cal.. Sept 19. Four
deaths have already resulted from
the carelessness of Mary Arthur, a
1 9-vear-old nurse, at the county hos
pital, and four others are seriously
ill, though their Illness is not ex
pected to be fatal.
All were taken sick yesterday af
ternoon and the evidence of poison
was so great that an investigation
was started, ending finally in a con
fession bv Miss Arthur that she had
neglected to throw out some water
In which there was a quantity of
atronine. and that these patients had
got hold of It with their medicine.
She realized her mistake as soon as
they became ill, but did not confess
her error until the investigation had
brought the deaths almost home to
"Mrs. Sourmug, who thought she had
mission to look after suffering hu
manity, is married, isn't she?"
I was surprised to learn that she
had given up her mission in life."
'She hasn't Her husband is going
to be suffering humanity hereafter."
Houston Post
Over 26,000 ixxtpla attended the
date Fair on Portland day.
breaking all previous records.
Juhn Temple Graves. vlr-prl-d'-ntUI
candidate of the Indepeu
der.ee party, spoke In Portland Hat
urdny evening. Heptember 26.
The fourteenth annual a-lon ol
(lie general association of Congrega
tional churches and ministers of Ida
bo (ll be held at Ontario, Or., Oc
tober and 7.
The question of voting for and
against cows running at Urge will go
upon the November ballot In Wah
(niton County In all preclncta where
the petition la regularly Bled.
Mrs. John Hanaa died at her home
near The Dalles last week of tuber
culosis. Mr. lianan purchased a cof
fin for hla wife when she was first
taken alck. about two weeka ago.
The court at Eugene last week
disposed of the Lucky Boy mining
properties In tha Blue River district
to Cord Sengstake and E. A. Lynun
for $131,847, they being the onl
W, W. Vercival took down first
money once ami second money twice
with hi lioriMf, Bill Hiort and Ht.
Balvauia, at the state fair racos last
The stulile of race liorses of Mc
laughlin & Calbreath did not reach
Salem in time to be liatl tip for the
races, however, they Rot inside the
jiiipm's on two ditTt rent events.
The Stale Normal School at Ash
Isnd began the new year last week
with a new administrative head and
new Instructors in several depart
ments. The attendance at the open
ing week was the largest In the his
tory of the school.
Frank Freeman, of Tillamook
county, while attending the State
Fair in Salem last week, was held
up by two armed robbers and re
lieved of. $35 In cash and a gold
watch and chain. It. Is the only case
of robbery that occurred at the fair
this year.
Hiram E. Mitchell, a son of the
late Senator John II. Mitchell, and a
former officer of the Culled State?
ai-my," was last week granted a di
ut nrecon City from Silnnette
Mitchell. They were married in New j
York uuy in uvt. ch
ills wife with desertion. Mrs. Mitch
ell made no defense.
James Conlan, a rancher in Juni
per Canyon, in the northern part of
Ur-atllla county, has discovered gold
on his farm and filed ou 40 acres as
a placer claim. This is near the cen
ter of the wheat belt and it Is the
first time that any one has discov
ered any Indication of the existence
of the yellow metal in that vicinity.
Suffering intensely from an ab
scess of the stomach, and with no
doctor near, Wesley Harrymen, of
Long Creek, was conveyed 80 miles
to Heppner for an operation. An
Improvised ambulance was manufac
tured from a spring wagon and a
feather bed. The long journey was
over rough roads and the boy suffer
ed great agony. His condition is
The rangers of the Wallowa Na
tional forest have just completed a
count of the sheep on Wallowa
range. They found there was not an
overplus, as reported; if anything,
the bands run short of the number
allowed. The count ran 60,000. The
rangers report the range Is improv
ing, and that many more sheep could
be grazed.
Zia Bey, the head of the Turkish
secret police, who has had to fly for
his life, is in fcondon, England, un
der the assumed name of A. R. Gray.
He admits that in his official capacl
fir Via QflTl rtioned horrible atrocities
and that he dare not ever return to
Turkey again. When interviewea as
to his future plans, he said he In
tended purchasing a ranch in Oregon
and living quietly.
Tk oiortinn contest proceeding
filed by ex-County Clerk T. T. Vin
cent has been dismissea ami
Moses declared elected clerk of Ben
ton county. The decision was hand
ed down last week by Judge L. T.
Harris. The trial developed that
there was more or less carelessnese
on the part of Clerk Vincent, who
was custodian of the ballots, but the
Judge makes it clear that he found
no evidence of any ballots having
been tampered with.
The representatives of six counties
which entered the county exhibit
competition at the State Fair filed
with the State Fair Board last week
a statement that the judges of the
county exhibits were Influenced by an
official of the fair management in
awarding first premium to Benton
county, and they assert that they will
oiiHco tiiotr counties not to exhibit
at the State. Fair agaip unless th
management ' of the pavilion be
placed in other hands. The counties
represented in the protest are Mult
nomah. Clatsop, Lane, Yamhill, Polk
and Columbia.
ij v t. "i c i
&y msf
wwm !
Mrs. J. F. Sulger, Proprietor
Special attention to Commercial and
College Organizations.
TdrpKoM and
160 Court Soert.
TeirpKoa. 209 Mmu
GET BUSY and Contract
Fresh Bread, BaKed Every Day
Independence, Oregon.
O PITAL, S25.000
Officers and Directors:
IV. A. Meaner, t'ren. E Hofer, Vice-Pres. C. C. Patrick, Caefa
VV'to. RidcMl F. N Stump. J. P. Rogera
Moving Pictures of Me .t and
Illustrated Songs
Only Theatre in Polk Coumy;
Performances every evening at 7:30 and Matinees!
Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons
Business Main $2.00 per month
Business 2 party line 1.50 per month
Residence Main 1.50 per month
Residence 2 party line 1.25 per month
Residence 4 party line 1.00 per month
Desk set 25o extra per month, furnished only on
business lines.
When You Sit Down To
a Meal
In Oils rralaurenl ou are ture It will ha
ecHlrit a to IhmI. ralna' anil aerfien.
The urni'iii-lt'ie teak for I Firmiw'f e
ami lh bill if fare mnU-ly l floe
etlfi(f al Utile rrl.ee. ('41111a In anil lrioaj
a fr i-tiit it two aloii(. You will all im
be p'enwd-
White House Restaurant
U . M.CJUn & Si. Pxf-xon
Salem, Or.
lour Attention lias
Been Drawn
often to eome home where ti
Inmate set-rued to be rmviug the
time of I heir liven. You bava,
doubtlere. winded jno could bare
eoeh a Jolly (tod time at your
honee You ran f sully enouj
One of our txlkfjtf machine VPI
furnlfh any kin'l of entertalumenl
von li-ire. Slop in and ee what a
wealth of enjoyment it will afford.
2-17 Cnminerclal Stree CsSS
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