West side enterprise. (Independence, Polk County, Or.) 1904-1908, April 04, 1905, Image 1

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J. II. IIawi ky, P. L. Cami iskix,
l'rtnitlent. Vico PrciJont
JltA 0. PrtWEIX, Cashier.
ti4 Capital.
Pihktoh-J. If. Hawley. V. L
Butler, John 11. Bturop, J. A. Withrow, V. n. roweii.
Transact General Banking una
tyallable throughout the United HtaUw ana Canada.
OJVl'JTJYX. BTOOK, S50.000.00.
tt tiihKllliKRri .MdVnL
C. W. IKV1SE, CwhWr
D1RECT0U8.-1I. II ineUUrj, &K7v7mllh. 3. E. KLodes end
A. Nelii.
A anrl txinklni and ii 'inifi biiln
dl0n!X lu,;-rrr.lcmi.U gr.nll.
object to check.
. Ht4quArUr For
Fine Ggars, Tobaccos, Candies
Pl. Id ndU- rk1y from fob So4 FovoUln for ti iKrtfcy.
Good Kiga for Commercial Men a Specialty.
Good accommodations. Horses well fed. J?ine
ri. Horses boarded by day, week or montu.
Telephone fro. 203
H. D. WHITMAN, Proprietor
X?A Home Industry Institution
WorK Called forTe.d.y Delivered Seturday
pay or Night Calls Promptly attend
et to Flue Parlor In Connection.
An Experienced Lndy Assistant.
Pfcone, mam 27) R-W
, i mrr rmlmlmer and Funeral Director.
3. Conner
Marble anil
floiiomentsanU Head
stones Cemetery
work etc.
bee mm
... . 90 I
Aiier -
.""Sr .m ha prepared to
'; X transferor otherwise
y I attend yourbee..Wi
carry supply- tall
on or address.
CmplIl, I. M. fiimpson, J. B. V.
Eichange business. Draft old
AISUAM N KI-fcON.jVlce rretiden
transacted, lmn mule. Bill
iMi.lrl on current aecoa...
Independence, Oregon
i .f durable and economical power
for punining water, wiring wood, run J
plnKCre.ua superators, aim
ubcb on the farm. ..,.
In&peodenc Oregon
Notice To Public
Havimg purchased Charlie Hub
bard's wood-eaw, I am .now pre-
parod to saw your wood,
Sam Muhleman
Hcnle and Wright Spoiled As
Accomplices of Renowned
Tracy and Merrill.
Harry Tracy cl Unparalleled Criminal
Record, True Till Death To
Bis Assistants
The aensational and bloody es
capade of Harry Tracy and David
Merrill in revived by the diacoyery
of the two men who fupplfed thuu
with guut to al'oot their way out ol
the Oregon penitentiary.
Harry Wright and Charlie Monte
are the two who must face the
charge of accomplice! before the
fact in the crime nf the two ilea-
It has been nearly three year
since Tracy and Merrill took up
their nflci agamut the world, and
how and who amuuirled fi rearm to
them In th9 Salem penitentiary
has remained a profound history
until now.
It was on the morning of June 0,
1002, Tracy and Merrill made their
famous break from the Oregon pen-
tentiary. Ikth were laborers in
the stove foundry where most dan
gerous pruoners are employed.
The foundry gang bad been count
ed off to Guard Frank Ferrell, and
marched by bim, with military pre-1
ciaion. to the shops. Tracy and
Merrill each worked at the head of
a row of moulding boxes and next
to each other. Over night the box
es are covered with board lids.
Whon Tracy and Merrill uncovered
their boxes, there lay exposed with-
n thr-ir itraso a 3U-30. ciju ore rifle
each and ammunition. With mad-
like fury each seized a gun and by
ranid hrinir instantly threw all the
other prisoners and some of the
euarda into a panic. Inside guards
are not allowed arms, and Frank
Ferrell was shot on the spot before
he had time to realize that his
prisoners were armed.
Tracy then gave his attention to
the north wall guards firing through
the windows from withm the shop
fhile Merrill, with gun in hand
nd firing promiscuously, ran down
, lone passaee-way to the store
room for a ladder. John Stapleton
and another Inside guard barely es
caped by dodging through side
oors and keeping out of sight.
Panic-stricken convicts jumped
through windows and Burged
through oater doors over the "dead
line'' to eEcape the armed despera
does. Incram, a life prisoner from
Linn, in spite of himself encoun
tered Merrill. They grappled. In
gram was naturally the more pow
erful, but in the life and death
struggle for the gun, Merrill man
aged to pull the trigger when tue
wHAtion was aimed at Ingram s leg.
Freeing himself from the wounded
convict, Merrill seized a ladder,
thrust it through one of the south
windows of the shop and began
firing at the guards on the south
outer walls. It was the original
mirnose to scale the south walls.
B. T. Tiffany was the guard direct-
lv in the way, and unwilling to
face the fire, leaped from the wall
tr the eround outside, followed ty
John Duncan an unarmed man
taken on that morning to be taught
the beat. The remaining guard
who patroled the south wall was
young Bair, and he it was mat
turned Tracy and Merrill in their
course. Barricaded behind pattern
boxes, round after round was fired
at Bair, but he not ojily engaged the
concealed foe by returning fire but
drove back the frightened convicts
frr,m over the "dead line " when it
seemed that a general break was
on. Unable to dislodge Bair or
silence his firing, Merrill ran with
his ladder around the corner of the
hojw. tat It against the tatt wall
out vf ranee of l!lr's vuri and lb
two convict deliberaUlj tnoutit-d
the outer wall. For a raou which
I her none U-ft to tell. B. H. T.
Jonea, stationed on the eat wall.
allowed the desperate convicts to
crMs the ojn court and scale the
wall (probably while he u watch
ing in another direction) without
drawing fire from his gun. Once
on the wall, Tray fired at the
window of Guard Jonea atatlon
and the ball pacsed throush the
eerier of his body resulting fatally.
The der-peradoe s showed no un
due haute in leaving the wall. It
ia ao easy matter to swing from
the wall to the ground outside.
Bui two years before, Tracy bad
organized a plot to escape and
aboutr forty iellow prisoners were
let Into the secret of It One
"e.juealed" and frustrated the
break. This time, Tracy deter
mined to take pone into his confi
dence nor allow any but Merrill
share in the opportunity to escape
Before descending the wall, the
ladder was lifted from the inside
arttl placed on the outer side.
Having cleared the wall, Tracy
and Merrill again turned to the
south, their original course. Thev
encountered Tiffany and Duncan
whom they had driven forn the
wall, crouched behind a column on
the outside. Taking Tiffany's gun,
thay carried the two as a shield
from Bair and other employes whe
by this time bad mounted the wall
and were giving pursuit. Two
hundred yards from the prison
walls, Merrill turned and shot Tif
fany, while Duncan fell and played
With the world against them
and they against the world, the
cause of Tracy and Merrill was a
Jrperat one and they played it to
t?i IttUs.v Therr etjry baa boen
told. Tracy made tor himself a
record that has no equal in crimi
lb no equal in eneni-
nal annals. For two months he
.... , .. ,
continued his career, shooting down
officers who threw themselves in
his way, killing his partner in
crime, leaving men bound and gag
ged in his wake, making men, wo
men and children do his bidding
like slaves and throughout his
course he played true to the parties
that smuggled guns to him in toe
Oregon penitentiary. The gun in
his possession when bis , remains
were found in a barley field in east
ern Washington bore no tell tale.
To prevent the original gun being
traced by number, the barrel had
been taken from the stock and
thrown away and replaced with
(concluded on second page.)
Chance TO Visit Los Angeles In April
At Greatly Reduced
The Southern Pacific Company
will sell, on April 12th, 13h, and
14th. round trip tickets to Los
AnrW at greatly reduced rates, on
t nf thn Convention oi
nuijuuu. v ,
Woodmen of the World of Wood
craft, to be held at Los AngleB
April 18th 1905.
flail on nearest Southern Pacific
agent for rates and full particulars.
Uod. E. L. Smith For Governor.
Hon. E. L. Smith of Hood River,
ia being urged to enter th race aB
o;r)ot for srovenor but seems
unwilling to do so. The Irrigator
is of the opinion that no better sel
ection could be made by the voters
than Mr. Smith, and he ought to
be made to see that it is to the in
terest of Oregon that he allow the
use of his name. There is no man
in the state who would be surer of
election, if nominated, than the
genial president of our associated
development leagues. Irrigon Irrigator.
Horsl Bros.' Riverside Ranch;
Also Destroyed By Hungry
Mldoight flames
Sash and Door Factory at McKInaifille
Seduced to Ashes Vlihout a
Collars Insurance
The Buena Vista store bnrnikl at
an early hour Sunday morning.
The Iom of building and content
was almost complete. The prin
cipal exception was money stamps
checks and books kept jn a little
fire-proof safe.
With the building went the stock
of eooda owned by McReynold
Bros., the- post office and the fix
ture and paraphernalia, of the
Odd Fellow, liebekahs, Woodmen
ane Circle lodges.
The building was the property of
the Odd Fellows. The lower floor
was leased fo McReynold Bros,
for a general merchandise store
and poet office. The upper floor
was a hall used by the four local
lodge. . The Odd Fellows carried a
policy of 11000 on the building and
McReynold Bros. 2'00 on their
stock of goods. The building was
nsured through B. Wilson of Indo
pendence and the stock of goods
through 0. V. Boots of Monmouth.
The stock of goods was worth in
the neighborhood of 14000 and the
building 12000.
The fire was discovered between
2 and 3 o'clock Sunday morning.
The Odd Fellows lodge had held a
meeting Saturday night and ad
journed about 11 o'clock. The
origin of the fire is not definitely
known. There was a new air-tight
stove In the lodge )oom ftnd it h
nnsnible that an extjloeion of the
. ...
" .. . . jArMj
Some one might have dropped a
lighted dear or it may have started
from fire left in the stove of the
room below.
Buena Vista Lodge, I. 0. O. F.
No 24 is one of the old lodges; of
the state. It lost its hall by fire
once before in 1867. Last year the
members spent near tlOOO improv
ing their building. The trustees
are G. P. Locke, C. C' Kays and
M. J. Krutz. They will hold a
meeting to night and the probabil
ities are will decide to rebuild.
The McReynold Bros, had bar
gained for the sale of their stock of
goods to a gentleman from Eugene
but the transfer had not yet been
A fire at Riverside Ranch, seven
below Salem Friday night or
early Saturday morning, cleaned
out a hop store room 5UxU leet; a
halinff room attached; a Morrison
. f" 1 Annlu rf
mess: a nop car, vol yuuu
twine, tied ready for use ana a
ouantity of hop sacks.
r ' - -i .
Riverside Ranch contains over
ono ftores and is the property of
TTnr.t Bros. It is in charge of
Jodie Morrison, and 114 acres is in
Hnns. Mr. Morrison bad not been
r. thfl ranch for some time his at
tention being given to the big hop
ranch near Independence. The
loss will approximate $1250; the
amount of insurance, unknown
As there was no one working at
th nlaoe at the time, there is no
plausible accounting for the fire
except on the grounds oi iuwu
A telephone message states that
the sash and door factory at wc
Minnvilla burned Sunday night
Ii was a case of total loss without
any insurance. The proprietors
hfien neeotiating for insurance
and pending a contention over rates
the fire occurred.
Grand Jury Meets
The Marion county grand jury
was convened in Salem yesterday
nvettieaU among other
j lands. It is allo-rd that 'lum-
1 en have l-en ued in tbe at''!i
cation to purche school larulu,
the ram as in government lands.
Evidence against the partle 1
leged to have carried guns over the
prison walls to Tracy and Mevrill
will also be considered bv the
grand jury. Callii g of grand juries
La come to be a rare occurence of
late year since the enactment of
the law authorizing district attor
neys to file Information upon
which cases may be tried. It is
only for special investigating pur
pose grand juries are now con
vened. 15! Sale of .Mohair
There was a big sale of mohair
in Dallas Saturday. The Folk
county pool of 50,000 pounds and
the Yamhill county pool of 40.000
pounds were sold to the highest
The Yamhill pool was sold to
Theo. Bernheim &Co. at SI J cents.
The Polk county pool to JI. S. Fen-
ton. 1 It is underalood that Fenton
bought for Bernheim & Co. Other
buyers present were. Herman Met
rger, Wm. Brown & Co., Mr. Ray
and Johnson & Hibler. There was
also a local association pf Dallas
people including Ralph Williams
E. C. Kirkpatrick and Gene Grant
that did some Bidding and helped
to run the price of Polk county
mohair up to 32.
Dallas beld a city election yester
day. Result, Ed Biddle for mayor;
Harry Cosper, councilman at large;
Conrad Staffron. First ward; Wil
son Ayers, Second ward; Frank
Coad Third ward. Total vote. 259.
Biddle's majority over Andy Muir
1 69. '
Peoole of Airlie are asking the
Southern Pacific to rebuild a depot
station at that place. Airlie had a
depot but it burned seven or eight
years ago and box cars have been
made to answer the purpose of a
depot building since. "The incon
venience of hunting up an agem;,
and the looks of the thing of trans
acting business in a box car, has
stirred the patrons and citizens of
the town to ask for a depot build
ing,' remarked a citizen of Airlie to
the West Side Enterprise. A peti
tion for a depot and station facili
ties has been prepared and put m
P.ironlation and is beinsc generally
signed by citizens of Airlie, Kings
Valley and Maple Urove.
How it is Don
The Oreson State Grange Bulle-
tin, discussing the manner of put
ting bills through the legislature,
says of normal school bills:
A bill of this kind is generally
introduced and most earnestly ad
vocated by a representative from
the locality to be benefitted by its
(ii?e. meets quite often most de
termined opposition, but even then
it becomes a law by a combination
of all those who have similar de
signs on the treasury of the State.
Of late, however, those, interested
!r, ifcialnnd of legislation have suc
ceeded to have their designs on the
treasury of the state incorporated
in the general appropriation bill
thereby escaping from the danger
of a possible veto by the governor,
or even defeat in the legislature
Much dissatisfaction prevails in
Hillsboro over the change in post
masters. 'B.P.Cornelius, a man
against whom nothing is alleged
aucceeds Post Master Waggener. an
old soldier whose administration
had been satisfactory to the people.
land will
laieftaittxt Of-
Hamy Douglas,