West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, July 16, 1908, Image 2

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    lilcsi Side enterprise
8u CIim. K. tin fen. 'utluli.-r "l I'm
Kntarw.l at In .ntnrs P"1
Subscription. $1.50 Per Year
Tint " CoihI i;.m! Convention, l
cuiivfiii iii the riKium of the IVrtluiwl
OiniiiiH'tvitil Club, Tuowlny, Aunut
11th, will l otu of llii nit impor
tant Kt'''rini;s ever lxld in Orvpm.
lVmandit f..r tins nuetinir have t'iine
from every wet ton of the utatt ami it
i iietdlo to ay that tho uljvt uf
41 UimkI K.wilit," which will I taken
up Httl diaousMtl in all it I'lntsc. U
one of the moot iniortant t tho
Utts. Oregon' foremost men will W
there to work for hctter highway.
The time act for thitt convention
could not have leen more oiortime
when every city and town of the atate
iaof a mind regarding j'ttllie thor
oughfare. If you area public apirit
el man and are interest in seeing
the highways of your neiglilxirhood
improved you will I constituted a
delegate to attend the "Good Koud
Convention." The railroad, realizing
the need of letter highways in Oregon,
liave granted excursion rates for the
lenctito! all delegate who will at-
lend the convention.
It is the duty of every business man
to keen in mind the comfort of pa
,l rons who come to town from their
3ountry homes to trade. These warm
(summer days are trying, indeed, on
the men and women and children
when they come and find no place to
sit down in a cool room and rest. The
stores do not afford these accommoda
tions for the reason that they do not
fill the requirements. Neither do the
confectionery or drink parlors. A
public library with a rest room might
fill the want. But this is not all. A
public feed shed should be provided
where the teams of the fanners may
be sheltered. If these provisions are
made they will be glad to come to In
dependence to trade because of the ac
commodations they will meet with
here. Business men, you owe your
prosperity to your customers. Pro
vide for their comfort and increase
your prosperity.
Charles E. Huntley, who rejides
near Independence, made a pleasant
all on the Enterprise office Friday.
'In talking of the West Side Enter
prise and the recent enlargement he
;eaid, "The paper is the best that has
been published here in a good many
jears and I believe you have the best.
The condensed news of the state is a
great improvement. So far as I am
concerned I could well dispense with
all my other papers as the Enterprise
gives me all the news, local and state."
These words sound good to the pub
lisher and are much encouragement
to him.
Oregon communities, as represented
through their commercial bodies and
other agencies for advertising, should
commence at once to take advantage of
the one-way colonist rates which will
be in effect fom Sept. 1st to Oct. 31st.
No state in the Union has recieved
greater benefit through these colonist
rates than Oregon and at no time in
the history of the State were more
people expressing a determination to
come here to make their permanent
The West Side Enterprise is in
debted to the North Pacific Brewing
Co. of Astoria for a few bottles of
Maltona, a temperance beverage, in
vented by that company. It is the
latest delight for temperance people.
It is pure, snappy, tastes like beer and
looks like beer but is non-intoxicating.
Everybody likes it, even the
This is wnat Hon. Jake Moore, State
Warden of Georgia, says of Kodol for
Dyspepsia: "E. C. De Witt's & Co.,
Chicago, 111. Dear 8irs 1 have suffer
ed mere than twenty years from indi
gestion. About eighteen months ago
I had grown so much worse that I could
not digest a crust of corn bread and
could not retain anything on my
stomach. I lost 25 pounds; in fact I
made up my mind that I could not
live but a short time, when a friend of
mine recommended Kodol. I con.
sented to tiy It to please him and was
better in one day. I now weigh more
than I ever did in my life and am in
better health than foe many years.
Kodol did it. I keep a bottle con
stantly, and write this hoping that
humanity may be benefitted. Yours
very truly, Jake C. Moore, Atlanta,
Aug., 10, 1904." Sold by' Dove
,& Williams.
Nftttir :te TIhi.Iv Uwrttlitua
TltiU X lu.lept tt.Ii no t'ttl
ten nut Alton! ! Itiurr.
Duller h-iut.al No I eoine frm th.
klduev ferrll.m. Tltf 'HI want
yotiwlrn th M.lni) r iek. Well
kidney xcrrt arlear, mnla-r fluid
8nk kidney, wild out thin. pl niitl
f.Mitiv. or Ihifk. ml, ill iiiellimi
urltis fulluf "rdhneiil and irregular tf
hauler 8inal N". 8 eme front tha
Imek. Hack palms dull tnl heavy,
or nharp and aeute, tell yt of alek
khlnej and warn you of lh approach
of dnpay.liala-lealil Itrignt diaea
rWn Kidtiey IMUm cure- lok kidney
and our them KTinaueull.V. Hens'
Iiidetetidetief proof.
Mm J. A tNiiiuioiiN, living on I .ok
Cabin t.. Independence, Oregon, )':
"My htihliand who i ill advanced
yr. uffered for a long lime from
kidney and bladder o niplalnt. W
neereUona gave him g""at deal of
trouble, ep eUlly at night. Ua con
Hulled hytii'lan and they Haled that
hia eond-tlon waa wrlou.. At Una
time Dan' Kidney Pill happened I
tie brought to his attentlou and I
uro.'Urtd a box at P. M. Kirklattd
Dttiif Store. H ia now in Wtter
health than lfon an 1 there in a great
improvement nothahle In hi ton
dition." For Sale by all dealer. Price fiO
cent. Kosler-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, Sole agent for tit United
Rememler the name Doan'a and
take no other.
The attendance at the normal sum
mer school this year is the largest in
history if thia institution, 131 stu
dents living enrolled at present. In
about three weeks another course in
methods begins, which it is expected
w ill bring many more students.
Mrs. E. W. Strong made a brief
trip to Portland Saturday.
The Monmouth Hotel w ill be va
cated August 1st by the present pro
prietor, Mr. Burt.
Work is to begin immediately on
the new house to be erected by Mrs.
Eva A. Butler, whose home was de
stroyed by fire a short time ago.
Last Sunday one of the Loe Broth
ers was painfully injured by being
struck in the face by a horse s hoof.
The horse had become entangled in
some wire fencing and was down. In
trying to free the horse, which became
frightened, Mr. Loe was struck by the
hoof and lay unconscious until found.
Dr. Crowley pronounced the injuries.
to be not serious.
Tbe Kentedy That Does.
"Dr. King's New Discovery ia the
remedy that does the healing o'hers
promise but fail to perform," says Mrs.
E. R. Pierson, of Auburn Centre, Pa."
It is curing me of throat and lung
trouble of long standing, that other
treatments relieved only temporarily.
New Discovery is doing me so much
good that I feel confident ite con
tinued uee for a reasonable length of
time will restore me to perfect health "
Thia reuowDed cough and cold remedy
and throat and lung healer is sold at
all druggists. 50c and $1.00. Trial
bottle free .
Council Visited Salem.
Members of the city council visited
Salem Tuesday for the purpose of in
vestigating the sewer system of that
city. The members were Messrs. Bice.
Hubbard, Williams and J. N. Jones.
The investigation was made for the
purpose of assistiug the council in its
deliberation respecting the establish
ment of a sewer system in Inde
pendence. Itev I. W. Williams Testifies.
Rev. I. W. Williams, Huntington,
W, Va., testifies as follows: "This is to
certify that I used Foley's Kidney Rem
edy for nervous exhaustion aud kidney
trouble, and am free to say that Foley's
Kidney Remedy will do all that you
claim for it." Dove & Williams.
Mrs. Douglas Dies at Woodlawn.
The wife of Rev. W. J. Douglas died
in Woodlawn last Thursday night.
The Douglas family is well known, in
Independence, Rev. Douglas having
had charge of the Methodist church
here last year. Rev. S. Snyder, pastor
of the Independence Methodist church,
departed Friday for Woodlawn to be
present on the sad occasion of the
funeral which took place Saturday.
- Just Exactly Kight.
"I have used It. King's New Life
Pills for several years, and find them
jiiht exactly right," ays Mr. A. A.
Felton, of Harnsville, JN. . iNew
Life Pills relieve without the least dis
comfort. Best remedy for constipation,
biliousness and malaria. 25 cents at ail
Extraordinary Clothing Bargains
Fashioned AppareH
mtm M
Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Glass
Perfumery and Toilet Articles
Filling Prescriptions a specialty.
Cittlc Palace fiotel
T. 01. Crcanor, Proprietor
11 Mi vi Mil y v p. ' v vhii r
Don't let another day o by without
seeing the astounding values we're of
fering in this clearance of summer ap
parel which includes an exceptionally
stronc collection of famous
Now you can choose, and without re
serve, at cost and less. This is a rare
opportunity to save money on high
class clothing. You can take your
pick of our
$10.00 suits for
12 to 15 suits for
13.50 to 15 suits for
16.50 to 18 suits for 13.50
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Young Men's Suits
Now $5.00, $7.00, $9.00
Boys' Knee Pant Suits
Now $2.00, $3.00, $5.00
Commercial Street,
. . . . .
Mill Store,
Salem, Oregon.
Is the main objecit of all our efforts. , To do tliis we
believe it necessary to handle the best goods wo can
for the price afked, and it is our firm belief that the
merchant who does not apprecia e the " patronage of
his customers enough to do this will not he able to
please aud keep their trade. Relieving tiiifl, we will
do all we are able to do 10 please our old customers
and (rain new ones, so we ask you all when in Inde
pendence to come to our store and let us trv to
please you.
corner north oflnd. N'at. Rank.
House Furnishings, Wall Paper
A line of Hardware, Tools and Kitchen Utensils, Stoves and Ranges
Telephone 947 Main 285 N. Commercial Street, SALEM, OKKGON
Independence, Oregon.