West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, May 21, 1908, Image 5

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    HI. T. Reynolds,
Dcraxratlc nominee Ur
Jcbjcl JurcrlnrccJcni
Your Suppcrl RespcetfBlly
1 vttl LtUUlli j L,AllUI KllWUtti LA
cell Ail Others.
Physician lid fturireoii
rtlc In Cooiwr ltulldln;, rom 2
BO'I 8. Olllon hour! U , m. to I! in.
Calli anawersd nig-lil
anl li 0 p.
nt liny.
if. MUM r.K LAJUUK NO. M Knf
Mtta evry Mini, night
Tn nmmonromof! nf linn.
moul!) XorrM
The (ri'iiii luiliili will l emu. Through the kiitdnm of iiin-rul
)IIJ In tune fur lh rJM,il!.n at iaaMfgi-r Agent Mi'Miirry, rliiif
It In jit IlMKI. It i will hy the Or-1 rates on (he railroad will (w icriittnl
ritiimloioll t be Iho lariat lall lht attending; thu aiiliunl com
ami nuwl attractive biiil.linif on lh nienrtiiiient of the Monmouth Hate
-i m oil i m ground. An rihihit of Normal. The rirrciwa ill U on
tho lt' roiirf will Im made in the ewuinx f the IfiHh and conclude
thia ImiiMiiik ami it i riHH InI it ill on the evening of t lie I' M. The claa
t a thorough antl attractive one. arrinon mill he dilivirtd by Kev, !r.
Owing li the fact that lha aHitiou Clan-lice True Wilaoii of 1'ortlund ami
will ojM-ii in June, liHrU, the eihihit Ir. W.J. Kerr of Crvallia, will deliver
mule at the fair will have to be Kth the addre to the dt. A full copy
ered from thi year' cro. of the program will a..iir h.n.ii.
I'olk county should have credit- Mny ,,,,r K"t)y diM..iiit-
able Mhil.it at thit fM.tr. lleing easily l LX "f 11,0 r' in ,,"t U,'"K
on of the bet counties in the atate able to NtrticiUi in the unveiling of
it will Ui emected that her eihil.il t" monument marking the aite of
will uj. all other. The eiiwi.a the flrat a. h.o in thi ctinty at Ki. k-
of gathering thi eihil.it la email. A r,'11 "rday. Mr. Tharj. had
live limn to take .hold of the matter aj.areJ no j.aiua in drilling the cl.il-
audim.h it la the nee-wary fin atp dren and the 7th, Klh and Uth grade
nd quality of vl.e di.i.lay ia the eaaeti- fanning tnd in a l-ody.
tial M.int; not uantity. After the Hinee the tlrnt founding of the tate
eihihit ia gathered together ami for- normal goe hark into the early day
warded to Keattlo there ia no further mm li inU-ret in h it in thi ne k( lu-r
exiMmu. The Oregon coiiirniwiinii ing. Aln-ady there ia much diiuiiena
will take c harge of it nd put an at-1 on inany evi-nta of early hiatorical
tendant over it. Th'-re will le much aignifkani' and it ia none too noon to
gimd advertiniiig for the county from Ix'in to make definite marking and
thia exhil.it. mileatonea.
MemlM-ra of the Oregon conimiitaioii For many yearn each china hm given
wi!! viait thia county in June and Ju- a public reception once during the
ly, but it will he too late then togath- Hchool year and on Saturday evening
cr together the exhibit. The work of the freohineu will entertain the pub-
la K. of I'. Hall.
W. H. Hitf, U.C.
3, vV. Itlcliftrdaon, K.Ilau.lH.
Onie nptairt ln,Coor Jtlk
The IW.t to Be Obtained.
Next door Hotel and Rear Cooper Mock gathering the exhibit inunt be begun lie. A literary and mimical program
INUuPCNULNLD. UKC I at once and aomeone niuat take charge will le given and thia proiniea to be
of it. The Oregon coinmiaaion ia an evening of more than usiiul in
having a ninety-aix-page iKH.klet terent.
printed which will I diatributed uur-l 8t-vcrl of the atudenta who have
ing the exposition. Two page of been touching in various part of the
this booklet will be dcvvtvU to the aute will carrv work in the norinul
resource of each county. It is in- for a part of this term and avail them
tended to ehow the farm, orchards, Uelves of the summer session. Uy this
live-stock, timler, mountains, streams, means they are able to earn a part of
and everything of intercut in each their exiienses and better than all to
get a thoroughly practical ide.i of the
every day problems of the school
room. The work is so planned that
The function of the kldneya Is to students may thus enter and have the
strain out the Impurities of the iH..t of tlm truinimr.
blood which is contitntilly passing
through them. Foley's Kidney Remedy
makes the kidneys healtliv so thev
willstrainoutsll waste matter from the This association has charge and con
blood. Take Foley's Kidney Remedy at trol of the various student enterprises
once and it will make you well. Dove and there is much interest taken in
Sl Williams, the election of these officers. The
Australian ballot system is used and
in this way they not only elect the
The prrsrmal rTfOtniiienciatlnw ei
fit who have been cured ol cooV aa4
colds by ChamlMrrUin't CuujH Remsjdj
have don mora than all cla to aoak It I
staple article of trade and comma
A Uigt part of tb civillttd world.
aiolww KitrtMXioo UiMir Halldlug,
IadeH'ndenr, Oregoa
p JJJ? RE L I E " county l)y n,ovi,,K I'icture.
McMlnnullli, : s : : Oregon
Chat. Gregory, Jigt., Dallat. Or.
California Medicated Soap
The bout for sum, rliapprd huniL
lUiiilrult, InMvl stlnii. nod k.I.ii
1 1 ti ill it ii Filters.
The officers of the student body
association will be elected this week
Mrs. J
W. Richardson, Sr.
A H tint,
Monmouth Hi., lndfM-odno Or.
Launch Independence
Plys beiweeu ludepemleure nd Sal
em daily except hundny. Passenger
And friitit. himlnnau ailtnltAf
Lv IndftMiidnPA o-Mnni. Miss Martha
Iave Hslem ; 3:16 p.m. this place was
Geo. Skinner Skip iter Portland.
C. V. Teats and wife of Dallas
Mrs. Johnnie Pavidxon of Stayton officer but gain a valuable knowledge
is the guest of Mrs. 8. M. Daniel this of the election laws of the state.
Stengel formerly of
married recently in
Graduate of N. P. D. G .
over Sunday visitors at the home of
Mrs. Henry Butler.
Mrs. Bryant visited her mother in
Portland last week.
Mrs. Jennie Waller is in from her
Salaried "Official" ot the Autl-
were Saloon Ltotirue Let Hie Cnt
Out of the ling.
GL Hawkins
Dallas, Ore.
garble and
(To the Editor)
The Rev. J. B. Knodell of Portland,
one of the many salaried "superinten
homestead on Siletz for a fortnight's dents" of the Anti-Saloon League, stat
VISlt. ( nH tha ftt.hflP Aav f hat tha lnonl nnlinn
j .. r
Frank Lucas was up from Portland elections this year wera only prelim-
the last of the week. inary skirmishes. He said that the
J. H. Hawley made a business trip real idea was to obtain prohibition for
to Portland Saturday. the entire state of Oregon in 1910,
t.nAfr. t t P-ftSff. or viu. two years from now. That lets the
They a r-not loral (iptiuttist. They
are pr.ihit.it u.nit afti'r all. The
opponent of the local option 1
were right. It really wan prohibition
in disguise. And the seheins of the
smart attorneys, lecturer and orators
who make a fut living out of the pro
hibition agitation, is quite plain.
The scheme ia to start in quietly: to
hold election in precinct in which
there are no saloon, never were any
auliKjii, and probably never would be
any u1imiii. Kuch precincts being
frightened with the alwurd question
"j'o you want a saloon next your
home?" were easily put in the dry
column. Then by adding each year
to the dry territory acquired in this
way. They have finally reached that
state of arrogance in which they have
thrown aside the musk and boldly
declared for the state prohibition two
year from now. Voters have been
fooled with this kind of fradulent elec
tion long enough.
Prohibition accomplishes nothing
for real temperance or for morality.
Bankruptcy docs follow j.roliibition
and the United States census reports
prove this beyond a doubt. Here and
there a prohibition orator may find a
prohibition town or small community
which has been fairly prosperous even
in spite of prohibition. There are ex
ceptions to all rules, but government
figures which do not lie, prove that
prohibition is not only a mark of
stagnant community, but is a blight
to a prosperous one.
Prohibition in Oregon would cause
2500 buildings to become vacant and
would throw out of employment 0000
men and deprive 4000 families of
their livelihood. Whore is the pros-,
perity in this?
Remember a vote for local option
now is a vote for prohibition in 1910.
The Kind You Have Alway Tlougbt, and hl h ha been
ia ue for over SO year, h4 borne the nljrnatnre oi'
- and ha mmi ma4e under bl pri
? y. Jfjy"f aonal aupervuilon since IU lufavncy,
WuX(Vi4A AUownoooetodeefllveyoelnthl.
All Coiint4-rfclt, Imitations nl Jut-a-too4, are but
Kxprltnent that trllle with antl eadanrer the health of
laCanU and Clilldrcu Exprino afaiat lCspericnent.
CaatorU is a liannleas sabtltat for Castor OH, Pare
foric Irop and. ioothtnr Syrups. It is IIevuuit. It
contalas neither Opium, Morphine nor ether Jiarcotlo
subatanre. Its age is its aTuarantee. It destroys Worrus
and allays l'e v.-rUlmea. 1 1 cures IHarrbaea and Wind
Colic 1 1 relieves Teething Troubles, euros Constipation
and Flatulency. It fuidmHutrs Uie I'chxI, regulates tho
Stomach and 1 towels, giving beUtby and natural sleep
The Children's PanaceaThe Mother's Friend
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In. Use For Oyer 30 Years.
tmc rrwa swiiMtrv, rr mvmmv emrr, new tii cm.
Painter and Paperhanger
I have recently located la this city and am prepared to do all kinds of House,
8ign, and Carriage Painting, Paper Hanging. Glazing, etc. My prices are
reasonable and I guarantee satisfaction. Estimates freely famished.
Leave Orders with Bice Z1 Calbreath
or telephone Main 49.
sru. vi -r
Monuinenia and Head
(tones Cemetery
work etc.
iting with relatives and friends in
Portland. ,
John E. Miller of Portland visited
here during the week.
Tom Fitchard a former normal
student greeted old friends here Sat
cat out of the bag;
The people were assured four years
ago that the local option law was
merely intended to protect residence
districts against the encroachment of
the saloon.
"We are not prohibitionists," oried
Steam Laundry
Work '
I TIT. 1 1 I 1
j. ' tne supporters ot the bill. "We are
returned from the east where he has ,
luvni vj;viuiiiara, billDC njju
claimed that the local option law was
years. I mereiv nrohibition in discniHR. its
The Social Hour Club was very supporters presented an unbroken
pleasantly entertained at the home of front. When taxed with the fact
Mrs. Irene Dalton on Tuesday after- that their law was unfair they replied
noon! bv aakine the oublio to read it. As
Ollie Rowell of Albany is the guest the law was twenty-eight pages in
of his sister, Mrs. T.A. Riggs, this week, length the public would not bother
itself by making a more careful inves-
Fresh Cows for Sale. tination.
I have for sale at my ranch, two When they were confronted with
miles north of Independence, a ' num- the fact that states and communities
ber of head of fresh cows with calves which adopted prohibition grew Voor
Basket leaves 1 lieSday 0 p IT! I at their side -which I will sell. For and lean, they said it was not so.
particulars call on or inquire of D. L. When they were shown that the
Hedges, Independence, Ore. Phone, United States census proved that only
348. tf 4 9 1 three states in the union had ever
decreased in norjulation. and that two
Valued Same as Gold. of them were prohibition states, they
ji. u. Btewari, a merchant, ot tetiar ga;d Do not worrv. Thia is onlv a
View, Mis., says tell my customers .ror).. , ,Vfi ftpn . .
wnen msr ouy a dox ot nr.jking . . .
New Life Pills they ret the worth of r
tlmt mnnh onA in waiirht. if arrHr.tad
m o--. I . J. i
with consumption, malaria or bilious agnarors was asitea u taxes were not;
...... ..I n. v. : u v :i
Dees." Hold under guarantee at an soc" u,"" f,u,"ull',ou
druggist. 2io. communities than in communities
which handled the business under the
Candidate for Legislature. license system, they were quick to
I hereby announce my candidacy answer. "It is not so, but even if it
When this same crowd of salaried
and returns Friday
Olee Robinson
Independence. : i Oregos
Farmers Feed
and Hitching Shed
Jones Big New Ban
Tetis 10c, Saddis Herss St
Rigs a well as teams kept la
the dry. Horses boarded bv
dsy, week or montii. for the office of representative of Polk were, it does not matter, for this is
county in the legislature on the re-1 local option, not prohibition
h sash aa w IMS SS t I a" S UfiftUif1 I I
J. H. lUllLO. W - C I publican ticket. C. L. HAWLEY. I And now the cat is out of the bag.
The Most Common Cause of
Rheumatism can pes more pain and
suffering than any other disease, for
the reason that it I the inoet coiumou
of all ills, and It Is certainly gratifying
to sufferers to know that Chamberlain's
Pain Balm will afford relief, and make
rest and sleep possible.' In many cases
the relief from pain, which is at first
temporary, has become permanent,
while in old people enb'eot to chronic
rheumatism, often brought on by
dampness or change In the weather,
a permanent cure cannot be expected ;
the relief froai pain which this liniment
affords is alone wortb many times its
cost. 26 and 50 eent size for sale by
P.M Klrkland. I
It begins to look as if the vote for
the University appropriation will be
almost unanimous, as it should be.
Everyone interested in the welfare
and development of the state will
vote for the bill. A vote against it is
a vote against Oregon. The immi
gration boosters in the state of Wash
ington are already using Oregon's
attitude on the University of Oregon
appropriation bill as an argument for
the purpose of diverting homeseekers
to their state. ,
Since the form of the ballot title is,
shall the appropriation be sustained,
all friends of education should vote
"yes." If you want the appropriation
to become effective, mark your ballot
between number 314 and "yes."
ONG & CHAMBERLIN, Proprietors.
AH Kinds of fresh and cured Meats
and fish in season.
I Independence
Oregon "i
Day or Night "s P'-io'lv attend
ed to. Fine l h i i'r K l 'ohiit-i-i ion.
An Kxperiem-eil 1. ly.Vri.oima
PDoiu, mato m Rc$. 73
W. L BICK, Knibaimer and K 'rnl Plrecor.
' Licensed by Oregon State Board of Mw -
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dvsentery . He told s friend if he could
obtain a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
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felt confident of being cured, be having
used this remedy in the west. He was
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time in obtaining it, and was promptly
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Wolcott, Vt. For sale by P. M.
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Monmouth and Independence
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dence. Under cultivation and fenced. Cash
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anleel. - .