West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, September 17, 1908, Image 2

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The Part You Don't See
...... i . . ....i a!
nf a suit-more particularly thc!
coat is the most important!
element of fine tailoring. -
In an Ed. V. Price suit or overcoat J
it is the basis of neatness,
durability, honest construction
and superior workmanship, which
means the garment is as
K Hu ll., I'm! I trr I'W
,1 . l-i-. Or
(kMH ritoUUinua Kill f
1 .lu rvall ir Hull l :"
I ,4 l i,..l. i,l .. iU !
j i.i.!, ii-il a pirty of he rat
Subacnption. $l.0 V-t Ycat ,w . '
Good As Can Be Made
Tkrrv-nnltM Nfhy
Overcoat, N. 40
Cet from your cobbler
f ! I
J . . piec ci oruinarj cneap
TJiiV?! co!o leather and bend it
j .c.rt nrA frirfh ten timet 1
ttf?f llicn eo if you blame your
'fy tirtd feet, which do the
f? 1 tame tlung thouaandt of time
daily, f jr kicking at cheap (hoe.
jj Tho genuine oak tole uted
il ia BOSTON IANS bend without
!': rKiiiinra as the foot benJi.
n i n g neither mu.clc nor
(iVi.llutiol from lit ", ' )
K'.i I Wi lli t'.i'i M ini. -I Il.i .1
ll.ver Ifl '4. whete ' ""'
v in .i Kink.
i M:-. . Iim and M iry Mi' .y haw
out of high grade materials and
r.ii.riif.l Iiiuim after f lie
h world's best tailors, workincr ! Milliliter ill i. i i ! n.U.
.ih th most un-tO-datei i l.m.i..- i- h.diii.K el,.vcr for ' oi.d ...m
. Jl,i .-tump ilh l"
equipment. miit u ltirllilia ,lHl ,,,.
. - , V.. .in-.l.:iM-.l In n I .'it tint Mi
Suit or overcoat from your choice jMu h II(,iaiv j,,,.
of 500 fine cloths, according to
I'lolll tll-r t'l'. cl.t HiVl'IV llllli '.
direct or modified style, made to
Ml I'dlll tillt lirti HllOtldol tu'
fit and satisfy you perfectly, for indo-tn.,1 si i I'-ir ..f n.-i.t..n
. 1 i....;.. .1., l,...r i .! i.i. rrv limHi'iite
of tho lllll t. Illli .!aT an li "Hi-
.U'lit-s rrtiini t. tlu n.iinml m Ii.m.1.
Mi t tul, l,i Miliums li;n l ' ii uiT'i-.
i ij; uith ii f. lon uii lu-r liiiK'T. it i
mm li iiii.r..vi.. luil U' v. ry painful.
Mm. Cut null
l r U .1 it tin r. Milt of m-vw illno
I ,rv llt. We llOlK' t HOOtl
in.ikc miti'of lirr ri'i'i'ViTV.
Mi- liut.y Sli.-.iivr f I'orthmil lian
ri-tiiriii'.l to rniiit' lur .-itioii im
t '.u U-r in the . S. N. S. We are
. . ...i il a lu.rtailtl
ilfii-isl id iiavi-soii'ii-. i
th im.
Mr. and Mr. J- I- Murphy Im'o
any local tailor.
SI atraini
j tiitche.
I". Tk!.
f ; mado on a new lat, roomy and fciJc,
fuUofityle. (..r
c.iu'1 iiuu it l iiU.iM In ri ;-'
! L.tu.X or il.i ilu h. Ii j.n-tiT t. irul
ihi it" t.-i ti. tu mi . .;r' '"" "
i j riHH iii jil umii'. i.. i i 4 t-i... r
U:, wiiiw only -Ui.il in a UIi'- i
a I'arty iiiiim llii)' jili.i.'t?
j MHi a rwil of fur i!, nl f
.. U;lfl.iH.m; l ..i "t
niKtilul admliiUttatloii i i.lt. iH'it li
fiiliill.Hl .Ut.. a giiiruiu.v i t
,i..i!,l.a f..r llif fuluif, ll It"t'l
:u.ii .rl' ! lh" -'U
liti full o'ull.li inv In tti' lr !!. i tl
limn, nvuiia tlm ii-l.lnl"U vt
tlw .o'iii' r ti-rilitl
j "could ro ko hahm."
Burke Sjya Ornco of
l'rvaldent la Innuitely Male 'u
j erful Tlian Congrea.
j toiii ruiau Jauim r ram i" lint-.
of I'lu-Liiiif, lu an Mr-w u Hit
.Vwfra or tin- iTrahli'lil."
"llu. Aim rlian h..I. ii iuiiWu no
grmt'T iniHiaki Umu In ul,v'' r
Hryiill on tin- iiiiinpll'U Hint li" u
do no Uiirm In nil" fa l'i'r
Sfiiute. - . bvuvifii tin fHHUtlvi ami
UylHluthe Ot'l'u rtiiifiit- of Hie a'ovru
iu.ul. tin former Im luflulti'ly uri-uti-r
lN.wer to ruin mid ru!u luuu Hie lat
ter. "Mr. Tuft iiiul Mr. liryau lire wholly
ditrer.nt t.vie of nun. Km- lo
nw a airoiiiS liiillvliliiat -linretr.
whl.li would eiTtHlnly awtert Itwlf lu
the White limine. Wbut either of
thiie men would do durliiK a four
yenra term In the White lloiiae a
c.iiikl:tf ii iiiueh uuxiity anioiu
aa the im-i
.11 I . II 111! I I . . .
.... ii i thoiuitrul Ameileima
r,ti.riil from the ana,-, ... . , (
they K-nt the suiniuer. 1 hey. r.-H.u , f ,ilf, HVt.r of uiuneya the Trea
.lavinj: had a I'lentiful Mijiply of tr.ut j ,(,ut (J ttl;,11(llt a riVHi Hie world.
I .... . . . i ... .... I !.! .-.ii.
Piiletn, "?
anil v.'iiioti
j M,s. C.NKlniyht un-l ehildreii r.-
turned to their home at Vaneoiiv, r.
1 WVhinton. after peiiilin:.' the Mini
Imerwith Mrs. (i.HHlnihfs parent.'.
' Mr. and Mr. K. M.Smitli of thU laie.
Mrs. Kli ilx'th IVreivul "f Ma.lra,
i ( hvoti. is visitinir her sl-tcr. Mrs. II.
Tiiiiai-h the nireiiele umler IHa -i-
trnl l.e IH fii- year dlch.irte a l inimi
.1 liars. fhowniK' the Kinit tliliiC!
,re th lnu In ail.Hnii to the unparalleh -.1
!i:t of the World' inlileeliiei:!K.
In iev of the f.iet that during
Hie liH. 'en years' of Hryiiu leiulershlp
i he S.ate.s eoutrolled hy hi party have
d.-. naxed from S'. to l- the liuiuher
of ."-ViiHtor troni is to Itl. the iininli. r
r it i .-i-iiiii...
Cotliri.. and Monniolith frifll. ....-., sU-,hi In ('ollL-reHH fl'olil
Mrs. 1'ertival recently underwent a oo,,,,, Urii ami t!ut time the th -
se-ioiissiiruioiloperatioii at the North ;e,.aiit. party was In eonirot or the
... ..l.i ,i uI...i-.mw It Ik now. aa a eolise-
i.,. .ml irumi at 1 uniau.i ji '.'"". . .
,ii 1 1 1. , . - -
.iiw fefe r
V L , t 1 - T t-m f
. . d.. ...... !,... -
"i tit iVc l"!kT i
A r eJ I r I nl
c GLNJ L 1
r d c
I'l (J'T'll-.lLtMl 10 111- Ij.i C'.i .J.i
ex t t
r 1 S
:.rl I
c ia..i..
xi-j a-l c''.'i-,r-
nf C-?''JIM jj
;LS .i-M-.-; in joj i j
I i 1 M
P J fi
whii'h fhe lias fully roeovored.
1'or i Spriiine.! Ankle.
A Hpri.in-J ..iiHe may 'e eared in
atMiit .,:.-tlnrl the t'-ne liwiiliy re
.pilrr.l. "V .plyin.' ll illil. rlalll'8
I'alu litl'H !'' y. an I vi'ijr "I hIi
lulere-t. I'o 1 -ile tv 1'. M Kiikutinl.
ililom-e of hln t.a.-hln-s. a hopelessly
lieteroyelieoilH Iii.ins of l'oiu!lstle ele
liivlits. tiie Anu-rli-all people '' re
lit; le proh-peeta of a eoiisirurt Ive policy
If Mr. Ui-jun should Hil.vecd."
ad .o
to conisin notion, H
ob!e almost cxclu&ivuy.
in hoiel.
',1 .uupcn
io dues ncsr.y cvs.-y O'd t:ivti
!, ...in-, u ... ...ire.
. SSSihrf: delicate, palatable flavor of .ho riped roin. often
meatio but rareb fftund.
IM 1117 C 1 Cmrf Pr
Established 1604 iuj-.w
f town helonK
htirui'd to tin;
Tuesday moniinjx about. 11
The lioj) house was rented to
Slverliiit: who had nlmut
of hops in tin. hottsu when )t
Tim loss is estimated at
uhotlt !?'.!( )!).
! 'i'l. .iri.'i'i of (he litv is a iny.-tury.
The lirst iiotico t the flu tin's was
when the whole o:lt end was on fire.
There was an insurance on the hops.
A ho; house north
ini: to II. llirschhei'K
i ci' n-k.
C. 1.
Characterizes Him m True Fvlsnd
of the Wor'.:inr;inan.
(I'rom the t'ottcoiil ( N. II.) Monitor.)
T'ie I.ahor World i-onien out Hlroie;ly
In it i.dvoeuey of fv. Tuft, it eliarac
terli'H him ti true friend f hibnr r.t.d
i! -elurcM that the unfair attach nl' Mr.
Houiia-rt will have little or no ell'c l In
alienating from him the labor world,
irsavs: "That Swrutiiry Tuft in u true
frlenil of labor Is certain, und all the
niiiriie. unu'i'iierouH. vicious attacks
that Pfcsldent (lompers or any "' else
may make on him cannot prevent him
from coiitlnuiiiL' to he the lrleiul or I no
wiiii'.' worker. Organized labor cannot
aiToi'd to have II Keif split P '''
lions on this polltlciil iHsue. That I'n s
iilcnt (iompers In wronj? In forclmj this
ncist ominous tzM Is certain, and lu
lelii'.Mit wae workers will certainly
oonie to this conclusion."
I' -'. -
W. J. Van Schuyver & Co., Portliu.il, Or.eon.
Enclced picas, find 54.90 for hicb pUa wd me l once by expr, PrcpA four quart,
P. O. Add.
-Ship v
... ... t- r,.irr,....l no the Daliaa and
I wll Heli at my tann v, nines w in o. "' " ,,, ,he
Indepeudence road, on Saturday, eSfptenimr vm' 'lt 10 & 1,1 ' '"e
following property :
JH-Witl's J.i'tly K-irl.V Ki.set
!ii;ll ilts, easy to take, stent,
ure. .Sold by 1 'Ve it W'iMtauis
iv i e
Don't In-afraid to eive Cliambarluui's
Ii n-uieilv to your clubber, it
10 opium or other l.armfol
It, al.vavs cures, bor Kilt) by
J. M. KiiUland.
r)eVi!t's (.larb ili'id Wilo'n Hazel
Salve is the best thiiiti to use fm' pilef.
Sold by Dove & Williams.
NotUte ofl'iiiiil Set I lenient,.
1 -Vveir-old fillv, 12-year-old colt, 2 yearling; colts, 1 imgiry "" V
cow vea -md heiTer. lvearlina heifer, lb head ot sb..a, 1 broo,
J Zs nn l plitH, 1 Mci ormick tdN.iel nearly us Uoil an ne, 1
mower nearly X 1 rake nearlv new, 1 diso plow. 1 s.xteen tnch P w
1 'tve'tnclf pZ potato plow, 1 eu. ti vator reed JJ
& u&?X lli. Household pood- loo nmnerouH to mention.
TERMS OF SALE-All kuiiih of $10 and under, cash. All . nm over
IW.hrnLblereonayear'B.imeatS percent .nt.re.t. .1 percent
discount for casn .
Kodol will, without doubt, make
your B'nmach strong and will almost
instantly telieve you of all the symp
tomsof IndigeBtioii. Get a bott le of it
today, It is sold here by Dove & Will
am a.
DeWitt's Kidney and Bladder Pills
are for weak laek, backache, rheumatic
pains, inflammation of the bladder fend
all other annoyances due to weak kid
neys. They are sold by Dove & W lll-iaais.
Is liiMtliy iriven ttiat tin- im'ier-
i ... ..riM.l.iiuiriLlnr wll lliu Will una
'...Tv ,..i i i,i. aiiit.H ol .toll ll lioy. iliii.f-HSeil.
ha'i 'filed tils liiial account in tin- County
I '.,r,rl, of the sinteot urcL'ini. for folic ouiit.v.
h.hI that Hiiliirday, tlio 17th day of October,
inns at I he hour or one o'clock in Hie alter
noon or I he "aid day, at the court rco n of
tl.cHiiid County Court in theCllyol Ualhe.
inc'iai. has been uppoinled hy mod Court as
the ttnie and place lor I lie heurine
jection to the said Ileal account and the
sell lement thereof, JOHN It. I..O Y.
Administrator with will annexed of trie
estate or John hoy, deceased.
Oscar Hayter, Attorney. , i,
uated and first published September 17, 190H.
HowV This?
We offer One hundred Dollars lteward lor
b-i.v case of Catarrh that, emmet be; cured by
Hall's Oatarrli ure.
K. J.CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him
perl'ecily honorable In all business trunii-acti-.ns
"'"I financially able to carry out, any
obligation.-, made by his firm,
WAi.niNo, Kisnan 4 WabVIW
Wholesale DniUk'ists, Toledo, (J,
Hall's Catarrh Cure la taken internally
acting directly upon the blood nd mueon
surfaces or the aystera. Testimonials aeut
ree. Price 75 ceuts per bottle. Sold by all
Take Hall's Family Pill for constipation.
Campaisr. Funds.
"We welcome Mr. Te.il to this n1
viiuc'd Kfouiid," Kiibl Mr- liryan in " i'
of bis numerous Inlerviews since the
Denver convention. The (round refer
red to Is Mr- Tuft's Hlaleine.'it Hint no
canipalKii contrilmtioiis would be re
ceived from corporations. Mr. liryan
Intended to convey the Impression that
Mr. Tuft had come to that determina
tion after tho. Denver convention, lu
that the Democratic "peerless oiie" Is
not honest. Mr. Taft. is a law iibidin.?
citizen. Such contributions are unlaw
r,.i niii ile so by a law passed by a Re
publican congress at the instance or a
Republican administration of which
Judge Taft was a part six momns o.-foi-e'the
Denver convention. Be hon
est, Mr. Bryan, if you cant
The Latest and Most
Exclusive Designs to
be Shown This Season
are now onExhibition
W'v !mi' iln-i-lav tin larpM ! 1 f Nw
Ich l.. hliown l.y any kIi.h f.tir in Silnii
In llu- Li'lu-f' lin' tin iIomiht M-t-iii to )' parii tl
t i linltm.H. .TIihv lavi ui- l"iv..rcl lli.-m wilh
j:rcat many fati 'iy li'tle t liaii-.'H wlm-li -e.i t iitlly aj.-
.e;ll to t)l' l.lilit'K.
Thf Tain ami Wine Leathern aiv t lu tin-fav..ntc
thh m-a-tm with 1 1-t 1. tp very nnuh in t vulciin-.
Tin Mon'ri Line a total eeli.se .f our p:it hiktcs
in the iiii'ii'si ilepar.iiu'iit.
State St.
An extra fine
line of
IT ' I
f 1 '
i t f
Extra fine
P. S.-And' don't
forget we have a
very fine line ol
u p -1 o - d a t e G O R-
O. A.' Kramer
Bryan's Precinct Republican.
At the recent primary election in Ne
braska Lancaster Precinct No. 4, in
which is located Falrvlew. the voting
precinct of W. J. Bryan, cast thirty-five
Republican votes and twenty-six Demo
cratic. The same precinct last fall
cast forty-three Republican votes and
thirty-five Democratic, a Democratic
loss of slightly more than 1 per cent.
When Mr. Bryan lived In town he reg
istered in Precinct A of the Fifth Ward,
polling ph'.e.! which usually could be
d.-icniled upon to vote about the pro
portion of three Republicans to oae
Democrat. At the. time he removed to
i.-..i.i.w he remarked locularly that lie
was gclna to a community where the
nolltical dA'ision was more even, and
he hoped in time so to reform Lancaster
So. 4 as to make it veer around to hi
wny of thlnklnf.
And interest has to be paid on it every year
or two for painting or coating. The principal
also nua to do jmm over HKaiii in a ic jcoio
by buying a new roof. When you buy
all expense stops as the first cost is the only
cost. The Reason made of Asbestos, an
indestructible mineral nothing to rot, rust or
wear out. Requires no coating or painting
no expense for maintenance. Will protect
your buildings from fire.
ASBESTOSIDE is an Asbestos Sheathing, and
ia the most economical, durable and easily
applied siding known.
Ask for samples and privet.
576-lst Ave. S., Seattle, Washington.